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Methodist Church, Wellsburg, Brooke Co, WV


Methodist Church, Wellsburg, WV: List of Pastors and Ministers
MethodistSamuel Roarer 1835-1836WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistAlcinus 1837-1839WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistThomas 1840-1841WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam W. 1841-1842WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel G. J. 1843-1845WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church& Franklin
MethodistWilliam Downing 1845-1846WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church& Franklin
MethodistJohn Long 1849-1850WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel Hamilton 1852-1853WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistCharles Avery 1854-1855WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistAndrew J. 1855-1857WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistElijah Timothy 1857-1858WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJames 1858-1859WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistThomas M. 1859-1861WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistRobert Thompson 1862-1863WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Churchalso 98-00
MethodistIsaac Austin 1866-1868WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistEdward A. 1869-1871WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Cranson 1870-1872WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel H. 1872-1874WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistCharles K. 1873-1875WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistDaniel J. 1877-1880WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1882-1885WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistHugh Harland 1885-1886WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistGrafton Trevor 1886-1889WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Brough 1888-1891WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph Enoch 1889-1891WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistNelson 1891-1893WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn 1891-1894WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Fenelon 1900-1904WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph R. 1904-1906WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Rainie 1906-1910WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistAlson Moon 1910-1915WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Elmer Ellsworth 1918-1921WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistRichard Parker 1921-1928WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistBurt David 1928-1935WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistGeorge Meade 1935-1936WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistHarry David 1936-1941WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistEarl Kenneth 1941-1943WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistHenry Alexander 1943-1948WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Wesley 1948-1952WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
MethodistCharles Reimond 1959-1963WVBrooke CoWellsburg, Methodist Church
Updated: 30 Dec 2018

