List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

Source: Directory of Alumni and Non-graduates, Goucher College

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List of Physicians
Jane Smith 1911-1912MANorfolk CoHarding, Medfield State Asylum
internMabel 1914MDBaltimore CityHospital for the Women of Maryland
Eva May 1901-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Womens Homeopathic Hospital
Kate Breckenridge 1914DCWashingtonGarfield Hospital
internMary Louise 1914NYWestchester CoWhite Plains, Bloomingdale Hospital
Elizabeth Singley 1914NYNew York CoManhattan, Wards Island Hospital
Mary Elizabeth 1913-1915MAWorcester CoWorcester, State Hospital
Mary Elizabeth 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston State Hospital
Agnes Gordon 1906-1907MASuffolk CoBoston, New England Hospital for Women and Children
Caroline Benson 1913MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
Sarah Elizabeth 1900-1901NYNew York CoManhattan, Infirmary for Women and Children
Sarah Elizabeth 1901-1914NJEssex CoNewark, Hospital for Women and Children
Eleanor Bittinger 1913-1914NYNew York CoManhattan, Infirmary for Women and Children
Eleanor Bittinger 1914MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital

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Most Recent Entries
1PhysiciansAL, , Indian Branch
3PhysiciansAL, Barbour Co, Bush
2PhysiciansAL, Blount Co, Brooksville
2PhysiciansAL, Bullock Co, Indian Creek
2PhysiciansAL, Bullock Co, James
8PhysiciansAL, Bullock Co, Midway
1PhysiciansAL, Chambers Co, Hickory Flat
9PhysiciansAL, Chambers Co, Lafayette
2PhysiciansAL, Chilton Co, Lily
5PhysiciansAL, Clarke Co, Grove Hill
1PhysiciansAL, Conecuh Co, Brooklyn
1PhysiciansAL, Covington Co, Hilton
1PhysiciansAL, Crenshaw Co, Aiken
1PhysiciansAL, Crenshaw Co, Brantley
4PhysiciansAL, Cullman Co, Berlin
3PhysiciansAL, Dale Co, Haw Ridge
1PhysiciansAL, Elmore Co, Good Hope
1PhysiciansAL, Fayette Co, Davis Creek
1PhysiciansAL, Franklin Co, Campbell
6PhysiciansAL, Geneva Co, Geneva
1PhysiciansAL, Greene Co, Burtons Hill
2PhysiciansAL, Hale Co, Akron Junction
14PhysiciansAL, Hale Co, Greensboro
5PhysiciansAL, Henry Co, Hardwicksburg
1PhysiciansAL, Henry Co, Hilliardsville
1PhysiciansAL, Houston Co, Grafton
1PhysiciansAL, Jefferson Co, Covington
1PhysiciansAL, Jefferson Co, Henryellen
7PhysiciansAL, Jefferson Co, Jonesboro
1PhysiciansAL, Lamar Co, Blowhorn
1PhysiciansAL, Lamar Co, Canaan
6PhysiciansAL, Lowndes Co, Fort Deposit
7PhysiciansAL, Lowndes Co, Lowndesboro
1PhysiciansAL, Madison Co, Bloomfield
1PhysiciansAL, Madison Co, Blue Spring
5PhysiciansAL, Madison Co, Lincoln
1PhysiciansAL, Madison Co, Madison
3PhysiciansAL, Madison Co, Madison Crossroads
1PhysiciansAL, Marion Co, Ireland Hill
1PhysiciansAL, Marion Co, Mason
1PhysiciansAL, Marshall Co, Hillian Store
1PhysiciansAL, Monroe Co, Kempville
2PhysiciansAL, Montgomery Co, Argus
4PhysiciansAL, Morgan Co, Danville
1PhysiciansAL, Morgan Co, Gandys Cove
2PhysiciansAL, Morgan Co, Lawrence Cove
1PhysiciansAL, Pickens Co, Franconia
1PhysiciansAL, Randolph Co, Blakes Ferry
1PhysiciansAL, Sumter Co, Curls Station
1PhysiciansAL, Talladega Co, Bledsoe
1PhysiciansAL, Talladega Co, Marshall
5PhysiciansAL, Tuscaloosa Co, Cottondale
1PhysiciansAL, Tuscaloosa Co, Coxs Mill
