List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

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Methodist Church, Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA


Methodist Church, Catawissa, PA: List of Pastors and Ministers
MethodistRobert Wesley 1854-1855PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistMartin Luther 1855-1856PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph Yost 1855-1857PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistHenry S. 1857-1858PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Amos 1857-1859PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistPeter B. 1858-1859PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn P. 1859-1860PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistThomas 1859-1860PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistRobert R. 1860-1861PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Zacharias 1860-1862PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistEmory T. 1861-1862PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church& 64-65
MethodistJoseph Benson 1862-1863PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistMortimer P. 1862-1864PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. Clarke 1863-1864PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistFranklin 1864-1866PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church& 77-79
MethodistSilas Comfort 1866-1868PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistHenry G. 1868-1871PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistAaron M. 1871-1872PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistBartholomew Peter 1872-1875PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel Wesley 1875-1877PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn B. 1879-1882PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistReuben Elliot 1882-1885PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam George 1885-1886PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistAlexander McClain 1886-1889PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Henry 1887-1888PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam 1889-1892PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Barret 1892-1895PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistGeorge Murray 1895-1900PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistSamuel Dyson 1900-1901PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistAlfred Lawrence 1902-1905PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistRobert M. 1905-1907PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Richard 1907-1910PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJames Monroe 1910-1913PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistRobert Henderson 1913-1918PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Wesley 1918-1922PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistDavid L. 1922-1927PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam Murray 1927-1931PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistCharles Knight 1931-1933PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Victor 1933-1937PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistGilbert Lloyd 1937-1943PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistHarry Steele 1943-1946PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJames McKendree 1946-1947PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistLawrence Williard 1947-1949PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistHarold Eugene 1949-1950PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistWalter Furst 1950-1954PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistJohn Adrile 1958-1960PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistAlfred Clemson 1965-1968PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
MethodistGordon Dean 1968-1972PAColumbia CoCatawissa, Methodist Church
Updated: 08 Jan 2019

