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Methodist Church, Hamilton, Martin Co, NC

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Methodist Church, Hamilton, NC: List of Pastors and Ministers
MethodistW. B. 1881-1883NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
Reverend William B. Doub came to Williamston in 1880 and stayed until 1883. He was born in Raleigh in 1852 and came from a long line of Methodist preachers.  It was said that he possessed a sweet spirit and was gentle to all with whom he came in touch.  He died in Durham in 1896
MethodistJ. E. 1884NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph L. 1885NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. O. 1886NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistW. H. 1888NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. G. 1889NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistG. G. 1891-1892NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistE. C. 1893NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
The Reverend Eli Caleb Sell came here in 1892. He was best remembered for his gentle nature and love for everyone. He made many friends in Williamston and though he was here for only one year, he was greatly admired by all. During his last days, the only regret he expressed was that he could not preach at least one more time. He died in Wilmington in 1930 at the age of sixty-nine.
MethodistJ. R. 1894-1895NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church& 99
MethodistJ. A. 1896-1897NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistGeorge 1898NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1900NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistT. H. 1901-1904NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
Reverend Sutton's gentle spirit and mild temperament endeared him not only to his congregation but also to the other citizens of the town as well. In the December 19,1902, issue of THE ENTERPRISE, it stated, 'Methodists here do not rejoice alone at the return of Reverend Sutton. He has made a fine impression during his pastorate this past year.' The church records show that the church saw phenomenal growth while he was here, with sixty-nine new members added to the roll!

Reverend Sutton left Williamston in 1904, but his health began to fail and by 1920 he had to retire. He died in 1937 in Fayetteville.
MethodistE. E. 1905NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistP. L. 1906NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistCharles Lewis 1906-1910NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
Charles Lewis Read was born in 1869 at Palmer Springs, Virginia. His education was received at Davis Military Academy at LaGrange and at Trinity College (Duke University). He graduated in 1901 and the Williamston charge was one of his first churches since he came here in 1907. It was said that he was an outstanding minister in the pulpit whose sermons were marked by an unusual insight into the Scriptures. He strengthened all of his parishioners through his loving guidance, and while in Williamston, he added thirty-three members to the roll and christened eight babies. After giving thirty-seven years of service in the ministry, he died in Durham in 1946.
MethodistRufus 1910-1912NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
A friendly, unassuming man of God who came here in 1910 for a two-year term. Those who knew him were impressed by the power of his faith and the gentleness of his nature. He was said to be always motivated by love and unselfish devotion to his calling, and the church in Williamston saw steady growth under his wise leadership. He died in 1937.
MethodistJ. T. 1912-1915NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistN. M. 1915NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistH. M. 1916-1919NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistL. C. 1919-1922NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistMarvin 1922-1923NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistE. D. 1923-1925NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistT. W. 1925-1927NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistO. P. 1927NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church& 29
MethodistL. C. 1929-1930NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistA. E. 1931-1934NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistRobert 1934-1935NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistRobert N. 1936-1939NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistDaniel 1939-1943NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistT. H. 1943-1946NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistS. G. 1946-1949NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. H. 1949-1950NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistW. R. 1951-1952NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. B. 1953-1956NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistN. B. 1956-1961NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1961-1962NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistDon Lee 1963-1967NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistAlphonso L. 1967-1970NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistDavid R. 1970-1971NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
MethodistJerry 1971NCMartin CoHamilton, Methodist Church
Updated: 05 May 2019

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