List of Members

of professional associations and societies, as found in sources quoted

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

List of Members; Last: Blair
A. W. NHState Medical Society
Andrew Alexander American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow
Andrew Alexander American Chemical Society
Andrew Alexander American Institute of Mining Engineers
Andrew Alexander American Philosophical Society
Andrew Alexander Society of Chemical Industry
Benjamin H. American Medical Association
Benjamin H. KYState Medical Society
Benjamin Holloway Mississippi Valley Medical Association
Benjamin Holloway OHState Medical Society, VP
Benjamin Holloway OHWarren CoCounty Medical Society, President
Francis G. 1899National Education Association
Gist DCWashingtonBoard of Trade
Gist DCWashingtonWest End Citizens Association
Gist DCWashingtonCosmos Club
Henry Patterson Phi Beta Kappa
Henry Patterson DCWashingtonBoard of Trade
James Dana American Medical Association
James Dana PAState Medical Society
John Jay 1895National Education Association
Montgomery DCWashingtonColumbia Historical Society
Orrin Curtis MAState Medical Society
William Richards Phi Beta Kappa
William Richards American Physical Society
William Richards DCWashingtonPhilosophical Society of Washington
William Richards DCWashingtonWashington Academy of Sciences
William Richards DCWashingtonCosmos Club
Woodbury DCWashingtonColumbia Historical Society

