List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: CT; County: Hartford Co
Alva E. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Alva E. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
Theodore Furton 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Henry Ely 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Max F. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Ralph W. 1907CTHartford CoWest Hartford
Wilfred Cornell 1907CTHartford CoHartford
PathologyWilmar Mason 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Charles Delancey 1919CTHartford CoHartford
G. A. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
J. 1907CTHartford CoEast Hartford
Augustus 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Harold S. 1904-1906CTHartford CoHartford
George W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
J. Frank 1892CTHartford CoHartford
John Franklin 1907CTHartford CoHartford
William Turner 1906CTHartford CoHartford
George C. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
GynecologyGeorge Cornelius 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
ObstetricsMichael A. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
Edward R. 1890-1892CTHartford CoHartford
Frank N. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
John F. 1869-1870CTHartford CoHartford
Ashbel W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Benjamin Safford 1907CTHartford CoHartford
C. 1892CTHartford CoEast Hartford
Charles C. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Charles L. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Charles Thomas 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Edward C. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Benjamin Franklin 1892CTHartford CoHartford
George N. 1904CTHartford CoHartford
Henry 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Julian Lee 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Edward Holden 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Irving D. 1898-1900CTHartford CoHartford
Irving D. 1904CTHartford CoHartford
James W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Charles Porter 1894-1896CTHartford CoHartford
John B. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
Mark S. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
C. Brewster 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Clifford B. 1899-1901CTHartford CoHartford
Irving E. 1903-1905CTHartford CoHartford
C. A. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Louise 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Daniel Tyler 1892CTHartford CoHartford
David C. 1884-1886CTHartford CoHartford
Gardiner Shepard 1851CTHartford CoHartford
William Richmond 1853-1873CTHartford CoHartford
Cornelius Wade 1876CTHartford CoHartford
J. S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Joseph H. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
James 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Earle Buel 1926CTHartford CoHartford
E. E. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Ernest Joseph 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Alexander 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Archibald Stuart 1926CTHartford CoHartford
GynecologyT. Weston 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Samuel B. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
James Hervey 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Ansel G. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Henry Nicholas 1926CTHartford CoHartford
J. P. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
David Jr 1919CTHartford CoHartford
Noah 1892CTHartford CoHartford
LaryngologyFrederic S. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Frederick S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Thomas Davison 1919CTHartford CoHartford
J. S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Edward Roland 1865-1867CTHartford CoHartford
Louisa J. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Anna Keith 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Ray H. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
G. Pierrepont 1892CTHartford CoHartford
James Edward 1926CTHartford CoWest Hartford
Edward S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
L. A. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Clinton Demas 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Edward Adams 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Charles 1870-1873CTHartford CoHartford
Wilton Elias 1907CTHartford CoHartford
E. E. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
John Francis 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
Edwin A. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
PsychologyEdwin A. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
John 1892CTHartford CoHartford
LaryngologyWilliam 1926CTHartford CoHartford
William Bradford 1897-1900CTHartford CoHartford
PathologyGeorge Perry 1907CTHartford CoHartford
W. S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
P. W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Edward O. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Francis A. 1904CTHartford CoHartford
Francis Arthur 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Thomas Burnham 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Augustus Roi 1926CTHartford CoHartford
John Wellington 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Edward Max 1926CTHartford CoHartford
William H. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
LaryngologyWilliam H. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
C. A. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Charles James 1907CTHartford CoHartford
C. E. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Chas 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Horace Smith 1865CTHartford CoHartford
Henry F. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
OphthalmologyM. H. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
Michael H. R. 1904CTHartford CoHartford
William Lee 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Ellen 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Ellen Hammond 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Charles Augustus 1907CTHartford CoHartford
E. P. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
L. A. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
George S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Maurice J. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Frank Livingston 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Chauncey Austin 1850-1856CTHartford CoHartford
Crowell Clarinton 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Joseph B. 1893-1895CTHartford CoHartford
Caroline F. 1892CTHartford CoWest Hartford
Charles Eugene 1898CTHartford CoHartford
P. M. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Thomas Norval 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Edward Beecher 1919CTHartford CoHartford
Charles Willard 1875-1876CTHartford CoHartford
John 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Harmon George 1892CTHartford CoHartford
William M. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Frank Merrill 1907CTHartford CoHartford
James Elder 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Phineas Henry 1882CTHartford CoHartford
Oliver K. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
James Corbin 1847CTHartford CoHartford
G. C. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Henry Gildersleeve 1926CTHartford CoHartford
S. B. St 1892CTHartford CoHartford
OphthalmologySamuel B. St 1907CTHartford CoHartford
M. M. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Marcus M. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
C. E. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
T. F. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Albert Russell 1906CTHartford CoHartford
E. W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Claude Currie 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Joseph Austin 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
Emmett C. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Isaac William 1907CTHartford CoHartford
William Ward 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Michael Richard 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Homer Lycurgus 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Franklin L. 1904CTHartford CoHartford
J. B. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
William J. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
GynecologyHarry Kalman 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
Frank Byron 1897-1903CTHartford CoHartford
I. W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
M. W. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
O. E. 1892CTHartford CoEast Hartford
P. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Henry Augustus 1905CTHartford CoHartford
Franklin Holden 1885-1890CTHartford CoHartford
Nathan 1892CTHartford CoHartford
John B. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Frederick Lyman 1907CTHartford CoHartford
E. J. 1892CTHartford CoEast Hartford
Everett J. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
J. H. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
William F. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
G. R. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
James Raglan 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Ely 1907CTHartford CoHartford
William D. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Charles Evans 1891CTHartford CoHartford
J. J. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Walter G. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
James Henry 1907CTHartford CoHartford
S. B. 1892CTHartford CoEast Hartford
Thomas S. 1907CTHartford CoEast Hartford
PediatricsEllen Pembroke 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
John 1892CTHartford CoHartford
James F. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Harrie J. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
H. S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
William Thomas 1907CTHartford CoHartford
George L. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
G. L. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Homer T. 1892-1894CTHartford CoHartford
F. H. H. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
Frank Hamilton 1907CTHartford CoHartford
P. D. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
John Corlin 1907CTHartford CoHartford
W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
William Jr 1907CTHartford CoHartford
C. C. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Charles A. 1907CTHartford CoWest Hartford
F. S. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
J. H. 1903CTHartford CoHartford

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Most Recent Entries
164PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Bridgeport
1PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Brookfield
5PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Darien
4PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, East Norwalk
3PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Fairfield
1PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Georgetown
1PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Greenfield Hill
17PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Greenwich
9PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Greenwich, General Hospital
9PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, New Canaan
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3PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Noroton Heights
21PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Norwalk
1PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Old Greenwich
2PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Redding
1PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Redding Ridge
6PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Ridgefield
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50PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Stamford
5PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Stratford
1PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Trumbull
8PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Westport
1PhysiciansCT, Fairfield Co, Wilton
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Avon
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Berlin
3PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Bloomfield
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Broad Brook
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Burnside
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, East Berlin
6PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, East Hartford
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, East Windsor Hill
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Enfield
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Farmington
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Forestville
4PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Glastonbury
4PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Granby
248PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Hartford
18PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, St Francis Hospital
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Hazardville
7PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Manchester
36PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, New Britain
10PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, New Britain, General Hospital
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Newington
4PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Plainville
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Plantsville
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Poquonock
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Rocky Hill
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Simsbury
3PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, South Glastonbury
8PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, South Manchester
2PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, South Windsor
8PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Southington
6PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Suffield
4PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Tariffville
12PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Thompsonville
6PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Unionville
3PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Warehouse Point
5PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, West Hartford
1PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, West Suffield
5PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Wethersfield
4PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Windsor
4PhysiciansCT, Hartford Co, Windsor Locks
2PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Bridgewater
3PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Canaan
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Colebrook
2PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Falls Village
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Gaylordsville
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Harwinton
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Kent
6PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Lakeville
15PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Litchfield
2PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, New Hartford
7PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, New Milford
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, New Preston
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Norfolk
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, North Woodbury
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Salisbury
5PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Sharon
4PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Terryville
8PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Thomaston
22PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Torrington
1PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Warren
3PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Washington
7PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Watertown
3PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, West Cornwall
20PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Winchester, Litchfield Co Hospital
7PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Winsted
7PhysiciansCT, Litchfield Co, Woodbury
3PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Chester
2PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Clinton
1PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Cobalt
6PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Cromwell
6PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Deep River
4PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Durham
3PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, East Haddam
5PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, East Hampton
5PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Essex
2PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Haddam
4PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Higganum
1PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Ivoryton
1PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Killingworth
2PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Middle Haddam
45PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Middletown
10PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Middletown, Connecticut Hospital for the Insane
1PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Moodus
2PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Old Saybrook
8PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Portland
2PhysiciansCT, Middlesex Co, Westbrook
11PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Derby
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, East Haven
5PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Guilford
5PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Hamden
3PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Madison
46PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Meriden
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Middlebury
7PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Milford
14PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Naugatuck
295PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, New Haven
9PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Grace Hospital
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, North Guilford
3PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, North Haven
3PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Oxford
6PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Seymour
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, South Britain
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, South Meriden
3PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Southbury
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Stony Creek
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Union City
17PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Wallingford
106PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
2PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Waterville
12PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, West Haven
6PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Westville
1PhysiciansCT, New Haven Co, Whitneyville
2PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Baltic
2PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Fitchville
5PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Groton
1PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Hadlyme
1PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Hamburg
6PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Jewett City
3PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Lyme
8PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Mystic
35PhysiciansCT, New London Co, New London
11PhysiciansCT, New London Co, New London, Memorial Hospital
2PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Niantic
2PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Noank
50PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Norwich
22PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Norwich, Backus Hospital
1PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Old Mystic
1PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Salem
6PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Stonington
5PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Taftville
2PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Uncasville
1PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Versailles
1PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Voluntown
2PhysiciansCT, New London Co, Waterford
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Andover
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Bolton
3PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Coventry
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Ellington
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Hebron
3PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Mansfield Center
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Mansfield Depot
12PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Rockville
3PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Somers
4PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, South Coventry
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Stafford
9PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Stafford Springs
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Tolland
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, Vernon
1PhysiciansCT, Tolland Co, West Willington
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Abington
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Ashford
3PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Brooklyn
2PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Central Village
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Chaplin
8PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Danielson
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Dayville
5PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, East Killingly
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, East Woodstock
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Eastford
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Hampton
4PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Moosup
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Plainfield
2PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Pomfret
10PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Putnam
8PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Putnam, Day-Kimball Hospital
3PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Thompson
2PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Wauregan
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Westford
24PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Willimantic
2PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Windham
5PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Woodstock
1PhysiciansCT, Windham Co, Woodstock Valley

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