List of Members

of professional associations and societies, as found in sources quoted

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

List of Members; Last: Agassiz
Alexander American Philosophical Society
Alexander American Society of Naturalists
Alexander EnglandMiddlesexLondonLondon Zoological Society

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Most Recent Entries
25Members, , American Academy of Dental Science
87Members, , American Academy of Medicine
12Members, , American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology
48Members, , American Academy of Political and Social Science
1985Members, , American Association for the Advancement of Science
132Members, , American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists
8Members, , American Association of University Women
16Members, , American Baptist Home Mission Society
69Members, , American Bar Association
20Members, , American Bible Society
626Members, , American Chemical Society
44Members, , American College of Surgeons
8Members, , American Dental Association
12Members, , American Dental Society
8Members, , American Dermatological Association
43Members, , American Economic Association
7Members, , American Electrochemical Society
22Members, , American Entomological Society
67Members, , American Forestry Association
8Members, , American Gynecological Society
38Members, , American Historical Association
149Members, , American Institute of Architects
181Members, , American Institute of Electrical Engineers
187Members, , American Institute of Homeopathy
206Members, , American Institute of Mining Engineers
35Members, , American Laryngological Association
20Members, , American Library Association
355Members, , American Mathematical Society
1595Members, , American Medical Association
5Members, , American Meteorological Society
67Members, , American Microscopical Society
40Members, , American Neurological Association
12Members, , American Ophthalmological Society
11Members, , American Otological Society
6Members, , American Patent Law Association
21Members, , American Pediatric Society
38Members, , American Pharmacists Association
9Members, , American Philological Association
225Members, , American Philosophical Society
235Members, , American Physical Society
17Members, , American Political Science Association
16Members, , American Psychiatric Association
101Members, , American Public Health Association
5Members, , American Society of Agronomy
138Members, , American Society of Civil Engineers
13Members, , American Society of International Law
141Members, , American Society of Mechanical Engineers
32Members, , American Statistical Association
17Members, , American Surgical Association
7Members, , American Therapeutic Society
6Members, , American Veterinary Medical Association
20Members, , Archaeological Institute of America
131Members, , Association of American Anatomists
59Members, , Association of American Geographers
102Members, , Association of American Physicians
31Members, , Association of Military Surgeons
28Members, , Association of Official Agricultural Chemists
59Members, , Botanical Society of America
11Members, , British Astronomical Association
21Members, , Cambridge Society for Medical Improvement
1Members, , Chicago Medical Society
40Members, , Cosmos Club
16Members, , Daughters of the American Revolution
13Members, , DC Dental Society
26Members, , DC Medical Society
273Members, , Geological Society of America
14Members, , Harvard Odontological Society
10Members, , League of American Pen Women
28Members, , Maryland Dental Society
10Members, , Maryland Homeopathic Society
83Members, , National Academy of Sciences
65Members, , National Education Association
312Members, , National Geographic Society
203Members, , National Press Club
6Members, , New England Historical Genealogical Society
31Members, , New England Ophthalmological Society
303Members, , Phi Beta Kappa
68Members, , Society for Plant Morphology and Physiology
81Members, , Society for the Promotion of Agricultural Science
24Members, , Society of American Foresters
156Members, , Society of Chemical Industry
1Members, , South Carolina Medical Association
11Members, , Southern California Academy of Sciences
5Members, , Southern Medical Association
12Members, , St Louis Engineering Club
226Members, , Washington Academy of Sciences
32Members, , Washington Anthropological Society
104Members, , Washington Biological Society
9Members, , Washington Chemical Society
42Members, , Washington Entomological Society
69Members, , Washington Geological Society
19Members, , Washington National Monument Society
6Members, , Wild Flower Preservation Society
36MembersCT, , Connecticut Medical Society
48MembersCT, , Connecticut Valley Dental Society
4MembersDC, , Anacostia Citizens Association
11MembersDC, , Anthropological Society of Washington
28MembersDC, , Arts Club of Washington
34MembersDC, , Biological Society of Washington
632MembersDC, , Board of Trade
35MembersDC, , Botanical Society of Washington
15MembersDC, , Cathedral Heights Citizens Association
15MembersDC, , Chemical Society of Washington
39MembersDC, , Chevy Chase Citizens Association
8MembersDC, , Cleveland Park Citizens Association
6MembersDC, , Cleveland Park School and Community Association
