List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: CA; County: San Joaquin Co
Clifford E. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Ethan 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Edgar A. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
William M. S. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
William T. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
C. H. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Soltan Frederick 1898-1908CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Soltau F. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
William 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Asa 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton, State Hospital
Fred P. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Fisher R. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Edward Loveland 1916CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Sion P. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Lester E. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Lester F. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Samuel N. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
S. W. M. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Sylvester B. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
PathologyAmbrose Earl 1915-1916CASan Joaquin CoStockton, State Hospital
William W. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Absalom L. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
George Adams 1911CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Clara M. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
J. P. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Amandus W. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
William E. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
F. A. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Emilie Louisa 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
N. J. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Robert Ray 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Ellis 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
George S. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Charles R. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Andrew W. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton, State Hospital
A. S. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
A. T. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
E. F. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
R. B. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Samuel Edmund 1892-1896CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Ira B. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
S. Walter 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Samuel Walter, Jr 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
E. P. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Samuel 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
W. H. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
E. F. J. M. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
S. H. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
James C. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Noah 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
John Edward 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Leonida 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Daniel 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Thomas 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Barton Jerome 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
J. Graves 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Spurgeon F. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
SurgeryNewton 1917CASan Joaquin CoStockton, St Josephs Hospital
D. F. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Joseph B. H. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Robert King 1850-1861CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Hiram N. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Charles A. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Henry E. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton, State Hospital
C. S. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
George A. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
C. S. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Margaret Hamilton 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton, State Hospital
Henry E. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Alex P. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
N. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Ida May 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Elias A. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Walter W. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Thomas W. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
H. W. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
John J. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Clifford L. De 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
C. L. De 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
William A. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
C. M. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton
John P. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
Junius D. 1890CASan Joaquin CoStockton
William J. 1903CASan Joaquin CoStockton

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Most Recent Entries
9PhysiciansCA, Alameda Co, Livermore
313PhysiciansCA, Alameda Co, Oakland
3PhysiciansCA, Alameda Co, Oakland, Fabiola Hospital
5PhysiciansCA, Alameda Co, Pleasanton
9PhysiciansCA, Alameda Co, San Leandro
4PhysiciansCA, Alameda Co, West Berkeley
4PhysiciansCA, Amador Co, Plymouth
4PhysiciansCA, Amador Co, Sutter Creek
1PhysiciansCA, Amador Co, Volcano
18PhysiciansCA, Butte Co, Oroville
1PhysiciansCA, Butte Co, Palermo
4PhysiciansCA, Calaveras Co, Mokelumne Hill
1PhysiciansCA, Calaveras Co, Murphys
4PhysiciansCA, Calaveras Co, San Andreas
3PhysiciansCA, Calaveras Co, Sheep Ranch
1PhysiciansCA, Calaveras Co, Valley Springs
4PhysiciansCA, Colusa Co, Maxwell
3PhysiciansCA, Contra Costa Co, Pinole
3PhysiciansCA, Contra Costa Co, Port Costa
5PhysiciansCA, Contra Costa Co, Walnut Creek
2PhysiciansCA, Del Norte Co, Smith River
12PhysiciansCA, El Dorado Co, Placerville
1PhysiciansCA, El Dorado Co, Shingle Springs
5PhysiciansCA, Fresno Co, Kingsburg
3PhysiciansCA, Fresno Co, Reedley
8PhysiciansCA, Fresno Co, Sanger
13PhysiciansCA, Fresno Co, Selma
1PhysiciansCA, Fresno Co, Sentinel
4PhysiciansCA, Glenn Co, Newville
4PhysiciansCA, Glenn Co, Orland
7PhysiciansCA, Glenn Co, Willows
2PhysiciansCA, Humboldt Co, Blocksburg
3PhysiciansCA, Humboldt Co, Petrolia
2PhysiciansCA, Humboldt Co, Rohnerville
2PhysiciansCA, Imperial Co, Brawley
1PhysiciansCA, Inyo Co, Lone Pine
10PhysiciansCA, Kings Co, Lemoore
5PhysiciansCA, Lake Co, Lower Lake
4PhysiciansCA, Lake Co, Upper Lake
1PhysiciansCA, Lassen Co, Milford
8PhysiciansCA, Lassen Co, Susanville
10PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Alhambra
1PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Garvanza
5PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Glendora
35PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Long Beach
2224PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
17PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Monrovia
2PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Newhall
5PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Norwalk
6PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Ocean Park
132PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Pasadena
29PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Pomona
3PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, San Gabriel
21PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Santa Monica
1PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Sawtelle
3PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Sierra Madre
4PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, South Pasadena
13PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Whittier
2PhysiciansCA, Los Angeles Co, Wilmington
6PhysiciansCA, Madera Co, Madera
2PhysiciansCA, Marin Co, Olema
2PhysiciansCA, Marin Co, San Quentin
9PhysiciansCA, Marin Co, San Rafael
4PhysiciansCA, Marin Co, Sausalito
4PhysiciansCA, Marin Co, Tomales
7PhysiciansCA, Mariposa Co, Mariposa
7PhysiciansCA, Mendocino Co, Mendocino
1PhysiciansCA, Mendocino Co, Philo
10PhysiciansCA, Mendocino Co, Ukiah
4PhysiciansCA, Mendocino Co, Westport
6PhysiciansCA, Mendocino Co, Willits
13PhysiciansCA, Merced Co, Merced
3PhysiciansCA, Merced Co, Snelling
1PhysiciansCA, Modoc Co, Willow Ranch
2PhysiciansCA, Monterey Co, Lonoak
7PhysiciansCA, Monterey Co, Monterey
8PhysiciansCA, Monterey Co, Pacific Grove
18PhysiciansCA, Monterey Co, Salinas
3PhysiciansCA, Monterey Co, San Lucas
2PhysiciansCA, Napa Co, Monticello
22PhysiciansCA, Napa Co, St Helena
3PhysiciansCA, Napa Co, Yountville
11PhysiciansCA, Nevada Co, Nevada City
4PhysiciansCA, Nevada Co, North Bloomfield
3PhysiciansCA, Nevada Co, North San Juan
6PhysiciansCA, Nevada Co, Truckee
5PhysiciansCA, Nevada Co, Washington
2PhysiciansCA, Orange Co, Los Alamitos
2PhysiciansCA, Orange Co, McPherson
2PhysiciansCA, Orange Co, Olive
7PhysiciansCA, Orange Co, Orange
40PhysiciansCA, Orange Co, Santa Ana
2PhysiciansCA, Orange Co, Westminster