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Most Recent Entries
2Members, , Academy of Political Science
38Members, , American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology
57Members, , American Academy of Political and Social Science
1Members, , American Anthropological Society
2Members, , American Antiquarian Society
2084Members, , American Association for the Advancement of Science
1Members, , American Association of Advertising Agencies
10Members, , American Association of Engineers
8Members, , American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
133Members, , American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists
8Members, , American Association of Railway Surgeons
9Members, , American Bankers Association
17Members, , American Baptist Home Mission Society
5Members, , American Baptist Publication Society
23Members, , American Bible Society
3Members, , American Bison Society
2Members, , American Breeders Association
630Members, , American Chemical Society
52Members, , American College of Surgeons
15Members, , American Dermatological Association
50Members, , American Economic Association
4Members, , American Economical Association
13Members, , American Electrochemical Society
3Members, , American Federation of Arts
1Members, , American Fine Arts Society
71Members, , American Forestry Association
20Members, , American Gynecological Society
63Members, , American Historical Association
12Members, , American Hospital Association
163Members, , American Institute of Architects
189Members, , American Institute of Electrical Engineers
278Members, , American Institute of Homeopathy
212Members, , American Institute of Mining Engineers
2Members, , American Iron and Steel Association
31Members, , American Library Association
3596Members, , American Medical Association
4Members, , American Medical Editors Association
45Members, , American Medico-Psychological Association
1Members, , American Missionary Association
7Members, , American Museum of Natural History
2Members, , American Numismatic Association
1Members, , American Numismatic Society
25Members, , American Oriental Society
108Members, , American Ornithologists Union
76Members, , American Orthopedic Association
24Members, , American Otological Society
11Members, , American Patent Law Association
8Members, , American Pharmaceutical Association
17Members, , American Philological Association
235Members, , American Philosophical Society
173Members, , American Public Health Association
1Members, , American Railway Association
3Members, , American Railway Engineering Association
2Members, , American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society
121Members, , American Society for Engineering Education
157Members, , American Society of Civil Engineers
16Members, , American Society of International Law
1Members, , American Society of Landscape Architects
208Members, , American Society of Mechanical Engineers
485Members, , American Society of Naturalists
2Members, , American Society of Naval Engineers
92Members, , American Surgical Association
8Members, , American Therapeutic Society
2Members, , American Tract Society
2Members, , American Unitarian Association
84Members, , American Water Color Society
22Members, , Archaeological Institute of America
2Members, , Atlantic Deep Waterway Association
1Members, , Board of Education
1Members, , Boston Society for Medical Improvement
2Members, , Boston Society of Civil Engineers
60Members, , Botanical Society of America
1Members, , California Fruit Canners Association
1Members, , Charity Organization Society
3Members, , Civil Service Reform Association
3Members, , Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society
1Members, , Lincoln Highway Association
3Members, , Long Island Historical Society
2Members, , Massachusetts Horticultural Society
9Members, , Modern Language Association of America
1Members, , National Association of Woolen Manufacturers
1Members, , National Council of Women
2890Members, , National Education Association
2Members, , National Sculpture Society
1Members, , National Society of Mural Painters
1Members, , National Woman Suffrage Association
1Members, , New England Historic Genealogical Society
3Members, , New York Academy of Medicine
4Members, , New York County Lawyers Association
1Members, , New York Neurological Society
3Members, , Society of Mayflower Descendants
6Members, , Southern Medical Association
1Members, , State Homeopathic Medical Society
2Members, , State Medical Society
1Members, , Stone and Webster Management Association
5Members, , Western Society of Engineers
3MembersAL, Randolph Co, County Medical Society
4MembersCA, , State Homeopathic Medical Society
1MembersCA, , State Library Association
1MembersCA, , State Medical Association
5MembersCA, Los Angeles Co, County Medical Association
1MembersCO, , State Historical Society
1MembersCO, , State Library Association
3MembersCO, , State Teachers Association
2MembersCT, , State Library Association
2MembersCT, New Haven Co, County Medical Association
1MembersDC, , State Library Association
1MembersDC, , State Medical Association
2MembersDC, , State Medical Society
1MembersDC, Washington, American Forestry Association
632MembersDC, Washington, Board of Trade
2MembersFL, , State Library Association
8MembersFL, , State Medical Association
1MembersGA, , State Historical Society
1MembersGA, , State Library Association
19MembersGA, , State Medical Association
1MembersIA, , State Historical Society
4MembersIA, , State Library Association
63MembersIA, , State Medical Society
1MembersIA, Marion Co, County Medical Society
1MembersIA, Sac Co, County Medical Society
2MembersID, , State Medical Association
4MembersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, City Historical Society
66MembersIN, , Indiana Academy of Science
1MembersIN, , State Historical Society
4MembersIN, Marshall Co, County Medical Society
2MembersKS, , State Library Association
3MembersKY, , State Library Association
1MembersLA, , State Historical Society
2MembersLA, , State Medical Association
15MembersMA, , State Historical Society
4MembersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, City Library Association
3MembersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, City Library Association
1MembersMD, , State Historical Society
1MembersME, , State Library Association
1MembersMI, Tuscola Co, County Medical Association
2MembersMN, , State Historical Society
4MembersMN, , State Medical Association
4MembersMT, , State Medical Association
1MembersMT, Flathead Co, County Medical Society
3MembersNC, , State Library Association
1MembersNC, , State Teachers Association
1MembersND, , State Historical Society
3MembersND, , State Library Association
1MembersNE, , State Historical Society
2MembersNE, , State Teachers Association
3MembersNH, , State Library Association
7MembersNJ, , State Historical Society
9MembersNM, , New Mexico Educational Association
1MembersNM, , State Library Association
7MembersNY, , Central New York Medical Association
4MembersNY, , State Historical Society
1MembersNY, , State Library Association
72MembersNY, , State Medical Association
141MembersNY, , State Medical Society
5MembersNY, , State Teachers Association
4MembersNY, Allegany Co, County Medical Society
1MembersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, City Medical Association
1MembersNY, Cayuga Co, County Medical Association
32MembersNY, Erie Co, County Medical Society
6MembersNY, Jefferson Co, County Medical Society
42MembersNY, Kings Co, County Medical Society
1MembersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, City Historical Society
135MembersNY, New York Co, County Medical Society
5MembersNY, Richmond Co, County Medical Society
1MembersNY, Westchester Co, County Medical Association
1MembersOH, , State Library Association
163MembersOH, , State Medical Society
17MembersOH, , State Teachers Association
1MembersOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, City Historical Society
1MembersOK, , State Teachers Association
1MembersOR, , State Historical Society
21MembersPA, , State Historical Society
2MembersPA, , State Library Association
39MembersPA, Dauphin Co, County Medical Society
1MembersPA, Delaware Co, County Historical Society
33MembersPA, Lackawanna Co, County Medical Society
2MembersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Academy of Natural Sciences
1MembersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, City Historical Society
6MembersRI, , State Historical Society
3MembersRI, , State Library Association
6MembersSC, , State Medical Society
1MembersSC, , State Teachers Association
3MembersSD, , State Medical Society
1MembersTN, , State Historical Society
5MembersTN, , State Medical Association
2MembersTN, Shelby Co, County Medical Society
5MembersTX, , North Texas Medical Association
2MembersUT, , State Library Association
4MembersVA, , State Historical Society
92MembersVA, , State Medical Society
1MembersVT, , State Historical Society
2MembersVT, , State Library Association
1MembersWA, , State Historical Society
3MembersWA, , State Medical Association
5MembersWI, , State Library Association
3MembersWI, , State Teachers Association
1MembersWI, Sauk Co, County Historical Society
38MembersWV, , State Medical Society
1MembersWV, , State Teachers Association