41MembersDC, , Columbia Heights Citizens Association
67MembersDC, , Columbia Historical Society
36MembersDC, , Connecticut Avenue Citizens Association
423MembersDC, , Cosmos Club
4MembersDC, , DC Bankers Association
44MembersDC, , DC Bar Association
8MembersDC, , DC Dental Society
7MembersDC, , DC Library Association
89MembersDC, , DC Medical Society
5MembersDC, , East Washington Citizens Association
16MembersDC, , Entomological Society of Washington
35MembersDC, , Geological Society of Washington
8MembersDC, , George Washington University Medical Society
20MembersDC, , Georgetown Citizens Association
20MembersDC, , Kalorama Citizens Association
28MembersDC, , Mid City Citizens Association
44MembersDC, , Mt Pleasant Citizens Association
14MembersDC, , North Capitol and Eckington Citizens Association
8MembersDC, , North Washington Citizens Association
10MembersDC, , Park View Citizens Association
17MembersDC, , Petworth Citizens Association
30MembersDC, , Philosophical Society of Washington
24MembersDC, , Piney Branch Citizens Association
13MembersDC, , Sixteenth Street Highlands Citizens Association
5MembersDC, , Society of Washington Artists
26MembersDC, , Takoma Park Citizens Association
7MembersDC, , Trinidad Citizens Association
103MembersDC, , Washington Academy of Sciences
8MembersDC, , Washington Automotive Trade Association
27MembersDC, , Washington Real Estate Board
39MembersDC, , Washington Society of Engineers
8MembersDC, , Washington Society of Fine Arts
14MembersDC, , Washington Stock Exchange
22MembersDC, , West End Citizens Association
5MembersDC, Washington, All Souls Episcopal Church
15MembersDC, Washington, All Souls Unitarian Church
17MembersDC, Washington, Calvary Baptist Church
3MembersDC, Washington, Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church
17MembersDC, Washington, Church of the Epiphany
4MembersDC, Washington, First Baptist Church
14MembersDC, Washington, First Congregational Church
4MembersDC, Washington, First Presbyterian Church
14MembersDC, Washington, Foundry United Methodist Church
31MembersDC, Washington, George Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
9MembersDC, Washington, George Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
5MembersDC, Washington, Gunton Temple Memorial Presbyterian Church
3MembersDC, Washington, Hamline Methodist Church
6MembersDC, Washington, Immanuel Baptist Church
3MembersDC, Washington, Metropolitan Baptist Church
5MembersDC, Washington, Metropolitan Presbyterian Church
4MembersDC, Washington, Mount Vernon Place Methodist Church
17MembersDC, Washington, Mt Pleasant Congregational Church
3MembersDC, Washington, New York Ave Presbyterian Church
3MembersDC, Washington, Sixth Presbyterian Church
16MembersDC, Washington, St Margarets Episcopal Church
3MembersDC, Washington, St Marks Episcopal Church
6MembersDC, Washington, St Matthews Cathedral
9MembersDC, Washington, St Stephens Episcopal Church
5MembersDC, Washington, Takoma Park Presbyterian Church
7MembersDC, Washington, Vermont Ave Christian Church
3MembersDC, Washington, Western Presbyterian Church
59MembersEngland, Middlesex, London, London Chemical Society
20MembersIL, , Illinois Medical Society
4MembersKS, Leavenworth Co, Leavenworth, Missouri Valley Bridge Co
27MembersMA, , Boston Gynecological Society
7MembersMA, , Boston Homeopathic Society
339MembersMA, , Boston Medical Library Association
106MembersMA, , Boston Society for Medical Improvement
102MembersMA, , Boston Society of Medical Sciences
1MembersMA, , Boston Society of Natural History
90MembersMA, , Massachusetts Dental Society
19MembersMA, , Massachusetts Gynecological Society
150MembersMA, , Massachusetts Medical Society
7MembersMA, Essex Co, Essex Co Homeopathic Medical Society
8MembersMA, Middlesex Co, Harvard Dental School Association
1MembersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, American Tract Society
70MembersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston Homeopathic Society
44MembersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston Society for Medical Improvement
43MembersMD, , Baltimore Medical Society
8MembersMD, , Maryland Pharmacists Association
50MembersME, , Maine Medical Society
11MembersME, Kennebec Co, Kennebec Co Medical Association
24MembersNC, , North Carolina Medical Society
10MembersNY, , New York Microscopical Society
5MembersNY, , New York Mineralogical Club
30MembersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Buffalo Academy of Medicine
5MembersPA, , Pennsylvania Bible Society
13MembersPA, , State Historical Society
67MembersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Philadelphia College of Physicians
27MembersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County Medical Society
32MembersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Society of Artists
20MembersRI, , Rhode Island Dental Society
7MembersVT, , Vermont Botanical Club
27MembersWI, , Wisconsin Academy of Science

Do you have a minister in your tree, but don't know when and where he served? Do you have a church in your research, and want to know who served there? Or likewise for many other positions? This is the best place to answer those questions, compiling lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. A few features:

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