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Baptist Church, Waynesboro, VA


Baptist Church, Waynesboro, VA: List of Pastors and Ministers
BaptistHenry Grady 1890VAWaynesboroBaptist Church
BaptistWilliam Smith O'Brien 1898-1902VAWaynesboroBaptist Church
BaptistRichard Spurgeon 1911VAWaynesboroBaptist Church
BaptistHarry Carter 1939-1945VAWaynesboroBaptist Church
Updated: 06 Feb 2020

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29MinistersVA, Salem, Methodist Church
70MinistersVA, Scott Co, Estillville, Methodist Church
56MinistersVA, Shenandoah Co, Beckford Parish Episcopal Church
19MinistersVA, Smyth Co, Marion, Methodist Church
32MinistersVA, Southampton Co, Methodist Church
36MinistersVA, Spotsylvania Co, Berkeley Episcopal Church
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