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List of Missionaries; State: India
CongregationalAmos 1857-1869India
MethodistDavid Gushwa 1900India
PresbyterianMartin Robert 1910India
PresbyterianJames McGregor 1865-1869India
PresbyterianJames McGregor 1883-1900India
CongregationalDavid Oliver 1827-1853India
PresbyterianAlexander Bertman 1902-1908India
Free ChurchJohn 1846IndiaCalcutta
PresbyterianHerbert Marston 1890-1898India
BaptistIsaac Chipman 1883-1886India
CongregationalSamuel Ralph 1861-1864India
BaptistDavid Scencer 1892-1896India
CongregationalHenry Lincoln 1889India
BaptistJames Millard 1895-1903India
MethodistJoseph Benson 1912India
CongregationalHenry 1835India
CongregationalHenry Watkins 1862-1865IndiaBombay
CongregationalWilliam Osborn 1875-1922IndiaAhmednagar
BaptistEdwin 1870-1880India
PresbyterianCharles Henry 1894India
CongregationalHoratio 1815-1821India
BaptistCyrus 1839-1850India
PresbyterianWilliam Pratt 1853-1865India
PresbyterianWilliam Pratt 1872-1876India
PresbyterianGeorge Owen 1857-1865India
PresbyterianJames Anderson 1894India
PresbyterianGeorge Spafford 1865-1867India
CongregationalGeorge Dana 1825India
BaptistAlbert Mckenzie 1908-1910India
PresbyterianGeorge Washington 1832-1838India
PresbyterianGeorge 1847-1855India
MethodistWilliam Nesbit 1888-1890India
BaptistGeorge Henry 1891India
PresbyterianAugustus 1870-1876India
BaptistMiles 1836-1883India
CongregationalHenry James 1862India
BaptistEdwin 1870-1880India
BaptistCharles Edwin 1883-1904India
BaptistJohn Frederick 1881-1882India
CongregationalEbenezer 1839-1854India
BaptistThomas Wesley 1878-1888India
CongregationalThomas Scott 1855-1882India
BaptistWilliam Carey 1886-1897India
MethodistEthel Mae 1915India
PresbyterianDavid Elliott 1850-1857India
CongregationalWilliam Banfield 1856India
BaptistWilliam 1794-1834India
PresbyterianMareus Manard 1864India
PresbyterianRay Harrison 1905India
Dutch ReformedLewis Birge 1891IndiaMadanapalle
CongregationalWilliam Wilberforce 1864India
MethodistFletcher Baily 1872-1876India
PresbyterianHenry 1837-1865India
PresbyterianEdward 1859-1865India
MethodistBenjamin Jenkins 1891India
BaptistGeorge 1875-1908India
BaptistElbert 1882India
BaptistEdward Winter 1868India
PresbyterianWalter Jackson 1898India
BaptistJohn Everitt 1867-1899India
BaptistMilton Bookstaver 1866-1874India
Dutch ReformedJohn Woodruff 1881-1890India
Church of ScotlandGeorge 1841IndiaBombay
MethodistLewis Addison 1889India
BaptistHebron Young 1894-1906India
BaptistJohn 1877India
MethodistHorace Alonzo 1892-1897IndiaBombay
MethodistHorace Alonzo 1893-1896India
PresbyterianNathaniel Marcus 1836-1844India
MethodistThomas 1885IndiaLucknow
BaptistArthur Haseltine 1892-1910India
BaptistJohn Alasko 1898-1903India
UnitarianCharles Henry Appleton 1855-1886India
BaptistAppleton Howe 1845-1858India
BaptistWebster Swan 1892India
CongregationalSamuel Chase 1856-1860India
BaptistL. J. 1887-1891India
MethodistJames Otis 1888-1896India
BaptistHarry Byram 1901-1905India
PresbyterianJoseph LeRoy 1917-1919India
MethodistThomas Smith 1904-1912India
PresbyterianJames Moffat 1876-1882India
BaptistFrancis Arthur 1851-1866India
BaptistWillard Fox 1901-1908India
BaptistDavid 1873India
BaptistDaniel Hill 1874-1879India
BaptistThomas Parker 1892-1893India
Dutch ReformedJohn Reginald 1909-1912India
PresbyterianJohn Welsh 1848-1853India
PresbyterianAlexander 1908India
BaptistJohn 1892-1908India
CongregationalRobert Ogden 1835India
PresbyterianSherwood 1896India
CongregationalWillis Penfield 1892-1914India
PresbyterianJames Black 1896India
LutheranGeorge Alleman 1925India
PresbyterianArthur H. 1891India
PresbyterianJ. C. R. 1881-1884India
PresbyterianJ. C. R. 1888-1896India
PresbyterianJames Caruthers Rhea 1879-1881India

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