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With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Congregational Church, Fairfield, Jefferson Co, IA


Congregational Church, Fairfield, IA: List of Pastors and Ministers
CongregationalWilliam Austin 1845-1850IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Gaby 1850-1851IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Henry 1851-1856IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalReed 1856-1863IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Milton 1863-1866IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalAlfred F. 1892-1898IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalClifford Lamont 1899IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalPearse 1905-1908IAJefferson CoFairfield, Congregational Church
Updated: 14 Jan 2019

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15MinistersIA, Black Hawk Co, Cedar Falls, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Black Hawk Co, Cedar Falls, St Lukes Episcopal Church
6MinistersIA, Black Hawk Co, Waterloo, Baptist Church
2MinistersIA, Black Hawk Co, Waterloo, Christ Episcopal Church
14MinistersIA, Black Hawk Co, Waterloo, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Black Hawk Co, Waterloo, St Marks Episcopal Church
4MinistersIA, Boone Co, Ogden, Congregational Church
11MinistersIA, Bremer Co, Waverly, Baptist Church
9MinistersIA, Buchanan Co, Independence, Baptist Church
13MinistersIA, Buchanan Co, Jesup, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIA, Buchanan Co, Rowley, First Presbyterian Church
15MinistersIA, Buena Vista Co, Linn Grove, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIA, Buena Vista Co, Storm Lake, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Butler Co, Shell Rock, Baptist Church
5MinistersIA, Cass Co, Lewis, Congregational Church
2MinistersIA, Cedar Co, Durant, St Pauls Episcopal Church
12MinistersIA, Cedar Co, Tipton, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIA, Cedar Co, West Branch, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Mason City, St Johns Episcopal Church
3MinistersIA, Cherokee Co, Aurelia, Congregational Church
4MinistersIA, Cherokee Co, Larrabee, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Cherokee Co, Marcus, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersIA, Clarke Co, Woodburn, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Clay Co, Spencer, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Clayton Co, McGregor, Baptist Church
4MinistersIA, Clayton Co, Volga, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Clinton Co, Camanche, Baptist Church
8MinistersIA, Clinton Co, Clinton, Baptist Church
4MinistersIA, Clinton Co, Dewitt, Baptist Church
4MinistersIA, Clinton Co, Lyons, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Clinton Co, Wheatland, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIA, Crawford Co, Vail, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Dallas Co, Waukee, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIA, Davis Co, Troy, First Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Davis Co, Troy, Second Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Davis Co, West Grove, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Decatur Co, Grand River, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIA, Decatur Co, Leon, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersIA, Delaware Co, Manchester, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington, Christ Episcopal Church
6MinistersIA, Des Moines Co, Danville, Congregational Church
4MinistersIA, Dickinson Co, Spirit Lake, Baptist Church
9MinistersIA, Dickinson Co, Spirit Lake, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, Baptist Church
2MinistersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, Episcopal Church
3MinistersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, St Johns Episcopal Church
3MinistersIA, Dubuque Co, Dyersville, Christ Episcopal Church
14MinistersIA, Dubuque Co, Farley, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Dubuque Co, Sherrill, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersIA, Fayette Co, Scott, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Fayette Co, West Union, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Floyd Co, Nora Springs, Baptist Church
8MinistersIA, Floyd Co, Rockford, Congregational Church
3MinistersIA, Franklin Co, Chapin, Congregational Church
6MinistersIA, Franklin Co, Hampton, Baptist Church
12MinistersIA, Fremont Co, Sidney, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Fremont Co, Tabor, Congregational Church
2MinistersIA, Greene Co, Scranton, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIA, Grundy Co, Grundy Center, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIA, Hamilton Co, Williams, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIA, Hardin Co, Iowa Falls, Baptist Church
7MinistersIA, Hardin Co, Steamboat Rock, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Harrison Co, Magnolia, Congregational Church
10MinistersIA, Harrison Co, Woodbine, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Henry Co, Mt Pleasant, St Michaels Episcopal Church
13MinistersIA, Henry Co, New London, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIA, Henry Co, Salem, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Henry Co, Trenton, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIA, Henry Co, Winfield, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Howard Co, Cresco, Grace Episcopal Church
6MinistersIA, Iowa Co, Victor, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Iowa Co, Williamsburg, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIA, Jackson Co, Maquoketa, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Jackson Co, Sabula, Congregational Church
17MinistersIA, Jasper Co, Newton, Baptist Church
4MinistersIA, Jasper Co, Newton, St Stephens Episcopal Church
4MinistersIA, Jasper Co, Prairie City, Congregational Church
8MinistersIA, Jefferson Co, Fairfield, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Jefferson Co, Fairfield, St Peters Episcopal Church
9MinistersIA, Jefferson Co, Round Prairie, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Jefferson Co, Salina, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersIA, Johnson Co, Iowa City, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Johnson Co, Iowa City, Congregational Church
5MinistersIA, Johnson Co, Iowa City, Trinity Episcopal Church
5MinistersIA, Johnson Co, Solon, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIA, Jones Co, Anamosa, Baptist Church
