List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added.  Also see: Minister TransfersMore >>

List of Pastors and Ministers; State: GA
BaptistObadiah B. Bliss 1898GADouglas CoBeulah, Baptist Church
MethodistD. Q. 1876-1877GAHarris CoCataula, Methodist Church& 79-80
MethodistD. Q. 1878GAMuscogee CoColumbus, St Pauls Methodist Church
PresbyterianR. N. 1891GAGwinnett CoFairview, Presbyterian Church
MethodistG. M. 1951-1952GAGordon CoCalhoun, First Methodist Church
MethodistA. S. 1884GAUnion CoBlairsville, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1874GABrooks CoMorven, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1875GAColquitt CoMoultrie, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1878GAWashington CoDavisboro, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1879GAJohnson CoWrightsville, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1883GATalbot CoGeneva, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1884GAHarris CoCataula, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1885GATaylor CoButler, Methodist Church
MethodistC. D. 1886GASchley CoEllaville, Methodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1862GAGwinnett CoMethodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1874GARichmond CoAugusta, St James Methodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1875GABaldwin CoMilledgeville, Methodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1876GAHancock CoSparta, Methodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1878GAMonroe CoForsyth, Methodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1881GAHall CoGainesville, Methodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1882-1884GAPutnam CoEatonton, Methodist Church
MethodistH. J. 1885-1886GADeKalb CoEdgewood, Methodist Church
MethodistHabersham J. 1855GAOglethorpe CoLexington, Methodist Church
MethodistHabersham J. 1867-1868GAGwinnett CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. D. 1851GAClay CoFort Gaines, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph D. 1847GATelfair CoMethodist Church
MethodistJoseph D. 1849GAWilkinson CoIrwinton, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph D. 1851GAWalker CoLafayette, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph D. 1853GAStewart CoMethodist Church
MethodistJoseph D. 1854GAHarris CoHamilton, Methodist Church
PresbyterianRobert 1886-1889GABibb CoMacon, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianRobert 1889-1895GASumter CoAmericus, Presbyterian Church
MethodistShelton E. 1948-1954GAWalker CoRock Springs, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam E. 1843GAGlynn CoBrunswick, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam E. 1844GAWare CoWaresboro, Methodist Church
MethodistE. H. 1864GAStewart CoMethodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1863GAEffingham CoSpringfield, Methodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1875GACarroll CoBowdon, Methodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1876GAHeard CoFranklin, Methodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1878-1879GACherokee CoCanton, Methodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1882GATroup CoHogansville, Methodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1886-1887GAGwinnett CoLawrenceville, Methodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1893-1896GAPike CoMethodist Churches
MethodistEldridge K. 1869GAHall CoGainesville, Methodist Church
MethodistEldridge K. 1871-1872GACobb CoPowder Springs, Methodist Church
MethodistEldrioge K. 1870GAPaulding CoDallas, Methodist Church
MethodistEthridge N. 1880-1881GAHeard CoFranklin, Methodist Church
MethodistE. K. 1873-1874GACoweta CoSenoia, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1867GATwiggs CoJeffersonville, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1873-1874GASumter CoMethodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1875GAGrady CoCairo, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1880-1881GAHouston CoHayneville, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1882GASchley CoEllaville, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1883GALowndes CoValdosta, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1884GAJohnson CoWrightsville, Methodist Church
MethodistJames T. 1857GACarroll CoCarrollton, Methodist Church
MethodistJames T. 1861-1862GAWilkinson CoIrwinton, Methodist Church
MethodistJames T. 1865-1866GAMarion CoBuena Vista, Methodist Church
MethodistJames T. 1869-1871GAMitchell CoCamilla, Methodist Church
MethodistJames T. 1872GAWebster CoWeston, Methodist Church
BaptistW. G. 1875-1876GAGwinnett CoLiberty, Baptist Church
LutheranN. 1840-1850GAChatham CoSavannah, Church of the Ascension
PresbyterianJames Harvey 1865-1869GABrooks CoQuitman, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJames Harvey 1869-1870GADecatur CoBainbridge, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianWilliam McFaddin 1887-1890GADecatur CoBainbridge, Presbyterian Church
