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Trinity Episcopal Church, Victoria, Victoria Co, TX


Trinity Episcopal Church, Victoria, TX: List of Pastors and Ministers
EpiscopalRobert Young 1906-1911TXVictoria CoVictoria, Trinity Episcopal Church
EpiscopalClarence Herbert 1914-1917TXVictoria CoVictoria, Trinity Episcopal Church
EpiscopalArchibald 1918-1919TXVictoria CoVictoria, Trinity Episcopal Church
EpiscopalLouis Alexander 1920TXVictoria CoVictoria, Trinity Episcopal Church

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3MinistersTX, Calhoun Co, Indianola, Presbyterian Church
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9MinistersTX, Cass Co, Queen City, Methodist Church
4MinistersTX, Chambers Co, Oak Island, Presbyterian Church
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7MinistersTX, Cooke Co, Dexter, Methodist Church Circuit
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9MinistersTX, Cooke Co, Marysville, Methodist Church
3MinistersTX, Coryell Co, Gatesville, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersTX, Coryell Co, Unity Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Dallam Co, Dalhart, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Dallas Co, Dallas, Baptist Church
3MinistersTX, Dallas Co, Dallas, City Park Presbyterian Church
6MinistersTX, Dallas Co, Dallas, First Baptist Church
3MinistersTX, Dallas Co, Dallas, First Presbyterian Church
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4MinistersTX, Eastland Co, Cisco, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersTX, El Paso Co, El Paso, Methodist Church
8MinistersTX, El Paso Co, El Paso, Methodist Church Circuit
11MinistersTX, El Paso Co, El Paso, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Ellis Co, Ennis, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Ellis Co, Milford, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersTX, Ellis Co, Waxahachie, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Erath Co, Stephenville, Baptist Church
4MinistersTX, Erath Co, Stephenville, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersTX, Falls Co, Marlin, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersTX, Fannin Co, Bonham, Methodist Church Circuit
4MinistersTX, Fannin Co, Bonham, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersTX, Fannin Co, Dodd City, Methodist Church
4MinistersTX, Fannin Co, Valley Creek, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Fayette Co, La Grange, Presbyterian Church
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6MinistersTX, Gillespie Co, Fredericksburg, Methodist Church
3MinistersTX, Goliad Co, Goliad, Presbyterian Church
24MinistersTX, Goliad Co, Methodist Church
8MinistersTX, Gonzales Co, Gonzales, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Grayson Co, Denison, Baptist Church
5MinistersTX, Grayson Co, Denison, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Grayson Co, Sherman, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersTX, Grayson Co, Whitesboro, Methodist Church
3MinistersTX, Gregg Co, Longview, Presbyterian Church
27MinistersTX, Grimes Co, Anderson, Methodist Church
3MinistersTX, Grimes Co, Navasota, Baptist Church
4MinistersTX, Grimes Co, Navasota, Presbyterian Church
20MinistersTX, Guadalupe Co, Cibolo, Methodist Church
17MinistersTX, Guadalupe Co, Seguin, Methodist Church
4MinistersTX, Hamilton Co, Carlton, Methodist Church Circuit
5MinistersTX, Hamilton Co, Hamilton, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Hamilton Co, Shive, Beulah Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Harris Co, Houston, Baptist Church
7MinistersTX, Harris Co, Houston, Christ Episcopal Church
4MinistersTX, Harris Co, Houston, First Baptist Church
5MinistersTX, Harris Co, Houston, First Presbyterian Church
15MinistersTX, Harris Co, Houston, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Harris Co, Houston, Westminster Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Harrison Co, Marshall, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Hays Co, Mountain City, Methodist Church
6MinistersTX, Hemphill Co, Canadian, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Hill Co, Hillsboro, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersTX, Hood Co, Paluxy, Methodist Church
5MinistersTX, Hopkins Co, Sulphur Springs, Baptist Church
4MinistersTX, Hopkins Co, Sulphur Springs, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Jack Co, Jacksboro, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Jefferson Co, Beaumont, Baptist Church
3MinistersTX, Jones Co, Anson, Presbyterian Church
19MinistersTX, Karnes Co, Helena, Methodist Church
5MinistersTX, Kaufman Co, Terrell, Baptist Church
4MinistersTX, Kaufman Co, Terrell, Methodist Church
7MinistersTX, Kaufman Co, Terrell, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Kendall Co, Boerne, Methodist Church Mission
19MinistersTX, Kerr Co, Kerrville, Methodist Church
4MinistersTX, Lamar Co, Paris, Baptist Church
3MinistersTX, Lamar Co, Paris, Congregational Church
10MinistersTX, Lamar Co, Paris, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Lavaca Co, Boxville, Methodist Church
5MinistersTX, Lavaca Co, Boxville, Methodist Church Circuit