2MinistersIA, Jones Co, Anamosa, St Marks Episcopal Church
5MinistersIA, Jones Co, Cass, Congregational Church
9MinistersIA, Jones Co, Scotch Grove, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIA, Jones Co, Wyoming, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersIA, Keokuk Co, Sigourney, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIA, Keokuk Co, What Cheer, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Kossuth Co, Algona, Congregational Church
3MinistersIA, Kossuth Co, Bancroft, Baptist Church
8MinistersIA, Lee Co, Fort Madison, Baptist Church
10MinistersIA, Lee Co, Keokuk, Baptist Church
2MinistersIA, Lee Co, Keokuk, St Johns Episcopal Church
17MinistersIA, Lee Co, West Point, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, Bethany Congregational Church
6MinistersIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, First Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, Grace Episcopal Church
4MinistersIA, Linn Co, Central City, Congregational Church
7MinistersIA, Linn Co, Marion, Baptist Church
7MinistersIA, Linn Co, Marion, Congregational Church
11MinistersIA, Linn Co, Springville, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Linn Co, Walker, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersIA, Louisa Co, Columbus Junction, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Louisa Co, Toolesboro, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIA, Louisa Co, Wapello, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Lucas Co, Chariton, Baptist Church
11MinistersIA, Lucas Co, Chariton, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIA, Lucas Co, Russell, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Lyon Co, Rock Rapids, Congregational Church
8MinistersIA, Madison Co, Winterset, Baptist Church
12MinistersIA, Madison Co, Winterset, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Mahaska Co, Leighton, Dutch Reformed Church
9MinistersIA, Mahaska Co, Oskaloosa, Baptist Church
5MinistersIA, Mahaska Co, Oskaloosa, St James Episcopal Church
9MinistersIA, Marion Co, Pella, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Marshall Co, Green Mountain, Congregational Church
5MinistersIA, Marshall Co, Marshalltown, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Marshall Co, Marshalltown, Congregational Church
2MinistersIA, Marshall Co, Marshalltown, St Matthews Episcopal Church
14MinistersIA, Marshall Co, State Center, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Mills Co, Emerson, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Mitchell Co, Osage, Baptist Church
5MinistersIA, Monona Co, Onawa, Congregational Church
9MinistersIA, Montgomery Co, Villisca, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIA, Muscatine Co, Muscatine, Baptist Church
7MinistersIA, Muscatine Co, Muscatine, Trinity Episcopal Church
10MinistersIA, Muscatine Co, West Liberty, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIA, Muscatine Co, Wilton, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Osceola Co, Sibley, Baptist Church
7MinistersIA, Osceola Co, Sibley, Congregational Church
8MinistersIA, O`Brien Co, Sanborn, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, O`Brien Co, Sheldon, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, O`Brien Co, Sheldon, Congregational Church
7MinistersIA, Page Co, Shenandoah, Congregational Church
11MinistersIA, Page Co, Shenandoah, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Page Co, Yorktown, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIA, Palo Alto Co, West Bend, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Plymouth Co, Le Mars, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIA, Pocahontas Co, Pocahontas, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Pocahontas Co, Rolfe, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIA, Pocahontas Co, Rolfe, Second Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, Congregational Church
7MinistersIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, St Pauls Episcopal Church
3MinistersIA, Polk Co, East Des Moines, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Polk Co, Valley Junction, Congregational Church
3MinistersIA, Polk Co, White Oak, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Pottawattamie Co, Council Bluffs, St Pauls Episcopal Church
11MinistersIA, Pottawattamie Co, Walnut, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Poweshiek Co, Grinnell, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Ringgold Co, Mount Ayr, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Sac Co, Sac City, Baptist Church
9MinistersIA, Sac Co, Sac City, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIA, Sac Co, Schaller, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Sac Co, Wall Lake, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIA, Scott Co, Davenport, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Scott Co, Davenport, Trinity Episcopal Church
5MinistersIA, Scott Co, Long Grove, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Scott Co, Round Grove, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Scott Co, Walcott, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Shelby Co, Harlan, Congregational Church
3MinistersIA, Sioux Co, Alton, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIA, Story Co, Ames, Baptist Church
7MinistersIA, Tama Co, Tama, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIA, Tama Co, Toledo, Congregational Church
12MinistersIA, Tama Co, Toledo, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Taylor Co, Sharpsburg, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Union Co, Creston, Congregational Church
3MinistersIA, Wapello Co, Ottumwa, St Marys Episcopal Church
8MinistersIA, Warren Co, Indianola, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Washington Co, Washington, Baptist Church
17MinistersIA, Washington Co, Washington, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIA, Wayne Co, Seymour, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersIA, Webster Co, Fort Dodge, St Marks Episcopal Church
2MinistersIA, Winnebago Co, Hesper, Episcopal Church
3MinistersIA, Winneshiek Co, Decorah, Grace Episcopal Church
4MinistersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Baptist Church
9MinistersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, First Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Fourth Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, St Thomas Episcopal Church
8MinistersIA, Worth Co, Northwood, Baptist Church
3MinistersIA, Wright Co, Belmond, Congregational Church

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