1PhysiciansAL, Tuscaloosa Co, Marcumville
1PhysiciansAL, Tuscaloosa Co, McConnells
5PhysiciansAL, Winston Co, Ark
2PhysiciansAL, Winston Co, Browns Creek
3PhysiciansAR, Benton Co, Anderson
1PhysiciansCA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento, Southern Pacific Hospital
2PhysiciansCA, San Diego Co, Alpine
9PhysiciansCA, Solano Co, Mare Island, Naval Hospital
1PhysiciansCO, Denver Co, Denver, Fitzsimons hospital
44PhysiciansDC, Washington, Naval Hospital
38PhysiciansDC, Washington, St Elizabeths Hospital
9PhysiciansGA, Habersham Co, Clarkesville
4PhysiciansID, Bonneville Co, Eagle Rock
1PhysiciansIL, Adams Co, Quincy, Blessing Hospital
2PhysiciansIL, Greene Co, Bluffdale
2PhysiciansIL, Lawrence Co, Allison
2PhysiciansIL, Shelby Co, Ash Grove
3PhysiciansKY, Anderson Co, Leathers Store
2PhysiciansKY, Ballard Co, Hinkleville
1PhysiciansKY, Boone Co, Hebron
1PhysiciansKY, Boyd Co, Ashland, Kings Daughters Hospital
3PhysiciansKY, Breathitt Co, Jackson
1PhysiciansKY, Carter Co, Kilgore
1PhysiciansKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, High Oaks Sanitarium
7PhysiciansKY, Fulton Co, Hickman
1PhysiciansKY, Grant Co, Jonesville
337PhysiciansKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
1PhysiciansKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, US Marine Hospital
2PhysiciansKY, Jessamine Co, Ambrose
4PhysiciansKY, Kenton Co, Independence
4PhysiciansKY, Larue Co, Hodgenville
10PhysiciansKY, Logan Co, Auburn
8PhysiciansKY, Muhlenberg Co, Greenville
2PhysiciansKY, Russell Co, Irvins Store
19PhysiciansKY, Scott Co, Georgetown
3PhysiciansKY, Todd Co, Allensville
3PhysiciansKY, Wolfe Co, Hazel Green
1PhysiciansKY, Wolfe Co, Lane
3PhysiciansMD, Allegany Co, Flintstone
3PhysiciansMI, Ionia Co, Berlin
25PhysiciansMI, Saginaw Co, Saginaw
1PhysiciansMI, Saginaw Co, Saginaw, St Marys Hospital
1PhysiciansMI, Washtenaw Co, Ypsilanti, State Normal School
368PhysiciansMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
2PhysiciansMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, City Hospital
2PhysiciansMO, Andrew Co, Helena
2PhysiciansMO, Barton Co, Le Roy
2PhysiciansMO, Barton Co, Nashville
1PhysiciansMO, Bates Co, Dana
2PhysiciansMO, Benton Co, Mt View
1PhysiciansMO, Carroll Co, Miami Station
2PhysiciansMO, Cass Co, Austin
1PhysiciansMO, Cass Co, Everett
2PhysiciansMO, Cass Co, Index
2PhysiciansMO, Crawford Co, Cuba
1PhysiciansMO, Gasconade Co, Lange Store
2PhysiciansMO, Grundy Co, Muirton
1PhysiciansMO, Holt Co, Hickory
1PhysiciansMO, Howell Co, Cordz
3PhysiciansMO, Jefferson Co, Hillsboro
2PhysiciansMO, Jefferson Co, Louisville
2PhysiciansMO, Laclede Co, Dry Glaize
5PhysiciansMO, Lawrence Co, Mt Vernon
2PhysiciansMO, Lewis Co, Monticello
1PhysiciansMO, McDonald Co, Erie
2PhysiciansMO, Mercer Co, Mill Grove
1PhysiciansMO, Newton Co, Ergo
1PhysiciansMO, Oregon Co, Many Springs
1PhysiciansMO, Pemiscot Co, Midway
1PhysiciansMO, Platte Co, New Market
1PhysiciansMO, Saline Co, Elmwood
849PhysiciansMO, St Louis City
2PhysiciansMO, St Louis City, Barnes Hospital
19PhysiciansMO, St Louis City, City Hospital
1PhysiciansMO, St Louis City, Missouri Medical College
2PhysiciansMO, St Louis Co, Eureka
1PhysiciansMO, Warren Co, Holmans Store
1PhysiciansMO, Washington Co, Cruise
4PhysiciansMS, Claiborne Co, Brandywine
