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Lawrence Co, IN

Named for: James Lawrence

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Attorneys (6) Businesspeople (2) Commissioners (55) Coroners (37) County Clerks (14) District Attorneys (15) Judges (7) Librarians (1) Ministers (38) Pharmacists (6) Physicians (1) Postmasters (24) Railroads (5) School Inspectors (18) School Superintendents (3) Sheriffs (27) State Representatives (40) State Senators (20) Surveyors (14) Teachers (46) Treasurers (32)

Lawrence Co, IN: List of Justices of the Peace
Alfred 1831INLawrence Co
R. M. 1837INLawrence Co
Isaac 1818INLawrence Co
Robert 1823INLawrence Co& 27
William H. 1844INLawrence Co
Alfred 1831INLawrence Co
Lewis J. 1845INLawrence Co
Dean 1840INLawrence Co& 45
J. J. 1836INLawrence Co
John J. 1827INLawrence Co
Dean 1835INLawrence Co
James 1829INLawrence Co& 39, 45
Josiah 1826INLawrence Co
Samuel D. 1831INLawrence Co
William 1824INLawrence Co& 32, 38
Noah 1832INLawrence Co
Matthew 1835INLawrence Co& 40, 45
Mortimer 1839INLawrence Co
A. H. 1841INLawrence Co
Eli 1840INLawrence Co
George 1833INLawrence Co
John 1834INLawrence Co
Joel 1818INLawrence Co& 28
J. R. 1833INLawrence Co
John R. 1828INLawrence Co
Oily 1827INLawrence Co& 32, 39, 44
Granville 1832INLawrence Co& 37
William 1819INLawrence Co& 25
Drury 1829INLawrence Co
Henry 1843INLawrence Co
James 1837INLawrence Co
R. C. 1827INLawrence Co
Rollin C. 1821INLawrence Co
John 1824INLawrence Co
Alexander H. 1833INLawrence Co
Daniel 1835INLawrence Co
James 1838INLawrence Co
Robert 1843INLawrence Co
William 1819INLawrence Co
James 1839INLawrence Co
James 1818INLawrence Co
Absalom 1818INLawrence Co
Isaac 1823INLawrence Co
William 1835INLawrence Co
Johnson 1838INLawrence Co
Robert 1828INLawrence Co& 33, 39
William 1823INLawrence Co
James W. 1836INLawrence Co
Alexander H. 1836INLawrence Co
Basil 1822INLawrence Co
Robert 1822INLawrence Co
Simon 1822INLawrence Co
Lyman 1834INLawrence Co
Daniel 1818INLawrence Co
John 1824INLawrence Co
Arthur 1845INLawrence Co
James 1833INLawrence Co& 38, 43
Joseph 1833INLawrence Co
L. Q. 1839INLawrence Co
Stephanus 1830INLawrence Co
Robert 1845INLawrence Co
S. G. 1828INLawrence Co& 32
Samuel G. 1818INLawrence Co
Adam 1822INLawrence Co
James 1845INLawrence Co
John 1831INLawrence Co
Thomas 1830INLawrence Co
Jesse 1843INLawrence Co
William 1818INLawrence Co
Elias P. 1839INLawrence Co
Matthias 1830INLawrence Co
David R. 1836INLawrence Co
Robert 1820INLawrence Co
Sanders 1828INLawrence Co
Robert 1824INLawrence Co
Russell 1838INLawrence Co& 45
Edward 1818INLawrence Co
John R. 1842INLawrence Co
Samuel 1818INLawrence Co
P. G. 1833INLawrence Co
William 1830INLawrence Co
Robert 1831INLawrence Co
Samuel 1837INLawrence Co
Daniel 1818INLawrence Co& 23, 28
Reuben 1824INLawrence Co
John 1835INLawrence Co& 40, 43
William 1841INLawrence Co
Felix G. 1835INLawrence Co
Jacob 1827INLawrence Co& 32
Lewis 1823INLawrence Co
William 1845INLawrence Co
William 1838INLawrence Co
John 1819INLawrence Co
Reuben 1837INLawrence Co
Thomas W. 1832INLawrence Co
Alexander 1839INLawrence Co
James 1823INLawrence Co
William 1841INLawrence Co
John D. 1844INLawrence Co
Jonathan 1826INLawrence Co

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