List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Congregational Church, Ellington, Chautauqua Co, NY


Congregational Church, Ellington, NY: List of Pastors and Ministers
CongregationalWilliam McDougall 1857-1860NYChautauqua CoEllington, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Cheever 1878-1880NYChautauqua CoEllington, Congregational Church
CongregationalAlbert Wilbur 1886-1887NYChautauqua CoEllington, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Milton 1896-1900NYChautauqua CoEllington, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Gosser 1899-1902NYChautauqua CoEllington, Congregational Church
CongregationalArthur Otis 1914-1917NYChautauqua CoEllington, Congregational Church
Updated: 12 Dec 2018

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6MinistersNY, Chautauqua Co, Cherry Creek, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Chautauqua Co, Ellington, Congregational Church
14MinistersNY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Chautauqua Co, Panama, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Greene, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Greene, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Guilford, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Ellenburg, Methodist Church
7MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, First Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Saranac, Methodist Church
3MinistersNY, Columbia Co, Ghent, Dutch Reformed Church
3MinistersNY, Columbia Co, Mellenville, Dutch Reformed Church
11MinistersNY, Columbia Co, Spencertown, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersNY, Columbia Co, Valatie, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Cortland Co, Homer, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Cortland Co, Homer, Congregational Church
4MinistersNY, Cortland Co, McGraw, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Franklin, Congregational Church
13MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Franklin, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Harpersfield, Congregational Church
4MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Shavertown, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Fishkill, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Glenham, Dutch Reformed Church
3MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Rhinebeck, Dutch Reformed Church
14MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Wappingers Falls, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Erie Co, Angola, Congregational Church
15MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Methodist Church
24MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Erie Co, Holland, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Erie Co, North Evans, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Essex Co, Crown Point, Congregational Church
7MinistersNY, Essex Co, Essex, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Essex Co, Port Henry, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Essex Co, Wadhams Mills, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Essex Co, Westport, Baptist Church
23MinistersNY, Franklin Co, Chateaugay, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Franklin Co, Malone, Baptist Church
20MinistersNY, Fulton Co, Johnstown, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersNY, Genesee Co, LeRoy, Baptist Church
17MinistersNY, Genesee Co, LeRoy, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Greene Co, Coxsackie, Dutch Reformed Church
47MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Herkimer, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Ilion, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Ilion, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Poland, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Carthage, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Carthage, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Mannsville, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown, Baptist Church
18MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, First Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Plymouth Congregational Church
39MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, St Johns Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Lewis Co, Copenhagen, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Lewis Co, Port Leyden, Congregational Church
37MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Geneseo, Methodist Church
7MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Lakeville, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Mt Morris, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Nunda, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Madison Co, Bridgeport, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Madison Co, Chittenango, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Madison Co, Madison, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Madison Co, Madison, Congregational Church
13MinistersNY, Madison Co, Union, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Chili, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Churchville, Congregational Church
11MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Fairport, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Fairport, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Fairport, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Hilton, Baptist Church
18MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Pittsford, Methodist Church
15MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, First Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Montgomery Co, Fonda, Dutch Reformed Church
6MinistersNY, Montgomery Co, Fort Plain, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Montgomery Co, Glen, Dutch Reformed Church
10MinistersNY, Nassau Co, Freeport, Presbyterian Church
30MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, DeWitt Memorial Dutch Reformed Church
12MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, West End Presbyterian Church
10MinistersNY, Niagara Co, Lockport, Congregational Church
8MinistersNY, Niagara Co, Lockport, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Niagara Co, Youngstown, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Clayville, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Deansville, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersNY, Oneida Co, New Hartford, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Oriskany, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Utica, Congregational Church
12MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Utica, First Presbyterian Church
7MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Utica, Plymouth Congregational Church
14MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Vernon, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Westmoreland, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Whitesboro, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Whitesboro, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Amboy, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Jamesville, Methodist Church
13MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Jamesville, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Lysander, Dutch Reformed Church
11MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Otisco, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, Congregational Church
18MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Naples, Methodist Church
7MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Naples, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Phelps, Methodist Church
24MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Phelps, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersNY, Orange Co, Cornwall, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Orange Co, Montgomery, Dutch Reformed Church
8MinistersNY, Orange Co, Otisville, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Orange Co, Port Jervis, Methodist Church
3MinistersNY, Orange Co, Walden, Methodist Church
9MinistersNY, Orange Co, Warwick, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Orange Co, Washingtonville, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersNY, Orange Co, Westtown, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Holley, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Holley, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Millville, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Oswego Co, New Haven, Congregational Church
8MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Oswego, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Pulaski, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Pulaski, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Sandy Creek, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Volney, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Cooperstown, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Oneonta, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Otsego Co, West Oneonta, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Queens Co, Flushing, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Berlin, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Berlin, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Brunswick, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, East Greenbush, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Hoosick Falls, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Lansingburgh, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Lansingburgh, Congregational Church
8MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Petersburg, Methodist Church
10MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Schaghticoke, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, First Presbyterian Church
8MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Rockland Co, Nyack, Dutch Reformed Church
4MinistersNY, Rockland Co, Rockland Lake, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Galway, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Jonesville, Methodist Church
7MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Round Lake, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady, Methodist Church
12MinistersNY, Schuyler Co, Burdett, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Lodi, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Ovid, Baptist Church
18MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Ovid, Methodist Church
8MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Seneca Falls, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Gouverneur, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Hopkinton, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Massena, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Norwood, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Parishville, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Steuben Co, Bath, Baptist Church
20MinistersNY, Steuben Co, Bath, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Steuben Co, Coopers Plains, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Steuben Co, Howard, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Steuben Co, Pulteney, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Cutchogue, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Good Ground, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Greenlawn, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Greenport, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Islip, Presbyterian Church
31MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Patchogue, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Shelter Island, Presbyterian Church
37MinistersNY, Tompkins Co, Groton Methodist Church
9MinistersNY, Ulster Co, Saugerties, Congregational Church
4MinistersNY, Ulster Co, Shokan, Dutch Reformed Church
4MinistersNY, Warren Co, Johnsburg, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Washington Co, Granville, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Washington Co, North Granville, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Walworth, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, Westchester Co, New Rochelle, Methodist Church
15MinistersNY, Westchester Co, New Rochelle, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Peekskill, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Port Chester, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Yorktown, Congregational Church
9MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Castile, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Perry Center, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Pike, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Pike, Methodist Church
13MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Warsaw, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Yates Co, Middlesex, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, Yates Co, Penn Yan, Baptist Church

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