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Congregational Church, Chicago, Cook Co, IL


Congregational Church, Chicago, IL: List of Pastors and Ministers
CongregationalOtis Freeman 1836-1837ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalHiram Foot 1853ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalAdam Stewart 1855-1860ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Cowper 1857-1858ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Weston 1857-1867ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdward Arthur 1861-1865ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalStephen Lewis Bates 1862-1867ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church& 68-70
CongregationalEdwin Smith 1862-1869ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church& 03
CongregationalJames Haswell 1866-1868ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Downes 1866-1875ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Stinson 1868-1872ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Edward 1868-1874ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Alvin 1868-1876ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn 1871-1875ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Henry 1872-1873ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalEphraim Weston 1873ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn 1873-1874ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Hewson 1876-1883ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalLucius Delison 1877ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdwin Norton 1877ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Hall 1877-1882ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalThomas Jefferson 1879-1881ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalEvarts Bradford 1880-1881ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalGriffith 1882-1888ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalFrancis Dwight 1883-1891ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalElijah Bailey 1886-1888ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalElijah Stites 1888ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Hector 1894ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalHenry Clinton 1898-1913ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalEphraim Menachen 1899ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Stuart 1900ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalKarl Fredrik 1900-1903ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalFrederic Ely 1900-1906ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJulius Merle 1900-1907ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Russell 1901-1904ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalEzra Bailey 1902-1907ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalSanford A. 1905-1907ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Henry 1909-1911ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalHarry Ernest 1909-1917ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalClarence Talmage 1915ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Wesley 1915-1916ILCook CoChicago, Congregational Church
Updated: 04 May 2019

