List of Judges

With their years and location of service

About this page: This list compiles source lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

List of Judges
Supreme Court JusticeLeon 1893-1894NJ
Assistant JudgeJonathan D. 1862-1864VTCaledonia Co
County JudgeJohn 1702NYAlbany Co
County JudgeElisha S. 1846-1847CTLitchfield Co
Supreme Court JusticeHarold 1955-1966IN
Supreme Court JusticeHenry E., Jr. 1948-1952NJ
Supreme Court JusticeAustin 1876-1887IA
Common Pleas CourtBenjamin 1810MAWorcester Co
Probate JudgeCharles 1848-1851VTChittenden Co
F. R. 1878-1880ARLonoke Co
Probate JudgeG. P. 1915MOGentry Co
J. W. 1874-1878ARSaline Co
Court of SessionsJoseph 1811MAWorcester Co
Probate JudgeJoseph 1849OHCuyahoga Co
Matthew 1829-1838ARIzard Co
Supreme Court JusticeOscar W., Jr. 1980-1993AL
Phillip M. 1870MOGentry Co
Supreme Court JusticeRowland K. 1943-1944MD
Samuel 1846ARJohnson Co
Probate JudgeSamuel 1851OHCuyahoga Co
Supreme Court JusticeSamuel Barnard 1902-1902GA
Common Pleas CourtThomas Boylston 1811MANorfolk Co
Supreme Court JusticeWashington 1871-1874MO
County JudgeWilliam 1873MODaviess Co
County JudgeWilliam H. 1846NYWayne Co
Supreme Court JusticeWilliam J. 1921-1934NC
Associate JudgeWilliam 1839-1842PABerks Co
Probate JudgeIsaac 1702MASuffolk Co
Supreme Court JusticeIsaac 1702-1703MA
County JudgeJames 1820NYCattaraugus Co
Supreme Court JusticeWilliam H. 1919-1934MD
Common Pleas CourtFrancis 1860-1864INOhio Co
Francis 1861-1865INDearborn Co
Supreme Court JusticeDaniel 1863-1873PA
Assistant JudgeDaniel W. 1854-1856VTCaledonia Co
Supreme Court JusticeAsa 1823-1824VT
Probate JudgeHenry H. 1835-1843INHendricks Co
Probate JudgeHerman B. 1857OHFranklin Co
Supreme Court JusticeElma G. 1925-1936IA
William M. 1856MOGentry Co
Probate JudgeWilliam M. 1868-1870MOBuchanan Co
County JudgeWilliam M. 1869-1870MOBuchanan Co
Supreme Court JusticeAsa 1815-1815VT
Supreme Court JusticeAsa O. 1857-1864VT
Probate JudgeCharles 1847INPike Co
Associate JudgeCharles 1848INPike Co
County JudgeGeorge 1836MOBenton Coalso 46
Supreme Court JusticeJames P. 1941-1948TX
Court of SessionsMedad 1808MAHampshire Co
Court of SessionsMedad 1811-1812MAFranklin Co
Probate JudgeEllery 1838-1846VTWindham CoWestminster
County JudgeA. M. 1875MOJackson Coalso 77
County JudgeA. W. 1858MOHarrison Coalso 60
Common Pleas CourtBenjamin 1802MADukes Co
Supreme Court JusticeCharles 1882-1898MA
Charles H. 1835MOBenton Co
Inferior Court of Common PleasEbenezer 1715MADukes Co
Felix G. 1860-1862ARArkansas Co
Supreme Court JusticeFlorence E. 1923-1934OH
H. T. 1850-1852ARGreene Coalso 54-60
Supreme Court JusticeHarry K. 1937-1943KS
Probate JudgeHarvey 1852-1854OHHenry Co
Probate JudgeIra Hayden 1821-1822VTOrleans Co
County JudgeJames D. 1865MOJackson Co
