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With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Methodist Church, Charleston Co, SC

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Methodist Church, Charleston Co, SC: List of Pastors and Ministers
MethodistGeorge 1800-1801SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJohn 1800-1801SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistBenjamin 1802SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJohn 1802SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistThomas 1803SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistBennet 1803-1804SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistNicholas 1804SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistBuddy W. 1805SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJames H. 1805SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistLevi 1806SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistLeivis 1806SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJonathan 1807SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1807SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1808SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJohn 1808SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistSamuel 1809SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam M. 1809-1810SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 20-21
MethodistR. 1810SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistT. 1810SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam S. 1811SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistSamuel 1811SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1811SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 25-26, 32-33
MethodistFrancis 1811-1812SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJacob 1812SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistNicholas 1813SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistS. M. 1813SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1813SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. B. 1814SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistA. 1814SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistS. 1814SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistAlexander 1815SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 18
MethodistAnthony 1815SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistSamuel K. 1815SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. O. 1816SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistT. W. 1816SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistG. 1816SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistS. 1817SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistW. B. 1817SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistHenry 1818SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 26, 27
MethodistLewis 1818-1819SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistHenry T. 1819SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistZaccheus 1819SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1820SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistH. 1820SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistDaniel 1821SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistAsbury 1821SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 28
MethodistD. 1822SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistR. 1822SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1822SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJames 1822SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistElijah 1823SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistThomas L. 1823SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 30
MethodistWilliam 1823SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJohn 1823SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistS. 1824SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistS. 1824SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1824SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1824SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistStephen 1825SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistAbner P. 1825SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistBenjamin L. 1825SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 28
MethodistP. N. 1826SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistNoah 1827SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJames O. 1827-1828SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1829SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam H. 1829SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistNicholas 1829-1830SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam M. 1830SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1831SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistBond 1831SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 37-38
MethodistC. 1831SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1832SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1833SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1834SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistW. 1834SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistW. M. 1834-1835SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1835SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. J. 1835SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistW. A. 1835-1836SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. 1836SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. W. 1836SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistW. 1836SCCharleston CoMethodist Church& 39
MethodistJames 1837-1838SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistN. 1839SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. E. 1839SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
MethodistPaul A. M. 1839SCCharleston CoMethodist Church
Updated: 20 Nov 2017

