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Burbank Hospital, Fitchburg, Worcester Co, MA


Burbank Hospital, Fitchburg, MA: List of Physicians
Charles Seward Jadis 1906MAWorcester CoFitchburg, Burbank Hospital
Andrew T. 1907MAWorcester CoFitchburg, Burbank Hospital
ConsultantArthur K. 1915MAWorcester CoFitchburg, Burbank Hospital

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128PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville
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23PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Marion
4PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Marshfield
4PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Mattapoisett
1PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, North Pembroke
1PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, North Scituate
17PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Plymouth
12PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Rockland
1PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, South Middleboro
9PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Whitman
1941PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
155PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston Dispensary
91PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Childrens Hospital
436PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, City Hospital
622PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital
3PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, New England Hospital for Women and Children
1PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Psychopathic Hospital
1PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Chelsea, Marine Hospital
33PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Chelsea, Rufus S. Frost General Hospital
33PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Hyde Park
24PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Revere
19PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Winthrop
17PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Athol
5PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Lancaster
17PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Leominster
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Lunenburg
2PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Manchaug
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Mendon
26PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Milford
4PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Millville
8PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, North Brookfield
3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, North Dana
2PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, North Grafton
2PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Phillipston
2PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Princeton
2PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Royalston
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2PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Sterling
3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Sutton
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3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Upton
8PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Uxbridge
17PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Webster
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, West Berlin
3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, West Boylston
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, West Fitchburg
3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, West Warren
20PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Westborough
12PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Westborough, Insane Hospital
3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Westminster
5PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Whitinsville
9PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Winchendon
188PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester
14PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, City Hospital

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