Inferior Court of Common PleasJohn 1733MADukes Co
Common Pleas CourtJohn 1783MADukes Co
Supreme Court JusticeJohn E. 1924-1943NH
Supreme Court JusticeJohn J. 1840-1866VA
Probate JudgeRell G. 1912-1914OHFayette Co
County JudgeS. C. 1846MOHarrison Co
Supreme Court JusticeStephen Haley 1893-1899KS
Court of SessionsThomas 1819MABerkshire Co
County JudgeU. R. 1863MOHarrison Co
Supreme Court JusticeWilliam 1750PA
Supreme Court JusticeWilliam 1881-1891MA
Probate JudgeWilliam C. 1847-1854MEYork Co
Probate JudgeWilliam Cheney 1843WIWalworth Co
Supreme Court JusticeWilliam H. H. 1876-1893NH
Probate JudgeWilliam P. 1862-1864INBrown Co
Probate JudgeWilliam P. 1862-1864OHBrown Co
Supreme Court JusticeWilliam Reynolds 1903-1926NC
Inferior Court of Common PleasJames 1692MADukes Co
Associate JudgeJohn 1849INPike Co
Supreme Court JusticeReneau P. 1975-1999AL
A. H. 1860-1868ARArkansas Coalso 62-64
Inferior Court of Common PleasJob 1740MABristol Coalso 35-36
J. W. 1864-1866ARMississippi Co
Probate JudgeJohn 1822-1832CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown
Supreme Court JusticeRichard Henry 1867-1893MD
Supreme Court JusticeDouglas K. 1980-1989MN
Probate JudgeIsaac 1858MASuffolk Co
Common Pleas CourtNathaniel 1793MANorfolk Co
Supreme Court JusticeSamuel 1856-1866RI
Supreme Court JusticeSeth 1869-1881MA
Associate JudgeJohn 1836MIAllegan Co
Probate JudgeA. W. 1866-1869OHBelmont Co
Probate JudgeAlexander D. 1856-1858MIMonroe Co
Supreme Court JusticeAlexander O. 1852-1852CA
Associate JudgeBailey 1813INWarrick Co
Probate JudgeDavid 1904-1908MIVan Buren Co
Most Recent Entries
4JudgesAL, Butler Co
10JudgesAL, Conecuh Co
15JudgesAR, Arkansas Co
12JudgesAR, Calhoun Co
17JudgesAR, Chicot Co
3JudgesAR, Clay Co
11JudgesAR, Craighead Co
12JudgesAR, Dallas Co
14JudgesAR, Desha Co
13JudgesAR, Fulton Co
5JudgesAR, Garland Co
8JudgesAR, Grant Co
19JudgesAR, Greene Co
14JudgesAR, Independence Co
17JudgesAR, Izard Co
17JudgesAR, Jackson Co
22JudgesAR, Jefferson Co
17JudgesAR, Johnson Co
18JudgesAR, Lawrence Co
5JudgesAR, Lincoln Co
7JudgesAR, Logan Co
8JudgesAR, Lonoke Co
18JudgesAR, Mississippi Co
18JudgesAR, Monroe Co
17JudgesAR, Montgomery Co
18JudgesAR, Perry Co
15JudgesAR, Phillips Co
19JudgesAR, Poinsett Co
17JudgesAR, Polk Co
22JudgesAR, Pope Co
14JudgesAR, Prairie Co
19JudgesAR, Pulaski Co
13JudgesAR, Randolph Co
18JudgesAR, Saline Co
24JudgesAR, Scott Co
6JudgesAR, Sharp Co
23JudgesAR, Union Co
14JudgesAR, White Co
9JudgesAR, Woodruff Co
16JudgesAR, Yell Co
1JudgesCO, El Paso Co
52JudgesCT, Litchfield Co
3JudgesCT, Tolland Co
8JudgesIA, Scott Co
5JudgesIL, Brown Co
4JudgesIL, Schuyler Co
10JudgesIN, Adams Co
18JudgesIN, Boone Co
40JudgesIN, Brown Co
19JudgesIN, Carroll Co
27JudgesIN, Cass Co
26JudgesIN, Clinton Co
20JudgesIN, Dearborn Co
