List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

About this page: This list compiles source lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added.  Also see: Minister TransfersMore >>

List of Pastors and Ministers; State: NC
MethodistWilliam 1829-1831NCWake CoGarner, Mt Zion Methodist Church
MethodistDavid 1992-1996NCChatham CoBynum Methodist Church
BaptistEvan Andrew 1963-1966NCGranville CoWest Oxford Baptist Church
MethodistWilliam W. 1853-1854NCForsyth CoKernersville, Main St Methodist Church
MethodistAvery S. 1919-1920NCOrange CoChapel Hill, Orange Methodist Church
BaptistC. A. 1935-1936NCCaldwell CoGranite Falls, Dudley Shoals Baptist Church
BaptistDan W. 1967-1973NCStanly CoNew London, Kendalls Baptist Church
MethodistR. L. 1851NCBurke CoMorganton, Methodist Church
BaptistW. W. 1943-1948NCOrange CoHillsborough, First Baptist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1886-1887NCWayne CoMt Olive, First United Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1888-1890NCWayne CoMt Olive, First United Methodist Church
MethodistW. N. 1828NCGuilford CoGreensboro, West Market St Methodist Church
BaptistA. F. 1919NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistA. F. 1921NCWilkes CoMt Zion Baptist Church
BaptistA. F. 1924NCWilkes CoMountain Valley Baptist Church
BaptistA. F. 1929NCWilkes CoMountain Valley Baptist Church
BaptistA. M. 1926NCWilkes CoFlint Hill Baptist Church
BaptistArthur 1914NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistArthur 1920-1922NCWilkes CoRock Springs Baptist Church
BaptistH. H. 1915NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistJ. M. 1919NCWilkes CoFlint Hill Baptist Church
BaptistJ. M. 1932NCWilkes CoFlint Hill Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie 1961-1962NCWilkes CoRock Springs Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie H. 1957NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie H. 1960NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie H. 1972NCWilkes CoMt Zion Baptist Church
BaptistR. W. 1942-1943NCPender CoBurgaw, Burgaw Baptist Church
MethodistCharles L. 1969NCRockingham CoBethlehem Methodist Church
BaptistD. A. 1918NCWilkes CoHaymeadow Baptist Church
Disciple of ChristD. H. 1882-1888NCBeaufort CoMt Olive Church of Christ
BaptistE. J. 1880-1884NCYadkin CoHamptonville, Swaim Baptist Church
BaptistE. J. 1890-1900NCYadkin CoBoonville, Richmond HIll Baptist Church
MethodistG. T. 1907-1910NCDurham CoDurham, Trinity Methodist Church
MethodistG. T. 1924-1929NCLee CoSanford, Steele St Methodist Church
BaptistG. W. 1900NCWilkes CoMt Zion Baptist Church
BaptistG. W. 1902NCWilkes CoMt Pisgah Baptist Church
BaptistG. W. 1903NCWilkes CoMountain Valley Baptist Church
BaptistG. W. 1916NCWilkes CoMt Zion Baptist Church
MethodistGaston Troy 1918-1922NCWayne CoGoldsboro, St Paul Methodist Church
BaptistGeorge W. 1880-1898NCWilkes CoNorth Wilkesboro, Baptist Home Church
Disciple of ChristIvan 1947NCMartin CoHassell Disciples of Christ
Disciple of ChristIvan 1948NCBeaufort CoBelhaven Christian Church
Disciple of ChristIvan 1952-1955NCPitt CoArthur Christian Church
Disciple of ChristIvan 1953-1955NCGreene CoEden Christian Church
BaptistJ. J. 1900NCJohnston CoBenson, Benson Baptist Church
PresbyterianJ. M. H. 1849-1850NCBuncombe CoAsheville, First Presbyterian Church
BaptistJ. W. 1899-1900NCWilkes CoNorth Wilkesboro, Baptist Home Church
BaptistJ. Z. 1921NCWilkes CoKnobbs Baptist Church
BaptistJ. Z. 1927NCWilkes CoKnobbs Baptist Church
BaptistJames Franklin 1967NCGranville CoOxford, Corinth Baptist Church
BaptistJohn 1880-1898NCWilkes CoNorth Wilkesboro, Baptist Home Church
BaptistJohn Quincy 1894-1899NCAnson CoWadesboro, Baptist Church
MethodistKinchen 1837NCHertford CoMurfreesboro, Methodist Church
BaptistM. A. 1902-1903NCJohnston CoSelma, Selma Baptist Church
BaptistM. A. 1903-1906NCWake CoWendell, Clydes Chapel Baptist Church
BaptistM. A. 1908-1910NCHertford CoAhoskie Baptist Church
BaptistMalicus Addison 1890-1891NCGranville CoOxford, Corinth Baptist Church