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54MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Sawyer Ave Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Second Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Second Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, South Park Ave Methodist Church
5MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, South Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St James Methodist Church
5MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Pauls Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Trinity Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Union Ave Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Western Ave Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Windsor Park Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Methodist Church
5MinistersIL, Cook Co, Hyde Park, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Cook Co, Morgan Park, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Cook Co, Oak Park, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Cook Co, Oak Park, First Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Cook Co, Oak Park, Fourth Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Cook Co, South Chicago, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Cook Co, Winnetka, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, DeKalb Co, DeKalb, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, DeKalb Co, Sandwich, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, DeKalb Co, Sycamore, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIL, DeKalb Co, Waterman, Methodist Church
9MinistersIL, DeWitt Co, Clinton, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Douglas Co, Tuscola, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, DuPage Co, Bloomingdale, Baptist Church
12MinistersIL, DuPage Co, Downers Grove, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, DuPage Co, Downers Grove, Congregational Church
10MinistersIL, DuPage Co, Hinsdale, Congregational Church
66MinistersIL, Edgar Co, Paris, Methodist Church
7MinistersIL, Edgar Co, Paris, Tabernacle Methodist Church
22MinistersIL, Ford Co, Gibson City, Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Franklin Co, Benton, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, Fulton Co, Avon, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Fulton Co, Canton, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Gallatin Co, Shawneetown, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIL, Greene Co, Carrollton, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Grundy Co, Morris, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, Grundy Co, Morris, Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, Hancock Co, Dallas City, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Hancock Co, La Harpe, Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Hancock Co, Plymouth, Congregational Church
7MinistersIL, Henry Co, Andover, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersIL, Henry Co, Cambridge, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Henry Co, Geneseo, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, Henry Co, Kewanee, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Henry Co, Kewanee, Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, Henry Co, Oxford, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, Henry Co, Wethersfield, Congregational Church
6MinistersIL, Iroquois Co, Onarga, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Iroquois Co, Onarga, Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Jefferson Co, Mount Vernon, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Jersey Co, Jerseyville, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Jersey Co, Jerseyville, Congregational Church
6MinistersIL, Jo Daviess Co, Galena, Baptist Church
22MinistersIL, Kane Co, Aurora, Baptist Church
7MinistersIL, Kane Co, Dundee, Baptist Church
11MinistersIL, Kane Co, Elgin, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Kane Co, Geneva, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Kane Co, Hampshire, Methodist Church
7MinistersIL, Kane Co, St Charles, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Kankakee Co, Kankakee, Baptist Church
2MinistersIL, Kankakee Co, Kankakee, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Kendall Co, Newark, Congregational Church
7MinistersIL, Knox Co, Galesburg, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Knox Co, Galesburg, Congregational Church
9MinistersIL, Knox Co, Wataga, Congregational Church
10MinistersIL, Lake Co, Waukegan, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, Earlville, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, La Salle, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, Leland, Baptist Church
11MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, Marseilles, Congregational Church
9MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, Peru, Congregational Church
6MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, Utica, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, Waltham, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIL, Lee Co, Amboy, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Lee Co, Dixon, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, Lee Co, Sublette, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Livingston Co, Pontiac, Baptist Church
7MinistersIL, Logan Co, Atlanta, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Logan Co, Lincoln, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, First Baptist Church
11MinistersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, Grace Methodist Church
31MinistersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, St Johns Episcopal Church
10MinistersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, Stapps Chapel Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Macoupin Co, Chesterfield, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Macoupin Co, Girard, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Macoupin Co, Virden, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Madison Co, Alton, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Madison Co, Collinsville, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIL, Madison Co, Troy, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Madison Co, Upper Alton, Baptist Church
11MinistersIL, Marshall Co, Lacon, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, Marshall Co, Lacon, Congregational Church
15MinistersIL, Marshall Co, Wenona, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIL, Mason Co, Mason City, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, McDonough Co, Bardolph, Methodist Church
9MinistersIL, McDonough Co, Macomb, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, McHenry Co, Hebron, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIL, McHenry Co, Huntley, Congregational Church
8MinistersIL, McHenry Co, Marengo, Baptist Church
13MinistersIL, McHenry Co, Woodstock, Baptist Church
19MinistersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, Baptist Church
20MinistersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, McLean Co, Chenoa, Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, McLean Co, Danvers, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, McLean Co, Normal, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, Menard Co, Athens, North Sangamon Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIL, Montgomery Co, Hillsboro, Congregational Church
12MinistersIL, Morgan Co, Jacksonville, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Ogle Co, Creston, Congregational Church
5MinistersIL, Ogle Co, Polo, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Ogle Co, Stillman Valley, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Peoria Co, Brimfield, Baptist Church
17MinistersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Calvary Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Congregational Church
7MinistersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Wesley Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Pike Co, Barry, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Pike Co, Pittsfield, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Richland Co, Olney, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Rock Island Co, Cordova, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Rock Island Co, Moline, Congregational Church
13MinistersIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island, Baptist Church
16MinistersIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIL, Saline Co, Harrisburg, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, Episcopal Church
37MinistersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, Methodist Church
5MinistersIL, Schuyler Co, Littleton, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Scott Co, Winchester, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, St Clair Co, East St Louis, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, St Clair Co, East St Louis, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIL, St Clair Co, Lebanon, Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Stark Co, Toulon, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Stark Co, Toulon, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Stark Co, Wyoming, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Tazewell Co, Deer Creek, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Tazewell Co, Delavan, Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Tazewell Co, Pekin, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Tazewell Co, Washington, Baptist Church
7MinistersIL, Tazewell Co, Washington, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIL, Vermilion Co, Danville, Episcopal Church
15MinistersIL, Vermilion Co, Danville, Presbyterian Church
23MinistersIL, Vermilion Co, Hoopeston, Methodist Church
14MinistersIL, Wabash Co, Mt Carmel, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIL, Warren Co, Berwick, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, Warren Co, Monmouth, Baptist Church
13MinistersIL, Warren Co, Roseville, Congregational Church
3MinistersIL, Whiteside Co, Erie, Methodist Church
5MinistersIL, Whiteside Co, Fulton, Baptist Church
13MinistersIL, Whiteside Co, Fulton, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIL, Whiteside Co, Rock Falls, Congregational Church
7MinistersIL, Whiteside Co, Sterling, Baptist Church
7MinistersIL, Whiteside Co, Sterling, Congregational Church
7MinistersIL, Whiteside Co, Tampico, Baptist Church
13MinistersIL, Will Co, Joliet, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Will Co, Joliet, Central Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIL, Will Co, Joliet, Methodist Church
7MinistersIL, Will Co, Lockport, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Will Co, Lockport, Methodist Church
11MinistersIL, Will Co, Wilmington, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, Court Street Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, First Baptist Church
9MinistersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, Methodist Church
19MinistersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIL, Winnebago Co, Seward, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Woodford Co, Cazenovia, Baptist Church
6MinistersIL, Woodford Co, El Paso, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Woodford Co, Panola, Baptist Church

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