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With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Congregational Church, Falls Church, Fairfax Co, VA


Congregational Church, Falls Church, VA: List of Pastors and Ministers
CongregationalAustin Luther 1881-1882VAFairfax CoFalls Church, Congregational Church
CongregationalFrederick Wells 1886-1890VAFairfax CoFalls Church, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdward 1891VAFairfax CoFalls Church, Congregational Church
CongregationalJosiah Henry 1895-1898VAFairfax CoFalls Church, Congregational Church
CongregationalFranklin 1901-1912VAFairfax CoFalls Church, Congregational Church
Updated: 04 Jan 2019

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Most Recent Entries
3MinistersVA, Accomack Co, Accomac, Baptist Church
9MinistersVA, Accomack Co, Accomac, Methodist Church
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3MinistersVA, Albemarle Co, Scottsville, Presbyterian Church
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4MinistersVA, Alexandria, Baptist Church
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3MinistersVA, Alleghany Co, Clifton Forge, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Alleghany Co, Clifton Forge, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Alleghany Co, Falling Spring, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersVA, Amelia Co, Amelia, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Amherst Co, Amherst, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersVA, Appomattox Co, Appomattox, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersVA, Arlington Co, Arlington, Methodist Church
19MinistersVA, Augusta Co, Augusta, Methodist Church
6MinistersVA, Augusta Co, Augusta, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersVA, Augusta Co, Churchville, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Augusta Co, Mossy Creek, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Bath Co, Healing Springs, Baptist Church
5MinistersVA, Bath Co, Hot Springs, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Bath Co, Warm Springs, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersVA, Bath Co, Windy Cove Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Bedford Co, Bedford, Liberty Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Bedford Co, Bedford, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Bedford Co, Russell Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Botetourt Co, Buchanan, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersVA, Botetourt Co, Fincastle Presbyterian Church
50MinistersVA, Botetourt Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersVA, Brunswick Co, Brunswick, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Buena Vista, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Campbell Co, Diamond Hill, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersVA, Caroline Co, Bowling Green, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Caroline Co, St Peters Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Charles City Co, Westover Parish Church
1MinistersVA, Charlottesville, Fredericksville Episcopal Church
8MinistersVA, Charlottesville, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersVA, Clarke Co, Berryville, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Clarke Co, Millwood, Nelson Episcopal Church
35MinistersVA, Covington, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Covington, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersVA, Culpeper Co, Culpeper, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Culpeper Co, Culpeper, St Stephens Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Cumberland Co, Cumberland, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Cumberland Co, Littleton Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Danville, Baptist Church
8MinistersVA, Danville, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Dinwiddie Co, Dinwiddie, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Emporia, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Essex Co, Millers Tavern, Episcopal Church
12MinistersVA, Essex Co, St Annes Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Clifton, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Dranesville, Methodist Church
5MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Falls Church, Congregational Church
6MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Falls Church, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Herndon, Congregational Church
9MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Lewinsville, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Fairfax Co, Lorton, Pohick Episcopal Church
5MinistersVA, Fauquier Co, Warrenton, Baptist Church
11MinistersVA, Fauquier Co, Warrenton, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Franklin City, Episcopal Church
8MinistersVA, Frederick Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Fredericksburg, Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Giles Co, Pearisburg, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Goochland Co, Byrd Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Goochland Co, St James Parish Church
3MinistersVA, Halifax Co, Cove, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersVA, Hampton, Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Hanover Co, Ashland, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Hanover Co, Episcopal Church
2MinistersVA, Hanover Co, St Martins Episcopal Church
21MinistersVA, Harrisonburg, Methodist Church
11MinistersVA, Harrisonburg, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersVA, Highland Co, Crab Bottom, Methodist Church
29MinistersVA, Highland Co, McDowell Presbyterian Church
14MinistersVA, James City Co, Methodist Church
5MinistersVA, King and Queen Co, Bruington, Baptist Church
39MinistersVA, King George Co, St Pauls Parish Church
6MinistersVA, King William Co, West Point, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Christ Episcopal Church
82MinistersVA, Lancaster Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersVA, Lancaster Co, White Stone, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Lee Co, Pennington Gap, Baptist Church
8MinistersVA, Lexington, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Lexington, Episcopal Church
8MinistersVA, Lexington, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Loudoun Co, Leesburg, Baptist Church
8MinistersVA, Loudoun Co, Leesburg, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Loudoun Co, Leesburg, Shelburne Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Louisa Co, Louisa, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Lunenburg Co, Cumberland Episcopal Church
