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With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA

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Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA: List of Pastors and Ministers
BaptistMorgan 1761-1770PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistHenry 1812-1824PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistAbram Dunn 1835-1852PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam 1838-1841PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church& 44-47
BaptistGeorge Baker 1838-1852PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn Lansing 1840-1854PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Oliver 1841PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistFrederick 1841-1848PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistGeorge 1844-1852PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church& 60-65
BaptistWilliam L. 1845-1849PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistCharles 1847-1850PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJesse Bonnel 1849-1851PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistGeorge 1849-1852PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church& 70-79
BaptistHeman 1850-1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistBenjamin 1850-1858PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJoseph Newbold 1852-1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJoseph 1853-1854PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Sharp 1853-1854PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistBuckley Carll 1853-1858PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJoseph Spencer 1856-1859PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistReuben 1857-1867PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistMeriwether 1859-1860PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistMalachi 1859-1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn Harvard 1859-1873PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistFrancis T. 1860-1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistDaniel Clarke 1862-1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJames 1862-1868PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Philip 1862-1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistHenry Allen 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJonathan Brooks 1864-1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam R. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam 1865-1869PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistLewis Patton 1865-1884PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Manlove 1866-1867PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistMaskin Clark Baker 1866-1869PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistCharles 1868-1870PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn C. 1868-1870PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Augustus 1868-1871PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJonathan Edwards 1868-1873PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJacob Samuel 1868-1885PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Goddard 1871-1872PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Mangam 1872-1880PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Henry 1873-1876PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistGeorge 1873-1880PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistEdward Chapman 1873-1880PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistAlfred 1873-1881PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam 1874-1877PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church& 85-88
BaptistDan Steel 1875-1876PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistHenry William 1880-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistEdwin Horatio 1882-1889PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistKelsey 1882-1889PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn 1883-1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistBenjamin Franklin 1883-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas 1884PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistGeorge Edgar 1884-1886PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistLewis 1884-1888PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistChauncey 1884-1888PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistS. Thomas 1885-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistClark Orlando 1885-1888PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church& 02-03
BaptistThomas Rosling 1885-1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistByron Allen 1885-1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJacob Thomas 1886-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistGeorge Pomeroy 1886-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistCharles Campbell 1886-1888PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistAlbert Bacon 1887-1888PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Alexander Thompson 1887-1892PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJames W. 1887-1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistEzekiel Gilman 1889-1891PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistRutger 1891PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistAbraham Lincoln 1892-1901PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn Arthur 1895-1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Abraham 1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistTeno Tochoof 1898-1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJames Wallace 1898-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn Baptist 1899-1901PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Dunlap Douglas 1899-1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJoseph James 1901-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistHarvey William 1903-1911PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistArtemus Ward 1906-1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Holloway 1907-1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church& 19
BaptistHenry Harrison 1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistCharles Carroll 1908-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistOrville Eugene 1909-1911PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistFrederick 1911-1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Almor 1911-1917PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn William 1913-1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
BaptistAlbert Hatcher 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Baptist Church
Updated: 22 May 2019

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423MinistersPA, York Co, Airville Methodist Church

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