8MinistersTX, Lavaca Co, Moulton, Methodist Church
6MinistersTX, Lee Co, Tanglewood, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersTX, Limestone Co, Mexia, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersTX, Live Oak Co, Oakville, Methodist Church
5MinistersTX, Marion Co, Jefferson, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersTX, Matagorda Co, Matagorda, Methodist Church Circuit
5MinistersTX, Maverick Co, Eagle Pass, Methodist Church
6MinistersTX, McLennan Co, Bosqueville, Methodist Church
6MinistersTX, McLennan Co, Bosqueville, Methodist Church Circuit
3MinistersTX, McLennan Co, Robinson, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, McLennan Co, Waco, Baptist Church
6MinistersTX, McLennan Co, Waco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
7MinistersTX, Medina Co, New Fountain, Methodist Church
7MinistersTX, Menard Co, Methodist Church Mission
4MinistersTX, Milam Co, Cameron, Baptist Church
19MinistersTX, Milam Co, Cameron, Methodist Church
9MinistersTX, Milam Co, Cameron, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersTX, Milam Co, Davilla, Methodist Church Circuit
5MinistersTX, Milam Co, Zion Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Mitchell Co, Colorado City, Baptist Church
4MinistersTX, Montgomery Co, Mt Zion, Baptist Church
3MinistersTX, Navarro Co, Corsicana, Baptist Church
12MinistersTX, Navarro Co, Corsicana, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersTX, Navarro Co, Dresden, Methodist Church Circuit
4MinistersTX, Nueces Co, Corpus Christi, Baptist Church
24MinistersTX, Nueces Co, Corpus Christi, Methodist Church
5MinistersTX, Nueces Co, Corpus Christi, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Orange Co, Orange, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Palo Pinto Co, Mineral Wells, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersTX, Panola Co, Carthage, Methodist Church Circuit
10MinistersTX, Parker Co, Weatherford, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Parmer Co, Friona, Congregational Church
3MinistersTX, Polk Co, Moscow, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Red River Co, Annona, Methodist Church Circuit
4MinistersTX, Robertson Co, Calvert, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersTX, Robertson Co, Wheelock, Methodist Church
3MinistersTX, Runnels Co, Ballinger, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Rusk Co, Caledonia, Baptist Church
7MinistersTX, Rusk Co, Henderson, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersTX, Rusk Co, Mt Enterprise, Methodist Church
1MinistersTX, San Saba Co, San Saba, Episcopal Church
5MinistersTX, Shackelford Co, Albany, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersTX, Smith Co, Garden Valley, Methodist Church
5MinistersTX, Smith Co, Tyler, Christ Episcopal Church
6MinistersTX, Smith Co, Tyler, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Starr Co, Rio Grande City, Methodist Church
7MinistersTX, Tarrant Co, Arlington, Methodist Church Circuit
7MinistersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, First Presbyterian Church
20MinistersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, Methodist Church
5MinistersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersTX, Taylor Co, Abilene, Baptist Church
7MinistersTX, Taylor Co, Abilene, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersTX, Tom Green Co, San Angelo, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Travis Co, Austin, First Baptist Church
4MinistersTX, Travis Co, Austin, First Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Travis Co, Austin, Highland Presbyterian Church
23MinistersTX, Travis Co, Austin, Methodist Church
16MinistersTX, Travis Co, Austin, Methodist Church Circuit
7MinistersTX, Travis Co, Austin, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersTX, Uvalde Co, Methodist Church
11MinistersTX, Van Zandt Co, Canton, Methodist Church
37MinistersTX, Victoria Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersTX, Victoria Co, Victoria, Trinity Episcopal Church
4MinistersTX, Walker Co, Huntsville, Baptist Church
6MinistersTX, Walker Co, Huntsville, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Washington Co, Brenham, Baptist Church
3MinistersTX, Washington Co, Brenham, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersTX, Webb Co, Laredo, Methodist Church
4MinistersTX, Wichita Co, Wichita Falls, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Wilbarger Co, Vernon, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersTX, Williamson Co, Georgetown, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersTX, Williamson Co, Hutto, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersTX, Williamson Co, Leander, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersTX, Williamson Co, Nazareth Presbyterian Church
5MinistersTX, Williamson Co, Round Rock, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersTX, Williamson Co, Taylor, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Wise Co, Decatur, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Young Co, Belknap, Methodist Church Mission

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