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YWCA: List of Other Roles
June 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Elsie Hattie 1912ILCook CoChicagoYWCA, state secretary
Grace E. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept mgr
Mary Ewart 1903-1908ILKane CoElginYWCA
Etta Bell 1912NELancaster CoLincolnYWCA
Joyce 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, asst dept sec
Esther Lowell 1899MIWayne CoDetroitYWCA, general secretary
Jessie M. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, asst dept sec
Joan Veronlca 1919ONTorontoTorontoYWCA, secretary
Grace 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA
Helen 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Helen Keyser 1909-1910NYWestchester CoYonkersYWCA, assistant secretary
Catherine 1917-1920INMarion CoIndianapolisYWCA, Girls work sec
Bessie 1892-1893NYAlbany CoAlbanyYWCA
Florence 1914NYChemung CoElmiraYWCA, house secretary
Frances Elizabeth 1914NYChemung CoElmiraYWCA, general secretary
Nan M. 1909IABlack Hawk CoCedar FallsYWCA, secretary
Vera Viola 1912WAPierce CoTacomaYWCA, physical director
Sue D. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Lois W. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, cashier
Amelia 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
E. A. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, elevator operator
Millicent F. 1923NYNew York CoManhattanYWCA, Librarian
Anna Harriet 1919OHCuyahoga CoClevelandYWCA, secretary
Bessie 1919NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, secretary
Bertha M. 1926NYYWCA, executive secretary
Alice 1903-1904INMarion CoIndianapolisYWCA, asst secretary
Alice 1904-1906MEHancock CoBar HarborYWCA, general secretary
Mary Josephine 1893-1894NYAlbany CoAlbanyYWCA
Ada 1891NYAlbany CoAlbanyYWCA
Charlotte Irene 1903-1906WILa Crosse CoLa CrosseYWCA, general secretary
Margaret Ernestine 1919NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, secretary
Hazel Dell 1916NEGage CoBeatriceYWCA
Anna 1917NCMecklenburg CoCharlotteYWCA, domestic
Harriet Wilson 1904-1905NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, secretary
Sarah Ware 1890-1896NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA
Lillian Almeda 1912OHLucas CoToledoYWCA, industrial secretary
Lilian Howe 1887NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, asst librarian
Mabel M. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, deputy sec
Louise S. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Matilda Lenna 1905-1908MIKalamazoo CoKalamazooYWCA, general secretary
Matilda Lenna 1909-1910MISaginaw CoSaginawYWCA, general secretary
Matilda Lenna 1911-1912MIBerrien CoSt JosephYWCA, general secretary
Matilda Lenna 1912-1917MIGenesee CoFlintYWCA, general secretary
Rose M. 1907-1910INYWCA, State Board
Beata Bruner 1906-1907NYNew York CoHarlemYWCA, Assistant secretary
Beata Bruner 1907-1909MOBuchanan CoSt JosephYWCA, general secretary
Ellen Vivian 1907-1908NJHudson CoHobokenYWCA, secretary
Mary Neale Stewart 1912-1913MDBaltimore CityYWCA, membership secretary
Myra A. 1912WIRacine CoRacineYWCA, physical director
Grace Lydia 1912ChinaShanghaiYWCA, general secretary
Mildred Viola 1930NHHillsborough CoManchesterYWCA, Health Education
Inez L. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, asst dept sec
Ida Richardson Garrison 1907-1909YWCA, Territorial secretary
Elizabeth Hulda 1914-1915NYGenesee CoBataviaYWCA, general Secretary
Margaret 1919NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA
Cora E. McNutt 1907-1909KSShawnee CoTopekaYWCA, general secretary
Isabelle 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, cashier
Martha Priscilla 1914YWCA, asst to general Secretary
Marguerite 1908NJHudson CoJersey CityYWCA, assistant secretary
Marguerite 1911-1912COEl Paso CoColorado SpringsYWCA, general secretary
Marguerite 1912-1914KSShawnee CoTopekaYWCA, general secretary
Doris Stella 1912-1913WASpokane CoSpokaneYWCA, Secretary
Fannie Adrienne 1912NELancaster CoLincolnYWCA, general secretary
Ora 1917NCMecklenburg CoCharlotteYWCA, travelers aid secretary
Mary 1895NYAlbany CoAlbanyYWCA
Mary Celia 1919OHLicking CoNewarkYWCA, secretary
Elizabeth Ingle 1906-1909NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, Secretary
Elvira A. 1923CASan Francisco CoSan FranciscoYWCA, secretary
Amy P. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Elsie Esther West 1895-1899MIWayne CoDetroitYWCA, General Secretary
Harriet Sherman 1887NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, asst librarian
Harriet A. 1923NYAlbany CoAlbanyYWCA, Librarian
Jean 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, house supt