BaptistMalicus Addison 1898-1899NCGranville CoCreedmoor, Fellowship Baptist Church
BaptistMalicus Addison 1898-1900NCGranville CoCreedmor, Concord Baptist Church
BaptistMalicus Addison 1901-1903NCGranville CoStovall, Stovall Baptist Church
MethodistPhilip 1779NCChatham CoMt Pleasant Methodist Church
BaptistR. E. 1924-1925NCYadkin CoBoonville, Richmond HIll Baptist Church
BaptistR. E. 1926-1931NCYadkin CoEnon Baptist Church
BaptistR. E. 1929-1931NCYadkin CoBoonville, Shady Grove Baptist Church
BaptistR. E. 1930-1937NCYadkin CoCourtney Baptist Church
MethodistS. D. 1858NCRichmond CoRockingham, Beaver Dam Methodist Church
MethodistS. D. 1860NCRichmond CoRockingham, Beaver Dam Methodist Church
MethodistS. D. 1865NCRichmond CoRockingham, Beaver Dam Methodist Church
MethodistS. D. 1875-1877NCGuilford CoGreensboro, West Market St Methodist Church
MethodistShockley D. 1852-1853NCBladen CoDublin, Singletary Methodist Church
MethodistShockley D. 1861-1862NCChatham CoMt Pleasant Methodist Church
BaptistWilliam T. 1943-1944NCYadkin CoCourtney Baptist Church
BaptistZ. B. 1843-1848NCAlexander CoTaylorsville, Bethel Baptist Church
BaptistZechariah B. 1849NCAlexander CoPilgrim Baptist Church
LutheranC. C. 1950-1951NCDavidson CoLexington, Lebanon Lutheran Church
LutheranO. W. 1911-1912NCRowan CoSalisbury, Grace Lutheran Church
LutheranO. W. 1916-1920NCGaston CoDallas, Bethel Lutheran Church
LutheranO. W. 1916-1920NCLincoln CoBethpage Lutheran Church
BaptistRobert Eugene 1940-1941NCGranville CoCreedmoor, Olive Grove Baptist Church
MethodistIssac Watts 1855NCRockingham CoBethlehem Methodist Church
MethodistLovell Roy 1982-1988NCDurham CoDurham, Bethany Methodist Church
MethodistW. D. 1878-1879NCTransylvania CoBrevard, Methodist Church
MethodistW. D. 1880NCHenderson CoHendersonville, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1841NCRockingham CoBethlehem Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam W. 1836NCCurrituck CoMt Zion Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam W. 1836NCHyde CoMattamuskeet, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam W. 1852NCChatham CoPittsboro, Pittsboro Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Warren 1840NCRockingham CoBethlehem Methodist Church
MethodistJ. A. 1955NCMadison CoHot Springs, Antioch Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Thomas 1911-1915NCCabarrus CoConcord, Mt Olivet Methodist Church
BaptistJ. T. 1877-1879NCJohnston CoSelma, Selma Baptist Church
BaptistA. O. 1911NCBertie CoColerain, Colerain Baptist Church
MethodistDurward Belmont 1951-1954NCYancey CoBurnsville, Higgins Memorial Methodist Church
BaptistJacob O. 1896-1897NCBeaufort CoWashington, Baptist Church
BaptistJacob O. 1898-1899NCGuilford CoHigh Point, Baptist Church
BaptistJacob Oliver 1891NCCabarrus CoCold Water Baptist Church
BaptistJacob Oliver 1901-1903NCBertie CoWindsor, Cashie Baptist Church
MethodistClark C. 1916-1916NCOrange CoChapel Hill, Orange Methodist Church
Disciple of ChristE. C. 1949-1961NCChowan CoEdenton, Christian Church
BaptistHarold L. 1960-1961NCJohnston CoBenson, Benson Baptist Church
Most Recent Entries
4MinistersNC, Alamance Co, Burlington, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNC, Alamance Co, Graham, Presbyterian Church
26MinistersNC, Alexander Co, Dover Baptist Church
5MinistersNC, Alexander Co, Lebanon Baptist Church
16MinistersNC, Alexander Co, Pilgrim Baptist Church
29MinistersNC, Alexander Co, Taylorsville, Antioch Baptist Church
18MinistersNC, Alexander Co, Taylorsville, Bethel Baptist Church
3MinistersNC, Alleghany Co, Laurel Springs, Baptist Church
11MinistersNC, Anson Co, Ansonville, Methodist Church
5MinistersNC, Anson Co, Wadesboro, Baptist Church
21MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Athens Chapel Christian Church
24MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Bath Christian Church
21MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Beaver Dam Christian Church
23MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Belhaven Christian Church
20MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Elizabeth Chapel Christian Church
15MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Haw Branch Church of Christ
20MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Hunters Bridge Church of Christ
29MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Long Acre, Long Acre Chapel Church
13MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Mt Olive Church of Christ
4MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Washington, Baptist Church
16MinistersNC, Beaufort Co, Washington, Presbyterian Church
34MinistersNC, Bertie Co, Methodist Church
25MinistersNC, Bladen Co, Bladenboro, Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church
42MinistersNC, Brunswick Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Buncombe Co, Asheville, Methodist Church
10MinistersNC, Buncombe Co, Asheville, Trinity Episcopal Church
27MinistersNC, Buncombe Co, Biltmore Baptist Church
41MinistersNC, Buncombe Co, Candler, Hominy Baptist Church
6MinistersNC, Buncombe Co, Leicester, Methodist Church
9MinistersNC, Buncombe Co, Weaverville, Methodist Church Circuit
28MinistersNC, Burke Co, Morganton, Methodist Church
5MinistersNC, Burke Co, Morganton, Presbyterian Church
102MinistersNC, Cabarrus Co, Concord, Mt Olivet Methodist Church
8MinistersNC, Cabarrus Co, Concord, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNC, Cabarrus Co, Poplar Tent, Presbyterian Church
51MinistersNC, Caldwell Co, Grace Chapel Methodist Church
18MinistersNC, Caldwell Co, Grandin Baptist Church
33MinistersNC, Caldwell Co, Granite Falls, Dudley Shoals Baptist Church
31MinistersNC, Caldwell Co, Granite Falls, Mt Grove Baptist Church
47MinistersNC, Caldwell Co, Mulberry Baptist Church
29MinistersNC, Caldwell Co, Nelsons Chapel Baptist Church
9MinistersNC, Camden Co, Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Carteret Co, Morehead City, Baptist Church
6MinistersNC, Caswell Co, Methodist Church
6MinistersNC, Caswell Co, Yanceyville, Presbyterian Church
21MinistersNC, Catawba Co, Maiden, First Baptist Church
30MinistersNC, Catawba Co, Methodist Church
5MinistersNC, Chowan Co, Edenton, Baptist Church
14MinistersNC, Chowan Co, Edenton, Christian Church
32MinistersNC, Chowan Co, Edenton, Methodist Church
19MinistersNC, Cleveland Co, Poplar Springs Baptist Church
26MinistersNC, Craven Co, New Bern, Christ Episcopal Church
1MinistersNC, Craven Co, New Bern, Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Cumberland Co, Fayetteville, Baptist Church
11MinistersNC, Cumberland Co, Fayetteville, Methodist Church
3MinistersNC, Cumberland Co, Fayetteville, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersNC, Currituck Co, Jarvisburg Church of Christ
37MinistersNC, Dare Co, Kitty Hawk, Methodist Church
8MinistersNC, Dare Co, Methodist Church
9MinistersNC, Davidson Co, Lexington, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNC, Durham Co, Durham, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNC, Durham Co, Durham, Second Baptist Church
12MinistersNC, Durham Co, Durham, St Philips Episcopal Church
8MinistersNC, Edgecombe Co, Tarboro, Baptist Church
4MinistersNC, Edgecombe Co, Tarboro, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersNC, Forsyth Co, Winston-Salem, St Pauls Episcopal Church
29MinistersNC, Franklin Co, Mt Olivet Baptist Church
11MinistersNC, Gaston Co, Belmont, Methodist Church
6MinistersNC, Gaston Co, Gastonia, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersNC, Gates Co, Methodist Church
31MinistersNC, Granville Co, Bullock, Grassy Creek Baptist Church
5MinistersNC, Granville Co, Butner, First Baptist Church
29MinistersNC, Granville Co, Creedmoor, Fellowship Baptist Church
26MinistersNC, Granville Co, Creedmoor, First Baptist Church
31MinistersNC, Granville Co, Creedmoor, Olive Grove Baptist Church
35MinistersNC, Granville Co, Creedmoor, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
