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Public Library, Davenport, Scott Co, IA

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Public Library, Davenport, IA: List of Librarians
Marilla Waite 1902-1905IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
AssistantMary Ella 1904-1911IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
CatalogerDaisy Bryant 1905IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Grace Delphine 1906-1920IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
CirculationJulia A. 1908-1910IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
ChildrenNorma Lee 1915-1919IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
ApprenticeLoleta Dawson 1916-1917IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
AssistantAbigail Fisher 1916-1919IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
ReferenceEdwin Sue 1919-1920IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Adria Hutchinson 1920-1921IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Katharine 1920-1925IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Assistant, ChildrenKatherine 1920-1927IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Grace 1920-1933IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Ruth Hughes 1922-1923IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Order DeptEleanor 1925-1926IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
ChildrenKatharine Olcott 1925-1933IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Hope Elizabeth 1925-1933IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
ReferenceEunice E. 1925-1933IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Assistant, ChildrenAlice May 1926-1929IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
AssistantGladys Flora 1926-1929IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Order DeptKathryn P. 1926-1933IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
AssistantHelene Rose 1927-1929IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
CatalogerMabel Byron 1928IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
AssistantElinor Christiana 1928IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
ApprenticeElizabeth 1928-1929IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Adeline 1929-1930IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library
Louise 1930-1933IAScott CoDavenport, Public Library

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