List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

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List of Pastors and Ministers; State: NY; County: Albany Co
FirstLastServiceOther RoleStateCountyPlaceOtherSrc
BaptistAlexander Hewes 1911-1918NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Harrison 1864-1868NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tabernacle Baptist Church
PresbyterianEdward Derick 1837-1842NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJohn Mather 1869-1871NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
BaptistThomas Davis 1902-1910NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
EpiscopalWilliam 1712-1719NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
BaptistWilliam F. C. 1868-1875NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
MethodistThomas 1838-1848NYAlbany CoAlbany, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph True 1850-1852NYAlbany CoAlbany, Methodist Church
PresbyterianLeon 1901NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
EpiscopalAsa Sprague 1899NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
BaptistJoel N. 1851-1852NYAlbany CoAlbany, Hamilton Street Baptist Church
BaptistE. L. 1851NYAlbany CoAlbany, South Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedWilliam 1863-1868NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
EpiscopalHenry 1738-1746NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
EpiscopalThomas 1708-1728NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
Dutch ReformedThomas 1709-1712NYAlbany CoAlbany, Dutch Reformed Church
Dutch ReformedDwight Kellogg 1874-1881NYAlbany CoAlbany, Second Dutch Reformed Church
EpiscopalWalton Wesley 1875-1899NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
PresbyterianAndrew 1768-1773NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
MethodistLouis Napoleon 1861-1862NYAlbany CoAlbany, Methodist Church& 69-72
BaptistLuther F. 1849-1853NYAlbany CoAlbany, Pearl Street Baptist Church
BaptistJohn Leavens 1875-1877NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
LutheranWilliam 1734-1751NYAlbany CoAlbany, Lutheran Church
EpiscopalThomas B. 1875AssistantNYAlbany CoAlbany, St Pauls Episcopal Church
LutheranGustavus Adolphus 1920NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tinity Lutheran Church
EpiscopalPaul Herbert 1899NYAlbany CoAlbany, Grace Episcopal Church
EpiscopalTheodore Marsh 1857-1861NYAlbany CoAlbany, Grace Episcopal Church
PresbyterianJ. McClusky 1869-1880NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Presbyterian Church
MethodistJosiah 1825-1826NYAlbany CoAlbany, Methodist Church
BaptistFrederick Andrew 1909-1917NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistJoshua 1817-1819NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistCharles Dewitt 1862-1877NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
PresbyterianJulius Writer 1919NYAlbany CoAlbany, West End Presbyterian Church
BaptistAsa 1845NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
EpiscopalRoelif Hasbrouck 1906NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Pauls Episcopal Church
MethodistEdgar Huntington 1900NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Methodist Church
EpiscopalThomas 1764-1768NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
BaptistTruman Gaylord 1883-1885NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
MethodistWilliam Milton 1893-1895NYAlbany CoAlbany, Trinity Methodist Church
BaptistWallace 1892NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedJames Benjamin 1876-1882NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
PresbyterianWilliam Henry 1841-1848NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
BaptistWilliam Stillwell 1846-1848NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedRufus Wheelwright 1862-1883NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Dutch Reformed Church
MethodistJohn Fletcher 1878-1880NYAlbany CoAlbany, Trinity Methodist Church
BaptistHarry Clark 1902NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistJ. M. 1843-1844NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
PresbyterianAlfred Somers 1863NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
BaptistWilliam George 1913-1916NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
PresbyterianJohn Donnan 1882NYAlbany CoAlbany, Sixth Presbyterian Church
BaptistAlanson L. 1836-1837NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
BaptistThomas 1868-1870NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
PresbyterianHooper 1817-1822NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
MethodistCharles Wesley 1858-1860NYAlbany CoAlbany, Garrett Station Methodist Church
PresbyterianHenry 1863-1881NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Presbyterian Church
EpiscopalJames Radcliffe 1849-1857NYAlbany CoAlbany, Grace Episcopal Church
Dutch ReformedJoseph Paige 1886-1887NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
PresbyterianAmos Hammond 1869-1873NYAlbany CoAlbany, Sixth Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianWilliam Harrison 1887-1893NYAlbany CoAlbany, Madison Ave Presbyterian Church
Dutch ReformedGodfry 1683-1699NYAlbany CoAlbany, Dutch Reformed Church
PresbyterianLaurell Wesley 1900NYAlbany CoAlbany, Second Presbyterian Church
Dutch ReformedAlexander 1853-1860NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
PresbyterianAlexander 1853-1860NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianCharles Eugene 1888-1895NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianHenry Nicholas 1902-1911NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianWilliam 1873-1882NYAlbany CoAlbany, Sixth Presbyterian Church