52MinistersNC, Granville Co, Creedmor, Brassfield Baptist Church
31MinistersNC, Granville Co, Creedmor, Concord Baptist Church
8MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Amis Chapel Baptist Church
40MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Corinth Baptist Church
12MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Dexter Baptist Church
10MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Enon Baptist Church
17MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Florence Ave Baptist Church
15MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Hester Baptist Church
17MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Knotts Grove Baptist Church
17MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Mountain Creek Baptist Church
24MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Mt Zion Baptist Church
19MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Oxford Baptist Church
20MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Peace Chapel Baptist Church
11MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Providence Baptist Church
23MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Sharon Baptist Church
15MinistersNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Tabbs Creek Baptist Church
30MinistersNC, Granville Co, Stem, Tally Ho First Baptist Church
17MinistersNC, Granville Co, Stovall, Stovall Baptist Church
10MinistersNC, Granville Co, West Oxford Baptist Church
27MinistersNC, Greene Co, Eden Christian Church
3MinistersNC, Guilford Co, Alamance Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNC, Guilford Co, High Point, Baptist Church
5MinistersNC, Guilford Co, High Point, Emmanuel Lutheran Church
3MinistersNC, Halifax Co, Enfield, Baptist Church
4MinistersNC, Halifax Co, Scotland Neck, Baptist Church
4MinistersNC, Halifax Co, Weldon, Baptist Church
20MinistersNC, Harnett Co, Dunn, First Baptist Church
4MinistersNC, Haywood Co, Waynesville, Baptist Church
27MinistersNC, Haywood Co, Waynesville, Methodist Church
23MinistersNC, Henderson Co, Hendersonville, Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Hertford Co, Harrellsville, Methodist Church
3MinistersNC, Hertford Co, Murfreesboro, Baptist Church
10MinistersNC, Hertford Co, Murfreesboro, Methodist Church
2MinistersNC, Hertford Co, Murfreesboro, Presbyterian Church
18MinistersNC, Hyde Co, Engelhard Christian Church
12MinistersNC, Hyde Co, Eunice Chapel Christian Church
12MinistersNC, Hyde Co, Fairfield, Christian Church
9MinistersNC, Hyde Co, Mattamuskeet, Methodist Church
30MinistersNC, Hyde Co, Middletown Church of Christ
13MinistersNC, Hyde Co, Mt Olive Church of Christ
4MinistersNC, Hyde Co, Ocracoke, Methodist Church
14MinistersNC, Iredell Co, Elmwood Presbyterian Church
9MinistersNC, Iredell Co, Methodist Church
16MinistersNC, Lenoir Co, Airy Grove Christian Church
19MinistersNC, Lenoir Co, Bethel Christian Church
28MinistersNC, Lincoln Co, Lincolnton, Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Macon Co, Franklin, Baptist Church
3MinistersNC, Macon Co, Franklin, Presbyterian Church
57MinistersNC, Madison Co, Hot Springs, Antioch Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Madison Co, Mars Hill, Baptist Church
3MinistersNC, Martin Co, Williamston, Baptist Church
38MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Bethel Baptist Church
37MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Bethlehem Baptist Church
21MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Cherry Springs Baptist Church
28MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Dysartsville Baptist Church
22MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Macedonia Baptist Church
28MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Marion, Chapel Hill Baptist Church
13MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Marion, First Baptist Church
17MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Nebo, First Baptist Church
34MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Old Fort, First Baptist Church