Belle 1913ILYWCA, State Secretary
Alice 1916-1917NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, social secretary
Edith Beatrice 1911-1913IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State UniversityYWCA, Secretary
Oril E. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Mary Otis 1912MOSt Louis CityYWCA, physical director
Alice Cary 1910MIWayne CoDetroitYWCA, secretary
Eleanor P. 1913-1914MDBaltimore CityYWCA, secretary
Mary Johns 1903-1905YWCA, state secretary for Carolinas
Mary Johns 1905-1907NJHudson CoJersey CityYWCA, general secretary
Susette 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Flora May 1908-1909KSSedgwick CoWichitaYWCA, Lunch-room Secretary
Alma Fannie 1901ORMultnomah CoPortlandYWCA, General secretary
Alma Fannie 1902-1907PABerks CoReadingYWCA, General secretary
Anna Isabel 1912-1913MIKent CoGrand RapidsYWCA, asst extension Secretary
Julia Eileen 1929NYKings CoBrooklynYWCA
Mary 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, asst physical director
Amelia C. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, gen sec
Helen L. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept director
Ada Alice 1887-1888NYNew York CoNew York CityYWCA, assistant
Caroline Louise 1913-1914NYKings CoBrooklynYWCA
Elizabeth B. 1909AZCochise CoBisbeeYWCA, secretary
Jurretta 1919IAPolk CoDes MoinesYWCA, secretary
Frances 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesYWCA, dept sec
Clare Norton 1898-1900OHFranklin CoColumbusYWCA, President
Josephine Hull 1917NCMecklenburg CoCharlotteYWCA, gen secretary
Ruth Hancock 1930DEKent CoDoverYWCA, Secretary

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Most Recent Entries
17Others, , American Insurance Co
14Others, , Camden Fire Insurance Association
1Others, , Capital Fire Insurance Co
1Others, , Capitol Life Insurance Co
3Others, , Colonial Life Insurance Co
35Others, , Manhattan Life Insurance Co
33Others, , Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co
8Others, , Metropolitan Insurance Co
63Others, , Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
1Others, , Metropolitan Traction Co
1Others, , Meyer Rubber Co
2Others, , Middle West Utilities Co
1Others, , Midvale Steel and Ordnance Co
2Others, , Minneapolis Trust Co
2Others, , Monongahela Light and Power Co
2Others, , Monongahela Tube Co
1Others, , Morris European and American Express Co
1Others, , Morton, Bliss and Co
2Others, , Mutual Insurance Co
9Others, , Mutual Life Insurance Co
2Others, , Mutual Union Telegraph Co
1Others, , Narragansett Finishing Co
1Others, , National Aniline and Chemical Co
1Others, , National Investment Co
21Others, , National Life Insurance Co
1Others, , National Telephone and Electric Co
1Others, , New Citizens Telephone Co
1Others, , New York and Texas Steamship Co
62Others, , New York Life Insurance Co
7Others, , Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society
3Others, , Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Co
1Others, , Philadelphia Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance C
2Others, , Prudential Life Insurance Co
7Others, , Sun Insurance Co
31Others, , Travelers Insurance Co
1Others, , US Health and Accident Insurance Co
3OthersCA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles, St Vincents College
6OthersCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, St Ignatius College
9OthersCO, Denver Co, Denver, Catholic Church
13OthersCO, Denver Co, Denver, College of the Sacred Heart
11OthersCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Catholic Church
2OthersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, New Haven Insulated Wire Co
3OthersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Connecticut Life Insurance Company of Waterbury
2OthersCT, Tolland Co, Tolland, Tolland County Insurance Co
10OthersDC, Washington, Catholic University
42OthersDC, Washington, Georgetown University
14OthersDC, Washington, Gonzaga College
1OthersDC, Washington, Woods Commercial School
2OthersFL, Pasco Co, San Antonio, St Leos Military College
1OthersGA, Decatur Co, Atlanta, New York and Texas Steamship Co
1OthersIA, Boone Co, Boone, Catholic Church
2OthersIA, Buchanan Co, Independence, Catholic Church
1OthersIA, Carroll Co, Carroll, Catholic Church
1OthersIA, Clinton Co, Clinton, Catholic Church
11OthersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, Catholic Church
3OthersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, St Josephs College
1OthersIA, Dubuque Co, Dyersville, Catholic Church
1OthersIA, Floyd Co, Charles City, Catholic Church
1OthersIA, Howard Co, Cresco, Catholic Church
1OthersIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, Catholic Church
