List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

Source: Congregational Year Book 1920

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added.  Also see: Minister TransfersMore >>

List of Pastors and Ministers
CongregationalEdwin Homer 1906-1909IAO`Brien CoGaza, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid Reed 1878-1884WIWaukesha CoOconomowoc, Congregational Church& 92-96
CongregationalDavid Reed 1884-1888WIRacine CoRacine, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid Reed 1890-1892WIWalworth CoElkhorn, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid Reed 1900-1903MOClinton CoCameron, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid Reed 1903-1905WILafayette CoShullsburg, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid Reed 1905-1907WIMarinette CoPeshtigo, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid Reed 1907-1911WIManitowoc CoTwo Rivers, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid Reed 1911-1914WIColumbia CoRandolph, Congregational Church
CongregationalWalter Ellis 1911VTLamoille CoMorrisville, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid 1886-1887MIEaton CoVermontville, Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid 1891-1910ILCook CoChicago, Lincoln Park Congregational Church
CongregationalDavid 1910-1915WIRock CoJanesville, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Alphonso 1894OHLorain CoPittsfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Alphonso 1895-1899NHHillsborough CoBrookline, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Alphonso 1899-1902VTRutland CoWallingford, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Alphonso 1902-1909VTOrange CoWells River, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Alphonso 1909-1913NJPassaic CoPaterson, Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph Alphonso 1913-1920NYRockland CoSpring Valley, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdward William 1914-1918TXLamar CoParis, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam Louis 1908MNWinona CoSt Charles, Congregational Church
CongregationalReuben Leonard 1896-1898ILRock Island CoMoline, Congregational Church
CongregationalReuben Leonard 1898-1901MNWabasha CoWabasha, Congregational Church
CongregationalReuben Leonard 1905-1910IAWebster CoFort Dodge, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdwin Call 1890-1892MEPenobscot CoDexter, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdwin Call 1892-1900MECumberland CoFreeport, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdwin Call 1902-1905MEPenobscot CoVeazie, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdwin Call 1905-1910MEWashington CoJonesport, Congregational Church
CongregationalEdwin Call 1918-1919MEAroostook CoIsland Falls, Congregational Church
CongregationalSamuel Joshua 1876-1884CTNew Haven CoSouth Britain, Congregational Church
CongregationalClark 1869-1870CTTolland CoRockville, Congregational Church
CongregationalStephen B. 1881-1898CTWindham CoWestminster, Congregational Church
CongregationalEverett Sawyer 1898-1900ILLee CoAmboy, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1879-1881MEWashington CoJonesport, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1881-1885MEWashington CoPrinceton, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1885-1888MEYork CoLyman, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1888-1889CTWindham CoWest Woodstock, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1889-1891CTTolland CoHebron, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1892-1894MAWorcester CoHubbardston, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1894-1895MAWorcester CoSouth Royalston, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1904-1906NHCarroll CoCenter Ossipee, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1906VTOrange CoWest Newbury, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Balloch 1865-1868IAPottawattamie CoCouncil Bluffs, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Balloch 1869-1871NEDodge CoFremont, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Balloch 1880-1884IACherokee CoCherokee, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Balloch 1884-1887IAWoodbury CoSioux City, Congregational Church& 02-04
CongregationalJames Balloch 1891-1892IAHardin CoIowa Falls, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Balloch 1892-1895IATama CoToledo, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Balloch 1904-1905IACherokee CoAurelia, Congregational Church
CongregationalCephas Franklin 1883-1887SDYankton CoYankton, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Virgil 1893-1897TNShelby CoMemphis, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Virgil 1899-1904SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
CongregationalFranklin James 1889-1890ORMultnomah CoEast Portland, Congregational Church
CongregationalFranklin James 1890-1891CAYolo CoWoodland, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames 1861-1862CTLitchfield CoEast Canaan, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames 1865-1867MABerkshire CoSandisfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames 1867-1878NYOneida CoWestmoreland, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames 1878-1881NYOswego CoPhoenix, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames 1881-1883NYOrange CoHowells, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames 1883-1899NYEssex CoCrown Point, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames 1899-1906NYDelaware CoNorthfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalJeremiah M. 1893-1895ORWashington CoHillsboro, Congregational Church
CongregationalOrson Cobb 1861-1865ILCass CoChandlerville, Congregational Church
CongregationalOrson Cobb 1882-1888ILLaSalle CoEarlville, Congregational Church& 99-09
CongregationalOrson Cobb 1888-1896ILMadison CoGodfrey, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Henry 1889-1892MAMiddlesex CoAshland, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Henry 1892-1897NHHillsborough CoWilton, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Henry 1900-1906VTAddison CoNew Haven, Congregational Church
