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With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Episcopal Church, Richmond City, VA

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Episcopal Church, Richmond City, VA: List of Pastors and Ministers
EpiscopalGeorge David 1853VARichmond CityEpiscopal Church
EpiscopalWilliam Millar 1853-1855VARichmond CityEpiscopal Church
EpiscopalGeorge William 1868-1869VARichmond CityEpiscopal Church
EpiscopalFrancis M. 1875VARichmond CityEpiscopal Church
EpiscopalCharles H. 1875VARichmond CityEpiscopal Church
EpiscopalPike 1875VARichmond CityEpiscopal Church
EpiscopalJames Ridout 1877-1878VARichmond CityEpiscopal Church

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Most Recent Entries
4MinistersVA, Accomack Co, Accomac, Episcopal Church
10MinistersVA, Accomack Co, Accomac, Methodist Church
1MinistersVA, Accomack Co, Accomac, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Accomack Co, Modest Town, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Accomack Co, St Georges Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Albemarle Co, Fredericksville Parish Church
2MinistersVA, Albemarle Co, Rich Cove, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Albemarle Co, Scottsville, Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Albemarle Co, St Annes Parish Church
5MinistersVA, Alexandria, Baptist Church
61MinistersVA, Alexandria, Methodist Church
11MinistersVA, Alexandria, Second Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Amelia Co, Raleigh Parish Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Augusta Co, Augusta Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Augusta Co, Shemariah Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Augusta Co, Tinkling Spring, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Bath Co, Millboro, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Bedford Co, Russell Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Botetourt Co, Botetourt Parish Episcopal Church
15MinistersVA, Botetourt Co, Fincastle Presbyterian Church
6MinistersVA, Brunswick Co, St Andrews Parish Church
1MinistersVA, Buckingham Co, Tillotson Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Caroline Co, Drysdale Parish Church
5MinistersVA, Caroline Co, St Marys Parish Church
2MinistersVA, Charles City Co, Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Charles City Co, Wallingford Parish Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Charles City Co, Westover Parish Church
6MinistersVA, Charles City Co, Weynoke Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Charlotte Co, Cornwall Parish Church
5MinistersVA, Charlotte Co, Cub Creek, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersVA, Charlottesville, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Chesterfield Co, Chesterfield, Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Chesterfield Co, Dale Parish Church
1MinistersVA, Chesterfield Co, Manchester Parish Church
2MinistersVA, Chesterfield Co, Zoar, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Culpeper Co, Bromfield Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Culpeper Co, Mill Creek, Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Culpeper Co, St Marys Parish Church
2MinistersVA, Cumberland Co, Littleton Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Danville, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Dinwiddie Co, Bath Parish Church
6MinistersVA, Dinwiddie Co, Bristol Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Essex Co, South Farnham Parish Church
18MinistersVA, Essex Co, St Annes Parish Church
1MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Fairfax Parish Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Falls Church, Congregational Church
12MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Falls Church, Methodist Church
5MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Herndon, Congregational Church
4MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Lorton, Pohick Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Fauquier Co, Hamilton Parish Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Fauquier Co, Weaversville, German Reformed Church
4MinistersVA, Franklin City, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Frederick Co, Frederick Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Frederick Co, Opequon Creek, Presbyterian Church
63MinistersVA, Fredericksburg, Methodist Church
6MinistersVA, Gloucester Co, Abingdon Episcopal Church
9MinistersVA, Gloucester Co, Petsworth Parish Episcopal Church
8MinistersVA, Goochland Co, St James Northam Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Greensville Co, Jarratt, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Greensville Co, Meherrin Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Halifax Co, Antrim Parish Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Hampton, Elizabeth City, Kecoughtan Parish Church
4MinistersVA, Hanover Co, Hanover, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Hanover Co, St Martins Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Hanover Co, St Pauls Parish Church
13MinistersVA, Henrico Co, Henrico Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Highland Co, Monterey, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Isle of Wight Co, Burley, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Isle of Wight Co, Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Isle of Wight Co, Newport Parish Episcopal Church
9MinistersVA, Isle of Wight Co, Warwisqueake Parish Episcopal Church
21MinistersVA, James City Co, James City Parish Church
4MinistersVA, James City Co, Martins Hundred Parish Church
3MinistersVA, James City Co, Wilmington Parish Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, King and Queen Co, St Stephens Parish Church
8MinistersVA, King and Queen Co, Stratton Manor Parish Church
3MinistersVA, King George Co, Brunswick Parish Episcopal Church
8MinistersVA, King George Co, Hanover Parish Episcopal Church
10MinistersVA, King George Co, Sittenburne Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, King William Co, St Davids Parish Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, King William Co, St Johns Parish Church
4MinistersVA, King William Co, West Point, St Johns Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Lancaster Co, Christ Church Parish
5MinistersVA, Lancaster Co, Episcopal Church
10MinistersVA, Lexington, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Lexington, Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Loudoun Co, Cameron Parish Church
1MinistersVA, Loudoun Co, Shelburne Parish Church
2MinistersVA, Louisa Co, Trinity Parish Church
6MinistersVA, Lunenburg Co, Cumberland Episcopal Church
11MinistersVA, Lynchburg, Baptist Church
8MinistersVA, Lynchburg, Second Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Lynchburg, St Pauls Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Madison Co, Madison, Old Hebron Lutheran Church