BaptistThomas Midgeley 1892-1898NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tabernacle Baptist Church
PresbyterianJames Henry 1881-1895NYAlbany CoAlbany, Second Presbyterian Church
BaptistJoseph Freeman 1890-1902NYAlbany CoAlbany, Calvary Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedJoachim 1865-1872NYAlbany CoAlbany, Second Dutch Reformed Church
PresbyterianRobert 1877-1883NYAlbany CoAlbany, West End Presbyterian Church
BaptistWilliam Peters 1860-1865NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam Peters 1868-1869NYAlbany CoAlbany, Calvary Baptist Church
BaptistNoah Rud 1886-1888NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
LutheranDaniel 1723-1734NYAlbany CoAlbany, Lutheran Church
LutheranJustus 1705-1723NYAlbany CoAlbany, Lutheran Church
BaptistCharles 1847NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Baptist Church& 49-51
BaptistJohn 1820NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
EpiscopalGeorge 1871AssistantNYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
PresbyterianSamuel Ware 1843-1847NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Presbyterian Church
BaptistSmith Thomas 1884-1886NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
BaptistAlbert 1879-1892NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tabernacle Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedTheodore 1749-1759NYAlbany CoAlbany, Dutch Reformed Church
PresbyterianCalvin Hiram 1918NYAlbany CoAlbany, Madison Ave Presbyterian Church
CongregationalJustus Warner 1855-1856NYAlbany CoAlbany, Congregational Church
BaptistJustin Dewey 1859-1863NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tabernacle Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedGeorge Warren 1898-1909NYAlbany CoAlbany, Sixth Dutch Reformed Church
EpiscopalWilliam H. 1876AssistantNYAlbany CoAlbany, St Pauls Episcopal Church
EpiscopalJohn Metcalf 1831-1849NYAlbany CoAlbany, Episcopal Church
MethodistDavid Weston 1882-1884NYAlbany CoAlbany, Trinity Methodist Church
LutheranJohn Ernst 1657-1658NYAlbany CoAlbany, Lutheran Church
MethodistEphraim 1836-1837NYAlbany CoAlbany, Garrett Station Methodist Church
EpiscopalFrederick O. 1878-1879AssistantNYAlbany CoAlbany, St Pauls Episcopal Church
Dutch ReformedWilhelmus 1651-1652NYAlbany CoAlbany, Dutch Reformed Church
BaptistHarry Russell 1899-1902NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tabernacle Baptist Church
BaptistJ. W. 1852-1852NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
PresbyterianLeslie Richard 1891-1896NYAlbany CoAlbany, Sixth Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianEdwin Forest 1896NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
Dutch ReformedWilliam Whiteman 1849-1853NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
MethodistCharles Elbert 1905-1908NYAlbany CoAlbany, Trinity Methodist Church
PresbyterianWilliam 1761-1767NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
LutheranHerman Heinrich Friedrich 1883-1891NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tinity Lutheran Church
MethodistBostwick 1864-1866NYAlbany CoAlbany, Methodist Church
PresbyterianGeorge C. 1867-1870NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Presbyterian Church
EpiscopalAdrian Randolph B. 1899NYAlbany CoAlbany, Church of the Holy Innocents
LutheranAndrew Jacob 1891-1892NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tinity Lutheran Church
PresbyterianOliver 1884-1890NYAlbany CoAlbany, West End Presbyterian Church
LutheranErnest 1892-1894NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tinity Lutheran Church
BaptistIsaac Newton 1854-1856NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
PresbyterianBenjamin Fay 1894-1895NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Presbyterian Church
BaptistHenry Orne 1903-1919NYAlbany CoAlbany, Calvary Baptist Church
BaptistJames L. 1839-1840NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedEdwin 1835-1841NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
PresbyterianJohn McClellan 1877NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianWilliam Herman 1908NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Presbyterian Church
Dutch ReformedBurton James 1909NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
BaptistThomas Rosling 1859-1861NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistJohn 1877-1882NYAlbany CoAlbany, Calvary Baptist Church
PresbyterianEzra Abel 1837-1854NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJoseph 1823-1829NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
BaptistGeorge Barton 1835NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
BaptistJohn 1881-1886NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
PresbyterianWilliam 1834-1835NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Presbyterian Church
BaptistReuben 1849-1857NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistReuben 1850-1852NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
EpiscopalFreeborn Garrettson, Jr. 1899NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Pauls Episcopal Church
EpiscopalWilliam Ross 1862-1864NYAlbany CoAlbany, Church of the Holy Innocents
BaptistCharles Mason 1887-1889NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistW. L. 1850-1853NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Baptist Church
PresbyterianGeorge Newell 1890-1902NYAlbany CoAlbany, West End Presbyterian Church
BaptistJoseph Spencer 1865-1867NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedDuncan 1841-1855NYAlbany CoAlbany, North Dutch Reformed Church
EpiscopalRalph Wood 1886NYAlbany CoAlbany, Church of the Holy Innocents
BaptistHenry Melville 1882-1891NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
BaptistA. 1850NYAlbany CoAlbany, South Baptist Church
