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Methodist Church, Searcy, White Co, AR

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Methodist Church, Searcy, AR: List of Pastors and Ministers
MethodistJohn G. 1848ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistRobert G. 1851ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church& 67
MethodistJesse M. 1852-1853ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistRichard H. 1854ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church& 63
MethodistHoratio O. 1855ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn H. 1856ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn 1859ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church& 65-67
MethodistR. H. 1861ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistS. R. 1862ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistGeorge A. 1868-1869ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistCalvin S. 1870ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistJames 1871-1874ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistM. B. 1872-1873ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn H. 1875-1878ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistJosephus 1879-1882ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistF. A. 1883ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn 1884ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistE. A. 1884-1885ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church
MethodistE. M. 1886ARWhite CoSearcy, Methodist Church

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6MinistersAR, Chicot Co, Eudora, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Chicot Co, Lake Village, Baptist Church
10MinistersAR, Clark Co, Amity, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Clark Co, Arkadelphia, Baptist Church
27MinistersAR, Clark Co, Arkadelphia, Methodist Church
6MinistersAR, Clark Co, Arkadelphia, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersAR, Clark Co, Gurdon, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersAR, Clay Co, Boydsville, Methodist Church Circuit
14MinistersAR, Cleburne Co, Quitman, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Columbia Co, Atlanta, Methodist Church Circuit
27MinistersAR, Columbia Co, Magnolia, Methodist Church
24MinistersAR, Conway Co, Lewisburg, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Conway Co, Morrilton, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Conway Co, Morrilton, Presbyterian Church
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3MinistersAR, Craighead Co, Jonesboro, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersAR, Crawford Co, Mountainburg, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Crawford Co, Van Buren, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersAR, Cross Co, Wittsburg, Methodist Church
37MinistersAR, Dallas Co, Princeton, Methodist Church
15MinistersAR, Desha Co, Napolean, Methodist Church
26MinistersAR, Drew Co, Lacey, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Drew Co, Monticello, Baptist Church
21MinistersAR, Drew Co, Monticello, Methodist Church
7MinistersAR, Drew Co, Monticello, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersAR, Drew Co, Selma, Methodist Church
12MinistersAR, Faulkner Co, Cadron, Methodist Church
20MinistersAR, Faulkner Co, Mt Vernon, Methodist Church
10MinistersAR, Franklin Co, Altus, Methodist Church
11MinistersAR, Franklin Co, Charleston, Methodist Church
27MinistersAR, Franklin Co, Ozark, Methodist Church
2MinistersAR, Garland Co, Hot Springs, Baptist Church
18MinistersAR, Garland Co, Hot Springs, Methodist Church Circuit
5MinistersAR, Garland Co, Hot Springs, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersAR, Garland Co, Hot Springs, St Lukes Episcopal Church
5MinistersAR, Grant Co, Sheridan, Methodist Church
7MinistersAR, Hempstead Co, Hope, Methodist Church
13MinistersAR, Hempstead Co, Methodist Church
22MinistersAR, Hot Spring Co, Rockport, Methodist Church
14MinistersAR, Howard Co, Blue Bayou, Methodist Church
13MinistersAR, Howard Co, Mineral Springs, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Independence Co, Batesville, Baptist Church
36MinistersAR, Independence Co, Batesville, Methodist Church
7MinistersAR, Independence Co, Batesville, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersAR, Independence Co, Batesville, St Pauls Episcopal Church
5MinistersAR, Jackson Co, Grand Glaise, Methodist Church
22MinistersAR, Jackson Co, Jacksonport, Methodist Church
7MinistersAR, Jefferson Co, Moscow, Methodist Church
5MinistersAR, Jefferson Co, Pine Bluff, Baptist Church
30MinistersAR, Jefferson Co, Pine Bluff, Methodist Church Circuit
2MinistersAR, Jefferson Co, Pine Bluff, Second Presbyterian Church
2MinistersAR, Jefferson Co, Pine Bluff, Trinity Episcopal Church
1MinistersAR, Johnson Co, Clarksville, First Presbyterian Church
37MinistersAR, Johnson Co, Clarksville, Methodist Church
5MinistersAR, Johnson Co, Ozone, Methodist Church
11MinistersAR, Lafayette Co, Lewisville, Methodist Church
17MinistersAR, Lawrence Co, Powhatan, Methodist Church
16MinistersAR, Lawrence Co, Smithville, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Lee Co, Marianna, First Presbyterian Church
