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Northwestern University, Evanston, Cook Co, IL

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Northwestern University, Evanston, IL: List of Librarians
AssistantGeorge E. 1886-1887ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
AssistantFaith Edith 1896-1898ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Flora B. 1899-1900ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
CatalogerAdaline Maitland 1902-1913ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
AssistantEleanor Worthington 1905-1913ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
CatalogerOla May 1906-1908ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Assistant, CatalogerEthel 1908-1909ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
CatalogerClara 1917-1918ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Helen M. 1919-1928ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Theodore Wesley 1919-1933ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
AssistantHelen Mary 1920-1923ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Assistant, CirculationAlma 1922-1923ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
AssistantSusanna 1923-1926ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Sophia Josephine 1924-1928ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Helen Minerva 1925-1933ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
AssistantNorma Pauline 1926-1927ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
PeriodicalsMary Louise 1926-1928ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Willard Allison 1926-1930ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
AssistantOtheo Violet Frellsen 1928-1929ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Torsten 1928-1929ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
AssistantVirginia Elinor 1928-1931ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Assistant, CatalogerOlive Louise 1928-1933ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Assistant, ReferenceMaysel O'Haver 1932ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University

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