List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

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List of Pastors and Ministers; Last: Cross
FirstLastServiceOther RoleStateCountyPlaceOtherSrc
MethodistA. 1851NYTompkins CoAsbury, Methodist Church
CongregationalAbijah 1824-1829MAEssex CoSalisbury, Congregational Church
CongregationalAbijah 1824-1829NHMerrimack CoSalisbury, Congregational Church
CongregationalAbijah 1829-1853MAEssex CoWest Haverhill, Congregational Church
Church of ScotlandAlexander 1905ScotlandFifeshireTorryburn, Scots Church
Church of ScotlandAlexander 1919ScotlandPerthshireMuthill, Scots Church
UnitarianAlfred 1884-1885MAPlymouth CoSouth Hingham, Second Unitarian Church
CongregationalAllen Eastman 1891-1896MAEssex CoCliftondale, Congregational Church
CongregationalAllen Eastman 1896-1901MAHampden CoSpringfield, Park Congregational Church
CongregationalAllen Eastman 1901AssistantMASuffolk CoBoston, Third Congregational Church
CongregationalAllen Eastman 1902MASuffolk CoBoston, Old South Church
PresbyterianC. B. 1883PAYork CoChanceford Presbyterian Church
MethodistC. D. 1891ORPolk CoDallas, Methodist Church
MethodistC. U. 1891ORTillamook CoTillamook, Methodist Church Circuit
MethodistC. U. 1894-1895ORLinn CoBrownsville, Methodist Church Circuit
MethodistC. U. 1898ORJackson CoApplegate, Methodist Church Circuit
MethodistC. U. 1899ORJackson CoApplegate, Methodist Church
MethodistC. U. 1900ORDouglas CoMyrtle Creek, Methodist Church
PresbyterianCharles C. 1837-1841PABradford CoOrwell, Presbyterian Church
MethodistColeman H. 1857TNHardin CoSavannah, Methodist Church
PresbyterianCraig Boyd 1883-1891PAYork CoChanceford Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianCraig Boyd 1891-1901PALebanon CoLebanon, Christ Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianCraig Boyd 1904-1906PACumberland CoDickinson, Presbyterian Church
BaptistDavid 1829-1870VTCaledonia CoSutton, Baptist Church
MethodistDavid 1845-1847OHMuskingum CoAdamsville, Methodist Church& 55-56
MethodistDavid 1850-1852OHBelmont CoBarnesville, Methodist Church Circuit
MethodistDavid 1858-1859PAGreene CoGreensboro, Methodist Church& Mapletown
MethodistDavid 1863-1863OHWashington CoBeverly, Methodist Church Circuit
BaptistEarle Bennett 1910NHStrafford CoDover, Baptist Church
EpiscopalEason 1923-1924NYNew York CoNew York City, Grace Episcopal Church
MethodistEdward 1947-1949PAPotter CoGaleton, Gaines Methodist Church
CongregationalEdward Weeks 1911-1915MTPark CoLivingston, Congregational Church
CongregationalGorham 1839-1879NYSt Lawrence CoRichville, Congregational Church
BaptistHenry 1874-1879MNRamsey CoSt Paul, First Baptist Church
BaptistHenry 1886-1892NJMonmouth CoManasquan, Baptist Church
BaptistHenry 1892-1896NJEssex CoOrange, Baptist Church
PresbyterianHenry Webster 1885-1887OHLicking CoJersey, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianHenry Webster 1888-1889MNOlmsted CoOronoco, Presbyterian Church& Chester
PresbyterianHenry Webster 1892-1894OHWood CoTontogany, Presbyterian Church& Dunbridge
PresbyterianHenry Webster 1894ILMassac CoMetropolis, Presbyterian Church
CongregationalJ. Morris 1856-1857NHMerrimack CoWilmot, Congregational Church
PresbyterianJ. Morris 1869-1882MIOttawa CoGrand Haven, Presbyterian Church
BaptistJesse 1835-1839NHSullivan CoSpringfield, Baptist Church& 40-50
BaptistJesse 1839-1840NHMerrimack CoWilmot, Baptist Church& 57-65
CongregationalJesse Morris 1855-1856NHMerrimack CoPenacook, Congregational Church& Boscawen
PresbyterianJesse Morris 1859-1864OHChampaign CoUrbana, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJesse Morris 1865-1869OHHancock CoFindlay, First Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJesse Morris 1883-1886OHLicking CoGranville, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJesse Morris 1887-1891ILMorgan CoJacksonville, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJohn 1732-1741NJSomerset CoBasking Ridge, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJonathan 1866-1873WVOhio CoWheeling, Third Presbyterian Church
MethodistJoseph 1835-1837NYWayne CoWolcott, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph 1840-1841NYMadison CoCazenovia, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph 1842NYCayuga CoAuburn, First Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph 1848KYBoyle CoDanville, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph 1849KYMason CoMaysville, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph 1850-1851TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph 1852-1853SCCharleston CoCharleston, Bethel Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph 1860TNSumner CoGallatin, Methodist Church
EpiscopalJoseph 1878-1879NYOswego CoMexico, Grace Episcopal Church
EpiscopalJoseph 1890NYMadison CoHamilton, St Thomas Episcopal Church
CongregationalJoseph Warren 1829-1831MABarnstable CoChatham, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Warren 1834-1839MAMiddlesex CoBoxboro, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Warren 1840-1859MAWorcester CoWest Boylston, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Warren 1859ILLake CoWaukegan, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Warren 1860MAWorcester CoSterling, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Warren 1898-1901MAWorcester CoWorcester, Congregational Church
BaptistJosiah Davis 1850-1857NHGrafton CoWentworth, Baptist Church& 94-95,98-99
BaptistJosiah Davis 1857-1861VTOrange CoStrafford, Baptist Church
BaptistJosiah Davis 1861-1863VTWindsor CoSharon, Baptist Church& 84-88