MethodistC. A. 1912GAWhitfield CoPleasant Grove Methodist Church
PresbyterianH. S. 1895GAGwinnett CoWinder, Presbyterian Church
MethodistJ. B. 1879GAGwinnett CoCenterville, Zoar Methodist Church
MethodistJ. B. 1886GARichmond CoAugusta, St Lukes Methodist Church
MethodistJ. B. 1903GAGwinnett CoBuford, Methodist Church
MethodistL. Q. 1862GAWalker CoLafayette, Methodist Church
MethodistL. Q. 1863-1865GALumpkin CoDahlonega, Methodist Church
MethodistL. Q. 1866GAForsyth CoCummings, Methodist Church
MethodistLemuel Q. 1852GAPike CoMethodist Churches
MethodistLemuel Q. 1852GAPike CoZebulon, Methodist Church
MethodistLemuel Q. 1858-1859GATattnall CoReidsville, Methodist Church
MethodistN. N. 1845GAOconee CoWatkinsville, Methodist Church
MethodistNathaniel 1848GAPike CoMethodist Churches
MethodistNathaniel N. 1847GAPike CoZebulon, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam G. 1853GAGilmer CoEllijay, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam G. 1854-1855GAUnion CoBlairsville, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam G. 1856-1857GACherokee CoCanton, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam W. 1846GAOconee CoWatkinsville, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. H. 1922-1923GAFayette CoFayetteville, Bethany Methodist Church
MethodistJ. H. 1936-1937GAGordon CoCalhoun, First Methodist Church
MethodistC. R. 1997-2003GAFulton CoAtlanta, First Methodist Church
BaptistErnest M. 1914-1915GAClinch CoHomerville, Baptist Church
MethodistJ. Larry 1973-1977GAFayette CoFayetteville, Bethany Methodist Church
PresbyterianBarnwell Rhett 1897GACherokee CoHickory Flat, Presbyterian Church
MethodistD. L. 1870GAButts CoJackson, Methodist Church
MethodistD. L. 1873GALumpkin CoDahlonega, Methodist Church
MethodistD. L. 1876GAFulton CoAtlanta, Sixth Methodist Church
MethodistDavid L. 1880GACarroll CoCarrollton, Methodist Church
BaptistJoseph Turner Barnette 1895GAPutnam CoEatonton, Baptist Church
MethodistRay 1847-1848GAFulton CoAtlanta, First Methodist Church
MethodistW. D. 1875GAPutnam CoEatonton, Methodist Church
MethodistW. D. 1876-1877GAPolk CoCedartown, Methodist Church
MethodistW. D. 1882GAFloyd CoRome, Methodist Church
MethodistW. D. 1891GAFulton CoAtlanta, First Methodist Church
MethodistJames O. 1820-1821GARichmond CoAugusta, Methodist Church& 31, 32

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Most Recent Entries
6MinistersGA, Appling Co, Holmesville, Methodist Church
6MinistersGA, Baker Co, Newton, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Baldwin Co, Milledgeville, Baptist Church
12MinistersGA, Baldwin Co, Milledgeville, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Baldwin Co, Milledgeville, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersGA, Banks Co, Homer, Methodist Church
13MinistersGA, Bartow Co, Cartersville, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Bartow Co, Cartersville, Presbyterian Church
23MinistersGA, Bartow Co, Cassville, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Bartow Co, Euharlee, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersGA, Bartow Co, Kingston, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, Baptist Church
3MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, Christ Episcopal Church
4MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, Congregational Church
3MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, First Baptist Church
6MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, First Presbyterian Church
9MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, South Baptist Church
4MinistersGA, Bibb Co, Macon, Washington Ave Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Brooks Co, Grooverville, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Brooks Co, Quitman, Baptist Church
6MinistersGA, Brooks Co, Quitman, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersGA, Bulloch Co, Statesboro, Methodist Church
6MinistersGA, Burke Co, Alexander, Methodist Church
6MinistersGA, Burke Co, Girard, Methodist Church
17MinistersGA, Butts Co, Jackson, Methodist Church
15MinistersGA, Carroll Co, Bowdon, Methodist Church
30MinistersGA, Carroll Co, Carrollton, Methodist Church
7MinistersGA, Carroll Co, Villa Rica, Methodist Church
7MinistersGA, Carroll Co, Whitesburg, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, Baptist Church
26MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, Christ Episcopal Church
4MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, Duffy Street Baptist Church
18MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, First Presbyterian Church
7MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, Independent Presbyterian Church
6MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, New Houston Street Methodist Church
20MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, Savannah Baptist Church
4MinistersGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, Unitarian Church
13MinistersGA, Chattahoochee Co, Methodist Church
21MinistersGA, Chattooga Co, Subligna, Methodist Church
