List of Journalists and Other Media Staff

With their years and location of service

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List of Journalists and Other Media Staff
Cleveland 1871-1914Monthly Weather Review, editor
Wallace W. 1933Chicago Tribune
Alice Balch 1893-1914St Nicholas Magazine, contributor of short stories
Willis John 1896-1898New York Journal, editor
Edward 1869-1878MASuffolk CoBostonCongregationalist, Asst Editor
George Hazelton 1883COLake CoLeadvilleDaily Herald, Editor
John Beach 1886NYLivingston CoGeneseoLivingston Democrat, political editor
Miles J. 1869ILMorgan CoWaverlyWaverly Journal, Established
Robert S. 1934ILCook CoChicagoChicago Defender, editor
Walter W. 1914Baltimore Sun
Margaret K. 1917NCMecklenburg CoCharlotteCharlotte Observer, society editor
J. O. 1933Chicago Tribune
Max Dudley 1922-1923NCGuilford CoGreensboroGreensboro Daily Record, Managing Editor
William 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Examiner, clerk
Ernest Francis 1879Washington Observer, editor
J. F. 1890NYNew York CoNew York CityChironian, editor
Joseph Alexander 1895Michigan Presbyterian, Associate Editor
Benjamin Pettengill 1909NYNew York CoNew York CityLiterary Digest, editorial staff
Cyrus Cornelius 1884New York Sun, editorial staff
Edward Le Grand 1873-1880Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, editor
Edward Le Grand 1874-1879NYMonroe CoRochesterRochester Democrat and Chronicle, city editor
Edward Le Grand 1879-1882PAMcKean CoBradfordSunday Star, Editor
Francis Alexander 1904-1919New York Commercial, editor
Franklin Pierce 1908-1919Pan American Union Bulletin, editor
George 1880ILMcLean CoArrowsmithArrowsmith News, Established
Grace 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Examiner, printer
Hamlin Miller 1873-1877Ironton Journal, Editor
Henry Foster 1905-1906NYNew York CoNew York CityNew York Sun, Reporter
J. C. 1894ILWill CoPeotonePeotone Vedette, Established
James Alonzo 1903-1914Chicago Advance, editor-in-chief
Jedidiah Howe 1919University Medical Magazine, editor
Samuel Hopkins 1914McClures Magazine, contributor
Stella C. 1934ILWill CoPeotonePeotone Vedette, editor & publisher
Philip David 1934ILHenry CoKewaneeKewanee Star-Courier, editor & publisher
Leonard 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Express Tribune, reporter
Felix 1914Baltimore American, editor
Mary Eileen 1902ILCook CoChicagoPublic Libraries, Editor
Arthur A. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Herald, artist
Andrew Jackson 1914Evening Wisconsin, editor-in-chief
J. W. 1898ILVermilion CoGeorgetownGeorgetown News, Established
Charles Sumner 1921DCWashingtonNew York World, correspondent
J. M. 1889ILFayette CoVandaliaVandalia Leader, Established
A. 1902ILChampaign CoPesotumPesotum Chief, Established
John 1933Chicago Tribune
Harry E. 1893South End Reporter, Established
William 1888-1906Boston Globe, reporter
Henry Mills 1869NYNew York CoNew York CityHarpers Magazine, Editor
March 1891-1914Philadelphia Press, staff
William Livingston 1885New York World, leader-writer
Chester Arthur 1933Hoopeston Chronicle-Herald
Richard 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityNew York Times, musical editor
William Farrington 1919Birmingham Times, editor and owner
D. Gara 1933Chicago Daily News
DeAlva Stanwood 1871-1874INAllen CoFort WayneDaily Gazette, Editor
Grace 1891-1903Indianapolis News, music critic and editorial writer
H. K. 1915ILCrawford CoPalestinePalestine Register, Established
Henry Eckert 1887-1889Chicago Herald, reporter
Hermes H. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Herald, bookkeeper
Jediah F. 1858ILBond CoGreenvilleGreenville Advocate, Established
J. A. 1883ILFord CoCaberyCabery Enquirer, Established
Theodore Crandall 1908KSMontgomery CoCoffeyvilleCofeeyville Journal, editor
Preston 1917NCMecklenburg CoCharlotteCharlotte News, news editor
Cad 1880ILCass CoBeardstownBeardstown Illinoian-Star, Established
Albert Barney 1880-1884Fairfield Journal, Editor
Asa W. 1902NCNew Hanover CoWilmingtonMorning Star, pressman
Charles L. 1934ILChampaign CoFisherFisher Reporter, owner & editor
Duncan 1894ILEffingham CoDieterichDieterich Special-Gazette, Established
E. T. 1890NEDouglas CoOmahaMedical and Surgical Record, publisher
Ernest Bourner 1910ILCook CoChicagoChicago Advance, Contributing Editor
Ernest Bourner 1910MASuffolk CoBostonCongregationalist, Corresponding Editor
Glover Morrill 1905-1914MASuffolk CoBostonAmerican Naturalist, editor
H. C. 1890MIWashtenaw CoAnn ArborAnn Arbor Medical Advance, editor
Hugh 1914Akron Beacon Journal, editor
James H. 1932ILUnion CoDongolaDongola Record, Established