20OthersIA, Scott Co, Davenport, Catholic Church
1OthersIA, Webster Co, Fort Dodge, Catholic Church
2OthersIL, Adams Co, Quincy, House of the Franciscan Fathers at St Francis College
14OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Catholic Church
2OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Muco Solvent Co
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, National Investment Co
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Newson and Co
7OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Ignatius College
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Catholic Church
1OthersIL, DeWitt Co, Clinton, National Telephone and Electric Co
1OthersIL, Kane Co, Elgin, Catholic Church
21OthersIL, Madison Co, Alton, Catholic Church
14OthersIL, St Clair Co, Belleville, Catholic Church
1OthersIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, Catholic Church
7OthersIN, Allen Co, Fort Wayne, Catholic Church
6OthersIN, Spencer Co, St Meinrad, Benedictine Abbey
9OthersKS, , Kansas City, Catholic Church
1OthersKS, Atchison Co, Atchison, Catholic Church
3OthersKS, Atchison Co, Atchison, St Benedicts College
1OthersKS, Bourbon Co, Fort Scott, Catholic Church
5OthersKS, Cloud Co, Concordia, Catholic Church
1OthersKS, Geary Co, Junction City, Catholic Church
1OthersKS, Leavenworth Co, Leavenworth, Catholic Church
1OthersKS, Montgomery Co, Independence, Catholic Church
1OthersKS, Washington Co, Hanover, Catholic Church
1OthersKY, Henderson Co, Henderson, Catholic Church
8OthersKY, Kenton Co, Covington, Catholic Church
4OthersKY, Lewis Co, St Marys, St Marys College
1OthersKY, Nelson Co, Bardstown, Catholic Church
10OthersLA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, College of the immaculate Conception
3OthersLA, St Landry Parish, Grand Coteau, St Charles College
1OthersMA, Barnstable Co, Bourne, Morris European and American Express Co
22OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Chestnut Hill, Boston College
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Meyer Rubber Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Morrill Leather Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Morris-Ireland Safe Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Morss and Whyte Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Mountain Purity Spring Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, New England Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, New England Druggist Publishing Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, New England Electric Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, New England Electric Safety Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, New England Sanitary Product Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Newton Chemical Co
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Norfolk Paper Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, South Boston, New England Druggist Publishing Co
23OthersMD, Baltimore City, Catholic Church
5OthersMD, Baltimore City, Loyola College
1OthersMD, Baltimore City, St Marys University
5OthersMD, Howard Co, Ellicott City, St Charles College
2OthersMD, Howard Co, Ilchester, House of Studies
3OthersMD, Howard Co, Woodstock, College of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
8OthersMI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids, Catholic Church
23OthersMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Catholic Church
2OthersMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Detroit College
1OthersMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, St Cyrillus and Methodius Seminary
1OthersMN, Polk Co, Crookston, Northwest School of Agriculture
5OthersMN, St Louis Co, Duluth, Catholic Church
6OthersMN, Stearns Co, Collegeville, St Johns University
4OthersMO, Nodaway Co, Conception, New Engelberg Abbey of the Order of St Benedict
6OthersMO, Platte Co, Kansas City, Catholic Church
18OthersMO, St Louis City, St Louis University
2OthersMO, St Louis Co, Kirkwood, St Josephs Preparatory College
3OthersMT, Lewis and Clark Co, Helena, Catholic Church
1OthersNB, Northumberland Co, Chatham, Catholic Church
2OthersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Motor Sales Co
2OthersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Nichols Transfer Co
1OthersND, Richland Co, Wahpeton, Red River Valley University
1OthersND, Stutsman Co, Jamestown, Catholic Church
1OthersND, Ward Co, Minot, State Normal School
9OthersNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, Creighton University
1OthersNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, University of Omaha