PresbyterianEdward Norris 1828NYAlbany CoAlbany, Second Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianEdward Norris 1828-1837NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Presbyterian Church
BaptistJacob 1846NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Baptist Church
PresbyterianJames Nelson 1906NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
LutheranWilliam Allen 1899-1901NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Dutch ReformedJames Wilson 1860-1861NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
BaptistLewis 1822-1826NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
MethodistNoah 1832NYAlbany CoAlbany, Garrett Station Methodist Church
Dutch ReformedRichard Earle 1922-1925NYAlbany CoAlbany, Madison Ave Dutch Reformed Church
EpiscopalJames Watson 1905-1908NYAlbany CoAlbany, Episcopal Church
MethodistLewis Marshall 1909NYAlbany CoAlbany, Trinity Methodist Church
CongregationalArchibald Longworth 1898-1904NYAlbany CoAlbany, Congregational Church
BaptistJohn, Jr 1872-1875NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
MethodistDelmar Rial 1874-1876NYAlbany CoAlbany, Methodist Church& 85-87
PresbyterianJames Meeker 1865-1868NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Presbyterian Church
Dutch ReformedJohannes 1700-1709NYAlbany CoAlbany, Dutch Reformed Church
BaptistJohn William 1886-1890NYAlbany CoAlbany, Calvary Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedRobert Irwin 1897-1900NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
BaptistElias Lyman 1857-1907NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
EpiscopalCameron 1876AssistantNYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
EpiscopalRoyal 1871NYAlbany CoAlbany, Church of the Holy Innocents
PresbyterianBenjamin Nicholas 1848-1849NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianClement Graham 1915-1916NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianLouis Ferdinand 1913-1919NYAlbany CoAlbany, West End Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJohn 1810-1813NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianCharles 1899-1903NYAlbany CoAlbany, Sixth Presbyterian Church
BaptistEdward Burnard 1899NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Baptist Church
EpiscopalFrederick St George 1899NYAlbany CoAlbany, Trinity Episcopal Church
PresbyterianDavid Otis 1895NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Presbyterian Church
Dutch ReformedJohn Gerhardus 1903-1907NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
Dutch ReformedJohannes 1642-1649NYAlbany CoAlbany, Dutch Reformed Church
LutheranHugo Ernst David 1911-1913NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tinity Lutheran Church
Dutch ReformedEdward Waite 1909-1913NYAlbany CoAlbany, Sixth Dutch Reformed Church
Dutch ReformedWilliam Henry 1861-1863NYAlbany CoAlbany, Third Dutch Reformed Church
EpiscopalJohn 1728-1737NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
PresbyterianJulius Valdemar 1905-1918NYAlbany CoAlbany, Second Presbyterian Church
EpiscopalThoroughgood 1704-1705NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
BaptistW. W. 1850-1851NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Baptist Church
BaptistW. W. 1852NYAlbany CoAlbany, South Baptist Church
BaptistFrank Richard 1897-1901NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistFrank Rogers 1872-1879NYAlbany CoAlbany, Tabernacle Baptist Church
EpiscopalHarry 1770-1777NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
BaptistArthur Kyahnyo 1896-1898NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistJared Spalding 1880-1881NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
Dutch ReformedJacob Frederick 1865-1888NYAlbany CoAlbany, Fourth Dutch Reformed Church
CongregationalBenjamin 1848-1849NYAlbany CoAlbany, Congregational Church
PresbyterianWalter Douglas 1880-1890NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Presbyterian Church
BaptistChellis Everett 1902-1911NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
PresbyterianEliphalet 1798-1804NYAlbany CoAlbany, First Presbyterian Church
Dutch ReformedJohn Peter 1698-1700NYAlbany CoAlbany, Dutch Reformed Church
LutheranArthur Bittle 1912-1920NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Lutheran Church
EpiscopalJohn 1749-1763NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
PresbyterianJohn 1908NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
BaptistGeorge Leslie Everett 1917NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
BaptistThomas Harwood 1879-1881NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
BaptistNathaniel 1821-1830NYAlbany CoAlbany, Hamilton Street Baptist Church& 37-38
BaptistJohn 1868-1871NYAlbany CoAlbany, Calvary Baptist Church
PresbyterianJames Kay 1890-1893NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianBernhard 1895-1903NYAlbany CoAlbany, Presbyterian Church
BaptistA. L. 1852NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Baptist Church
BaptistCharles B. 1853NYAlbany CoAlbany, State Street Baptist Church
BaptistHenry Sterling 1895-1902NYAlbany CoAlbany, Baptist Church
EpiscopalHoratio 1833-1854NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Peters Episcopal Church
EpiscopalJoseph Henry 1833-1837NYAlbany CoAlbany, St Pauls Episcopal Church
Updated: 19 May 2019

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582MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Arcadia, Baptist Church
920MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Bedford, Baptist Church
374MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Arcade, Baptist Church
368MinistersNY, Yates Co, Barrington, Baptist Church

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