7MinistersAR, Lee Co, Marianna, Methodist Church
9MinistersAR, Lee Co, Rondo, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Lincoln Co, Star City, Methodist Church
21MinistersAR, Little River Co, Richmond, Methodist Church
13MinistersAR, Logan Co, Booneville, Methodist Church
5MinistersAR, Logan Co, Booneville, Methodist Church Circuit
12MinistersAR, Logan Co, Paris, Methodist Church
21MinistersAR, Lonoke Co, Austin, Methodist Church
8MinistersAR, Lonoke Co, Carlisle, Methodist Church
9MinistersAR, Lonoke Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Lonoke Co, Sylvania, Presbyterian Church
28MinistersAR, Madison Co, Huntsville, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Marion Co, Dodd City, Presbyterian Church
26MinistersAR, Marion Co, Yellville, Methodist Church
11MinistersAR, Miller Co, Brightstar, Methodist Church
8MinistersAR, Miller Co, Texarkana, Methodist Church
20MinistersAR, Monroe Co, Clarendon, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Monroe Co, Clarendon, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersAR, Montgomery Co, Mount Ida, Methodist Church
17MinistersAR, Nevada Co, Falcon, Methodist Church
12MinistersAR, Nevada Co, Falcon, Methodist Church Circuit
11MinistersAR, Newton Co, Jasper, Methodist Church
5MinistersAR, Ouachita Co, Buena Vista, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Ouachita Co, Camden, Baptist Church
27MinistersAR, Ouachita Co, Camden, Methodist Church
5MinistersAR, Ouachita Co, Camden, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersAR, Ouachita Co, Camden, St Johns Episcopal Church
9MinistersAR, Perry Co, Fourche, Methodist Church
16MinistersAR, Perry Co, Perryville, Methodist Church
6MinistersAR, Phillips Co, Helena, Baptist Church
31MinistersAR, Phillips Co, Helena, Methodist Church
7MinistersAR, Phillips Co, Helena, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersAR, Phillips Co, Helena, St Johns Episcopal Church
22MinistersAR, Pike Co, Murfreesboro, Methodist Church
4MinistersAR, Pope Co, Atkins, Methodist Church
31MinistersAR, Pope Co, Dover, Methodist Church
8MinistersAR, Pope Co, Russellville, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Pope Co, Russellville, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersAR, Prairie Co, Des Arc, Episcopal Church
11MinistersAR, Prairie Co, Des Arc, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Prairie Co, Des Arc, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersAR, Prairie Co, Hickory Plains, Methodist Church
1MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, Central Presbyterian Church
9MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, Christ Episcopal Church
3MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, First Baptist Church
17MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, Methodist Church Circuit
3MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, Second Presbyterian Church
5MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, Second Street Methodist Church
10MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, Spring Street Methodist Church
7MinistersAR, Pulaski Co, Little Rock, Trinity Cathedral
16MinistersAR, Randolph Co, Pocahontas, Methodist Church
28MinistersAR, Saline Co, Benton, Methodist Church
12MinistersAR, Saline Co, Collegeville, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Saline Co, Sardis, Baptist Church
23MinistersAR, Scott Co, Waldron, Methodist Church
16MinistersAR, Searcy Co, Marshall, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Sebastian Co, Fort Smith, Baptist Church
30MinistersAR, Sebastian Co, Fort Smith, Methodist Church
7MinistersAR, Sebastian Co, Fort Smith, St Johns Episcopal Church
16MinistersAR, Sebastian Co, Greenwood, Methodist Church
11MinistersAR, Sevier Co, Lockesburg, Methodist Church
11MinistersAR, St Francis Co, Palestine, Methodist Church
11MinistersAR, Stone Co, Mountain View, Methodist Church
27MinistersAR, Union Co, El Dorado, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Union Co, Mt Holly, Presbyterian Church
18MinistersAR, Van Buren Co, Clinton, Methodist Church
5MinistersAR, Washington Co, Fayetteville, Baptist Church
22MinistersAR, Washington Co, Fayetteville, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, Washington Co, Fayetteville, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersAR, Washington Co, Fayetteville, St Pauls Episcopal Church
4MinistersAR, Washington Co, Springdale, Baptist Church
13MinistersAR, Washington Co, Viney Grove, Methodist Church
3MinistersAR, White Co, Beebe, Methodist Church Circuit
4MinistersAR, White Co, Judsonia, Baptist Church
4MinistersAR, White Co, Liberty Valley, Methodist Church
19MinistersAR, White Co, Searcy, Methodist Church
24MinistersAR, Woodruff Co, Augusta, Methodist Church
14MinistersAR, Woodruff Co, Augusta, Methodist Church Circuit
12MinistersAR, Yell Co, Bluffton, Methodist Church
13MinistersAR, Yell Co, Danville, Methodist Church
28MinistersAR, Yell Co, Dardanelle, Methodist Church
18MinistersAR, Yell Co, Dardanelle, Methodist Church Circuit
4MinistersAR, Yell Co, Dardanelle, Presbyterian Church

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