10JudgesIN, Fountain Co
18JudgesIN, Greene Co
21JudgesIN, Huntington Co
15JudgesIN, Kosciusko Co
6JudgesIN, LaGrange Co
11JudgesIN, Marshall Co
11JudgesIN, Ohio Co
24JudgesIN, Orange Co
7JudgesIN, Parke Co
20JudgesIN, Perry Co
20JudgesIN, Pike Co
13JudgesIN, Pulaski Co
19JudgesIN, Shelby Co
17JudgesIN, Vermillion Co
21JudgesIN, Warrick Co
24JudgesIN, Washington Co
10JudgesIN, White Co
1JudgesKS, Brown Co
1JudgesKS, Wilson Co
19JudgesMA, Franklin Co
28JudgesMA, Hampden Co
38JudgesMA, Norfolk Co
27JudgesMD, Montgomery Co
1JudgesME, Androscoggin Co
1JudgesME, Cumberland Co
2JudgesME, Kennebec Co
2JudgesME, Lincoln Co
1JudgesME, Oxford Co
1JudgesME, Penobscot Co
1JudgesME, Sagadahoc Co
17JudgesMI, Allegan Co
13JudgesMI, Barry Co
19JudgesMI, Berrien Co
22JudgesMI, Branch Co
18JudgesMI, Hillsdale Co
9JudgesMI, Lenawee Co
7JudgesMI, Macomb Co
2JudgesMI, St. Clair Co
22JudgesMI, Van Buren Co
9JudgesMN, Blue Earth Co
8JudgesMN, Douglas Co
7JudgesMN, Grant Co
7JudgesMN, Morrison Co
6JudgesMN, Todd Co
39JudgesMO, Benton Co
54JudgesMO, Buchanan Co
102JudgesMO, Daviess Co
111JudgesMO, Gentry Co
37JudgesMO, Harrison Co
49JudgesMO, Jackson Co
20JudgesNH, Coos Co
2JudgesNH, Hillsborough Co
1JudgesNH, Rockingham Co
1JudgesNH, Strafford Co
1JudgesNH, Sullivan Co
30JudgesNY, Albany Co
12JudgesNY, Allegany Co
12JudgesNY, Broome Co
14JudgesNY, Cattaraugus Co
10JudgesNY, Cayuga Co
12JudgesNY, Chautauqua Co
11JudgesNY, Chemung Co
14JudgesNY, Chenango Co
20JudgesNY, Clinton Co
14JudgesNY, Columbia Co
11JudgesNY, Cortland Co
15JudgesNY, Delaware Co
24JudgesNY, Dutchess Co
15JudgesNY, Erie Co
19JudgesNY, Herkimer Co
35JudgesNY, Kings Co
11JudgesNY, Lewis Co
10JudgesNY, Livingston Co
11JudgesNY, Madison Co
12JudgesNY, Monroe Co
19JudgesNY, Montgomery Co
19JudgesNY, Niagara Co
13JudgesNY, Oneida Co
27JudgesNY, Queens Co
14JudgesNY, Rensselaer Co
18JudgesNY, Richmond Co
24JudgesNY, Ulster Co
11JudgesNY, Warren Co
19JudgesNY, Washington Co
15JudgesNY, Wayne Co
22JudgesNY, Westchester Co
6JudgesNY, Wyoming Co
7JudgesNY, Yates Co
21JudgesOH, Ashtabula Co
50JudgesOH, Butler Co
25JudgesOH, Crawford Co
39JudgesOH, Cuyahoga Co
40JudgesOH, Franklin Co
1JudgesOH, Hamilton Co
11JudgesOH, Mahoning Co
27JudgesOH, Marion Co
18JudgesOH, Morgan Co
37JudgesOH, Sandusky Co
39JudgesOH, Wayne Co
1JudgesOR, Coos Co
1JudgesOR, Linn Co
4JudgesPA, Beaver Co
79JudgesPA, Berks Co
26JudgesPA, Greene Co
1JudgesSD, Hughes Co
7JudgesTN, Cheatham Co
1JudgesTX, Archer Co
4JudgesVA, Rockingham Co
2JudgesVT, Bennington Co
1JudgesVT, Franklin Co
1JudgesVT, Grand Isle Co
1JudgesVT, Lamoille Co
1JudgesVT, Orange Co
2JudgesVT, Orleans Co
3JudgesVT, Rutland Co
1JudgesVT, Washington Co
1JudgesVT, Windsor Co
8JudgesWI, Lafayette Co

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