List of Pastors and Ministers

With their denomination, and years and location of service

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List of Pastors and Ministers
MethodistE. W. 1921MDMontgomery CoPoolesville Memorial Methodist Church
CongregationalF. R. 1857-1870MAPlymouth CoAbington, First Congregational Church
CongregationalF. R. 1866MASuffolk CoDorchester, Pilgrim Congregational Church
CongregationalF. R. 1871-1873MASuffolk CoDorchester, Pilgrim Congregational Church
UniversalistWilliam 1936-1941MAMiddlesex CoMedford, First Universalist Church
PresbyterianEdward W. 1903-1937NYSuffolk CoSmithtown Presbyterian Church
MethodistWilliam 1829-1831NCWake CoGarner, Mt Zion Methodist Church
MethodistA. O. 1861NYAllegany CoBirdsall, Methodist Church
MethodistA. O. 1875CTHartford CoWethersfield, Methodist Church
MethodistA. O. 1878CTNew Haven CoNaugatuck, Methodist Church
MethodistA. V. R. 1855-1856CTNew Haven CoNaugatuck, Methodist Church
MethodistA. V. R. 1859-1860CTLitchfield CoWatertown Methodist Church
MethodistA. V. R. 1877CTFairfield CoNew Canaan Methodist Church
MethodistA. V. R. 1881-1882CTMiddlesex CoDurham, Methodist Church
MethodistB. F. 1891CTNew Haven CoWest Haven, Methodist Church
MethodistB. T. 1880-1881NYSuffolk CoRiverhead, Methodist Church
MethodistBenjamin 1782DEKent CoSmyrna Methodist Church Circuit
MethodistBenjamin 1791NYKings CoBrooklyn, Old Sands St Methodist Church
CongregationalBenjamin 1837-1842VTWindsor CoBethel, Congregational Church
CongregationalBenjamin 1854-1856VTOrange CoWilliamstown, Congregational Church
MethodistD. 1794CTNew London CoNew London, Methodist Church
MethodistDavid 1782DEKent CoSmyrna Methodist Church Circuit
MethodistDavid 1782DESussex CoLewes, Bethel Methodist Church
MethodistDavid 1992-1996NCChatham CoBynum Methodist Church
MethodistDudley C. 1921VTAddison CoNorth Ferrisburgh, Methodist Church
UnitarianE. C. 1884-1886MAWorcester CoWestborough, Unitarian Church
CongregationalE. F. 1855-1861NHCheshire CoDublin, Congregational Church
ChristianGeorge 1876INCass CoYoung America Christian Church
MethodistH. C. 1869NYWayne CoButler, Methodist Church
MethodistH. C. 1869NYWayne CoSavannah, Methodist Church
MethodistH. C. 1870NYCayuga CoFleming, Methodist Church
MethodistH. O. 1864-1865NYAllegany CoBolivar, Methodist Church
BaptistHarvey 1922KYMuhlenberg CoForest Oak Baptist Church
MethodistIra 1851CTFairfield CoRidgefield, Methodist Church
MethodistIra 1854NYSuffolk CoPatchogue, Methodist Church
MethodistIra 1858CTNew Haven CoSouth Britain, Methodist Church
MethodistIra 1866-1867CTMiddlesex CoEssex, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. 1852PACrawford CoRiceville Methodist Church
MethodistJ. 1859PACrawford CoCochranton, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. 1873PACrawford CoCochranton, Methodist Church
CongregationalJ. J. 1845-1847VTBennington CoBennington, Old First Church
CongregationalJohn W. 1945-1946MAMiddlesex CoCarlisle, Carlisle Congregational Church
MethodistLarman W. 1870-1872CTFairfield CoRidgefield, Methodist Church
MethodistLarmon W. 1857-1859CTLitchfield CoWatertown Methodist Church
MethodistR. T. 1871-1873CTFairfield CoNew Canaan Methodist Church
MethodistT. J. 1864MAWorcester CoSouthbridge, Methodist Church
MethodistThomas J. 1865-1866MAWorcester CoLeominster, Methodist Church
MethodistW. P. 1861PAWayne CoSouth Canaan, Methodist Church
MethodistW. P. 1862-1863NYBroome CoChoconut Center Methodist Church
MethodistW. P. 1864-1865NYTioga CoSpencer, Methodist Church
MethodistW. P. 1865NYTioga CoCandor, Methodist Church
MethodistW. T. 1875NJMonmouth CoAllentown Methodist Church
MethodistWilliam W. 1853-1854NCForsyth CoKernersville, Main St Methodist Church
Dutch ReformedDavid 1826NYGreene CoAthens, Dutch Reformed Church
UniversalistTownsend P. 1844-1853CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, First Universalist Church
EpiscopalR. M. 1863-1874NJUnion CoRahway, St Pauls Episcopal Church
EpiscopalJames 1841MDCharles CoNewport, Trinity Episcopal Church
EpiscopalR. M. 1856-1861CTHartford CoHartford, Christ Episcopal Church
MethodistAvery S. 1919-1920NCOrange CoChapel Hill, Orange Methodist Church
BaptistC. A. 1935-1936NCCaldwell CoGranite Falls, Dudley Shoals Baptist Church
BaptistDan W. 1967-1973NCStanly CoNew London, Kendalls Baptist Church
MethodistLevi 1845ILChristian CoTaylorville, Methodist Church
BaptistW. W. 1943-1948NCOrange CoHillsborough, First Baptist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1886-1887NCWayne CoMt Olive, First United Methodist Church
MethodistJ. T. 1888-1890NCWayne CoMt Olive, First United Methodist Church
MethodistH. M. 1858OHStark CoMassillon, First United Methodist Church
MethodistW. N. 1828NCGuilford CoGreensboro, West Market St Methodist Church
MethodistT. S. 1865PATioga CoLawrenceville, Methodist Church
BaptistD. E. 1906NYFulton CoBroadalbin, Baptist Church
BaptistG. W. 1856NYFulton CoBroadalbin, Baptist Church
BaptistG. W. 1857-1859NYSchenectady CoSchenectady, First Baptist Church
BaptistGeorge 1875NYGreene CoAthens, Baptist Church
MethodistJ. A. 1854-1855OHMuskingum CoZanesville, Second St Methodist Church
BaptistA. F. 1919NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistA. F. 1921NCWilkes CoMt Zion Baptist Church
BaptistA. F. 1924NCWilkes CoMountain Valley Baptist Church
BaptistA. F. 1929NCWilkes CoMountain Valley Baptist Church
BaptistA. M. 1926NCWilkes CoFlint Hill Baptist Church
BaptistArthur 1914NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistArthur 1920-1922NCWilkes CoRock Springs Baptist Church
BaptistH. H. 1915NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistJ. M. 1919NCWilkes CoFlint Hill Baptist Church
BaptistJ. M. 1932NCWilkes CoFlint Hill Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie 1961-1962NCWilkes CoRock Springs Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie H. 1957NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie H. 1960NCWilkes CoChestnut Grove Baptist Church
BaptistMuncie H. 1972NCWilkes CoMt Zion Baptist Church
MethodistG. F. 1884-1886PALuzerne CoMaple Grove, Methodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1887-1889PAWyoming CoCenter Moreland, Methodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1890NYOtsego CoWorcester, Methodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1891-1892NYChenango CoSmyrna, Methodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1893-1894NYOtsego CoMorris, Methodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1895-1896PASusquehanna CoBrooklyn, Methodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1897-1898PAWyoming CoNicholson, Methodist Church
MethodistG. F. 1899-1900PALackawanna CoLackawanna Methodist Church
MethodistHenry W. 1862NHHillsborough CoGrasmere, Methodist Church
MethodistE. P. 1846CTMiddlesex CoPonset Methodist Church
MethodistJ. B. 1886-1888CTTolland CoTolland, Methodist Church
MethodistJ. R. 1894-1896CTTolland CoTolland, Methodist Church
MethodistJoseph B. 1889MAPlymouth CoMarshfield, Methodist Church