CongregationalHorace 1868-1869IAWapello CoEddyville, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Calvin 1888-1889MANantucket CoNantucket, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Calvin 1890-1893NYKings CoBrooklyn, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Calvin 1893-1899NJHudson CoJersey City, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Calvin 1908-1920MAWorcester CoBlackstone, Congregational Church
CongregationalJames Grinfill 1910-1914MECumberland CoSouth Portland, Bethany Congregational Church
CongregationalFranklin Luther 1883-1887ILDuPage CoDowners Grove, Congregational Church
CongregationalFranklin Luther 1887MNWabasha CoLake City, Congregational Church
CongregationalFranklin Luther 1888-1891MNNobles CoWorthington, Congregational Church
CongregationalFranklin Luther 1900-1903IABuena Vista CoSioux Rapids, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Leonard 1892-1900ILBureau CoProvidence, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Leonard 1908-1911CTNew London CoGriswold, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles Leonard 1911-1916CTNew London CoMontville, Congregational Church
CongregationalAmericus 1862-1866MEKennebec CoHallowell, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge Edward 1896-1902WIDodge CoFox Lake, Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn Francis 1895-1917MAHampshire CoSouth Amherst, Congregational Church
CongregationalReuben Albert 1910-1918NHRockingham CoAtkinson, Congregational Church
CongregationalReuben Albert 1919-1920MAWorcester CoHardwick, Congregational Church
CongregationalFrederick William 1885-1895MAEssex CoAndover, West Congregational Church
CongregationalFrederick William 1895-1920CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, South Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles 1861-1862ILWhiteside CoComo, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles 1862-1863ILWhiteside CoAlbany, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles 1865-1868ILBureau CoBuda, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles 1871-1877IAMitchell CoStacyville, Congregational Church
CongregationalSquire 1899-1919MNSwift CoBenson, Congregational Church
CongregationalGeorge William 1895-1897CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, Olivet Congregational Church
CongregationalFrederick Augustus 1911-1913VTAddison CoNew Haven, Congregational Church
CongregationalFredgnia Ellsworth 1910-1912COPueblo CoPueblo, Congregational Church
CongregationalFredgnia Ellsworth 1913-1914OHLicking CoNewark, Plymouth Congregational Church
CongregationalFredgnia Ellsworth 1914-1918CODenver CoDenver, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalEmanuel 1880-1883CAButte CoParadise, Congregational Church
CongregationalEmanuel 1894-1900CASan Mateo CoPescadero, Congregational Church
Updated: 03 Mar 2019

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Most Recent Entries
17MinistersEngland, Berkshire, Newbury, Unitarian Church
15MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Knutsford, Unitarian Church
17MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Macclesfield, King Edward Street Unitarian Church
23MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Nantwich, Unitarian Church
33MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Northwich, Methodist Church
12MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Sale, Unitarian Church
4MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Stalybridge, Canal Street Unitarian Church
22MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Stockport, St Petersgate Unitarian Church
6MinistersEngland, Cheshire, Styal, Unitarian Church
9MinistersEngland, Derbyshire, Norton Chapel Unitarian Church
31MinistersEngland, Devon, Okehampton, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Dorset, Wareham, South Street Unitarian Church
7MinistersEngland, Durham, South Shields, Unitarian Church
22MinistersEngland, Durham, Stockton on Tees, Unitarian Church
13MinistersEngland, Durham, Sunderland, Bridge Street Unitarian Church
10MinistersEngland, Essex, Saffron Walden, Unitarian Church
20MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Newport, Unitarian Church
13MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Portsmouth, High Street Unitarian Church
14MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Portsmouth, St Thomas Street Chapel
23MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Ringwood, St Thomas Unitarian Church
9MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Southampton, Church of the Saviour
34MinistersEngland, Hampshire, Yarmouth, Middlegate Street Unitarian Church
9MinistersEngland, Hertfordshire, St Albans, Lower Dagnall Street Unitarian Church
23MinistersEngland, Kent, Maidstone, Unitarian Church
10MinistersEngland, Kent, Tenterden, Unitarian Church
24MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Lancaster, South Nicholas Street Unitarian Church
8MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Hamilton Road Unitarian Church
15MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Hope Street Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Renshaw St Chapel
20MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Toxteth Park Chapel
5MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, Birch Lane Unitarian Church
12MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, Brookfield Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, Cross Street Unitarian Chapel
11MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, Platt Unitarian Church
6MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, Strangeways Unitarian Church
9MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, Upper Brook Unitarian Church
4MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Middleton, Old Road Unitarian Church
16MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Monton, Unitarian Church
6MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Mossley, Unitarian Church
7MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Newchurch, Bethlehem Unitarian Church
25MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Oldham, Manchester Street Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Oldham, Unitarian Church
15MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Oldham, Wesley Methodist Church
27MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Ormskirk, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Ormskirk, Unitarian Church
24MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Padiham, Methodist Church
7MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Padiham, Nazareth Unitarian Church
9MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Prescot, Atherton Street Unitarian Church
23MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Preston, Church Street Unitarian Church
10MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Rawtenstall, Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Rivington, Unitarian Church
23MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Rochdale, Blackwater Street Unitarian Church
5MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Rochdale, Clover Street Unitarian Church
14MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Stand Chapel Unitarian Church
12MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Walmsley, Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Warrington, Cairo Street Unitarian Church
11MinistersEngland, Lancashire, Wigan, Park Lane Unitarian Church
9MinistersEngland, Leicestershire, Leicester, Newarke Unitarian Church
6MinistersEngland, Leicestershire, Leicester, Wellington Street Unitarian Church
16MinistersEngland, Leicestershire, Loughborough, Unitarian Church
22MinistersEngland, Lincolnshire, Lincoln, High Street Unitarian Church
20MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Hackney, Unitarian Church
17MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Hampstead, Unitarian Church
22MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Islington, Unity Church
7MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Kensington, Essex Unitarian Church
7MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Kentish Town, Unitarian Church
8MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, Brixton Unitarian Church
4MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, Croydon Unitarian Church
8MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, Deptford Unitarian Church
5MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, Peckham Unitarian Church
6MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, St Lukes Old Street Church
26MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, Stamford Street Unitarian Church
8MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Marylebone, Unitarian Church
16MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Southwark, South Thomas Street Unitarian Chapel
6MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Stepney, Unitarian Church
22MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Stoke Newington Green Unitarian Church
5MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Stratford, West Ham Lane Unitarian Church
30MinistersEngland, Norfolk, North Walsham, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Norfolk, Norwich, Octagon Chapel Unitarian Church
16MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Northampton, Kettering Road Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Northampton, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Northamptonshire, Oundle, Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Church of the Divine Unity
34MinistersEngland, Northumberland, North Shields, Methodist Church
18MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Mansfield, Unitarian Church
8MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Newark, Kings Road Unitarian Church
16MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, Arkwright Street Methodist Church
8MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, Christ Unitarian Church
38MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, Halifax Place Methodist Church
29MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, High Pavement Unitarian Church
39MinistersEngland, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, Wesley Methodist Church
33MinistersEngland, Oxfordshire, Oxford, Methodist Church
14MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Oldbury, Unitarian Church
8MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Oswestry, Methodist Church
22MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Unitarian Church
15MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Wem, Noble Street Unitarian Church
7MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Whitchurch, Church of the Saviour
14MinistersEngland, Shropshire, Whitchurch, Dodington Presbyterian Church
4MinistersEngland, Somerset, Taunton, Tancred Street Presbyterian Church
4MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Longton, Stone Road Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Newcastle under Lyme, Old Meeting Unitarian Church
11MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Tamworth, Colehill Presbyterian Church
17MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Walsall, Stafford Street Unitarian Church
15MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Unitarian Church
23MinistersEngland, Sussex, Lewes, Unitarian Church
15MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Nuneaton, Methodist Church
11MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Warwick, High Street Unitarian Church
7MinistersEngland, Worcestershire, Lye, High Street Unitarian Church
13MinistersEngland, Worcestershire, Stourbridge, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Doncaster, Priory Place Methodist Church
5MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Hunslet, Joseph Street Unitarian Church
16MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Leeds, Mill Hill Unitarian Church
21MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Lydgate, New Mill Unitarian Church
12MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Malton, Wheelgate Unitarian Church
11MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Middlesborough, Unitarian Church
18MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Northallerton, Methodist Church
10MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Pudsey, Church Lane Unitarian Church
14MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Rotherham, Church of Our Father
5MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Scarborough, Unitarian Church
14MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Selby, St Michaels Presbyterian Church
25MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Sheffield, Upper Chapel Unitarian Church
7MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Sheffield, Upperthorpe Unitarian Church
25MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Stannington, Underbank Unitarian Church
11MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Todmorden, Unitarian Church
13MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Wakefield, Westgate Unitarian Church
19MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Whitby, Flowergate Unitarian Church
13MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, York, St Saviourgate Presbyterian Church
11MinistersGermany, Bayern, Nuremberg, Methodist Church
13MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Antrim, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Ballee, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Ballycarry, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Ballyclare, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Ballymoney, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Belfast, All Souls Unitarian Church
21MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Belfast, First Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Belfast, Mountpottinger Unitarian Church
5MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Belfast, York Street Unitarian Church
10MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Cairncastle, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Carrickfergus, Joymount Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Crumlin, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Glenarm, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Larne, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Raloo, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Templepatrick, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIreland, Cork Co, Bandon, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Cork Co, Cork, Princess Street Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIreland, Down Co, Ballyhemlin, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersIreland, Down Co, Banbridge, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIreland, Down Co, Clough, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Downpatrick, First Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Dromore, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Dunmurry, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIreland, Down Co, Grey Abbey, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Holywood, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Killinchy, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersIreland, Down Co, Moira, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Moneyrea, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Newry, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Newtonnards, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIreland, Down Co, Rademon, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIreland, Down Co, Ravara, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Warrenpoint, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Cooke Street Presbyterian Church
16MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Eustace Street Presbyterian Church
17MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Strand Street Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Londonderry Co, Limavady, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIreland, Tipperary Co, Clonmel, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersItaly, Veneto, Padua, Methodist Church
6MinistersJamaica, , Ocho Rios, Methodist Church
5MinistersKY, Union Co, Morganfield, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Apalachin, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersPortugal, Norte, Oporto, Methodist Church
18MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, George Street Unitarian Church
48MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, Methodist Church
5MinistersScotland, Angusshire, Dundee, Unitarian Church
5MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, South St Mungo Street Unitarian Church
13MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, St Vincent Street Unitarian Church
14MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, St Marks Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Breconshire, Cefncoed y Cymmer, Unitarian Church
5MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Alltyblacca, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Capel y Fadfa, Unitarian Church
10MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Ciliau Aeron, Unitarian Church
9MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Cribin, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Llwynrhydowen, Unitarian Church
6MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Pantdefaid, Unitarian Church
8MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Caeronen, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Capel y Groes, Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Carmarthen, Unitarian Church
5MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Onenfawr, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, St Clears, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Aberdare, Highland Place Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Aberdare, Non-conformist Church
10MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Bridgend, High Street Unitarian Church
3MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Cardiff, West Grove Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Gellionen, Unitarian Church
8MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Merthyr Tydfil, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Nottage, Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Swansea, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Trebanos, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Monmouthshire, Panteg, Baptist Church

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