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List of Other Roles; Last: Blair
A. H. 1920WAYakima CoYakimaLanark Mining Co, treasurer
Albert 1910Chicago Railway Equipment Co, Director
Albert 1910Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co, Secretary
Albert Lyndon 1890-1891NHMerrimack CoNew London, Colby AcademyPresident
Andrew Alexander 1879-1881US Geological Survey, mining geologist
Austin 1881-1890MIWashtenaw CoAnn Arbor, University of MichiganTrustee
C. 1910American Cast Iron Pipe Co, Secretary
C. A. 1920Ocotillo Copper Mining Co, VP
C. Ledyard 1900US Mortgage and Trust Co, Director
C. Ledyard 1915Lackawanna Steel Co, Director
C. Ledyard 1915New York Stock Exchange, Governing Committee
C. Ledyard 1915Securities Co of New York, Director
Charles H. 1884CTHartford CoCollinsvilleCollins Co, Supt
Chauncey J. 1903ILCook CoChicagoConsumers Co, President
Chauncey J. 1903ILCook CoChicagoKennicott Water Softener Co, President
Chauncey J. 1903ILCook CoChicagoMerchants Safe Deposit Co, President
D. C. 1900Lackawanna Iron and Steel Co, Director
DeWitt Clinton 1900NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton UniversityTrustee
DeWitt Clinton 1914Blair and Co, senior member of the firm
E. S. 1920King Solomon Tunnel and Development Co, Director
E. W. 1920Monarch Pittsburg Mining Co, Director
E. W. 1920Tonopah Divide Mining Co, Director
Edward Stephen 1889-1892CAKern CoMojaveSouthern Pacific Co, bill clerk
Elmer 1890NYAlbany CoAlbanyCooperstown Light and Power Co, Secretary
Elmer 1890NYAlbany CoAlbanyNorwich Light and Power Co, Treasurer
F. G. 1910Tuscaloosa Waterworks Co, President
F. W. 1910Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Co, Director
Frank L. 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburghArt Engraving and Printing Co, Treasurer
G. W. 1910Pittsburgh Lamp Brass and Glass Co, Director
George 1901NYNew York CoManhattan, Bellevue HospitalSupt
George F. 1922VANorfolkUS Shipping Board, Manager
George P. 1910CAImperial CoImperialImperial Water Co, Director
H. C. 1920WASpokane CoSpokane, Blair Business CollegePresident
H. W. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesHammond Lumber Co, mill hand
Henry A. 1903ILCook CoChicagoCalumet and Chicago Canal and Dock Co, Director
Henry A. 1903ILCook CoChicagoElgin National Watch Co, Director
Henry A. 1903ILCook CoChicagoMerchants Safe Deposit Co, VP
Henry C. 1910Philadelphia Wholesale Drug Co, VP
Hery A. 1910Commonwealth Edison Co, Director
I. N. 1920Catastrophe Mine, manager
J. E. 1903ILCook CoChicagoConfectioners and Bakers Supply Co, Secretary
J. O. 1920Copper Cliff Copper Mining Co, VP
J. R. 1920West End Consolidated Mining Co, auditor
J. R. 1920Goldfield Divide Mining Co, Director
J. W. 1910American Cast Iron Pipe Co, Treasurer
Jackson VanBuren, Jr 1917WVWood CoParkersburgInternal Revenue Service
James 1693-1743VAWilliamsburgCollege Of William And MaryPresident
James A. 1900National Surety Co, Director
James A. 1900New York Security and Trust Co, Director
James A. 1914Blair and Co, member of the firm
James A. 1914Baltimore Steam Packet Co, Director
James A. 1914New York Trust Co, Director
James A. 1914Pressed Steel Car Co, Director
James A. 1914Western Steel Car and Foundry Co, Director
James A. 1914Securities Co, Director
James A. 1914NYNew York CoNew York CityFirst Security Co of New York, Director
James A. 1915Securities Co of New York, Director
James E. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Barber Supply Co
James T. 1901PAIndiana CoGreenvilleGreenville Water Co, president
John 1766-1767NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton UniversityTrustee
John 1767-1768NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton UniversityVP
John 1769-1771NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton UniversityTrustee
John Insley 1866-1899NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton UniversityTrustee
John N. 1915Central Fireworks Co, Director
Joseph Linn 1884Niles Tool Works Co, clerical
Joseph Paxton 1922NYNew York CoNew York CitySouthern Pacific Co, general counsel
Millicent F. 1923NYNew York CoManhattanYWCA, Librarian
Montgomery 1861-1864DCWashingtonUS Post Office Department, Postmaster General
O. S. 1910PAFayette CoStar JunctionWashington Coal and Coke Co, Supt
Orrin Curtis 1915MAJohn Hancock Life Insurance Co, Medical Examiner
P. J. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesCitizens Truck Co, driver
Robert F. 1914Pittsburgh Gage and Supply Co, Secretary
Robert X. 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburghArt Engraving and Printing Co, President
Samuel 1746-1751NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton UniversityTrustee
T. C. 1884MDBaltimore CoAshlandAshland Iron Co, Asst Manager
Thomas J. 1914Dominion Trust Co, Director
W. A. 1910Fries Manufacturing and Power Co, VP
W. A. 1910CASan Francisco CoSan FranciscoPacific States Electric Co, Treasurer