List of Pastors and Ministers, Map of USA:

USA County Map
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Most Recent Entries
15MinistersGA, Pike Co, Bethany Christian Church
21MinistersGA, Pike Co, Beulah Baptist Church
96MinistersGA, Pike Co, Methodist Churches
21MinistersGA, Pike Co, Mt Olive Baptist Church
33MinistersIL, Brown Co, Versailles, Methodist Church
41MinistersIL, Cass Co, Virginia, Methodist Church
26MinistersIL, Champaign Co, St Joseph, Methodist Church
41MinistersIL, Champaign Co, Tolono, Methodist Church
6MinistersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana, Grace Methodist Church
53MinistersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana, Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana, Parks Chapel Methodist Church
3MinistersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana, Third Methodist Church
19MinistersIL, Christian Co, Stonington, Methodist Church
42MinistersIL, Christian Co, Taylorville, Methodist Church
5MinistersIL, Clark Co, Walnut Prairie, Methodist Church
10MinistersIL, Clark Co, West Union, Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Clark Co, York, Methodist Church
28MinistersIL, Cumberland Co, Toledo, Methodist Church
33MinistersIL, DeWitt Co, Wapella, Methodist Church
53MinistersIL, DeWitt Co, Waynesville, Methodist Church
21MinistersIL, DeWitt Co, Weldon, Methodist Church
30MinistersIL, Douglas Co, Tuscola, Methodist Church
14MinistersIL, Douglas Co, Villa Grove, Methodist Church
45MinistersIL, Greene Co, White Hall, Methodist Church
15MinistersIL, Hancock Co, Stillwell, Methodist Church
43MinistersIL, Hancock Co, Warsaw, Methodist Church
26MinistersIL, Macon Co, Warrensburg, Methodist Church
40MinistersIL, Macoupin Co, Virden, Methodist Church
36MinistersIL, Mason Co, Topeka, Methodist Church
17MinistersIL, McLean Co, Weedman, Methodist Church
12MinistersIL, Montgomery Co, Waggoner, Methodist Church
12MinistersIL, Montgomery Co, Witt, Methodist Church
4MinistersIL, Montgomery Co, Zanesville, Methodist Church
43MinistersIL, Morgan Co, Waverly, Methodist Church
48MinistersIL, Moultrie Co, Sullivan, Methodist Church
9MinistersIL, Piatt Co, White Heath, Methodist Church
8MinistersIL, Pike Co, Time, Methodist Church
5MinistersIL, Sangamon Co, Thayer, Methodist Church
29MinistersIL, Sangamon Co, Williamsville, Methodist Church
52MinistersIL, Scott Co, Winchester, Methodist Church
23MinistersIL, Shelby Co, Stewardson, Methodist Church
32MinistersIL, Shelby Co, Tower Hill, Methodist Church
40MinistersIL, Shelby Co, Windsor, Methodist Church
12MinistersIL, Tazewell Co, Washington, Methodist Church
7MinistersIL, Vermilion Co, Tilton, Methodist Church
24MinistersOH, Logan Co, Zanesfield, Methodist Church
17MinistersOH, Perry Co, West Rushville, Methodist Church
9MinistersOH, Perry Co, West Rushville, Rush Creek Presbyterian Church
13MinistersOH, Scioto Co, Jackson, Methodist Church
34MinistersOH, Scioto Co, Portsmouth, Methodist Church

This list compiles source lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added.

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