Lewis, Jr 1908-1910CTNew Haven CoMeridenDaily Journal, Reporter
Marinus Newton 1870-1877Daily Courier, Editor
Marvin 1848-1861Michigan Christian Herald, Editor
Mary E. L. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Examiner, advertising dept
Robert Francis 1903-1904MASuffolk CoBostonThe Beacon, Editor
Robert T. P. 1850CASan Francisco CoSan FranciscoPacific News, Proprietor and Publisher
S. S. 1922ILJackson CoElkvilleElkville Journal, Established
A. R. 1904ILLogan CoMiddletownMiddletown Ledger, Established
James 1864Presbyterian Banner
Thomas Johnston 1906-1907NCMecklenburg CoCharlottePresbyterian Standard, Editor
Adolph 1890MOSt Louis CityAmerican Journal of Ophthalmology, editor
Gustav Adolph 1883American Journal of Ophthalmology, founded and edited
John B. 1925ILSt Clair CoEast St LouisSt Clair County Record, Established
Frederick Elisha 1902Sandusky Star-Journal, publisher
Arthur William 1934ILMacoupin CoBrightonBrighton News, owner, editor & publisher
W. F. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Examiner, mailer
Frank A. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesLos Angeles Times, bookkeeper
R. W. 1890NYNew York CoNew York CityEpitome and Analectic Monthly, editor
Samuel Zenas 1881-1911MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Sun, Editor
Agnes 1933ILCook CoChicagoWestmont Community Press
George 1934ILCook CoLake ViewLake View Bulletin, editor
George Washington 1846-1849PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaChristian Chronicle, Editor
Harold Irvin 1933Berwyn Beacon
Harry 1924ILKankakee CoKankakeeKankakee Progressive Era, Established
J. A. 1934Skandinavian, business mgr
James Watson D. 1893-1894Omaha Christian Advocate, Editor

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Most Recent Entries
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4Journalists, , Brooklyn Eagle
2Journalists, , Buffalo Evening News
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85Journalists, , Chicago Daily News
1Journalists, , Chicago Democrat
6Journalists, , Chicago Evening Post
1Journalists, , Chicago Inter-Ocean
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4Journalists, , Chicago Record-Herald
3Journalists, , Chicago Times
65Journalists, , Chicago Tribune
3Journalists, , Christian Endeavor World
4Journalists, , Christian Herald
4Journalists, , Chronicle
4Journalists, , Cincinnati Enquirer
6Journalists, , Cleveland Plain Dealer
5Journalists, , Colliers Weekly
5Journalists, , Cosmopolitan Magazine
1Journalists, , Country Gentleman
3Journalists, , Criterion
5Journalists, , Detroit Free Press
3Journalists, , Detroit Tribune
3Journalists, , Engineering News
1Journalists, , Epworth Herald
2Journalists, , Evangelical Messenger
5Journalists, , Evangelical Repository
2Journalists, , Evening Wisconsin
2Journalists, , Everybodys Magazine
2Journalists, , Field and Stream
1Journalists, , Free Press
1Journalists, , Galveston News
3Journalists, , Harpers Weekly
1Journalists, , Hartford Evening Press
1Journalists, , Hartford Times
2Journalists, , Helper
1Journalists, , Ilion Citizen
3Journalists, , Independent
2Journalists, , Indianapolis Journal
4Journalists, , Indianapolis News
2Journalists, , Inter-Ocean
3Journalists, , International Medical Magazine
1Journalists, , Iron Age
1Journalists, , Journal of Commerce
2Journalists, , Journal of Geography
2Journalists, , Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases
2Journalists, , Kansas City Star
5Journalists, , Ladies Home Journal
2Journalists, , London Times
1Journalists, , Los Angeles Evening Express
1Journalists, , Los Angeles Tribune
2Journalists, , Lutheran
3Journalists, , Lutheran Standard
6Journalists, , Lutheran World
4Journalists, , McClures Magazine
2Journalists, , Middlebury Register
1Journalists, , Milwaukee Journal
1Journalists, , Milwaukee Sentinel
3Journalists, , Minneapolis Journal
2Journalists, , Monthly Weather Review
3Journalists, , Munseys Magazine
1Journalists, , Musical Courier
2Journalists, , Nashville Banner
1Journalists, , Nebraska State Journal
1Journalists, , New England Almanac
2Journalists, , New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal
4Journalists, , New York American
3Journalists, , New York Christian Advocate
4Journalists, , New York Commercial
16Journalists, , New York Evening Post
3Journalists, , New York Evening Sun
2Journalists, , New York Evening Telegram
12Journalists, , New York Herald
2Journalists, , New York Independent
7Journalists, , New York Journal
3Journalists, , New York Press
3Journalists, , New York Star
16Journalists, , New York Sun
22Journalists, , New York Times