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5MinistersPA, Chester Co, Upper West Nottingham, Presbyterian Church
49MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Clearfield, Methodist Church
42MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Clearfield, Methodist Church Circuit
16MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Clearfield, Trinity Methodist Church
30MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Coalport, Methodist Church
41MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Glen Hope, Methodist Church
12MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Grahamton, Methodist Church
9MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Grampian, Methodist Church
7MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Waukesha, Methodist Church
26MinistersPA, Clinton Co, Flemington, Methodist Church
4MinistersPA, Clinton Co, Hammersley Fork, Methodist Church
9MinistersPA, Clinton Co, Keating, Methodist Church
3MinistersPA, Clinton Co, Lock Haven, Great Island Presbyterian Church
16MinistersPA, Clinton Co, Lock Haven, Methodist Church Circuit
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43MinistersPA, Crawford Co, Espyville, Methodist Church
51MinistersPA, Crawford Co, Meadville, Stone Methodist Church
7MinistersPA, Cumberland Co, Dickinson, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersPA, Cumberland Co, Enola, Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Cumberland Co, Shippensburg, Methodist Church Circuit
21MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Grace Methodist Church
32MinistersPA, Elk Co, Ridgway, Methodist Church
3MinistersPA, Erie Co, Erie, Sanford Presbyterian Church
9MinistersPA, Erie Co, Union City, Baptist Church
9MinistersPA, Erie Co, Union City, Methodist Church Mission
43MinistersPA, Fayette Co, Brownsville, First Methodist Church
31MinistersPA, Fayette Co, Brownsville, Methodist Church Circuit
14MinistersPA, Fayette Co, Brownsville, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersPA, Fayette Co, Brownsville, Second Methodist Church
59MinistersPA, Fayette Co, Redstone, Methodist Church
12MinistersPA, Fayette Co, Uniontown, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Forest Co, Clarington, Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Forest Co, Tionesta, Methodist Church Mission
82MinistersPA, Franklin Co, Concord, Methodist Church
13MinistersPA, Franklin Co, Fayetteville, Methodist Church
35MinistersPA, Franklin Co, Fort Loudon, Methodist Church
47MinistersPA, Franklin Co, Greencastle, Methodist Church
25MinistersPA, Franklin Co, Rouzerville, Methodist Church
43MinistersPA, Franklin Co, Waynesboro, Methodist Church
8MinistersPA, Greene Co, West Union, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersPA, Huntingdon Co, Coalmont, Methodist Church
23MinistersPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon, First Methodist Church
41MinistersPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon, Methodist Church
4MinistersPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon, Second Methodist Church
4MinistersPA, Huntingdon Co, Pennington, Presbyterian Church
32MinistersPA, Indiana Co, Cherry Tree, Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Indiana Co, Homer City, Presbyterian Church
22MinistersPA, Jefferson Co, Big Run, St Phillips Methodist Church
4MinistersPA, Juniata Co, McAlisterville, Lost Creek Presbyterian Church
39MinistersPA, Juniata Co, Port Royal, Methodist Church
5MinistersPA, Lackawanna Co, Olyphant, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Glen Moore, Methodist Church
4MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Millersville, Methodist Church
11MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Strasburg, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Avoca, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Bald Mount, Presbyterian Church
26MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Harveyville, Methodist Church
15MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton, Methodist Church
17MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Plains, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Plymouth, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Schloyerville, Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, West Hazleton, Methodist Church
35MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre, First Methodist Church
36MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Hughesville, Methodist Church
8MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Slate Run, Methodist Church
27MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, 3rd Street Methodist Church
11MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, 4th Street Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Congregational Church
26MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Grace Methodist Church
21MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, High Street Methodist Church
11MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Methodist Church Circuit
20MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersPA, McKean Co, Bradford, Methodist Church Circuit
30MinistersPA, McKean Co, Farmers Valley, United Brethren Church
5MinistersPA, McKean Co, Mt Jewett, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersPA, Mercer Co, Balm, Methodist Church
19MinistersPA, Mercer Co, Hermitage, Charleston Methodist Church
9MinistersPA, Mercer Co, Mercer, Second Presbyterian Church
6MinistersPA, Mercer Co, New Lebanon, Methodist Church Circuit
34MinistersPA, Mercer Co, Sheakleyville, Methodist Church
38MinistersPA, Mercer Co, West Middlesex, Methodist Church
21MinistersPA, Mifflin Co, Lewistown, Methodist Church Circuit
6MinistersPA, Monroe Co, Delaware Water Gap, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Monroe Co, Middle Smithfield, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Lansdale, Methodist Church
5MinistersPA, Montour Co, Danville, Grove Presbyterian Church
11MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Baptist Church
5MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Portland, Methodist Church
13MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Upper Mount Bethel, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersPA, Northumberland Co, Sunbury, Catawissa Ave Methodist Church
5MinistersPA, Northumberland Co, Sunbury, Methodist Church
93MinistersPA, Northumberland Co, Sunbury, St Johns Methodist Church
37MinistersPA, Perry Co, Liberty Valley, Methodist Church
3MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Mt Airy, Presbyterian Church
78MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Baptist Church
11MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Mariners Presbyterian Church
5MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Passyunk Baptist Church
10MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Southwestern Presbyterian Church
7MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Westminster Presbyterian Church
14MinistersPA, Somerset Co, Somerset, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersPA, Sullivan Co, Bernice, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersPA, Sullivan Co, Forksville, Methodist Church
12MinistersPA, Tioga Co, Hoytville, Methodist Church
9MinistersPA, Tioga Co, Lawrenceville, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersPA, Tioga Co, Osceola, Methodist Church
18MinistersPA, Tioga Co, Wellsboro, Methodist Church
2MinistersPA, Union Co, Allenwood, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersPA, Union Co, East Buffalo, Presbyterian Church
21MinistersPA, Venango Co, Clintonville, Methodist Church
5MinistersPA, Venango Co, Emlenton, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersPA, Warren Co, Enterprise, Methodist Church
16MinistersPA, Warren Co, Excelsior, Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Warren Co, Fagundus, Methodist Church
6MinistersPA, Warren Co, North Warren, Presbyterian Church
20MinistersPA, Washington Co, Allenport, Methodist Church
39MinistersPA, Washington Co, Amity, Methodist Church
17MinistersPA, Washington Co, Amity, Methodist Church Circuit
80MinistersPA, Washington Co, Beallsville, Methodist Church
5MinistersPA, Washington Co, Beallsville, Methodist Church Circuit
69MinistersPA, Washington Co, Monongahela, Methodist Church
69MinistersPA, Washington Co, Monongahela, Methodist Church Circuit
10MinistersPA, Washington Co, Upper Ten Mile, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Washington Co, Washington, First Presbyterian Church
13MinistersPA, Washington Co, Washington, Second Presbyterian Church
3MinistersPA, Washington Co, Washington, Third Presbyterian Church
6MinistersPA, Wayne Co, Equinunk, Methodist Church
23MinistersPA, Wayne Co, Waymart, Methodist Church
15MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, Arona, Methodist Church
74MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, Bridgeport, Methodist Church
32MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, Circleville, Methodist Church
35MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, Ligonier, Methodist Church
13MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, Mt Pleasant, Presbyterian Church
75MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, New Florence, Methodist Church
12MinistersPA, Wyoming Co, Tunkhannock, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersPA, York Co, Fincastle, Methodist Church

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