2OthersNE, Lancaster Co, Lincoln, Catholic Church
1OthersNJ, Camden Co, Camden, Catholic Church
7OthersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, Catholic Church
2OthersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, New Jersey Electrical Co
3OthersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, St Benedicts College
4OthersNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City, St Peters College
1OthersNY, , Mutual Life Insurance Co
1OthersNY, , Newson and Co
23OthersNY, Albany Co, Albany, Catholic Church
6OthersNY, Bronx Co, Fordham, St Johns College
6OthersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Allegany, St Bonaventures College
5OthersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Canisius College
12OthersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Catholic Church
9OthersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Catholic Church
2OthersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, St Andrews Preparatory Seminary
5OthersNY, New York Co, Manhattan, College of St Francis Xavier
2OthersNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Manhattan College
1OthersNY, New York Co, Manhattan, National Aniline and Chemical Co
5OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Catholic Church
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Metropolitan Traction Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Morton, Bliss and Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, National Aniline and Chemical Co
2OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, New Century Electric Co
2OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, New York Carbon Co
8OthersNY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg, Catholic Church
1OthersNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls, Catholic Church
1OthersOH, Clermont Co, Batavia, New Citizens Telephone Co
12OthersOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Catholic Church
4OthersOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, St Ignatius College
6OthersOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Catholic Church
10OthersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Catholic Church
2OthersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, National Galvanic Battery Co
2OthersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, St Josephs College
5OthersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Xavier University
2OthersOH, Montgomery Co, Dayton, Catholic Church
4OthersON, Frontenac Co, Kingston, Catholic Church
1OthersON, Hamilton
6OthersON, Hamilton, Catholic Church
3OthersOR, Marion Co, Mt Angel, Mt Angel College
1OthersPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg, Catholic Church
5OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Holy Ghost College
1OthersPA, Chester Co, Coatesville, Midvale Steel and Ordnance Co
1OthersPA, Columbia Co, Centralia, Catholic Church
9OthersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Catholic Church
21OthersPA, Erie Co, Erie, Catholic Church
2OthersPA, Lancaster Co, Columbia, Catholic Church
1OthersPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, Catholic Church
2OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Midvalley Coal Co
2OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Roman Catholic High School
6OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, St Josephs College
4OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, St Vincent Seminary
5OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Villanova, Villanova University
2OthersPE, Queens Co, Charlottetown, Catholic Church
1OthersRI, Providence Co, Cranston, Narragansett Finishing Co
1OthersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Meyer Rubber Co
10OthersSC, Charleston Co, Charleston, Catholic Church
1OthersSD, Brown Co, Aberdeen, Catholic Church
3OthersTX, Bexar Co, San Antonio, St Marys College
6OthersTX, Dallas Co, Dallas, Catholic Church
4OthersTX, Galveston Co, Galveston, Catholic Church
6OthersTX, Galveston Co, Galveston, St Marys University
12OthersVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, Catholic Church
2OthersWA, Clark Co, Vancouver, St James College
13OthersWI, Brown Co, Green Bay, Catholic Church
2OthersWI, Crawford Co, Prairie du Chien, Sacred Heart College
8OthersWI, La Crosse Co, La Crosse, Catholic Church
10OthersWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, Marquette University
2OthersWY, Laramie Co, Cheyenne, Catholic Church

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19 Nov 2022Bankers Directory2,149
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