W. F. 1903ILCook CoChicagoMerchants Safe Deposit Co, Director
W. H. 1910MTHill CoHavreHavre Electric Co, Mgr, Supt
W. L. 1900American Caramel Co, President
Walter J. 1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Blake and Rockaway SchoolJanitor
Watson Franklin 1914Field Museum of Natural History, VP
William Richards 1921US Weather Bureau, physicist
Woodbury 1916DCWashingtonNational Savings and Trust Co, VP

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Most Recent Entries
2Others, , American Artillery Range Finder and Relocater Co
20Others, , American Steel Hoop Co
14Others, , Carnegie Co
26Others, , Commonwealth Insurance Co
2Others, , Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic Mining Co
20Others, , Continental Tobacco Co
2Others, , Dunlap Tire Co
14Others, , Empire City Fire Insurance Co
2Others, , Erie Canal Electric Traction Co
21Others, , Fifth Avenue Trust Co
13Others, , Frankfort American Insurance Co
1Others, , Franklin Fire Insurance Co
14Others, , Franklin Steel Casting Co
5Others, , Frictionless Bearing Co
7Others, , Gas Self-Lighting Co of America
7Others, , General Aristo Co
8Others, , General Carriage Co
2Others, , General Electric Automobile Co
7Others, , General Liquid Air and Refrigerating Co
8Others, , General Power Co
20Others, , German American Real Estate Title Guarantee
4Others, , Golden Rule Tunnel and Mining Co
2Others, , Gramercy Sugar Co
14Others, , Greenwich Insurance Co
14Others, , Hamilton Fire Insurance Co
3Others, , Hanscom and Hough Storage Battery Co
7Others, , Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Co
3Others, , Hazard Powder Co
24Others, , Holland Trust Co
12Others, , Illinois Electric Vehicle Transportation Co
5Others, , Indestructible Road Bed Co
13Others, , Indo-Egyptian Compress Co
7Others, , International Automobile and Vehicle Tire Co
11Others, , International Car Wheel Co
9Others, , International Power Co
3Others, , International Rock Plaster Co
7Others, , International Smokeless Powder and Dynamite Co
6Others, , International Zinc Co
9Others, , Journeay and Burnham Co
5Others, , Kerr Thread Co
14Others, , Kings County Fire Insurance Co
9Others, , Kodak Co
8Others, , Laflin and Rand Powder Co
7Others, , Lake Submarine Co
9Others, , Lanston Monotype Co
22Others, , Lawyers Mortgage Insurance Co
28Others, , Lawyers Surety Co of New York
15Others, , Lawyers Title Insurance Co
5Others, , Litchfield Water Co
6Others, , London and Chicago Contract Co
15Others, , Long Island Loan and Trust Co
2Others, , Long Island Title Guarantee Co
8Others, , Luminous Prism Co
24Others, , Manufacturers Trust Co
2Others, , Maryland and Delaware Ship Canal Co
9Others, , Mason Heating and Lighting Co
4Others, , Mcdougall Storage Battery Co
7Others, , Mechanics Mills
10Others, , Merchants Manufacturing Co
6Others, , Metacomet Manufacturing Co
6Others, , Metropolitan Electric Third Rail and Traction Co
17Others, , Metropolitan Plate Glass Insurance Co
4Others, , Mobile Co of America
7Others, , Monmouth Guaranteed Egg Co
9Others, , Montana Ore Purchasing Co
7Others, , Morley Acetylene Gas Co
1Others, , Mortgage Trust Co of Pennsylvania
29Others, , Morton Trust Co
21Others, , Mt Vernon-Woodberry Cotton Duck Co
5Others, , Munger Vehicle Tire Co
11Others, , Murphy Safety Third Rail Electric Co
7Others, , Nassau Fire Insurance Co
20Others, , Nassau Trust Co of Brooklyn
5Others, , National Asphalt Co
19Others, , National Cash Register Co
7Others, , National Cycle and Automobile Co
9Others, , National Glass Co
11Others, , National Gramophone Co
6Others, , National Light and Power Co
5Others, , National Liquid Air Co
16Others, , National Salt Co
20Others, , National Steel Co
19Others, , National Telephone and Telegraph Co
12Others, , New England Electric Vehicle Transportation Co
8Others, , New York and Pennsylvania Telephone and Telegraph Co
5Others, , New York Architectural Terra Cotta Co
7Others, , New York Auto-Truck Co
14Others, , New York Electric Vehicle Transportation Co
13Others, , New York Fire Insurance Co
19Others, , New York Plate Glass Insurance Co
22Others, , New York Security and Trust Co
3Others, , Newport Water Works Co
14Others, , Nicaragua Co
28Others, , North American Trust Co
3Others, , Oswego Water Works Co
9Others, , Ousatonic Water Co
5Others, , Oxley and Enos Manufacturing Co
5Others, , Palmetto Co
11Others, , Pande Basin Gold Placer Co
5Others, , Park Steel Co
8Others, , Pennsylvania Furnace Co
16Others, , Peter Cooper Fire Insurance Co
15Others, , Phenix Insurance Co
1Others, , Philadelphia General Liquid Air Manufacturing and Refining Co
8Others, , Pneumatic Fire Alarm Telegraph Co
8Others, , Pneumatic Gun Carriage and Power Co
7Others, , Pocassett Manufacturing Co
1Others, , Poors Railroad Manual Co
7Others, , Popp Compressed Air and Electric Power Co
5Others, , Port Morris Land and Improvement Co
