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With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington, DC

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Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington, DC: List of Pastors
MethodistThomas 1817DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistJohn 1818DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistJohn 1822DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church& 33
MethodistSamuel 1822DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistStephen George 1823DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1823DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church& 36
MethodistWilliam 1825DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistJohn 1826DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church& 42
MethodistJames 1830DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel 1830-1831DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistGeorge 1831-1833DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel 1834DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistThomas Bartow 1834-1836DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistCharles B. 1836-1838DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistHenry 1838DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistThomas C. 1840DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWesley 1843DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistHenry 1844DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistNicholas J. B. 1846DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistJohn 1848DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church& 78
MethodistLittleton F. 1850DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistJesse T. 1852DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1853-1855DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church& Asbury station
MethodistElisha P. 1854DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel 1856DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistBarnard H. 1858DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam B. 1860DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1862DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Robert 1862DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph B. 1862DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam M. D. 1863DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistB. Peyton 1866DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church& 76
MethodistAlexander Early 1869DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistG. G. 1871DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel Augustus 1872DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistHorace Agard 1873DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam F. 1881DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistHenry R. 1884DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistGeorge 1887DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistOliver Allen 1892DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistLucien 1897DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistLuther B. 1900DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistRobert B. 1903DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Rhind 1910DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistWalter Everett 1916DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistHerbert F. 1918DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistGeorge Clarke 1923DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
MethodistFrederick Brown 1924DCWashingtonFoundry United Methodist Church
Updated: 11 Jan 2019

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2MinistersDC, Washington, All Souls Unitarian Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Anacostia, Baptist Church
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6MinistersDC, Washington, E Street Baptist Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, East Presbyterian Church
7MinistersDC, Washington, Ebenezer Methodist Church
7MinistersDC, Washington, F Street Presbyterian Church
2MinistersDC, Washington, Fifthteenth Street Presbyterian Church
5MinistersDC, Washington, First Baptist Church
15MinistersDC, Washington, First Congregational Church
10MinistersDC, Washington, First Presbyterian Church
48MinistersDC, Washington, Foundry United Methodist Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Fourth Presbyterian Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, Georgetown, Bridge St Presbyterian Church
8MinistersDC, Washington, Georgetown, Christ Church Episcopal
33MinistersDC, Washington, Georgetown, Methodist Church
14MinistersDC, Washington, Georgetown, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersDC, Washington, Georgetown, St Johns Episcopal Church
5MinistersDC, Washington, Georgetown, West Street Presbyterian Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, Grace Baptist Church
5MinistersDC, Washington, Grace Methodist Church
2MinistersDC, Washington, Immanuel Baptist Church
2MinistersDC, Washington, Kendall Baptist Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Maryland Ave Baptist Church
6MinistersDC, Washington, McKendree Methodist Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, Methodist Church
5MinistersDC, Washington, Metropolitan Baptist Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, Metropolitan Presbyterian Church
25MinistersDC, Washington, Mount Vernon Place Methodist Church
8MinistersDC, Washington, New York Ave Presbyterian Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, North Capitol Methodist Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, North Presbyterian Church
29MinistersDC, Washington, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersDC, Washington, Rock Creek Church
10MinistersDC, Washington, Ryland Chapel
5MinistersDC, Washington, Second Baptist Church
11MinistersDC, Washington, Second Presbyterian Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Seventh Street Presbyterian Church
9MinistersDC, Washington, Sixth Presbyterian Church
13MinistersDC, Washington, St Johns Church
12MinistersDC, Washington, St Johns Lutheran Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, St Marks Episcopal Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Takoma Park Presbyterian Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, Tenleytown, Methodist Church
12MinistersDC, Washington, Trinity Episcopal Church
10MinistersDC, Washington, Unitarian Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, Western Presbyterian Church
2MinistersDC, Washington, Westminster Presbyterian Church

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