List of Missionaries

With their denomination, and years and location of service

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List of Missionaries
CongregationalEphraim 1811-1812MEWashington Co
CongregationalAmos 1857-1869India
MethodistDavid Gushwa 1900India
PresbyterianPaul Richard 1910China
PresbyterianJoseph Willard 1925EgyptCairo
PresbyterianSamuel Irvine 1925EgyptCairo
BaptistArchibald Guinness 1915-1920China
BaptistArthur Soltau 1904-1906China
PresbyterianCharles Clarence 1925EgyptCairo
EpiscopalEli 1859-1864NEOtoe CoNebraska City
PresbyterianJames Edward 1895-1897South Korea
PresbyterianJoseph Bruce 1830-1832GA
BaptistJoseph Samuel 1875-1883China
BaptistJoseph Samuel 1891-1893China
CongregationalLucien Harper 1890-1894Syria
BaptistSidney Grant 1907-1912China
BaptistSpencer Gavitt 1890UTSalt Lake CoSalt Lake City
EpiscopalJoseph 1875ILClinton CoCarlyle
PresbyterianJohn Bailey 1834-1847Turkey
BaptistJohn Philip 1858-1859WICrawford CoPrairie du Chien
PresbyterianMartin Robert 1910India
CongregationalEdward 1855-1858Syria
PresbyterianAlexander 1828-1829FLLeon CoTallahassee
PresbyterianJohn Alexander 1881Turkey
CongregationalSarkis Manoog 1910-1912Turkey
EpiscopalMartin 1875OHHamilton CoCincinnati
MethodistWilford Beaton 1916-1932China
CongregationalLucius 1825-1830INDearborn Co
PresbyterianJames McGregor 1865-1869India
PresbyterianJames McGregor 1883-1900India
PresbyterianJames McKinney 1875-1885HI
MethodistMississippiRobert 1837TX
PresbyterianSamuel Caruthers 1866-1871NCMecklenburg CoCharlotte
PresbyterianThomas Theron 1877Japan
PresbyterianWilliam Patterson 1831HI
PresbyterianGustavus Albertus 1874-1880NYNew York CoNew York City
PresbyterianArchibald Cameron 1858-1862INMarion CoIndianapolis
MethodistBelle Jane 1888Japan
PresbyterianCaleb Martin 1872China
CongregationalDavid Oliver 1827-1853India
CongregationalOrson Parda 1855-1857Turkey
BaptistThomas 1852-1859Burma
PresbyterianWilliam Youd 1838-1842TX
PresbyterianWilliam Youd 1843KY
MethodistGeorgiaYoung J. 1858-1865China
MethodistNorth GeorgiaYoung J. 1868-1885China
PresbyterianAlexander Bertman 1902-1908India
PresbyterianH. S. 1897Brazil
PresbyterianDavid Emmet 1925IndiaJhelum
PresbyterianS. Neale 1920Syria
CongregationalWilliam Scott 1877-1880China
EpiscopalBenjamin Lucius 1918China
MethodistNorth GeorgiaD. L. 1882-1885China
PresbyterianJames 1865China
Free ChurchJohn 1846IndiaCalcutta
PresbyterianJohn Lowrie 1925SudanKhartum
PresbyterianWilliam Thompson 1925IndiaRawalpindi
CongregationalEmerson 1835-1836NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh
PresbyterianHerbert Marston 1890-1898India
John C. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
PresbyterianAlpheus Newell 1868-1917Turkey
PresbyterianHikotaro 1891Japan
PresbyterianGeorge Henry 1834-1835Sri Lanka
CongregationalWilliam Perkins 1832-1833NCWake CoRaleigh
BaptistGeorge Washington 1888-1890CANapa CoNapa
BaptistIsaac Chipman 1883-1886India
CongregationalSelah Root 1821-1823VT
CongregationalWilliam 1835-1838Singapore
CongregationalWilliam Frederick 1860-1862Bulgaria
PresbyterianDavid Girson, Jr 1891-1894Brazil
MethodistElizabeth Madge 1881-1888Japan
BaptistErnest Neville 1901-1905Burma
PresbyterianFrederick Alexander 1853-1857MOSt Louis City
PresbyterianGeorge Alexander 1902China
PresbyterianHallock 1856-1859PASullivan CoLaporte
PresbyterianHarry Patterson 1901-1902Thailand
PresbyterianOscar Vance 1908China
BaptistWilliam Frederic 1884-1895Burma
BaptistAlbert Nicholas 1844-1855Greece
PresbyterianJames Hillcoat 1912China
BaptistJames Hope 1873-1874Japan
BaptistJames Hope 1879China
PresbyterianRichard 1871-1878Thailand
CongregationalSamuel Ralph 1861-1864India
BaptistWilliam 1850China
BaptistWilliam, Jr 1879China
PresbyterianWilliam Edmund 1911-1912MIGenesee CoFlint
BaptistHampton Stuart 1910VARappahannock Co
PresbyterianJames Barlow 1888Japan
EpiscopalHenry S. 1875KSChautauqua CoCedar Vale
PresbyterianAlvin Clark 1896-1899AK
PresbyterianHenry Root 1869ORColumbia CoSt Helens
BaptistWilliam 1901-1904Japan
CongregationalArchie Guy 1898-1900VTWashington CoWarren
PresbyterianRalph Erskine 1925IndiaSargodha
PresbyterianJames Barbour 1889-1890Japan
MennoniteJohn Berger 1909-1912IDBingham CoAberdeen
BaptistDavid Scencer 1892-1896India
BaptistAlvin 1832-1833ILMadison CoMadison
MethodistKentuckyAndrew M. 1851CA

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Most Recent Entries
1MissionariesAL, Pickens Co
1MissionariesAR, Izard Co, Zion
63MissionariesCA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
8MissionariesCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
2MissionariesCA, Santa Cruz Co, Watsonville
1MissionariesCA, Yuba Co, Wheatland
1MissionariesCO, Teller Co, Victor
1MissionariesCT, Windham Co, Windham
3MissionariesDC, Washington
2MissionariesDE, New Castle Co, Wilmington
2MissionariesEgypt, , Alexandria
1MissionariesEgypt, , Assiut
2MissionariesEgypt, , Benha
1MissionariesEgypt, , Beni Suef
9MissionariesEgypt, , Cairo
3MissionariesEgypt, , Heliopolis
3MissionariesEgypt, , Luxor
1MissionariesEgypt, , Madinet El-Faiyum
2MissionariesEgypt, , Mansurah
1MissionariesEgypt, , Minya
1MissionariesEgypt, , Shabin El-Kom
1MissionariesEgypt, , Tanta
2MissionariesEgypt, , Zagazig
1MissionariesEthiopia, , Addis Ababa
1MissionariesEthiopia, , Gorei
1MissionariesEthiopia, , Sayo
1MissionariesFL, Lake Co, Mt Dora
1MissionariesGA, Bibb Co, Macon
1MissionariesGA, Chatham Co, Savannah
1MissionariesGA, Chattooga Co
1MissionariesGA, Cobb Co, Marietta
1MissionariesGA, Liberty Co
1MissionariesIA, Buchanan Co, Independence
1MissionariesIA, Hamilton Co, Webster City
1MissionariesIA, Louisa Co, Wapello
1MissionariesIA, Marion Co, Knoxville
1MissionariesIA, Marshall Co
1MissionariesIA, Van Buren Co, Farmington
11MissionariesIL, Cook Co, Chicago
1MissionariesIL, Hancock Co
1MissionariesIL, LaSalle Co
1MissionariesIL, Madison Co, Madison
1MissionariesIN, Cass Co, Logansport
1MissionariesIN, Dearborn Co
1MissionariesIN, Greene Co
1MissionariesIN, Hamilton Co, Noblesville
1MissionariesIN, Huntington Co, Huntington
1MissionariesIN, Noble Co
1MissionariesIndia, , Ahmednagar
1MissionariesIndia, , Barsi
1MissionariesIndia, , Bodomali
6MissionariesIndia, , Bombay
6MissionariesIndia, , Calcutta
1MissionariesIndia, , Gojranwala
4MissionariesIndia, , Gujranwala
1MissionariesIndia, , Gujrunwala
4MissionariesIndia, , Jhelum
1MissionariesIndia, , Khangah Dogran
1MissionariesIndia, , Khanna
1MissionariesIndia, , Lucknow
1MissionariesIndia, , Ludhiana
1MissionariesIndia, , Lyallpur
1MissionariesIndia, , Madanapalle
1MissionariesIndia, , Martinpur
1MissionariesIndia, , Pakpatten
2MissionariesIndia, , Pasrur
1MissionariesIndia, , Peshawur
5MissionariesIndia, , Rawalpindi
1MissionariesIndia, , Roorkee
1MissionariesIndia, , Sangla Hill
2MissionariesIndia, , Sargodha
2MissionariesIndia, , Sialkot
1MissionariesIndia, , Sialkote
1MissionariesIndia, , Taxila
1MissionariesIndia, , Zaffarwal
1MissionariesKS, Clay Co
1MissionariesKS, Osage Co
1MissionariesKS, Sedgwick Co, Wichita
