List of Physicians

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List of Physicians; State: NY; County: Kings Co
Charles Franklin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Onofrio 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Michele 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Frederick 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Lewis P. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Louis 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Theodore Davis 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Louis Curtis 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Anna M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frederick Martin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
OphthalmologyHenry Arnold 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polhemus Memorial Clinic
Belle Voorhees 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Vincent 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Stanislaw Joseph 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Glen 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Louis Arthur Welles 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Hebrew Orphan Asylum
Emma T. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Harrison C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Herbert Coleman 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Irving Cyrus 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Thomas 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Martin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Alexander L. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Herbert C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Long Island College Hospital
Lewis Nostrand 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Robert Burns 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Samuel F. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James H. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frederick C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Emma H. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
M. Marion 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
W. S. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Lorette 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
OphthalmologyAntonio 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eye and Ear Hospital
James Lewis 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Hubert 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eye and Ear Hospital
J. J. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Gilbert A. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Pasquale 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William H. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Memorial Hospital
Hugh Hamilton 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Jerome Gill 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Megerdich 1886NYKings CoBrooklyn
Megerdick 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
A. Dalton 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward W. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Benjamin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Daniel 1875-1892NYKings CoBrooklyn
Gabriel Disosway 1853-1876NYKings CoBrooklyn
Rebecca J. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Memorial Hospital
E. Howard 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
John J. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
R. S. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Fred De Forest 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Harry 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Eugene 1889-1893NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank Russell 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Jennie Van Holland 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Lockwood 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
H. Sheridan 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Siebert 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Elizabeth 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Janette 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
GynecologyL. Grant 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, St Peters Hospital
Neilson A. 1861-1862NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Neilson A. 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Cora M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Reginald M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Garret N. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nasib 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Vincent 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Lutheran Hospital
William Wallace 1892-1911NYKings CoBrooklyn
J. W. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Deverell 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Isaiah C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Long Island College Hospital
Frederic Lee 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Waldron 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
George L. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Sherman W. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Henry 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
John Leopold 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Leopold, Jr 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn
Havens Brewster 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Bradford Lb Baron 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William E. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Crawford D. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Wesley 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Albert William 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Long Island College Hospital
Sigmund 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Bay Ridge Hospital
Charles Paul 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Parker 1896NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edwin Rapalje 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Frances Peele 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
John B. D. De 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nathan Thomas 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nathan Thomas 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Swedish Hospital
Edwin M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Nathan 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polhemus Memorial Clinic
Agrippa Nelson 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Alfred 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Bethany Deaconess Hospital
Hbnry Edwin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Robert J. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Rosalie 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Herman P. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William C. 1845-1880NYKings CoBrooklyn
Alice 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Bay Ridge Hospital
Franklin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Walter Scott 1914NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frederick L. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Stuart H. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Henry 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Rudolph 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William A. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank Baldwin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Bernard B. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Philip H. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Francis Henry 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Emil Constantine 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eastern District Hospital
Charles White 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Henry 1895NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Bruno W. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Julius C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William H. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James R. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, St Johns Hospital
Albert Thornton 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Eliot 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Methodist Episcopal Hospital
Ernest S. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Ernest S. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Henry Maturin 1902NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Torrington 1899-1900NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
William Waldo 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Bruce G. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Bay Ridge Hospital
Silas C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eastern District Hospital
Edward 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James A. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Augustus 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Eddy 1898NYKings CoBrooklyn
James I. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Augustus 1867-1878NYKings CoBrooklyn
AssistantJames Augustus 1872-1873NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Simon R. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
PathologySimon R. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Jewish Hospital
Robert Franklin 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Methodist Episcopal Hospital
Siegfried 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Hodge 1890-1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Martin L. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Howard Orphan Asylum
Julius Benjamin 1926NYKings CoBrooklyn
William 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Arthur H. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Lorenzo W. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nicholas Thomas 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Lewis 1872-1902NYKings CoBrooklyn
Adolph 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
J. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Alfred 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eastern District Hospital
Le Baron 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Gaetano 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Joseph 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Francis W. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Donald 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank Edward 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Frederick 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Jewish Hospital
William Barton 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank W. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William C. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Bedford Hospital
Edward Chase 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Washington Jones 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Cornelia Chase 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
W. B. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nathaniel Perkins 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Henry 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Everett Clifton 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry J. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Harold D. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
InternEdward William 1884-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Benjamin M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Robert T. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Walter James 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Abraham S. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Albert 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Eye and Ear Hospital
William Barrett 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, St Johns Hospital
George Edward 1926NYKings CoBrooklyn
NeurologyRobert Ormiston 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polhemus Memorial Clinic
Avery Kirk 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Samuel F. 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Luke D. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
E. Jefferson 1926NYKings CoBrooklyn, Long Island College Hospital
Annie M. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles A. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank E. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Methodist Episcopal Hospital
Henry E. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Polhemus Memorial Clinic
Samuel S. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Thomas E. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
NeurologyWilliam 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital

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