9MinistersVA, Mathews Co, Kingston Parish Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Mecklenburg Co, Boydton, St James Episcopal Church
51MinistersVA, Middlesex Co, Christ Church
4MinistersVA, Middlesex Co, Lancaster Parish Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Middlesex Co, Pianketank Parish Episcopal Church
43MinistersVA, Montgomery Co, Christiansburg, Methodist Church
1MinistersVA, Nelson Co, Amherst Parish Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Nelson Co, Lexington Parish Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Nelson Co, Rockfish, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, New Kent Co, Blissland Parish Episcopal Church
16MinistersVA, New Kent Co, St Peters Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Newport News, Warwick Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Newport News, Warwick, Denbigh Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Newport News, Warwick, Mulberry Island Parish Church
7MinistersVA, Norfolk, Baptist Church
8MinistersVA, Norfolk, Christ Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Norfolk, East Norfolk Methodist Church Circuit
48MinistersVA, Norfolk, Elizabeth River Parish Church
2MinistersVA, Norfolk, First Baptist Church
17MinistersVA, Norfolk, First Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Norfolk, Park Place Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Norfolk, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Norfolk, St Brides Parish Church
5MinistersVA, Norfolk, St Lukes Episcopal Church
18MinistersVA, Norfolk, St Pauls Episcopal Church
23MinistersVA, Northampton Co, Hungars Parish Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Northampton Co, Nassawadox Parish Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Northumberland Co, Boutracey Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Northumberland Co, Coan, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Northumberland Co, Fairfield Parish Episcopal Church
13MinistersVA, Northumberland Co, St Stephens Parish Church
7MinistersVA, Northumberland Co, Wicomico Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Nottoway Co, Nottoway Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Nottoway Co, Nottoway Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Orange Co, Germanna, Massanutton Lutheran Church
6MinistersVA, Orange Co, Orange, Baptist Church
6MinistersVA, Orange Co, St Thomas Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Page Co, Luray, Mennonite Church
10MinistersVA, Petersburg, Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Petersburg, St Pauls Episcopal Church
7MinistersVA, Petersburg, Tabb Street Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Pittsylvania Co, Camden, Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Fourth Street Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Powhatan Co, St James Southam Parish Church
5MinistersVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Prince Edward Co, St Patricks Episcopal Church
8MinistersVA, Prince George Co, Martins Brandon Parish Church
4MinistersVA, Prince George Co, Prince George, Methodist Church
1MinistersVA, Prince William Co, Dettinghen Parish Church
24MinistersVA, Richmond City, Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Richmond City, Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Richmond City, Second Baptist Church
5MinistersVA, Richmond City, St Andrews Episcopal Church
7MinistersVA, Richmond City, St James Episcopal Church
27MinistersVA, Richmond City, St Johns Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Richmond City, St Pauls Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Richmond Co, Lunenburg Parish Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Richmond Co, North Farnham Parish Church
5MinistersVA, Roanoke City, First Baptist Church
10MinistersVA, Rockbridge Co, Collierstown, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Rockbridge Co, New Monmouth, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Rockbridge Co, Timber Ridge, Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Rockingham Co, Bridgewater, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Rockingham Co, Timberville, German Reformed Church
17MinistersVA, Salem, Methodist Church
1MinistersVA, Shenandoah Co, Beckford Parish Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Shenandoah Co, Strasburg, German Reformed Church
2MinistersVA, Shenandoah Co, Woodstock, German Reformed Church
2MinistersVA, Shenandoah Co, Woodstock, Lutheran Church
8MinistersVA, Smyth Co, Marion, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Smyth Co, Rich Valley, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Southampton Co, Nottaway Parish Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Southampton Co, St Lukes Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Spotsylvania Co, Berkeley Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Spotsylvania Co, St Georges Parish Church
6MinistersVA, Stafford Co, Overwharton Parish Church
1MinistersVA, Stafford Co, Potomac Parish Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Stafford Co, Ramoth, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Staunton, Trinity Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Suffolk, East Parish Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Suffolk, St Pauls Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Suffolk, Suffolk Parish Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Suffolk, Upper Parish Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Suffolk, West Parish Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Surry Co, Lawns Creek, Episcopal Church
10MinistersVA, Surry Co, Southwark Parish Church
1MinistersVA, Sussex Co, Albemarle Episcopal Church
16MinistersVA, Virginia Beach, Lynn Haven Episcopal Church
7MinistersVA, Warren Co, Front Royal, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Waynesboro, Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Westmoreland Co, Cople Parish Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Westmoreland Co, Washington Parish Church
33MinistersVA, Williamsburg, Bruton Parish Church
12MinistersVA, Winchester, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Winchester, German Reformed Church
65MinistersVA, Winchester, Methodist Church
2MinistersVA, Winchester, Strasburg Lutheran Church
4MinistersVA, Wythe Co, Wytheville, St Johns Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, York Co, Charles Parish Episcopal Church
14MinistersVA, York Co, Gatchelville, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, York Co, Hampton Parish Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, York Co, New Poguoson Parish Church
10MinistersVA, York Co, York, Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, York Co, Yorkhampton Parish Episcopal Church

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