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Navy Yard, Washington, DC


Navy Yard, Washington, DC: Naval Officers & Sailors Other Than Ships List
EnsignAlbert Ammerman 1887-1890DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1876DCWashingtonNavy Yardordinance duty
LieutenantJames Dexter 1888DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
Asst PaymasterRobert W. 1886-1892DCWashingtonNavy YardGeneral Storekeeper
LieutenantCharles Olden 1890-1892DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance duty
ChaplainBurgess 1824-1827DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantAugustus Craven 1896-1897DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderJohn H. 1832DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainJohn H. 1833-1834DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Lieutenant CommanderGeorge Mifflin 1873-1875DCWashingtonNavy Yardordinance duty
PaymasterAlbert W. 1877-1878DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 89-93
EnsignCharles Johnston 1875-1875DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
LieutenantCharles Johnston 1884-1885DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 89-92, Ordinance Duty
LieutenantOscar C. 1861DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainOscar C. 1875-1878DCWashingtonNavy Yard
First Asst EngineerWilliam L. 1880-1881DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet EngineerCharles Henry 1884-1886DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantGeorge Beall 1855-1857DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderGeorge Beall 1866-1868DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainGeorge Beall 1872DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderAlbert S. 1891-1892DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantWilliam Jay 1874-1875DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MidshipmanAugustus 1824DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MasterEdward 1818-1825DCWashingtonNavy Yard
GunnerThomas 1823-1826DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantThomas B. 1827DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PaymasterGeorge 1877-1878DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PaymasterGeorge William 1877DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderLester A. 1872-1875DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Medical InspectorGrove S. 1890-1893DCWashingtonNavy Yard
EnsignWilliam Shepherd 1893-1894DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantAlbert Gleaves 1881-1882DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 86-89, Ordnance Duty
LieutenantAlbert Gleaves 1886-1889DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
MidshipmanJoseph R. 1823DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJohn Van Benthuysen 1877-1878DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJohn Van Benthuysen 1878DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantGottfried 1893-1894DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Instructor
LieutenantCharles 1820-1822DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantCharles 1824DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantCharles, Jr 1819DCWashingtonNavy Yard
William 1829DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantWilliam J. 1834-1836DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderBenjamin W. 1826DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MidshipmanLyttleton M. 1823-1824DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantEdward Dorsey 1889-1890DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Passed Asst SurgeonJohn C. 1884-1885DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SurgeonThomas J. 1832-1834DCWashingtonNavy Yard
David 1824-1825DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MidshipmanKidder Randolph 1867DCWashingtonNavy Yardinspector of ordnance
Lieutenant CommanderJohn J. 1888-1889DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet EngineerWilliam B. 1879-1882DCWashingtonNavy Yard
First LieutenantCharles R. 1824DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainCharles R. 1829DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderGeorge 1866-1867DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantMarcus B. 1878-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderFrancis M. 1875DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 77
LieutenantWilliam Leslie 1893-1894DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantGeorge Allen 1890-1892DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Department
LieutenantRobert Emmett 1888-1889DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Lieutenant CommanderRobert Emmett 1890-1893DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantOverton 1862-1864DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderSilas 1882-1884DCWashingtonNavy YardEquipment Officer
SailmakerCharles 1820-1826DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PurserJoseph 1820DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PurserJoseph 1821DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderStephen 1818-1821DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet PaymasterThomas T. 1879-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MasterSalvadore 1821-1825DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MasterSalvadore 1818-1832DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MasterSalvadore 1827DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SailmakerJohn 1832-1833DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SurgeonGeorge 1845-1847DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet SurgeonGeorge 1858-1860DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJohn Huntington Crane 1879-1881DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 81-82
LieutenantJames Kelsey 1886DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PaymasterSamuel R. 1890-1891DCWashingtonNavy Yardoffice of General Storekeeper
CaptainGeorge W. 1870DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainGeorge W. 1877DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJohn A. 1821-1822DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PaymasterFrank 1875-1877DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PaymasterFrank Carviil 1875-1877DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet PaymasterFrank Carviil 1881-1884DCWashingtonNavy YardInspector of Provisions
CaptainCharles Stanhope 1898DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantFrank 1881-1882DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 85
LieutenantWalter Cleveland 1885-1886DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 87-89
Second LieutenantHoratio N. 1826DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantThomas 1825-1826DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainThomas 1827DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MidshipmanJohn 1818DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantFreeman Hopkins 1890-1893DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainPierce 1872-1874DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJoseph 1818DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Lieutenant CommanderArent Schuyler 1875-1878DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
Fleet PaymasterJohn S. 1864-1865DCWashingtonNavy YardInspector and Paymaster
Pay DirectorJohn S. 1871-1872DCWashingtonNavy YardInspector of Provisions and Clothing
LieutenantRichard Graham 1880-1882DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