5Others, , Power Multiplying Engine Co
18Others, , Preferred Accident Insurance Co
7Others, , Preston Peak Copper Co
8Others, , Proctor and Gamble Co
12Others, , Queens County Safe Deposit Co
25Others, , Real Estate Trust Co of New York City
14Others, , Rio Hondo Copper Co
7Others, , Robeson Mills
8Others, , Rochester Optical and Camera Co
7Others, , Royal Electric Co
5Others, , Rubber Tire Co of America
1Others, , Rutland Transit Co
6Others, , San Cristobal Gold Mines Co
8Others, , Schlicht Combustion Process Co
13Others, , Scott-Janney Electric Co
8Others, , Shove Mills
9Others, , Single Tube Automobile and Bicycle Tire Co
7Others, , Slade Mills
10Others, , South American Land and Exploration Co
16Others, , St John Typobar Co
5Others, , St Louis Cupples Station and Property Co
7Others, , Standard Air Brake Co
5Others, , Standard Carbide Gas Co
8Others, , Standard Rope and Twine Co
19Others, , Standard Shoe Machinery Co
9Others, , Steel Tired Wheel Co
5Others, , Storage Power Co
9Others, , Takamine Ferment Co
13Others, , Taylor Signal Co
1Others, , Tecumseh Iron Co
9Others, , Tripler Liquid Air Co
5Others, , Troy Cotton and Woollen Manufactory
29Others, , Trust Co of America
26Others, , Trust Co of New York
7Others, , Tubular Despatch Co
8Others, , Union Steel and Chain Co
5Others, , United Power Vehicle Co
16Others, , US Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry
6Others, , US Motor Vehicle Co
8Others, , US Oil Co
2Others, , Van Choate Electric Manufacturing Co
3Others, , Varley Duplex Magnet Co
8Others, , Wampanoag Mills
21Others, , Washington Trust Co of New York
5Others, , Willard Third Rail Co
26Others, , Williamsburgh Trust Co
6Others, , Yuma Improvement Co
1OthersGA, Lamar Co, Milner, Central Mills
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, American Bicycle Co
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Compressed Air Co
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Continental Insurance Co
3OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Green Manufacturing Co
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, London and Chicago Contract Co
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, New York Security and Trust Co
1OthersIN, St Joseph Co, South Bend, South Bend Home Telephone Co
4OthersLA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, Gramercy Sugar Co
1OthersMA, Bristol Co, Fall River, Edison Electric Illuminating Co
1OthersMA, Bristol Co, New Bedford, Pocassett Manufacturing Co
1OthersMA, Essex Co, Lawrence, Slade Mills
4OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, American Hide and Leather Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, American Malting Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Bankers Trust Co of New York
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston Consolidated Copper and Gold Mining Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Hudson River Telephone Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Pocassett Manufacturing Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Rutland Transit Co
1OthersME, York Co, Biddeford, Lockwood Co
1OthersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, American Credit-Indemnity Co of New York
1OthersND, Cass Co, Fargo, Northwestern Trust Co
1OthersNJ, Gloucester Co, Wenonah, Philadelphia General Liquid Air Manufacturing and Refining Co
1OthersNY, , Garvin Machine Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Eagle Fire Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Fifth Avenue Trust Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Gramercy Sugar Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Proctor and Gamble Co
1OthersNY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg, Rutland Transit Co
1OthersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Proctor and Gamble Co
1OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Central Lumber Co
1OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Sharpsburg, American Steel Hoop Co
1OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Clearfield Bituminous Coal Co
1OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Oscar Smith and Sons Co
1OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Philadelphia General Liquid Air Manufacturing and Refining Co
1OthersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Colonial Trust Co
1OthersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Lockwood Co
1OthersTN, Hickman Co, Goodrich, Standard Chemical Co
1OthersVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, Rutland Transit Co
1OthersVT, Chittenden Co, Shelburne, Rutland Transit Co
3OthersVT, Rutland Co, Rutland, Rutland Transit Co
1OthersWI, Dane Co, Madison, Democrat Printing Co
1OthersWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, Fidelity Trust Co

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