Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: PA; County: Allegheny Co
AttorneysMarcus Wilson Jr 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam C. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHenry 1830PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysVan Ara 1917PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysErnest Warren 1898PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysDenis Al. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Monroe 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRichard 1817PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas S. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Lytton 1869PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Payne 1893-1895PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysArchibald 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysW. A. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJasper Ewing 1849PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWaldo Preston 1919PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam James 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCyrus C. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJoseph Judson 1910PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJoshua Twing 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysMarshall 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Todd 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJoseph 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
JudgesJoseph 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Collinson 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Francis 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas 1806PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysPhilip Pitt 1919PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHarry E. 1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysT. D. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWesley Gould 1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCharles Gibbs 1893PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCharles Gibbs 1909PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysEdward Chambers 1898PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam A. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas Drummond 1877PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysBayard Henderson 1897PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Murdoch 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAlexander Gilmore 1866PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
JudgesJosiah 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysOliver Ritchey 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysMartin Kerfoot 1893PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn F. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysEdwin Staunton 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Stoner 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWalter Graham 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSolomon Woodward 1876PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysUlysses Simpson Grant 1917PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn 1867PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRobert Duff 1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysPier 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCornelius 1829PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysNorval Rogers 1917PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Sage 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysL. L. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel Miller 1874-1897PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHarmar 1816PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel Bigger 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRobert Porter 1907-1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Cloyd 1872-1895PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysElisha Peairs 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSepter Warren 1917PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysD. B. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Boyd 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysClarence Benjamin 1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHenry 1926PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Anson 1870PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHarry Allison 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam David 1888PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHenry C. 1912PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRobert M. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysChristian Schlagle 1837-1840PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCharles Aloysius 1919PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Wallace 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Baptist 1925PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWalter 1806PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysFrancis Martin 1912PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Nimick 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysKennedy Turner 1879-1898PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Grove 1928PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAllen T. C. 1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Mechlin 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames C. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysFrancis Henry 1886PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCharles 1912PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Wilkins 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam M. Jr 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Maclay 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysMoses 1838PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysElias Hechman 1919PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHarvey 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas Maxwell 1882-1906PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas 1868-1878PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Herron 1852PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Mechlin 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHenry Martyn 1881-1883PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn P. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAddison Murray 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Wallace 1828PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Kennon 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysMarshall 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCharles B. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas Lawrence 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Wesley 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysPhilander Chase 1875-1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysFranklin P. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Read 1891PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCarl Caleb 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAlbert Gallatin 1910PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysChauncey 1900PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
JudgesJames R. 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysChristopher Jr 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames McDevitt 1902PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Addison 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysErnest Whitworth 1895PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Stockton 1878PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWarner 1903-1907PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHarry James 1895PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysStephen C. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysDavid Strachan 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel 1919PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel Alfred, Jr 1915PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Howard 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Blair 1829PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWillis Fisher 1876PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel Black 1882-1883PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn L. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHarry 1909PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJ. Erastus 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRobert 1842PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel James Renwick 1849PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysHenry Graham 1909PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAndrew Steele 1873PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
District AttorneysJacob Henry 1859-1862PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysMortimer C. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel Martin Kier 1885PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysEarl J. 1912PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam D. 1866PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWinfield Scott 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Linus 1912PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysTheodore Leo 1925PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Walcoulon Le 1852PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn A. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Piersol 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Daniel 1926PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAlexander McMillen 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysFranklin Taylor 1897PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Melancthon 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysFrank C. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Dyer 1896-1902PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGibson D. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysC. A. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysIsaac Newton 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysBenjamin Hiram 1895PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Ormsby 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRobert B. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysFrederick 1883PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysThomas C. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysLewis M. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysStephen Geyer 1893PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam David 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Plumer 1883PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Plummer 1882PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysSamuel Anderson 1859PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysDavid Aiken 1903-1917PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Hay 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
JudgesAmbrose B. 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRobert Theodore 1885PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysOliver S. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Dewhurst 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAlexander Brown 1865-1867PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysDavid 1835PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysO. P. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysCharles Kilbourne 1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Blackstock 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRichard Brown 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam P. Jr 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysEdward 1899PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysEdward B. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWyn Reeves 1879PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
JudgesJohn D. 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Douglas 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysNoah W. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Maclean 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Creswell 1881PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJohn Creswell 1887PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysLennox 1888PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Allen 1921PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysEdward James 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysAlbert York 1880PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysEdwin Whittier 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRalph Lawson 1918PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJoseph 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysGeorge Henry 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysJames Ralston 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysRobert Ekin 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
AttorneysWilliam Alexis 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh

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