George Leonard 1861DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderJohn Lee 1868-1871DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJames Henry 1882-1883DCWashingtonNavy Yardordinance duty
Passed Asst SurgeonFred. M. 1868DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Asst SurgeonJohn 1827DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderFrancis William 1890-1893DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MidshipmanBenjamin More 1834DCWashingtonNavy Yard
MasterMarmaduke 1818-1826DCWashingtonNavy Yard
F. L. 1852DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantAndrew 1881-1882DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 87-89, Ordnance duty
Lieutenant CommanderAndrew 1893-1894DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SurgeonMarius 1861DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 65-66
CommanderThomas H. 1872DCWashingtonNavy Yardequipment duty
BoatswainDavid 1825-1833DCWashingtonNavy Yard
BoatswainDavid 1827-1836DCWashingtonNavy Yard
First LieutenantJames 1832-1834DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainJames 1836DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantRichard G. 1818-1823DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantRobley D. 1867DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
Lieutenant CommanderRobley D. 1870-1871DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderRobley D. 1881-1882DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantWilliam Henry 1893DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Instructor
MidshipmanArchibald B. 1824DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantDonald MacNeill 1854DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainJohn C. 1876-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
ChaplainJohn P. 1829DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderWilliam Bolton 1822DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet EngineerEdwin 1871-1876DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantArthur Henry 1872DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
CommanderWilliam Meyhew 1888-1890DCWashingtonNavy YardInspector of Ordnance
Jonathan M. 1836DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantDulany 1821-1822DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantFrench 1822DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Asst PaymasterLeonard A. 1867-1868DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainWilliam H. 1829-1830DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJohn Charles 1889-1890DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
James 1865-1866DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainJohn 1836DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantPerry 1886-1888DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
LieutenantJohn Henry 1892-1894DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantAlbert 1893-1894DCWashingtonNavy Yard
PaymasterWorthington 1871-1872DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Second LieutenantGreen Clay 1875DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantAlexander G. 1829-1831DCWashingtonNavy Yard
James Duncan 1862DCWashingtonNavy YardAssistant Instructor
LieutenantSamuel Lindsay 1892-1893DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantFrancis E. 1896-1898DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainJames Augustin 1882-1884DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderCharles Vernon 1891-1892DCWashingtonNavy Yard
John S. 1863DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet PaymasterJohn S. 1873-1875DCWashingtonNavy Yardinspector of provisions
Francis M. 1853DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantWilliam A. 1878-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
First LieutenantJoseph C. 1825DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantFranklin 1884-1885DCWashingtonNavy Yardordinance duty
LieutenantGiles Bates 1878-1879DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 84-85, Ordnance Duty
Chief EngineerRobert L. 1877-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Asst SurgeonJohn 1818-1819DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantCharles E. 1862DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance duty
First LieutenantGeorge B. 1871DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SurgeonLewis 1830DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJoseph Newton 1879-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Chief EngineerAlexander 1866DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantRichard 1889-1890DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Instructor
Asst EngineerHenry 1891-1893DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Passed Asst SurgeonTheodore C. 1874-1876DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainCharles 1865DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SurgeonThomas 1874DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Executive OfficerRoswell D. 1879-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
BoatswainGeorge 1818-1820DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Asst SurgeonA. A. 1861DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SurgeonA. A. 1879DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJohn Hite Lee 1892-1894DCWashingtonNavy YardAssistant Inspector of Ordnance
MidshipmanJames T. 1823DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJames T. 1830DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantEdwin Samuel 1879-1881DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderEdwin Samuel 1891-1892DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderJohn Adams 1882-1884DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainJohn Adams 1893-1894DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Executive OfficerHenry Lycurgus 1865-1866DCWashingtonNavy YardOrdnance Duty
CommanderHenry Lycurgus 1878-1881DCWashingtonNavy YardInspector of Ordnance
Fleet PaymasterJames 1883-1886DCWashingtonNavy Yard
SurgeonAdrian 1875-1878DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CaptainIsaac 1830-1834DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJoseph B. 1833DCWashingtonNavy Yard
ChaplainAndrew 1818-1823DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantRichard S. 1824DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantCharles Thomas 1879-1880DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderGeorge Elmore 1891-1892DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Lieutenant CommanderRobert E. 1885-1886DCWashingtonNavy Yardordinance duty
Chief EngineerPhilip 1877-1881DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Fleet EngineerPhilip 1893-1894DCWashingtonNavy Yard
First Asst EngineerRichard 1887-1891DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantWilliam Manning 1885DCWashingtonNavy Yard& 93-94
MidshipmanSkeffington S. 1821DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantJoseph L. 1897-1898DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderTheodore Frelinghuysen 1893DCWashingtonNavy YardNaval Gun Factory
Lieutenant CommanderA. W. 1869DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Lieutenant CommanderHenry L. 1866DCWashingtonNavy Yardordnance duty
Asst SurgeonMeredith D. 1875-1877DCWashingtonNavy Yard
LieutenantThomas A. C. 1820DCWashingtonNavy Yard
CommanderThomas Ap. Catesby 1822DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Asst SurgeonWilliam H. 1866-1867DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Passed Asst SurgeonWilliam H. 1870-1871DCWashingtonNavy Yard
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