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8MinistersWV, Cabell Co, Huntington, Methodist Church
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8MinistersWV, Fayette Co, Fayetteville, Methodist Church
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4MinistersWV, Fayette Co, Sewell, Methodist Church
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5MinistersWV, Greenbrier Co, Richlands, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Greenbrier Co, Ronceverte, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersWV, Hampshire Co, Capon Bridge, Methodist Church
1MinistersWV, Hampshire Co, Hampshire Parish Episcopal Church
5MinistersWV, Hampshire Co, Romney, Methodist Church
16MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Chester, Methodist Church
4MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Chester, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Holidays Cove, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Nessly Chapel Methodist Church
54MinistersWV, Hancock Co, New Cumberland, Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Hancock Co, New Cumberland, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Newell, Methodist Church
2MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Newell, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Three Springs Presbyterian Church
6MinistersWV, Hancock Co, Weirton, Methodist Church
12MinistersWV, Hardy Co, Methodist Church
13MinistersWV, Hardy Co, Moorefield, Methodist Church
3MinistersWV, Hardy Co, Moorefield, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersWV, Hardy Co, Wardensville, Methodist Church
2MinistersWV, Harrison Co, Bridgeport, Baptist Church
5MinistersWV, Harrison Co, Clarksburg, Baptist Church
3MinistersWV, Harrison Co, Clarksburg, Central Presbyterian Church
23MinistersWV, Harrison Co, Clarksburg, Methodist Church
11MinistersWV, Harrison Co, Clarksburg, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersWV, Harrison Co, Lumberport, Methodist Church
4MinistersWV, Harrison Co, Shinnston, Baptist Church
2MinistersWV, Jackson Co, Mount Moriah, Baptist Church
16MinistersWV, Jackson Co, Ravenswood, Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Jackson Co, Ravenswood, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersWV, Jackson Co, Ripley, Methodist Church
6MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Charles Town, Baptist Church
9MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Charles Town, Methodist Church
3MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Charles Town, Presbyterian Church
19MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Harpers Ferry, Methodist Church
3MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Harpers Ferry, Presbyterian Church
22MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Shepherdstown, Methodist Church
6MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Shepherdstown, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Cedar Grove, Methodist Church
5MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Charleston, Baptist Church
4MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Charleston, First Presbyterian Church
2MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Charleston, Kanawha Presbyterian Church
22MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Charleston, Methodist Church
19MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Charleston, Methodist Church Circuit
8MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Charleston, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Malden, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, Montgomery, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Kanawha Co, St Albans, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersWV, Lewis Co, Jacksonville, Methodist Church
3MinistersWV, Lewis Co, Weston, Baptist Church
11MinistersWV, Lewis Co, Weston, Methodist Church
5MinistersWV, Lewis Co, Weston, Methodist Church Circuit
4MinistersWV, Lewis Co, Weston, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersWV, Logan Co, Logan, Baptist Church
22MinistersWV, Logan Co, Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Marion Co, Boothsville, Methodist Church
5MinistersWV, Marion Co, Fairmont, Baptist Church
3MinistersWV, Marion Co, Fairmont, First Presbyterian Church
11MinistersWV, Marion Co, Fairmont, Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Marion Co, Fairmont, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersWV, Marion Co, Fairview, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Marion Co, Mannington, Baptist Church
5MinistersWV, Marion Co, Mannington, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Marion Co, Monongah, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersWV, Marion Co, Rivesville, Methodist Church
4MinistersWV, Marshall Co, Allen Grove, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersWV, Marshall Co, Cameron, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersWV, Marshall Co, Moundsville, Presbyterian Church
25MinistersWV, Mason Co, Point Pleasant, Methodist Church
16MinistersWV, Mason Co, Point Pleasant, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersWV, McDowell Co, Big Sandy, Methodist Church
10MinistersWV, McDowell Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersWV, Mercer Co, Bluefield, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Mercer Co, Princeton, Baptist Church
35MinistersWV, Mercer Co, Princeton, Methodist Church
4MinistersWV, Mercer Co, Princeton, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersWV, Mineral Co, Keyser, Methodist Church
3MinistersWV, Mineral Co, Keyser, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Mineral Co, Pattersons Creek, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersWV, Mineral Co, Piedmont, Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Monongalia Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersWV, Monongalia Co, Methodist Church Circuit
7MinistersWV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown, Baptist Church
29MinistersWV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown, Methodist Church
23MinistersWV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown, Methodist Church Circuit
8MinistersWV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersWV, Monroe Co, Peterstown, Methodist Church
2MinistersWV, Monroe Co, Sinks Grove, Baptist Church
30MinistersWV, Morgan Co, Berkeley Springs, First Methodist Church
18MinistersWV, Morgan Co, Berkeley Springs, Methodist Church
6MinistersWV, Morgan Co, Berkeley Springs, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersWV, Morgan Co, Methodist Church
2MinistersWV, Nicholas Co, Richwood, Baptist Church
22MinistersWV, Nicholas Co, Summersville, Methodist Church
6MinistersWV, Ohio Co, East Wheeling, Methodist Church
12MinistersWV, Ohio Co, West Liberty, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, 4th Street Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Baptist Church
7MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Chapline Street Methodist Church
5MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, First Presbyterian Church
4MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Fourth Presbyterian Church
29MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Methodist Church
9MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Methodist Church Circuit
11MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Second Presbyterian Church
11MinistersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Third Presbyterian Church
69MinistersWV, Pendleton Co, Franklin Methodist Church Circuit
5MinistersWV, Pendleton Co, Sugar Grove, Methodist Church
17MinistersWV, Pendleton Co, Upper Tract Methodist Church Circuit
1MinistersWV, Pendleton Co, Upper Tract, German Reformed Church
2MinistersWV, Pleasants Co, St Marys, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersWV, Pocahontas Co, Greenbank, Methodist Church
6MinistersWV, Pocahontas Co, Huntersville, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersWV, Preston Co, Brandonville, Methodist Church
10MinistersWV, Preston Co, Kingwood, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Preston Co, Terra Alta, Baptist Church
6MinistersWV, Preston Co, Terra Alta, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersWV, Putnam Co, Raymond City, Methodist Church
10MinistersWV, Raleigh Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersWV, Randolph Co, Beverly, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Randolph Co, Elkins, Baptist Church
9MinistersWV, Randolph Co, Methodist Church
10MinistersWV, Roane Co, Newton, Methodist Church
10MinistersWV, Roane Co, Spencer, Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Taylor Co, Grafton, Baptist Church
4MinistersWV, Taylor Co, Grafton, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersWV, Taylor Co, Pruntytown, Methodist Church
5MinistersWV, Tucker Co, Davis, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersWV, Tucker Co, St George, Methodist Church
5MinistersWV, Tyler Co, Sistersville, Baptist Church
6MinistersWV, Tyler Co, Sistersville, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersWV, Upshur Co, Buckhannon, Baptist Church
10MinistersWV, Upshur Co, Buckhannon, Methodist Church
4MinistersWV, Upshur Co, Buckhannon, Methodist Church Circuit
5MinistersWV, Upshur Co, Buckhannon, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersWV, Upshur Co, French Creek, Presbyterian Church
23MinistersWV, Wayne Co, Methodist Church
22MinistersWV, Wetzel Co, New Martinsville, Methodist Church
8MinistersWV, Wirt Co, Newark, Methodist Church
7MinistersWV, Wood Co, Kanawha, Methodist Church
8MinistersWV, Wood Co, Lubeck, Methodist Church
9MinistersWV, Wood Co, Newport, Methodist Church
5MinistersWV, Wood Co, Parkersburg, Baptist Church
2MinistersWV, Wood Co, Parkersburg, Calvary Baptist Church
4MinistersWV, Wood Co, Parkersburg, First Baptist Church
6MinistersWV, Wood Co, Parkersburg, First Presbyterian Church
26MinistersWV, Wood Co, Parkersburg, Methodist Church
14MinistersWV, Wood Co, Parkersburg, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersWV, Wood Co, Williamstown, Methodist Church

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