Do you have a minister in your tree, but don't know when and where he served? Do you have a church in your research, and want to know who served there? Or likewise for many other positions? This is the best place to answer those questions, compiling lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. A few features:

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StartedDescriptionCountLast 20 Days
06 Feb 2023Whipples Electric, Gas and Street Railway Directory4,1194,119
03 Feb 2023The Mines Handbook, 192019,03119,031
31 Jan 2023Bankers Magazine and Historical Register, v.39368368
30 Jan 2023Moody's Manual of Industrial Securities6,2956,295
28 Jan 2023Brown's directory of American gas companies3,0543,054
20 Jan 2023Poor's Manual of Industrials, 191032,15932,159
09 Jan 2023Directory of Directors of New York, 191515,00372
04 Jan 2023Notable men of Pittsburgh and vicinity55711
03 Jan 2023Directory of Directors in the Pittsburgh District9,92046
29 Dec 2022https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Society_of_Mechanical_Engineers50
26 Dec 2022Directory of Directors, Chicago, 190310,15557
19 Dec 2022Philadelphia and notable Philadelphians64321
16 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the City of Philadelphia3,91125
15 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the State of Rhode Island2,75614
12 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in Boston and Vicinity, 19067,61974
03 Dec 2022Utica NY City Directory147
02 Dec 2022Waterbury City Directory, 188066
27 Nov 2022Toledo City Directory, 1913282
27 Nov 2022Cleveland City Directory, 1906259
23 Nov 2022Albany City Directory, 1905421
23 Nov 2022Hartford City Directory, 1899408
23 Nov 2022Norwich City Directory, 1870173
19 Nov 2022Bankers Directory2,149
03 Nov 2022Alumni, Illinois State University1,570
30 Oct 2022New Mexico Educational Directory, 1914+3,078
28 Oct 2022Herringshaw's American Blue Book of Biography17,52489
28 Oct 2022added 'Author' and 'Poet' types under 'Artist'; 'Genealogist' and separate 'Banker' types
20 Oct 2022Wyoming Seminary, 1844-1944500
18 Oct 2022Report of the Board of DC Public Schools, 1873-4133
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1911-1915312
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1917-1918393
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1906-19114151
16 Oct 2022Annual catalogue of the State Teachers College, Indiana, PA478
14 Oct 2022History and reunion of Falley seminary137
13 Oct 2022Boys High School, Frederick MD75
11 Oct 2022First fifty years of Cazenovia Seminary, 1825-187511,011
11 Oct 2022McKinley Manual Training School, 1914126
05 Oct 2022Manual of the Public Schools of the District of Columbia, 1920-19212,430
03 Oct 2022The American Blue Book of Biography: Prominent Americans of 19192,78741
28 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials, 192211,307131
19 Sep 2022Army List and Directory1,856
19 Sep 2022World Cotton Centennial66
17 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 19018,31172
07 Sep 2022Records of Officers dn Men of NJ in the Civil War253
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and marines in the civil war, V12,230
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, V25,058
07 Sep 2022Roster of North Carolina troops in the war between the states4,466
03 Sep 2022Worlds Columbian Exposition Directory1,390
03 Sep 2022Battle of Opequan513
31 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, V411,4511
29 Aug 2022Battle of Stones River565
29 Aug 2022Battle of Little Bighorn75
27 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, v35,956
25 Aug 2022Battle of Perryville330
25 Aug 2022Battle of the Wilderness616
25 Aug 2022Charles Sumner Museum & Archives71
25 Aug 2022Battle of Antietam1,054
25 Aug 2022Battle of Gettysburg1,932
25 Aug 2022American Civil War, Thomas Legion Site686
23 Aug 2022Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines107