List of Lighthouse Keepers

With their years and location of service

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List of Lighthouse Keepers
HeadFrank B. 1975-1976NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
2nd AssistantAlexander 1874-1876VAVirginia BeachCape Henry Lighthouse
2nd AssistantJoshua 1865-1873NJAtlantic CoAtlantic City, Absecon Lighthouse
2nd AssistantSamuel F. 1884NJAtlantic CoAtlantic City, Absecon Lighthouse
1st AssistantSamuel F. 1884-1914NJAtlantic CoAtlantic City, Absecon Lighthouse
1st AssistantHenry 1901-1903MDAnne Arundel CoAnnapolis, Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
2nd AssistantDaniel L. 1882-1884NJAtlantic CoAtlantic City, Absecon Lighthouse
1st AssistantDaniel L. 1884NJAtlantic CoAtlantic City, Absecon Lighthouse
2nd AssistantCharles R. 1915-1916MAPlymouth CoMinots Ledge Lighthouse
1st AssistantCharles R. 1917MAPlymouth CoMinots Ledge Lighthouse
1st AssistantAlvin 1879FLEscambia CoPensacola, Pensacola Lighthouse
HeadJohn 1859MIKeweenaw CoEagle Harbor Lighthouse
2nd AssistantThomas E. 1912ORLane CoHeceta Head Lighthouse
2nd AssistantGeorge 1872-1873MABarnstable CoNorth Truro, Highland Light
2nd AssistantGeorge 1872-1873MABarnstable CoProvincetown, Highland LIghthouse
AssistantGeorge A. 1871-1872FLMonroe CoKey West, Key West Lighthouse
HeadWarren A. 1943MEYork CoCape Neddick, Nubble Lighthouse
HeadJames T. 1907-1928MABarnstable CoChatham Lighthouse
3rd AssistantJohn W. 1877SCCharleston CoMorris Island Lighthouse
2nd AssistantJohn W. 1877-1881SCCharleston CoMorris Island Lighthouse
1st AssistantJohn W. 1881-1883SCCharleston CoMorris Island Lighthouse
2nd AssistantCarl 1917NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadFrederic 1864-1865FLMonroe CoKey West, Key West Lighthouse
1st AssistantFrederick 1882FLEscambia CoPensacola, Pensacola Lighthouse
HeadJ. F. 1869-1875SCGeorgetown CoGeorgetown, Georgetown Lighthouse
HeadJames 1855-1859NYErie CoBuffalo, Buffalo Main Lighthouse
2nd AssistantJohn F. 1906-1908NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
1st AssistantJohn F. 1908NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadJohn F. 1910-1912NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadRandall K. 1967-1968MAEssex CoBakers Island Lighthouse
HeadRandall K. 1968-1969MAEssex CoBakers Island Lighthouse
AssistantThomas W. 1889-1891CASan Diego CoSan Diego, Point Loma Lighthouse
HeadWilliam L., Jr 1915-1917MAPlymouth CoDuxbury Pier Lighthouse
2nd AssistantNathaniel P. 1871-1873NCDare CoHatteras Lighthouse
2nd AssistantCharles S. 1886-1891NCCurrituck CoCorolla, Currituck Lighthouse
2nd AssistantHenry 1867-1869FLEscambia CoPensacola, Pensacola Lighthouse
2nd AssistantJoseph 1850-1851MAPlymouth CoMinots Ledge Lighthouse
1st AssistantFrancis D. 1907-1908OHAshtabula CoAshtabula Lighthouse
HeadJosiah 1770RINewport CoJamestown, Beavertail Lighthouse
AssistantRobert 1905MDBaltimore CityLazaretto Point Lighthouse
HeadGeorge W. 1880-1883GAGlynn CoSt Simons Lighthouse
HeadSalmon 1853OHAshtabula CoAshtabula Lighthouse
HeadJames 1846-1851VAVirginia BeachCape Henry Lighthouse
1st AssistantBenjamin 1881MDAnne Arundel CoAnnapolis, Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
2nd AssistantEdward V. 1890-1892VAVirginia BeachCape Henry Lighthouse
1st AssistantMrs. S. J. 1874-1878MAPlymouth CoDuxbury Pier Lighthouse
1st AssistantNathaniel P. 1865-1868MABarnstable CoNorth Truro, Highland Light
1st AssistantNathaniel P. 1865-1868MABarnstable CoProvincetown, Highland LIghthouse
HeadWilliam 1871-1878MAPlymouth CoDuxbury Pier Lighthouse
AssistantChristopher 1863RINewport CoJamestown, Beavertail Lighthouse
1st AssistantAvery J. 1867NCDare CoManteo, Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse
2nd AssistantEdward B. 1930-1933NCCurrituck CoCorolla, Currituck Lighthouse
1st AssistantHomer T. 1907MDAnne Arundel CoAnnapolis, Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
2nd AssistantHomer T. 1912-1913NCDare CoHatteras Lighthouse
1st AssistantHomer T. 1915-1920NCDare CoBodie Island Lighthouse
1st AssistantHomer T. 1928-1930NCCurrituck CoCorolla, Currituck Lighthouse
HeadHomer T. 1931-1936NCCurrituck CoCorolla, Currituck Lighthouse
2nd AssistantJulian H. 1928-1929NCDare CoHatteras Lighthouse
1st AssistantJulian H. 1929NCPamlico CoBrant Island Shoals Lighthouse
1st AssistantJulian H. 1930-1933NCWashington CoPlymouth, Roanoke River Lighthouse
1st AssistantJulian H. 1933-1940NCDare CoBodie Island Lighthouse
1st AssistantLevin B. 1894NCPamlico CoBrant Island Shoals Lighthouse
3rd AssistantWesley 1885-1889NCDare CoHatteras Lighthouse
2nd AssistantWesley 1889-1892NCDare CoHatteras Lighthouse
1st AssistantWesley 1892-1893NCDare CoHatteras Lighthouse
1st AssistantWesley L. 1893-1912NCCurrituck CoCorolla, Currituck Lighthouse
HeadWesley Leon 1912-1929NCHyde CoOcracoke Lighthouse
2nd AssistantWilliam Riley 1891-1912NCCurrituck CoCorolla, Currituck Lighthouse
1st AssistantWilliam Riley 1912-1927NCCurrituck CoCorolla, Currituck Lighthouse
2nd AssistantRoy M. 1914-1917ORLane CoHeceta Head Lighthouse
HeadHenry A. 1876-1885NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadMaurice A. 1926-1941MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Lighthouse
HeadJames H. 1888-1891MAPlymouth CoDuxbury Pier Lighthouse
1st AssistantGeorge A. 1876-1877FLEscambia CoPensacola, Pensacola Lighthouse
2nd AssistantGeorge E. 1891-1892MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Lighthouse
2nd AssistantGeorge G. 1876-1877MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Lighthouse
1st AssistantGeorge G. 1877-1882MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Lighthouse
2nd AssistantHenry M. 1913-1915MAPlymouth CoMinots Ledge Lighthouse
1st AssistantHenry M. 1915-1916MAPlymouth CoMinots Ledge Lighthouse
1st AssistantSamuel G. 1857-1858NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadThomas J. 1909-1917WIMilwaukee CoMilwaukee, North Point Lighthouse
3rd AssistantJohn B. 1912VAVirginia BeachCape Henry Lighthouse
2nd AssistantAlonzo 1889-1890NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
1st AssistantAlonzo 1890-1891NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadHenry 1814-1832NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadNathaniel 1846-1849MEYork CoBoon Island Lighthouse
HeadNathaniel 1859MEYork CoBoon Island Lighthouse
1st AssistantRichard C. 1892-1894NCWashington CoPlymouth, Roanoke River Lighthouse
HeadThomas 1940-1950OHAshtabula CoAshtabula Lighthouse
2nd AssistantWilliam A. 1908-1912NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
1st AssistantA. J. 1910NYSuffolk CoMontauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
HeadArthur J. 1930-1940CTMiddlesex CoSaybrook, Lynde Point Lighthouse
HeadRobert 1733-1774MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Lighthouse
3rd AssistantJohn 1946MNLake CoSilver Bay, Split Rock Lighthouse
HeadPaul 1946-1951MAEssex CoBakers Island Lighthouse
1st AssistantMoses 1875FLEscambia CoPensacola, Pensacola Lighthouse
HeadEbenezer D. 1869-1885NYNiagara CoFort Niagara Lighthouse
1st AssistantJames F. 1895-1896ORLane CoHeceta Head Lighthouse
AssistantJohn 1889-1890MDBaltimore CityLazaretto Point Lighthouse
1st AssistantOliver H. 1871-1872NCDare CoHatteras Lighthouse

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Most Recent Entries
31Lighthouse KeepersCA, San Diego Co, San Diego, Point Loma Lighthouse
56Lighthouse KeepersCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, Mile Rock Lighthouse
9Lighthouse KeepersCT, Fairfield Co, Fayerweather Island Lighthouse
15Lighthouse KeepersCT, Middlesex Co, Saybrook, Lynde Point Lighthouse
17Lighthouse KeepersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Five Mile Point Lighthouse
10Lighthouse KeepersCT, New London Co, Stonington Harbor Lighthouse
98Lighthouse KeepersFL, Escambia Co, Pensacola, Pensacola Lighthouse
22Lighthouse KeepersFL, Monroe Co, Key West, Key West Lighthouse
35Lighthouse KeepersGA, Glynn Co, St Simons Lighthouse
22Lighthouse KeepersMA, Barnstable Co, Chatham Lighthouse
20Lighthouse KeepersMA, Barnstable Co, Falmouth, Nobska Point Lighthouse
109Lighthouse KeepersMA, Barnstable Co, North Truro, Highland Light
110Lighthouse KeepersMA, Barnstable Co, Provincetown, Highland LIghthouse
24Lighthouse KeepersMA, Dukes Co, Edgartown, Cape Poge Lighthouse
23Lighthouse KeepersMA, Essex Co, Bakers Island Lighthouse
48Lighthouse KeepersMA, Plymouth Co, Duxbury Pier Lighthouse
111Lighthouse KeepersMA, Plymouth Co, Minots Ledge Lighthouse
127Lighthouse KeepersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston Lighthouse
79Lighthouse KeepersMD, Anne Arundel Co, Annapolis, Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
41Lighthouse KeepersMD, Baltimore City, Lazaretto Point Lighthouse
36Lighthouse KeepersME, York Co, Boon Island Lighthouse
15Lighthouse KeepersME, York Co, Cape Neddick, Nubble Lighthouse
39Lighthouse KeepersMI, Keweenaw Co, Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
48Lighthouse KeepersMN, Lake Co, Silver Bay, Split Rock Lighthouse
42Lighthouse KeepersMN, St Louis Co, Duluth, North Pier Lighthouse
74Lighthouse KeepersNC, Carteret Co, Morehead City, Cape Lookout Lighthouse
28Lighthouse KeepersNC, Currituck Co, Corolla, Currituck Lighthouse
46Lighthouse KeepersNC, Dare Co, Bodie Island Lighthouse
110Lighthouse KeepersNC, Dare Co, Hatteras Lighthouse
38Lighthouse KeepersNC, Dare Co, Manteo, Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse
11Lighthouse KeepersNC, Hyde Co, Ocracoke Lighthouse
51Lighthouse KeepersNC, Pamlico Co, Brant Island Shoals Lighthouse
23Lighthouse KeepersNC, Washington Co, Plymouth, Roanoke River Lighthouse
20Lighthouse KeepersNH, Rockingham Co, Portsmouth, Harbor Lighthouse
31Lighthouse KeepersNJ, Atlantic Co, Atlantic City, Absecon Lighthouse
18Lighthouse KeepersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Buffalo Main Lighthouse
20Lighthouse KeepersNY, Niagara Co, Fort Niagara Lighthouse
118Lighthouse KeepersNY, Suffolk Co, Montauk, Montauk Point Lighthouse
39Lighthouse KeepersOH, Ashtabula Co, Ashtabula Lighthouse
21Lighthouse KeepersOH, Ottawa Co, Marblehead, Marblehead Lighthouse
46Lighthouse KeepersOR, Lane Co, Heceta Head Lighthouse
50Lighthouse KeepersRI, Newport Co, Jamestown, Beavertail Lighthouse
68Lighthouse KeepersSC, Charleston Co, Morris Island Lighthouse
31Lighthouse KeepersSC, Georgetown Co, Georgetown, Georgetown Lighthouse
115Lighthouse KeepersVA, Virginia Beach, Cape Henry Lighthouse
25Lighthouse KeepersWA, Pacific Co, Ilwaco, North Head Lighthouse
13Lighthouse KeepersWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, North Point Lighthouse

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