BaptistJosiah Davis 1865-1870VTOrange CoVershire, Baptist Church
BaptistJosiah Davis 1880-1883NHGrafton CoDorchester, Baptist Church
BaptistJosiah Davis 1888-1891NHSullivan CoWashington, Baptist Church
CongregationalJudson Lewis 1904-1908CTFairfield CoTrumbull, Congregational Church
CongregationalJudson Lewis 1908-1914NYSchenectady CoSchenectady, Congregational Church
CongregationalJudson Lewis 1914MAWorcester CoFitchburg, Congregational Church
CongregationalM. K. 1850MAFranklin CoDeerfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalMoses Kimball 1842-1849MAHampden CoPalmer, Congregational Church
CongregationalMoses Kimball 1855-1865IACedar CoTipton, Congregational Church
CongregationalMoses Kimball 1865-1867IAWashington CoWashington, Congregational Church
CongregationalMoses Kimball 1867-1871IABremer CoWaverly, Congregational Church
MethodistPreston A. 1913-1916MIAllegan CoPlainwell, Methodist Church
MethodistPreston A. 1929-1930NJPassaic CoMidvale, Methodist Church
MethodistPreston A. 1935-1937PAErie CoAlbion, Grace Methodist Church
BaptistR. D. 1895-1899NCBertie CoWindsor, Cashie Baptist Church
BaptistR. D. 1898-1900NCHertford CoAhoskie Baptist Church
MethodistR. L. 1915-1916ILVermilion CoBismark, Methodist Church
CongregationalRaymond Willard 1919-1922IABlack Hawk CoWaterloo, Congregational Church
CongregationalRaymond Willard 1922IACalhoun CoManson, Congregational Church
PresbyterianRobert 1710-1728DENew Castle CoNew Castle, Presbyterian Church
CongregationalRobert 1725-1780NYQueens CoJamaica, Congregational Church
PresbyterianRobert 1737-1758PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, First Presbyterian Church
CongregationalRoselle Theodore 1874-1876NYMadison CoHamilton, Congregational Church
CongregationalRoselle Theodore 1876-1881COEl Paso CoColorado Springs, Congregational Church
CongregationalRoselle Theodore 1881-1889CODenver CoDenver, Third Congregational Church
CongregationalRoselle Theodore 1889-1891MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Fremont Ave Congregational Church
CongregationalRoselle Theodore 1893-1903NEYork CoYork, Congregational Church
CongregationalRoselle Theodore 1903-1904ORLane CoEugene, Congregational Church
CongregationalRowland S. 1881-1886MNOlmsted CoDouglas, Congregational Church
CongregationalRowland S. 1888MNTodd CoWest Union, Congregational Church
Updated: 21 Jan 2020

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Most Recent Entries
4MinistersAustralia, Victoria, Melbourne, Scots Church
3MinistersCanada, New Brunswick, St John, St Stephens Scots Church
4MinistersCanada, New Brunswick, Woodstock, Scots Church
7MinistersCanada, Prince Edward Island, Georgetown, St Peters Road Church
6MinistersGrenada, , Scots Church
3MinistersGuyana, , Demerara, St Andrews Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Cruden, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Culsalmond, Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Fintray, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Footdee, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Forbes, Scots Church
13MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Holm, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Kininmonth, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Logie-Buchan, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Logie-Coldstone, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Methlick, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Midmar, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Monquhitter, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Morven, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Dundee, St Clements Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Dundee, St Marys Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Dundee, Wallacetown Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Eassie and Nevay, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Kingoldrum, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Kirriemuir, South Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Lethnot, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Lintrathen, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Lochlee, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Logie-Pert, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Lundie and Fowlis, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Mains and Strathmartine, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Menmuir, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Montrose, Melville Scots Church
15MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Montrose, Second Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Craignish, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Cumlodden, Scots Church
4MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Innellan, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Kilcalmonell and Kilberry, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Kilcalmonell, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Kilfinichen, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Kilmallie, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Kilmodan, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Kinlochspelvie, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Lismore, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Argyleshire, Muckairn, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Ayrshire, Hurlford, Scots Church
13MinistersScotland, Ayrshire, Irvine, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Ayrshire, Kilmarnock, Second Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Ayrshire, Loudoun, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Banffshire, Deskford, Scots Church