4PhysiciansNC, Duplin Co, Branchs Store
7PhysiciansNH, Coos Co, Berlin Falls
2PhysiciansNH, Rockingham Co, Portsmouth, Naval Hospital
1PhysiciansNY, Albany Co, Albany, City Hospital
15PhysiciansNY, Albany Co, West Troy
2PhysiciansNY, Bronx Co, Westchester
1838PhysiciansNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
3PhysiciansNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Good Samaritan Hospital
2PhysiciansNY, Oneida Co, Westmoreland
2PhysiciansOH, Stark Co, Massillon, State Hospital
16PhysiciansPA, Allegheny Co, Bellevue
33PhysiciansPA, Allegheny Co, Braddock
1PhysiciansPA, Allegheny Co, Braddock, General Hospital
7PhysiciansPA, Allegheny Co, Bridgeville
3PhysiciansPA, Allegheny Co, Buena Vista
1PhysiciansPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Montefiore Hospital
2PhysiciansPA, Armstrong Co, Brownstown
5PhysiciansPA, Armstrong Co, Dayton
3PhysiciansPA, Chester Co, Collamer
1PhysiciansPA, Clearfield Co, Clearfield, Clearfield Hospital
11PhysiciansPA, Columbia Co, Benton
16PhysiciansPA, Crawford Co, Cambridge Springs
21PhysiciansPA, Fayette Co, Brownsville
6PhysiciansPA, Fayette Co, Dawson
7PhysiciansPA, Fayette Co, Fairchance
6PhysiciansPA, Franklin Co, Fayetteville
4PhysiciansPA, Jefferson Co, Big Run
5PhysiciansPA, Jefferson Co, Brockwayville
2PhysiciansPA, Lancaster Co, Bart
3PhysiciansPA, Lancaster Co, Conestoga
11PhysiciansPA, Lancaster Co, Ephrata
4PhysiciansPA, Lebanon Co, Campbelltown
11PhysiciansPA, Lehigh Co, Emmaus
3PhysiciansPA, Luzerne Co, Fairmount
22PhysiciansPA, Mifflin Co, Lewistown
4PhysiciansPA, Northampton Co, Allen
97PhysiciansPA, Northampton Co, Easton
6PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Maternity Hospital
10PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Naval Hospital
17PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, West Philadelphia, Hospital For Women
35PhysiciansPA, Venango Co, Franklin
9PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, California
30PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, Canonsburg
6PhysiciansPA, Wyoming Co, Factoryville
5PhysiciansPA, York Co, Codorus
7PhysiciansPA, York Co, Fairview
3PhysiciansPhilippines, , Canacao, Naval Hospital
2PhysiciansTN, Macon Co, Alton Hill
3PhysiciansTN, Polk Co, Benton
7PhysiciansTN, Shelby Co, Arlington
2PhysiciansTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, St Josephs Hospital
1PhysiciansTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, US Marine Hospital
2PhysiciansTX, Bexar Co, San Antonio, Robert Green Memorial Hospital
2PhysiciansTX, Bexar Co, San Antonio, St Josephs Orphan Asylum
11PhysiciansTX, Red River Co, Clarksville
4PhysiciansVA, Accomack Co, Chincoteague Island
2PhysiciansVA, Albemarle Co, Buena Vista
4PhysiciansVA, Chesapeake, Deep Creek
4PhysiciansVA, Chesterfield Co, Hallsboro
2PhysiciansVA, Floyd Co, Alum Ridge
6PhysiciansVA, Scott Co, Estillville
2PhysiciansVA, Tazewell Co, Bluestone
2PhysiciansVT, Orleans Co, Barton Landing
3PhysiciansWA, Garfield Co, Pataha
2PhysiciansWA, Pierce Co, Fort Steilacoom, Hospital for the Insane
1PhysiciansWI, Portage Co, Stevens Point, Stevens Point Hospital
3PhysiciansWV, Greenbrier Co, White Sulphur Springs
1PhysiciansWY, Laramie Co, Cheyenne, Laramie Co Hospital

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