4PhysiciansCA, Placer Co, Newcastle
2PhysiciansCA, Placer Co, Penryn
6PhysiciansCA, Placer Co, Rocklin
1PhysiciansCA, Plumas Co, Longville
5PhysiciansCA, Plumas Co, Quincy
3PhysiciansCA, Riverside Co, Nuevo
4PhysiciansCA, Riverside Co, Perris
14PhysiciansCA, Riverside Co, San Jacinto
2PhysiciansCA, Riverside Co, Wildomar
1PhysiciansCA, Riverside Co, Winchester
6PhysiciansCA, Sacramento Co, Galt
1PhysiciansCA, Sacramento Co, Perkins
119PhysiciansCA, Sacramento Co, Sacramento
16PhysiciansCA, San Bernardino Co, Ontario
44PhysiciansCA, San Bernardino Co, Redlands
4PhysiciansCA, San Bernardino Co, Rialto
46PhysiciansCA, San Bernardino Co, San Bernardino
14PhysiciansCA, San Diego Co, National City
5PhysiciansCA, San Diego Co, Oceanside
1PhysiciansCA, San Diego Co, Otay
2PhysiciansCA, San Diego Co, Poway
179PhysiciansCA, San Diego Co, San Diego
1PhysiciansCA, San Diego Co, Vista
2070PhysiciansCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
3PhysiciansCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, Lane Hospital
3PhysiciansCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, St Marys Hospital
3PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Lathrop
2PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Linden
4PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Lockeford
13PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Lodi
1PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Peters
1PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Ripon
78PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Stockton
1PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Stockton, St Josephs Hospital
2PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Tracy
1PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Victor
8PhysiciansCA, San Joaquin Co, Woodbridge
1PhysiciansCA, San Luis Obispo Co, Nipomo
3PhysiciansCA, San Luis Obispo Co, Paso Robles
23PhysiciansCA, San Luis Obispo Co, San Luis Obispo
4PhysiciansCA, San Luis Obispo Co, San Miguel
1PhysiciansCA, San Luis Obispo Co, Simmler
2PhysiciansCA, San Luis Obispo Co, Templeton
1PhysiciansCA, San Mateo Co, Menlo Park
3PhysiciansCA, San Mateo Co, Pescadero
9PhysiciansCA, San Mateo Co, Redwood City
10PhysiciansCA, San Mateo Co, San Mateo
6PhysiciansCA, Santa Barbara Co, Lompoc
2PhysiciansCA, Santa Barbara Co, Los Alamos
60PhysiciansCA, Santa Barbara Co, Santa Barbara
2PhysiciansCA, Santa Barbara Co, Santa Ynez
15PhysiciansCA, Santa Clara Co, Los Gatos
3PhysiciansCA, Santa Clara Co, Mayfield
2PhysiciansCA, Santa Clara Co, New Almaden
90PhysiciansCA, Santa Clara Co, San Jose
4PhysiciansCA, Santa Clara Co, Saratoga
43PhysiciansCA, Santa Cruz Co, Santa Cruz
3PhysiciansCA, Santa Cruz Co, Soquel
17PhysiciansCA, Santa Cruz Co, Watsonville
1PhysiciansCA, Shasta Co, French Gulch
4PhysiciansCA, Shasta Co, Millville
1PhysiciansCA, Shasta Co, Ono
18PhysiciansCA, Shasta Co, Redding
3PhysiciansCA, Shasta Co, Shasta
1PhysiciansCA, Shasta Co, Waugh
5PhysiciansCA, Sierra Co, Sierra City
1PhysiciansCA, Siskiyou Co, Little Shasta
1PhysiciansCA, Siskiyou Co, Oro Fino
7PhysiciansCA, Siskiyou Co, Yreka
5PhysiciansCA, Solano Co, Rio Vista
10PhysiciansCA, Solano Co, Vacaville
16PhysiciansCA, Solano Co, Vallejo
1PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Fulton
1PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Geyserville
1PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Markham
2PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Occidental
30PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Petaluma
25PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Santa Rosa
4PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Sonoma
2PhysiciansCA, Sonoma Co, Valley Ford
15PhysiciansCA, Stanislaus Co, Modesto
3PhysiciansCA, Stanislaus Co, Newman
7PhysiciansCA, Stanislaus Co, Oakdale
2PhysiciansCA, Stanislaus Co, Turlock
4PhysiciansCA, Sutter Co, Nicolaus
2PhysiciansCA, Sutter Co, Pennington
5PhysiciansCA, Sutter Co, Yuba City
2PhysiciansCA, Tehama Co, Paskenta
1PhysiciansCA, Tehama Co, Proberta
21PhysiciansCA, Tehama Co, Red Bluff
3PhysiciansCA, Tehama Co, Tehama
3PhysiciansCA, Tehama Co, Vina
1PhysiciansCA, Trinity Co, Lewiston
4PhysiciansCA, Trinity Co, Weaverville
3PhysiciansCA, Tulare Co, Orosi
2PhysiciansCA, Tulare Co, Tipton
2PhysiciansCA, Tulare Co, Traver
18PhysiciansCA, Tulare Co, Tulare
21PhysiciansCA, Tulare Co, Visalia
12PhysiciansCA, Tuolumne Co, Sonora
10PhysiciansCA, Ventura Co, Santa Paula
2PhysiciansCA, Yolo Co, Madison
6PhysiciansCA, Yolo Co, Winters
26PhysiciansCA, Yolo Co, Woodland
19PhysiciansCA, Yuba Co, Marysville
1PhysiciansCA, Yuba Co, Oregon House
7PhysiciansCA, Yuba Co, Wheatland

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