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Stamford Street Unitarian Church, London, Middlesex, England


Stamford Street Unitarian Church, London, England: List of Pastors
UnitarianThomas 1677EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianVincent 1677-1703EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianJohn 1680-1683EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianNathaniel 1683-1687EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianSamuel 1687-1688EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianJohn 1689-1696EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianDaniel 1696-1698EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianEdmund 1703-1732EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianRobert 1729-1732EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianSamuel 1734-1743EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianObadiah 1743-1751EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianAndrew 1753-1795EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianThomas 1796-1808EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianPendlebury 1809-1811EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianWilliam 1812-1814EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianThomas 1823-1832EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianEdwin 1832-1834EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianThomas 1835-1839EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianWilliam 1839-1852EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianJohn Thomas 1852-1854EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianHugh 1855-1858EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianThomas 1858-1862EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianMarshall 1862-1874EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianSpears Thomas 1874-1880EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianWilliam Copeland 1880-1890EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
UnitarianWilliam 1890-1896EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
Updated: 20 Sep 2019

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41MinistersEngland, Cornwall, St Austell, Methodist Church
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34MinistersEngland, Cumberland, Penrith, Methodist Church
25MinistersEngland, Cumberland, Wigton, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Cumberland, Workington, Methodist Church
41MinistersEngland, Devon, Bideford, Methodist Church
10MinistersEngland, Devon, Brixham, Methodist Church
35MinistersEngland, Devon, Holsworthy, Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Devon, Lynton, Methodist Church
12MinistersEngland, Devon, Plymouth, Methodist Church
27MinistersEngland, Devon, South Molton, Methodist Church
26MinistersEngland, Devon, Tavistock, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Devon, Teignmouth, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Devon, Torquay, Methodist Church
9MinistersEngland, Dorset, Alderney, Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Dorset, Shaftesbury, Methodist Church
9MinistersEngland, Dorset, Swanage, Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Dorset, Wareham, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Dorset, Wareham, South Street Unitarian Church
13MinistersEngland, Dorset, Weymouth, Methodist Church
39MinistersEngland, Durham, Durham, Methodist Church
35MinistersEngland, Durham, South Shields, Methodist Church
22MinistersEngland, Durham, Spennymoor, Methodist Church
10MinistersEngland, Durham, Thornley, Methodist Church
25MinistersEngland, Durham, Todmorden, Methodist Church
36MinistersEngland, Durham, Wolsingham, Methodist Church
4MinistersEngland, Essex, Grays, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Essex, Wanstead, Methodist Church
12MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury, Methodist Church
12MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Petersfield, Methodist Church
9MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Romsey, Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Ryde, Methodist Church
34MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Southampton, Methodist Church
6MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Ventnor, Methodist Church
15MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Winchester, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Yarmouth, Methodist Church
34MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Yarmouth, Middlegate Street Unitarian Church
3MinistersEngland, Herefordshire, Cradley, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Herefordshire, Ledbury, Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Hertfordshire, St Albans, Methodist Church
24MinistersEngland, Kent, Folkestone, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Kent, Margate, Methodist Church
9MinistersEngland, Kent, Ramsgate, Methodist Church
26MinistersEngland, Kent, Sevenoaks, Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Kent, Sheerness, Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Kent, Shorncliffe Camp, Methodist Church
14MinistersEngland, Kent, Sittingbourne, Methodist Church
29MinistersEngland, Kent, Tenterden, Methodist Church
10MinistersEngland, Kent, Tenterden, Unitarian Church
18MinistersEngland, Kent, Whitstable, Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Barrowford, Methodist Church
9MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Oldham Street Presbyterian Church
5MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Rodney Street Presbyterian Church
10MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Lytham, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Oldham, Methodist Church
27MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Ormskirk, Methodist Church
17MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Rawtenstall, Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Rochdale, Methodist Church
12MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Southport, Methodist Church
45MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Ulverston, Methodist Church
12MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Walmsley, Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Warrington, Cairo Street Unitarian Church
20MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Widnes, Methodist Church
32MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Wigan, Methodist Church
9MinistersEngland, Leicestershire, Leicester, Methodist Church
16MinistersEngland, Lincolnshire, Appleby, Methodist Church
33MinistersEngland, Lincolnshire, Boston, Methodist Church
25MinistersEngland, Lincolnshire, Spalding, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Lincolnshire, Spilsby, Methodist Church
32MinistersEngland, Lincolnshire, Stamford, Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Ealing, Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Finchley, Methodist Church
4MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Hampstead, Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, Crown Court Presbyterian Church
7MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, London Wall Presbyterian Church
6MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, St Columbas Scots Church
6MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, St Lukes Old Street Church
19MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Uxbridge, Methodist Church
4MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Westminster, Swallow Street Presbyterian Church
29MinistersEngland, Norfolk, Bungay, Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Norfolk, Downham Market, Methodist Church
26MinistersEngland, Norfolk, Swaffham, Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Brackley, Methodist Church
39MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Daventry, Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Raunds, Methodist Church
24MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Towcester, Methodist Church
29MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Wellingborough, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Berwick upon Tweed, High Meeting Church
5MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Berwick upon Tweed, Low Meeting Church
3MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Lennel, Scots Church
3MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Lowick, Scots Church
6MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Scots Church
34MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Shotley Bridge, Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Tweedmouth, Scots Church
35MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Retford, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Worksop, Methodist Church
33MinistersEngland, Oxfordshire, Oxford, Methodist Church
31MinistersEngland, Oxfordshire, Wantage, Methodist Church
19MinistersEngland, Oxfordshire, Witney, Methodist Church
30MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Methodist Church
15MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Wem, Noble Street Unitarian Church
7MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Whitchurch, Church of the Saviour
14MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Whitchurch, Dodington Presbyterian Church
32MinistersEngland, Somerset, Bath, Methodist Church
3MinistersEngland, Somerset, Chard, Methodist Church
6MinistersEngland, Somerset, Minehead, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Somerset, Paulton, Methodist Church
45MinistersEngland, Somerset, Shepton Mallet, Methodist Church
39MinistersEngland, Somerset, South Petherton, Methodist Church
4MinistersEngland, Somerset, Taunton, Tancred Street Presbyterian Church
36MinistersEngland, Somerset, Weston Super Mare, Methodist Church
14MinistersEngland, Somerset, Williton, Methodist Church
22MinistersEngland, Somerset, Yeovil, Methodist Church
16MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Hanley, Methodist Church
38MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Leek, Methodist Church
19MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Stafford, Methodist Church
35MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Stourbridge, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Tamworth, Colehill Presbyterian Church
12MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Tamworth, Methodist Church
17MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Tipton, Methodist Church
36MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Uttoxeter, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Walsall, Methodist Church
17MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Walsall, Stafford Street Unitarian Church
47MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Wednesbury, Wesley Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, West Bromwich, Methodist Church
13MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Willenhall, Methodist Church
27MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Methodist Church
15MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Unitarian Church
6MinistersEngland, Suffolk, Barking, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Suffolk, Framlingham, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Suffolk, Yoxford, Methodist Church
31MinistersEngland, Surrey, Guildford, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Surrey, Wandsworth, Methodist Church
6MinistersEngland, Surrey, Woking, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Sussex, Lewes, Methodist Church
10MinistersEngland, Sussex, Staplecross, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Sussex, Ticehurst, Methodist Church
29MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Belmont Row Methodist Church
26MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Islington Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Moseley Road Methodist Church
20MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Newtown Row Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Rugby, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Warwick, High Street Unitarian Church
40MinistersEngland, Westmorland, Kendal, Methodist Church
13MinistersEngland, Wiltshire, Warminster, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Worcestershire, Redditch, Methodist Church
25MinistersEngland, Worcestershire, Worcester, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Boroughbridge, Methodist Church
16MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Doncaster, Priory Place Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Ossett, Methodist Church
31MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Pateley Bridge, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Patrington, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Pickering, Methodist Church
32MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Pocklington, Methodist Church
37MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Pontefract, Methodist Church
31MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Reeth, Methodist Church
6MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Richmond, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Ripon, Methodist Church
35MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Rotherham, Methodist Church
43MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Scarborough, Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Sedbergh, Methodist Church
30MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Selby, Methodist Church
25MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Settle, Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Skipton, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Snaith, Methodist Church
29MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Sowerby Bridge, Methodist Church
16MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Stainland, Methodist Church
23MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Stokesley, Methodist Church
33MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Tadcaster, Methodist Church
21MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Thirsk, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Todmorden, Unitarian Church
36MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Wakefield, Methodist Church
13MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Wakefield, Westgate Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Whitby, Flowergate Unitarian Church
14MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Withernsea, Methodist Church
14MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Yeadon, Methodist Church
13MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, York, St Saviourgate Presbyterian Church

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