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3MinistersSC, Charleston Co, Charleston, Westminster Presbyterian Church
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86MinistersSC, Charleston Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersSC, Charleston Co, Mount Pleasant, Cashaway Neck Baptist Church
6MinistersSC, Charleston Co, Wappetaw, Congregational Church
5MinistersSC, Chester Co, Chester, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersSC, Chester Co, Chester, Purity Presbyterian Church
17MinistersSC, Chester Co, Methodist Church
8MinistersSC, Chesterfield Co, Cheraw, Baptist Church
36MinistersSC, Chesterfield Co, Cheraw, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Chesterfield Co, Cheraw, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersSC, Chesterfield Co, Cheraw, St Davids Episcopal Church
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15MinistersSC, Colleton Co, St Johns Episcopal Church
10MinistersSC, Colleton Co, St Pauls Parish Church
11MinistersSC, Colleton Co, Walterboro, Presbyterian Church
38MinistersSC, Colleton Co, Waterboro, Methodist Church
7MinistersSC, Colleton Co, Wilton, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersSC, Darlington Co, Darlington, Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, Darlington Co, Darlington, Presbyterian Church
41MinistersSC, Darlington Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Darlington Co, Society Hill, Baptist Church
10MinistersSC, Dillon Co, Little Rock, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Dorchester Co, Dorchester, Congregational Church
9MinistersSC, Dorchester Co, St Georges Parish Church
12MinistersSC, Dorchester Co, Summerville, Methodist Church
8MinistersSC, Dorchester Co, Summerville, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersSC, Edgefield Co, Edgefield, Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, Edgefield Co, Edgefield, Presbyterian Church
36MinistersSC, Edgefield Co, Methodist Church
14MinistersSC, Fairfield Co, Methodist Church
42MinistersSC, Fairfield Co, Winnsboro, Methodist Church
4MinistersSC, Fairfield Co, Winnsboro, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersSC, Florence Co, Florence, Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, Florence Co, Florence, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersSC, Florence Co, Johnsonville, Methodist Church
10MinistersSC, Florence Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Florence Co, Timmonsville, Baptist Church
10MinistersSC, Florence Co, Timmonsville, Methodist Church
4MinistersSC, Georgetown Co, Georgetown, Baptist Church
60MinistersSC, Georgetown Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Georgetown Co, Mt Tabor, Baptist Church
14MinistersSC, Georgetown Co, Pee Dee, Prince Frederick Episcopal Church
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10MinistersSC, Kershaw Co, Camden, Baptist Church
25MinistersSC, Kershaw Co, Camden, Methodist Church
7MinistersSC, Kershaw Co, Camden, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersSC, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Presbyterian Church
38MinistersSC, Lancaster Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersSC, Lancaster Co, West Lancaster, Methodist Church
6MinistersSC, Laurens Co, Laurens, Presbyterian Church
47MinistersSC, Laurens Co, Methodist Church
15MinistersSC, Lee Co, Bishopville, Methodist Church
24MinistersSC, Lee Co, Lynchburg, Methodist Church
7MinistersSC, Lexington Co, Batesburg, Baptist Church
21MinistersSC, Lexington Co, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
15MinistersSC, Lexington Co, Leesville, St Marks Lutheran Church
9MinistersSC, Lexington Co, Leesville, Wittenberg Lutheran Church
12MinistersSC, Lexington Co, Macedonia Lutheran Church
12MinistersSC, Lexington Co, Providence Lutheran Church
4MinistersSC, Marion Co, Marion, Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, Marion Co, Zion, Presbyterian Church
30MinistersSC, Marlboro Co, Bennettsville, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Marlboro Co, Bennettsville, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersSC, Marlboro Co, North Marlboro, Methodist Church
6MinistersSC, McCormick Co, Lower Long Cane Reformed Presbyterian Church
4MinistersSC, McCormick Co, Willington, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersSC, Newberry Co, Bush River, Baptist Church
19MinistersSC, Newberry Co, Newberry, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
4MinistersSC, Newberry Co, Newberry, Presbyterian Church
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14MinistersSC, Newberry Co, Pomaria, St. Pauls Lutheran Church
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3MinistersSC, Oconee Co, Westminster, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersSC, Orangeburg Co, Amelia, St Matthews Lutheran Church
8MinistersSC, Orangeburg Co, Branchville, Methodist Church
55MinistersSC, Orangeburg Co, Methodist Church
5MinistersSC, Orangeburg Co, Orangeburg, Presbyterian Church
37MinistersSC, Orangeburg Co, Santee, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Pickens Co, Easley, Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, Pickens Co, Easley, Presbyterian Church
23MinistersSC, Pickens Co, Methodist Church
7MinistersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Baptist Church
8MinistersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Ebenezer Lutheran Church
8MinistersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, First Presbyterian Church
31MinistersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Marion Street Methodist Church
28MinistersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Methodist Church
22MinistersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Washington Street Methodist Church
18MinistersSC, Richland Co, Irmo, St Michaels Lutheran Church
20MinistersSC, Saluda Co, Corinth Lutheran Church
5MinistersSC, Saluda Co, Ridge Spring, Baptist Church
24MinistersSC, Saluda Co, Trinity Lutheran Church
6MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Arrowwood Baptist Church
19MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Bethesda Baptist Church
12MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Buck Creek Baptist Church
9MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Corinth Baptist Church
51MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Enoree, Methodist Church
10MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Goucher Baptist Church
17MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Macedonia Baptist Church
14MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Pacolet, Methodist Church
4MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Spartanburg, Baptist Church
42MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Spartanburg, Methodist Church
13MinistersSC, Spartanburg Co, Zion Hill Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, Sumter Co, Mayesville, Presbyterian Church
18MinistersSC, Sumter Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Sumter Co, Sumter, Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, Union Co, Beaver Dam, Baptist Church
5MinistersSC, Union Co, Creek Baptist Church
13MinistersSC, Union Co, El Bethel Baptist Church
6MinistersSC, Union Co, Jonesville, Methodist Church
3MinistersSC, Williamsburg Co, Indiantown, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersSC, Williamsburg Co, Kingstree, Methodist Church
14MinistersSC, Williamsburg Co, Methodist Church
5MinistersSC, Williamsburg Co, Williamsburg, Presbyterian Church
19MinistersSC, York Co, Clover, Bethel Presbyterian Church
7MinistersSC, York Co, Rock Hill, Baptist Church
4MinistersSC, York Co, Rock Hill, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersSC, York Co, York, Baptist Church
3MinistersSC, York Co, York, Presbyterian Church

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