56MinistersGA, Chattooga Co, Summerville, Methodist Church
30MinistersGA, Cherokee Co, Canton, Methodist Church
14MinistersGA, Cherokee Co, Cherokee, Methodist Church
2MinistersGA, Cherokee Co, Hickory Flat, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersGA, Clarke Co, Athens, Baptist Church
12MinistersGA, Clarke Co, Athens, Methodist Church
12MinistersGA, Clarke Co, Athens, Oconee Street Methodist Church
12MinistersGA, Clarke Co, Winterville, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Clay Co, Fort Gaines, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersGA, Cobb Co, Acworth, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Cobb Co, Marietta, Baptist Church
7MinistersGA, Cobb Co, Marietta, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersGA, Columbia Co, Harlem, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Coweta Co, Senoia, Baptist Church
8MinistersGA, Coweta Co, Senoia, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Crisp Co, Cordele, Presbyterian Church
19MinistersGA, Decatur Co, Bainbridge, Methodist Church
11MinistersGA, Decatur Co, Bainbridge, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Decatur Co, Decatur, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersGA, DeKalb Co, Decatur, Methodist Church
6MinistersGA, DeKalb Co, Stone Mountain, Methodist Church
9MinistersGA, Dougherty Co, Albany, Baptist Church
6MinistersGA, Dougherty Co, Albany, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Dougherty Co, Indian Creek, Baptist Church
6MinistersGA, Douglas Co, Beulah, Baptist Church
5MinistersGA, Effingham Co, Ebenezer, Lutheran Church
48MinistersGA, Effingham Co, Springfield, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Elbert Co, Elberton, Baptist Church
12MinistersGA, Elbert Co, Elberton, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Elbert Co, Elberton, Presbyterian Church
30MinistersGA, Floyd Co, Cave Spring, Methodist Church
7MinistersGA, Floyd Co, Etowah, Methodist Church
2MinistersGA, Floyd Co, Rome, Baptist Church
3MinistersGA, Floyd Co, Rome, First Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Floyd Co, Rome, Presbyterian Church
25MinistersGA, Forsyth Co, Cummings, Methodist Church
54MinistersGA, Franklin Co, Carnesville, Methodist Church
8MinistersGA, Franklin Co, Franklin Springs, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Baptist Church
6MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Central Presbyterian Church
4MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Congregational Church
3MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, First Baptist Church
4MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, First Congregational Church
4MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, First Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Fourth Presbyterian Church
6MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Georgia Ave Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Inman Park Presbyterian Church
9MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Paynes Chapel Methodist Church
9MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Sixth Methodist Church
9MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, St Pauls Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Third Presbyterian Church
16MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Trinity Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Unitarian Church
9MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Wesley Chapel Methodist Church
8MinistersGA, Fulton Co, East Point, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Fairburn, Methodist Church
14MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Roswell, Methodist Church
6MinistersGA, Fulton Co, Roswell, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Glynn Co, Brunswick, Baptist Church
3MinistersGA, Glynn Co, Brunswick, First Presbyterian Church
4MinistersGA, Glynn Co, Brunswick, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Glynn Co, Frederica Episcopal Church
1MinistersGA, Glynn Co, St Simons Isle, St Philips Parish Church
4MinistersGA, Gordon Co, Calhoun, Methodist Church
6MinistersGA, Gordon Co, Resaca, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Greene Co, Greensboro, Baptist Church
40MinistersGA, Greene Co, Greensboro, Methodist Church
9MinistersGA, Greene Co, White Plains, Methodist Church
69MinistersGA, Gwinnett Co, Lawrenceville, Methodist Church
10MinistersGA, Habersham Co, Baldwin, Methodist Church
8MinistersGA, Hall Co, Flowery Branch, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Hall Co, Gainesville, Baptist Church
16MinistersGA, Hall Co, Gainesville, Methodist Church
7MinistersGA, Hall Co, Gainesville, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersGA, Hancock Co, Sparta, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Hancock Co, Sparta, Presbyterian Church
19MinistersGA, Harris Co, Whitesville, Methodist Church
15MinistersGA, Heard Co, Franklin, Methodist Church
7MinistersGA, Henry Co, Hampton, Methodist Church