32Journalists, , New York Tribune
18Journalists, , New York World
1Journalists, , Nicholson Examiner
1Journalists, , North American Journal of Homeopathy
1Journalists, , North Carolina Presbyterian
11Journalists, , Ohio State Journal
1Journalists, , Oregonian
3Journalists, , Outing Magazine
1Journalists, , Owensboro Messenger
1Journalists, , Pacific Medical Journal
1Journalists, , Philadelphia Evening Telegraph
2Journalists, , Philadelphia Inquirer
6Journalists, , Philadelphia Press
3Journalists, , Philadelphia Public Ledger
2Journalists, , Physical Review
1Journalists, , Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph
6Journalists, , Pittsburgh Dispatch
3Journalists, , Pittsburgh Post
2Journalists, , Pittsburgh Sun
3Journalists, , Popular Science Monthly
2Journalists, , Portland Transcript
1Journalists, , Progressive Farmer
2Journalists, , Providence Journal
1Journalists, , Richmond Christian Advocate
1Journalists, , Rochester Post Express
2Journalists, , Rocky Mountain News
3Journalists, , Rural New Yorker
2Journalists, , San Francisco Chronicle
1Journalists, , San Francisco Examiner
3Journalists, , Saturday Evening Post
3Journalists, , Scribners Magazine
2Journalists, , Seattle Post-Intelligencer
10Journalists, , Springfield Republican
2Journalists, , St Louis Evening Post
1Journalists, , St Louis Medical and Surgical Journal
2Journalists, , St Louis Post Dispatch
2Journalists, , St Louis Republic
4Journalists, , St Nicholas Magazine
1Journalists, , Standard
2Journalists, , Success Magazine
1Journalists, , Trenton Sunday Advertiser
1Journalists, , Utica Daily Press
4Journalists, , Washington Post
2Journalists, , Washington Star
2Journalists, , Watertown Daily Times
3Journalists, , Womans Home Companion
6Journalists, , Youths Companion
1JournalistsAR, , Arkansas Gazette
1JournalistsDC, Washington, National Intelligencer
1JournalistsDC, Washington, National Press Club
2JournalistsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Chicago Advance
1JournalistsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Inter-Ocean
2JournalistsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, New World of Chicago
1JournalistsIN, , Indianapolis Journal
1JournalistsKY, Daviess Co, Owensboro, Owensboro Messenger
1JournalistsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, American Naturalist
1JournalistsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Christian Endeavor World
4JournalistsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Christian Register
6JournalistsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Youths Companion
1JournalistsMD, Baltimore City, Associated Press
1JournalistsNJ, Mercer Co, Trenton, Trenton Sunday Advertiser
1JournalistsNY, Albany Co, Albany, Country Gentleman
1JournalistsNY, Chenango Co, Norwich, 187S. Bapt Ch., Owasco, Sentinel
5JournalistsNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Daily Eagle
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Railway Age
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Century magazine
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Christian Herald
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Everybodys Magazine
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Forest and Stream
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Harpers Bazaar
3JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Harpers Magazine
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Independent
4JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Literary Digest
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, Munseys Magazine
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, National Quarterly Review
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, New York Daily News
1JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, New York Independent
9JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, New York Times
15JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, New York Tribune
10JournalistsNY, New York Co, New York City, New York World
1JournalistsNY, Oneida Co, Utica, Utica Daily Press
2JournalistsNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, Religious Recorder
2JournalistsOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Cleveland Leader
3JournalistsOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Ohio State Journal
1JournalistsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Ladies Home Journal
2JournalistsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Public Ledger
1JournalistsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Nashville Banner

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