1MissionariesKS, Sumner Co, Wellington
1MissionariesKY, Floyd Co
1MissionariesKY, Gallatin Co, Warsaw
1MissionariesKY, Woodford Co
1MissionariesMA, Essex Co, West Peabody
1MissionariesMA, Worcester Co, Worcester
2MissionariesMD, Baltimore City
1MissionariesME, Kennebec Co, Winslow
1MissionariesME, Piscataquis Co, Willimantic
1MissionariesMexico, Tamaulipas, Tampico
2MissionariesMI, Chippewa Co, Sault Ste Marie
1MissionariesMI, Lapeer Co, Almont
1MissionariesMN, Beltrami Co, Tenstrike
1MissionariesMN, Sherburne Co
1MissionariesMN, Wabasha Co, Wabasha
2MissionariesMO, Benton Co, Warsaw
1MissionariesMO, Callaway Co
1MissionariesMO, Clark Co
1MissionariesMO, Howell Co, West Plains
2MissionariesMO, Jackson Co
1MissionariesMO, Saline Co
5MissionariesMO, St Louis City
1MissionariesMO, St Louis Co, Kirkwood
1MissionariesMS, Adams Co, Washington
1MissionariesMS, Hinds Co
2MissionariesMS, Warren Co, Vicksburg
1MissionariesMT, Beaverhead Co, Wisdom
2MissionariesMT, Custer Co, Miles City
1MissionariesNC, Cherokee Co
1MissionariesNC, Granville Co
1MissionariesNC, Hyde Co
1MissionariesNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington
1MissionariesNE, Dawes Co, Chadron
1MissionariesNE, Keith Co
1MissionariesNE, Saunders Co, Wahoo
3MissionariesNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque
2MissionariesNM, Cibola Co, Laguna
1MissionariesNM, Lincoln Co, White Oaks
1MissionariesNV, Washoe Co, Wadsworth
1MissionariesNY, Allegany Co
42MissionariesNY, New York Co, New York City
1MissionariesNY, Ontario Co, Victor
1MissionariesNY, Otsego Co
2MissionariesNY, St Lawrence Co, Cranberry Lake
1MissionariesNY, Ulster Co, Wawarsing
1MissionariesNY, Westchester Co, White Plains
1MissionariesOH, Fayette Co, Washington Court House
1MissionariesOH, Williams Co, Stryker
1MissionariesOK, Craig Co, Vinita
1MissionariesOK, Garvin Co, Wynnewood
1MissionariesOK, Seminole Co, Wewoka
3MissionariesOR, Lane Co, Eugene
1MissionariesOR, Yamhill Co, Willamina
1MissionariesPA, Chester Co
1MissionariesPA, Clearfield Co, Winburne
1MissionariesPA, Dauphin Co
1MissionariesPA, Lancaster Co
1MissionariesPA, Luzerne Co, White Haven
1MissionariesPA, Pike Co
1MissionariesPA, Somerset Co, Windber
1MissionariesPA, Tioga Co
3MissionariesPA, Wayne Co
1MissionariesSC, Beaufort Co, Port Royal
1MissionariesSC, Charleston Co, Charleston
1MissionariesSC, Lexington Co
1MissionariesSD, Day Co, Webster
1MissionariesSudan, , Doleib Hill
2MissionariesSudan, , Khartum
1MissionariesTN, Fentress Co, Wilder
1MissionariesTN, Giles Co
1MissionariesTN, Knox Co, Knoxville
1MissionariesTN, Morgan Co, Wartburg
1MissionariesTN, Shelby Co, Memphis
1MissionariesTurkey, , Constantinople
1MissionariesTX, Montgomery Co, Willis
4MissionariesUT, Sevier Co, Richfield
2MissionariesVA, Bedford Co
1MissionariesVA, Brunswick Co
1MissionariesVA, Fairfax Co
1MissionariesVA, Fluvanna Co
1MissionariesVA, Franklin Co
1MissionariesVA, Loudoun Co
1MissionariesVA, Lunenburg Co
1MissionariesVA, Patrick Co
1MissionariesVA, Prince Edward Co
1MissionariesVA, Prince George Co
2MissionariesVA, Rappahannock Co
1MissionariesVA, Southampton Co
1MissionariesVT, Washington Co, Warren
1MissionariesVT, Windham Co, Wilmington
1MissionariesWA, Chelan Co, Wenatchee
1MissionariesWA, Douglas Co
3MissionariesWA, Douglas Co, Waterville
1MissionariesWA, Jefferson Co, Port Townsend
1MissionariesWI, Marathon Co, Wausau
1MissionariesWV, Fayette Co
1MissionariesWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling

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