12MinistersGA, Henry Co, McDonough, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Houston Co, Perry, Baptist Church
13MinistersGA, Jasper Co, Monticello, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Jasper Co, Monticello, Presbyterian Church
33MinistersGA, Jones Co, Clinton, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Lamar Co, Barnesville, Presbyterian Church
9MinistersGA, Lamar Co, Milner, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Liberty Co, Flemington, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Liberty Co, Walthourville, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersGA, Lowndes Co, Valdosta, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Lumpkin Co, Dahlonega, Baptist Church
49MinistersGA, Lumpkin Co, Dahlonega, Methodist Church
8MinistersGA, McDuffie Co, Thomson, Methodist Church
10MinistersGA, McIntosh Co, Darien, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersGA, Mitchell Co, Camilla, Baptist Church
16MinistersGA, Monroe Co, Culloden, Methodist Church
59MinistersGA, Morgan Co, Appalachee, Methodist Church
7MinistersGA, Morgan Co, Madison, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Morgan Co, Rutledge, Methodist Church
31MinistersGA, Murray Co, Spring Place, Methodist Church
2MinistersGA, Muscogee Co, Columbus, First Baptist Church
4MinistersGA, Muscogee Co, Columbus, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersGA, Muscogee Co, Columbus, Trinity Episcopal Church
9MinistersGA, Newton Co, Covington, Methodist Church
62MinistersGA, Oconee Co, Watkinsville, Methodist Church
51MinistersGA, Oglethorpe Co, Lexington, Methodist Church
20MinistersGA, Paulding Co, Dallas, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Peach Co, Fort Valley, Baptist Church
9MinistersGA, Pickens Co, Jasper, Methodist Church
47MinistersGA, Pike Co, Zebulon, Methodist Church
15MinistersGA, Polk Co, Cedartown, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Polk Co, Cedartown, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersGA, Polk Co, Rockmart, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Pulaski Co, Hawkinsville, Baptist Church
6MinistersGA, Putnam Co, Eatonton, Baptist Church
5MinistersGA, Putnam Co, Eatonton, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersGA, Randolph Co, Cuthbert, Baptist Church
6MinistersGA, Randolph Co, Cuthbert, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, Asbury Methodist Church
9MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, Baptist Church
3MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, Curtis Baptist Church
26MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, First Baptist Church
3MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, First Presbyterian Church
9MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, Second Presbyterian Church
8MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, St James Methodist Church
18MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, St Johns Methodist Church
6MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, St Lukes Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, St Pauls Episcopal Church
9MinistersGA, Richmond Co, Methodist Church
14MinistersGA, Rockdale Co, Conyers, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Spalding Co, Griffin, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersGA, Stephens Co, Toccoa, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Stewart Co, Lumpkin, Baptist Church
4MinistersGA, Sumter Co, Americus, Baptist Church
7MinistersGA, Sumter Co, Americus, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersGA, Tattnall Co, Altamaha, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Thomas Co, Boston, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersGA, Thomas Co, Thomasville, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersGA, Tift Co, Tilton, Methodist Church
11MinistersGA, Troup Co, Hogansville, Methodist Church
41MinistersGA, Troup Co, La Grange, Methodist Church
8MinistersGA, Troup Co, Long Cane, Methodist Church
14MinistersGA, Troup Co, Methodist Church
19MinistersGA, Troup Co, West Point, Methodist Church
28MinistersGA, Union Co, Blairsville, Methodist Church
8MinistersGA, Upson Co, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Upson Co, Thomaston, Baptist Church
35MinistersGA, Upson Co, Thomaston, Methodist Church
63MinistersGA, Walker Co, Lafayette, Methodist Church
8MinistersGA, Walker Co, Social Circle, Methodist Church
10MinistersGA, Walton Co, Loganville, Methodist Church
13MinistersGA, Walton Co, Monroe, Methodist Church
33MinistersGA, Warren Co, Warrenton, Methodist Church
3MinistersGA, Washington Co, Sandersville, Baptist Church
12MinistersGA, White Co, Cleveland, Methodist Church
5MinistersGA, White Co, Nacoochee, Methodist Church
53MinistersGA, Whitfield Co, Tunnel Hill, Methodist Church
4MinistersGA, Wilkes Co, Washington, Baptist Church
5MinistersGA, Wilkes Co, Washington, Presbyterian Church

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