14MinistersScotland, Banffshire, Forglen, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Banffshire, Mortlach, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Cockburnspath, Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Coldingham, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Cranshaws, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Edrom, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Eyemouth, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Fogo, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Houndwood, Scots Church
19MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Lauder, Scots Church
15MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Legerwood, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Longformacus, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Mertoun, Scots Church
4MinistersScotland, Berwickshire, Mordington, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Caithness, Berriedale, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Caithness, Halkirk, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Caithness, Latheron, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Caithness, Lybster, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Clackmannanshire, Muckhart, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Dumfries, Greyfriars Church
8MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Hoddam, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Holywood, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Kirkgunzeon, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Kirkmahoe, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Kirkmichael, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Dumfriesshire, Kirkpatrick-Juxta, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Dunbartonshire, Kilmaronock, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Dunbartonshire, Kirkintilloch, St Davids Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, East Lothian, Haddington, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, East Lothian, Haddington, Second Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, East Lothian, Morham, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Cupar, Second Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Dairsie, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Dalgety, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Dunfermline, Second Scots Church
4MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Dunfermline, St Andrews Scots Church
13MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Ferryport on Craig, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Flisk, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Forgan, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Kirkcaldy, Second Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Largo, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Fifeshire, Mossgreen, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Bracadale, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Daviot and Dunlichty, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Duirinish, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Duthil, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Fort Augustus, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Fort William, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Hallin in Waternish, Scots Church
13MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Harris, Scots Church
13MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Inverness, First Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Inverness, Second Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Inverness, St Stephens Scots Church
19MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Inverness, Third Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Kiltarlity, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Inverness-shire, Kingussie, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Kincardineshire, Dunnottar, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Kincardineshire, Fetteresso, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Kincardineshire, Maryculter, Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Kirkcudbrightshire, Kirkpatrick-Irongray, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Kirkcudbrightshire, Lochrutton, Scots Church
13MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Dalziel, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Duke Street Gaelic Church
7MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Kelvinhaugh Church
6MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Queens Park Church
5MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, St Lukes Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, St Thomas Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Hamilton, Second Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Lesmahagow, Second Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Libberton and Quothquan, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Cockpen, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh Castle Chapel
7MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, Canongate Church
4MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, Dean Church
13MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, Gaelic Church
8MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, edinburgh, Greenside Church
12MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, Lady Glenorchys Chapel
4MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, St Davids Scots Church
4MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, St Lukes Scots Church
4MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, St Margarets Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Heriot, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Lasswade, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Leith, St Pauls Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Leith, St Thomas Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Morayshire, Dyke, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Morayshire, Edinkillie, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Orkney Islands, Firth and Stenness, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Orkney Islands, Hoy and Graemsay, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Orkney Islands, Kirkwall, Scots Church
17MinistersScotland, Orkney Islands, Kirkwall, Second Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Peebleshire, Drumelzier, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Peebleshire, Innerleithen, Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Peebleshire, Kirkurd, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Peebleshire, Lyne and Megget, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Collace, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Dunbarney, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Fortingall, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Fowlis Wester, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Kinclaven, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Kinnoull, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Kinross, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Logiealmond, Scots Church
13MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Longforgan, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Moneydie, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Muthill, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Perth, Middle Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Perthshire, Perth, St Stephens Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Renfrewshire, Greenock, East Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Renfrewshire, Greenock, Gaelic Church
5MinistersScotland, Renfrewshire, Greenock, Middle Church
7MinistersScotland, Renfrewshire, Greenock, West Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Renfrewshire, Killellan, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Renfrewshire, Mearns, Scots Church
4MinistersScotland, Renfrewshire, Port Glasgow, Scots Church
12MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Contin, Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Dingwall, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Edderton, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Fearn, Scots Church
11MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Kiltearn, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Kinlochluichart, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Kintail, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Knockbain, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Lochalsh, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Lochbroom, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Ross and Cromarty, Logie-Easter, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Eckford, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Ednam, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Hassendean, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Hobkirk, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Hownam, Scots Church
23MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Jedburgh, Scots Church
15MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Kelso, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Makerstoun, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Melrose, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Minto, Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Roxburgshire, Morebattle, Scots Church
10MinistersScotland, Selkirkshire, Ettrick, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Shetland, Delting, Scots Church
9MinistersScotland, Shetland, Dunrossness, Scots Church
8MinistersScotland, Shetland, Fetlar, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, Stirlingshire, Lecropt, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Stirlingshire, Muiravonside, Scots Church
16MinistersScotland, Sutherland, Dornoch Cathedral
8MinistersScotland, Sutherland, Eddrachillis, Scots Church
6MinistersScotland, Sutherland, Kinlochbervie, Scots Church
15MinistersScotland, Sutherland, Lairg, Scots Church
7MinistersScotland, Sutherland, Loth, Scots Church
5MinistersScotland, West Lothian, Linlithgow, Second Scots Church
5MinistersSri Lanka, , Colombo, St Andrews Church

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08 Jan 2020Records of Rochester6,3936,393
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19 Oct 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1500-1714, Vol 15,801239
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05 Sep 2019Alne, St Helens Church51
05 Sep 2019Market Weighton, All Saints Church52
04 Sep 2019London, St Bride Fleet Street Church70
04 Sep 2019Boroughbridge, St James Church54
04 Sep 2019Hemingbrough, St Marys Church50
04 Sep 2019Barton Stacey, All Saints Church50
04 Sep 2019Wath upon Dearne, All Saints Church51
04 Sep 2019Dorney, St James the Less Church53
04 Sep 2019Leek Wootton, All Saints Church50
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