List of Attorneys

With their year of admission to the bar or date of service

About this page: This list compiles source lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

List of Attorneys
John Edward 1872-1877MASuffolk CoBoston
F. H. 1877PAErie Co
Charles 1874MDMontgomery Co
R. W. 1870MDMontgomery Co
John Bell 1866MDMontgomery Co
John E. 1845MDMontgomery Co
John Francis 1863-1866NYNew York CoNew York City
J. G. 1874PAErie Co
J. Fox 1827PAErie Co
F. M. 1877INFranklin Co
James H. 1912PAErie Co
Marshall R. 1898INFranklin Co
George A. 1868PAErie Co
Hiram 1838INCass Co
O. C. 1892PAErie Co
Samuel T. 1875PAErie Co
Frederick S. 1897PAErie Co
D. 1879-1880INFranklin Co
James W. 1875PAErie Co
Frank 1876MDMontgomery Co
Charles Lee 1853MDFrederick Co
Daniel F. 1886PABerks Co
David B. 1858INCass Co
Franklin 1818MDFrederick Co
G. W. D. 1865MDMontgomery Co
James W. 1874MDMontgomery Co
Thomas 1856MDMontgomery Co
W. W. 1881MDMontgomery Co
John 1816MDFrederick Co
Arthur Leonard 1877NYAlbany CoAlbany
James R. 1908PAErie Co
T. 1899PAErie Co
Thurman C. 1860INCass Co
W. R. 1875INCass Co
John W. 1879PABerks Co
Delford U. 1907PAErie Co
George W. 1843PABerks Co
Frank L. 1895PAErie Co
Frank D. 1906PABerks Co
John 1881PAErie Co
Isaac 1872PAErie Co
Henry 1816MDMontgomery Co
John Guest 1833-1837NYNew York CoNew York City
Charles Woodard 1910NYNew York CoNew York City
Francis 1833PABerks Co
Jonathan 1838PAErie Co
Elijah 1826PAErie Co
Elijah 1839PAErie Co
J. Bayard 1878NYNew York CoNew York City
George F. 1868PABerks Co
James Guy 1910NYWestchester CoYonkers
Samuel, Jr 1810PABerks Co
William M. 1844PABerks Co
Cassias L. 1872PAErie Co
Hiram A. 1867PAErie Co
James B. 1882PABerks Co
L. P. W. 1809MDMontgomery Co
L. P. W. 1845MDFrederick Co
Daniel P. 1860INCass Co
Henry 1826PAErie Co
Sidney 1853INCass Co
Charles H. 1839PAErie Co
D. J. 1891PAErie Co
James H. 1840PAErie Co
Joseph Y. 1875INCass Co
Francis M. 1864PABerks Co
James A. 1848PABerks Co
John 1847PABerks Co
John A. 1849PABerks Co
William Edmund 1851PABerks Co
George G. 1835PABerks Co
William P. 1863PABerks Co
Forrest Edson 1876-1888MAWorcester CoWorcester
George W. 1894PAErie Co
Stanley Gilman 1912-1917MASuffolk CoBoston
Stanley Gilman 1919MAWorcester CoWorcester
Everett 1886-1896NYNew York CoNew York City
Robert M. 1831PABerks Co
Don Charles 1826PAErie Co
Augustus C. 1874MOBenton Co
Bernard Giffin 1906-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn
Arthur L. 1886PAErie Co
H. C. 1869VTEssex Co
Henry C. 1880VTCaledonia Co
Rush S. 1855PAErie Co
John F. 1853MDFrederick Co
John W. 1843MDFrederick Co
Samuel B. 1891PAErie Co
Burton Thompson 1878-1885NYNew York CoNew York City
C. W. 1874MDMontgomery Co
Leonard Abram 1858-1865NYNew York CoNew York City
Leonard Abram 1866-1898NYNew York CoNew York City
Fillmore 1879MDMontgomery Co
Richard R. 1880MDMontgomery Co
Samuel W. 1828MDMontgomery Co
Zebulon 1838INCass Co
George Davis 1887NYNew York CoNew York City
James B. 1858PABerks Co
William B. 1884PABerks Co
Israel C. 1864PABerks Co
Most Recent Entries
7AttorneysCT, Hartford Co, Hartford
6AttorneysCT, Middlesex Co, Middletown
5AttorneysIL, Cook Co, Chicago
138AttorneysIN, Cass Co
101AttorneysIN, Franklin Co
22AttorneysMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
6AttorneysMA, Worcester Co, Worcester
190AttorneysMD, Frederick Co
199AttorneysMD, Montgomery Co
3AttorneysMI, Wayne Co, Detroit
3AttorneysMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
15AttorneysMO, Benton Co
3AttorneysMO, St Louis City
5AttorneysNJ, Essex Co, Newark
3AttorneysNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth
3AttorneysNY, Albany Co, Albany
8AttorneysNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
4AttorneysNY, Monroe Co, Rochester
75AttorneysNY, New York Co, New York City
5AttorneysNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
3AttorneysNY, Westchester Co, White Plains
3AttorneysNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers
4AttorneysPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
345AttorneysPA, Berks Co
524AttorneysPA, Erie Co
7AttorneysPA, Lackawanna Co, Scranton
7AttorneysPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre
13AttorneysPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
57AttorneysVT, Caledonia Co
59AttorneysVT, Essex Co

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