24MinistersNC, McDowell Co, Turkey Cove Baptist Church
3MinistersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Baptist Church
6MinistersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, First Presbyterian Church
29MinistersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Methodist Church
9MinistersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Second Presbyterian Church
22MinistersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Steele Creek Presbyterian Church
8MinistersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Steele Creek, Presbyterian Church
19MinistersNC, Mitchell Co, Grassy Creek Baptist Church
53MinistersNC, Mitchell Co, Spruce Pine Methodist Church
2MinistersNC, Moore Co, Carthage, Baptist Church
2MinistersNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington, Baptist Church
4MinistersNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington, Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington, First Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington, Immanuel Presbyterian Church
11MinistersNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNC, Orange Co, Chapel Hill, Baptist Church
70MinistersNC, Orange Co, Chapel Hill, Orange Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Orange Co, Chapel Hill, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersNC, Pasquotank Co, Elizabeth City, Christian Church
3MinistersNC, Pasquotank Co, Elizabeth City, Methodist Church
17MinistersNC, Perquimans Co, Berea Christian Church
21MinistersNC, Perquimans Co, Bethlehem Christian Church
23MinistersNC, Pitt Co, Arthur Christian Church
17MinistersNC, Pitt Co, Ayden Christian Church
28MinistersNC, Pitt Co, Farmville Christian Church
16MinistersNC, Pitt Co, Mt Pleasant Church of Christ
17MinistersNC, Polk Co, Macedonia Baptist Church
13MinistersNC, Polk Co, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
12MinistersNC, Richmond Co, Rockingham, Methodist Church
7MinistersNC, Robeson Co, Lumberton, Baptist Church
19MinistersNC, Rutherford Co, Gilkey, Mountain Creek Baptist Church
42MinistersNC, Rutherford Co, Rutherfordton, Methodist Church
54MinistersNC, Stanly Co, New London, Kendalls Baptist Church
7MinistersNC, Transylvania Co, Brevard, Methodist Church
24MinistersNC, Tyrrell Co, Albemarle Christian Church
21MinistersNC, Tyrrell Co, Columbia, Christian Church
7MinistersNC, Tyrrell Co, Columbia, Cross Landing Church
16MinistersNC, Tyrrell Co, Gum Neck Church of Christ
25MinistersNC, Union Co, Monroe, New Hope Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Union Co, Monroe, Presbyterian Church
60MinistersNC, Union Co, Monroe, Zion Methodist Church
4MinistersNC, Vance Co, Henderson, Baptist Church
31MinistersNC, Vance Co, Henderson, Poplar Creek Baptist Church
5MinistersNC, Vance Co, Henderson, Presbyterian Church
27MinistersNC, Vance Co, Townsville, Rock Spring Baptist Church
28MinistersNC, Vance Co, Williamsboro, Island Creek Baptist Church
5MinistersNC, Wake Co, Raleigh, Christ Episcopal Church
4MinistersNC, Wake Co, Raleigh, Methodist Church
1MinistersNC, Wake Co, Raleigh, Second Baptist Church
2MinistersNC, Wake Co, Wake Forest Baptist Church
17MinistersNC, Washington Co, Holly Neck Church of Christ
30MinistersNC, Washington Co, Plymouth, Christian Hope Church of Christ
3MinistersNC, Watauga Co, Boone, Methodist Church
8MinistersNC, Wayne Co, Goldsboro, Baptist Church
8MinistersNC, Wayne Co, Goldsboro, Presbyterian Church
53MinistersNC, Wilkes Co, Boomer, Little Rock Baptist Church
31MinistersNC, Wilson Co, Wilson, First Baptist Church
6MinistersNC, Wilson Co, Wilson, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNC, Yadkin Co, Methodist Church
33MinistersNC, Yancey Co, Burnsville, Bald Creek Methodist Church
50MinistersNC, Yancey Co, Burnsville, Celo Methodist Church
81MinistersNC, Yancey Co, Burnsville, Higgins Memorial Methodist Church
43MinistersNC, Yancey Co, Burnsville, Pensacola Methodist Church

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