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Gentry Co, MO

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Assessors (3) Collectors (7) Coroners (10) Court Clerks (12) District Attorneys (12) Ministers (31) School Superintendents (17) Sheriffs (10) Surveyors (4) Treasurers (7)

Gentry Co, MO: List of Judges
Probate JudgeG. P. 1915MOGentry Co
Phillip M. 1870MOGentry Co
William M. 1856MOGentry Co
Cyrus A. 1893MOGentry Co
County JudgeAdam 1854MOGentry Co
County JudgeRobert 1856MOGentry Co& 60
County JudgeD. L. 1915-1917MOGentry Co
County JudgeJ. T. 1868MOGentry Co
County JudgeOrville 1919-1921MOGentry Co
County JudgeThomas J. 1870-1872MOGentry Co
John H. 1911MOGentry Co
Charles C. 1868MOGentry Co
County JudgeP. R. 1850MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeIsaac P. 1866MOGentry Co
County JudgeElisha 1874MOGentry Co
County JudgeJ. H. 1883MOGentry Co
County JudgeJames H. 1880MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeCaleb S. 1872MOGentry Co
County JudgeAlbert J. 1878MOGentry Co
County JudgeSamuel 1845MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeCharles G. 1862MOGentry Co
County JudgeW. F. 1897-1901MOGentry Co
Daniel 1852MOGentry Co
James R. 1858MOGentry Co& 62
Probate JudgeJasper 1895MOGentry Co
Gallatin 1899MOGentry Co
David 1864MOGentry Co
John A. 1907MOGentry Co
County JudgeR. H. 1878MOGentry Co
John M. 1917MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeJ. T. S. 1903MOGentry Co
County JudgeS. H. 1913-1915MOGentry Co
Samuel T. 1903MOGentry Co
William C. 1907MOGentry Co
Edwin E. 1893MOGentry Co
David F. 1897MOGentry Co
David C. 1876MOGentry Co
County JudgeA. L. 1895MOGentry Co
County JudgeA. C. 1899-1901MOGentry Co
County JudgeJesse 1862MOGentry Co
C. H. S. 1882MOGentry Co
County JudgeJohn 1870-1874MOGentry Co
W. S. 1921MOGentry Co
County JudgeJoseph 1849-1850MOGentry Co
County JudgeLester 1921MOGentry Co
County JudgeJ. S. 1901MOGentry Co& 11
Probate JudgeCalvin B. 1868MOGentry Co
County JudgeF. J. 1899MOGentry Co
County JudgeJames M. 1854MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeJames M. 1861MOGentry Co
County JudgeJohn 1868-1870MOGentry Co
County JudgeH. R. 1895-1897MOGentry Co
County JudgeAmbrose 1893MOGentry Co
Drank 1917MOGentry Co
County JudgeJacob 1862-1866MOGentry Co
County JudgeSamuel 1878-1880MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeJ. A. 1907MOGentry Co
County JudgeJacob 1876MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeJoseph B. 1876MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeGeorge W. 1849-1855MOGentry Co
County JudgeEnoch 1862-1864MOGentry Co
County JudgeEnoch 1856MOGentry Co& 60
Enoch 1872MOGentry Co
John T. 1889MOGentry Co
County JudgeJohn P. 1872-1876MOGentry Co
County JudgeCharles 1868MOGentry Co
County JudgeJohn 1903MOGentry Co
County JudgeMichael 1845MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeW. B. 1883MOGentry Co
James L. 1874MOGentry Co
County JudgeJ. E. 1883MOGentry Co
County JudgeK. 1885-1887MOGentry Co
Thomas A. 1880MOGentry Co
J. W. 1913MOGentry Co
County JudgeE. M. 1885MOGentry Co
County JudgePhillip 1850MOGentry Co
County JudgeJ. H. 1885MOGentry Co
Nathaniel 1854MOGentry Co
Joab 1850MOGentry Co
County JudgeGeorge W. 1864-1866MOGentry Co
County JudgeF. C. 1893MOGentry Co
County JudgeL. C. 1887MOGentry Co
County JudgeE. 1887MOGentry Co
County JudgeJ. M. 1911-1913MOGentry Co
County JudgeLogan 1876MOGentry Co
County JudgeT. T. 1903MOGentry Co
County JudgePeter 1854MOGentry Co
County JudgeWilliam M. 1895-1897MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeH. M. 1862-1866MOGentry Co
Hudson M. 1866MOGentry Co
County JudgeT. N. 1907-1909MOGentry Co& 15-21
Richard 1848MOGentry Co
County JudgeEli 1903MOGentry Co& 07-09
County JudgeGeorge 1907MOGentry Co
County JudgeGeorge W. 1917-1919MOGentry Co
A. B. 1880MOGentry Co
County JudgeB. M. 1909-1913MOGentry Co
County JudgeJohn J. 1866MOGentry Co
Oliver P. 1891MOGentry Co
Reuben 1860MOGentry Co
Updated: 10 Nov 2017

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