10MinistersVA, Lynchburg, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Lynchburg, Central Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Lynchburg, College Hill Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Lynchburg, First Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Lynchburg, Moore Episcopal Church
1MinistersVA, Lynchburg, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersVA, Lynchburg, Second Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Manassas, Baptist Church
5MinistersVA, Manassas, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Martinsville, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Mecklenburg Co, Boydton, St James Episcopal Church
7MinistersVA, Montgomery Co, Blacksburg, Presbyterian Church
43MinistersVA, Montgomery Co, Christiansburg, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Montgomery Co, Christiansburg, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Nelson Co, Lovingston, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Norfolk, Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Norfolk, Berkley, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Norfolk, Christ Episcopal Church
12MinistersVA, Norfolk, Methodist Church
2MinistersVA, Norfolk, Park Ave Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Norfolk, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Norfolk, Second Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Norfolk, Spurgeon Memorial Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Northampton Co, Eastville, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Northumberland Co, Coan, Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Norton, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Nottoway Co, Nottoway Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Orange Co, Gordonsville, Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Orange Co, Gordonsville, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Orange Co, Orange, Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Page Co, Luray, Baptist Church
24MinistersVA, Page Co, Luray, Methodist Church
26MinistersVA, Petersburg, High Street Methodist Church
6MinistersVA, Petersburg, Old Street Presbyterian Church
7MinistersVA, Petersburg, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersVA, Petersburg, St Pauls Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Petersburg, Tabb Street Presbyterian Church
11MinistersVA, Petersburg, Wesley Chapel Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Petersburg, West End Baptist Church
5MinistersVA, Pittsylvania Co, North Methodist Church
3MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Central Methodist Church
3MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Fourth Street Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Monumental Methodist Church
13MinistersVA, Portsmouth, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville, Baptist Church
10MinistersVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville, Presbyterian Church
26MinistersVA, Prince George Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Prince George Co, Prince George, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Pulaski Co, Draper, Drapers Valley Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Pulaski Co, New Bern, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Pulaski Co, New Dublin, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Pulaski Co, Pulaski, Presbyterian Church
27MinistersVA, Rappahannock Co, Methodist Church
15MinistersVA, Richmond City, Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Richmond City, Broadus Memorial Baptist Church
2MinistersVA, Richmond City, Fourth Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Richmond City, Fulton Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Richmond City, Grace Street Presbyterian Church
11MinistersVA, Richmond City, Manchester Methodist Church
9MinistersVA, Richmond City, Nicholson Street Methodist Church
7MinistersVA, Richmond City, Oregon Methodist Church
10MinistersVA, Richmond City, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Richmond City, Second Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Richmond City, Stockton Baptist Church
10MinistersVA, Richmond City, Third Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Richmond City, Venable Street Baptist Church
4MinistersVA, Roanoke City, First Baptist Church
6MinistersVA, Roanoke City, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersVA, Rockbridge Co, Collierstown, Methodist Church
9MinistersVA, Rockbridge Co, Collierstown, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Rockbridge Co, Natural Bridge, Baptist Church
3MinistersVA, Rockingham Co, Bridgewater, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Russell Co, Lebanon, Baptist Church
11MinistersVA, Russell Co, Lebanon, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersVA, Salem, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Scott Co, Gate City, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersVA, Shenandoah Co, Woodstock, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersVA, Smyth Co, Marion, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Southampton Co, North Methodist Church
1MinistersVA, Spotsylvania Co, Berkeley Episcopal Church
7MinistersVA, Staunton, Baptist Church
14MinistersVA, Staunton, First Presbyterian Church
6MinistersVA, Staunton, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Staunton, Second Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Staunton, Trintiy Episcopal Church
6MinistersVA, Suffolk, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Tazewell Co, Jeffersonville, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Tazewell Co, Pocahontas, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Virginia Beach, Lynn Haven Episcopal Church
3MinistersVA, Warren Co, Front Royal, Baptist Church
7MinistersVA, Warren Co, Front Royal, Methodist Church
4MinistersVA, Warren Co, Front Royal, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Washington Co, Abingdon, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Washington Co, Abingdon, Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVA, Washington Co, Glade Spring, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersVA, Waynesboro, Presbyterian Church
55MinistersVA, Westmoreland Co, Methodist Church
43MinistersVA, Williamsburg, Methodist Church
12MinistersVA, Winchester, Baptist Church
1MinistersVA, Winchester, Christ Episcopal Church
4MinistersVA, Winchester, Kent Street Presbyterian Church
5MinistersVA, Winchester, Loudoun Street Presbyterian Church
65MinistersVA, Winchester, Methodist Church
11MinistersVA, Wythe Co, Wytheville, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersVA, York Co, Gatchelville, Methodist Church

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