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Historical Record Lists; State: MA; County: Plymouth Co
TeachersHelen Page 1908-1909MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
MinistersF. W. 1880MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersM. P. 1861-1862MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
TeachersGladys Franksford 1905-1906MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
MinistersNathan C. 1897MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
DentistsJ. F. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersAlexander 1864-1865MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersThomas W. 1919MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn Clark 1914-1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton, South Congregational Church, dir Rel Educ
MinistersAndrew Webster 1897-1905MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Porter Congregational Church
MinistersArthur Crawley 1907MAPlymouth CoBrockton, First Baptist Church
TeachersArthur W. 1884-1885MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersH. C. 1845-1846MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
PhysiciansJesse H. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersWilliam Oliver 1893-1905MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Warren Ave Baptist Church
PhysiciansJonas E. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
OthersFred Roscoe 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, Insurance Agent
TeachersJames Swan 1851-1852MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersLewis 1840MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
ArtistsEsther Minerva 1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersSamuel M. 1870-1872MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
PhysiciansJ. A. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersN. 1860MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersE. 1854MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersSanford 1837MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersGeorge 1891MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
TeachersElizabeth 1907-1910MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansSylvanus J. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
AttorneysTheodore Wright 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton
AttorneysFrederic Morton 1895-1900MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansMrs E. R. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersMary Frances 1896-1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersEbenezer 1852MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersNathaniel Bailey 1861MAPlymouth CoBrockton, First Congregational Church
MinistersCharlton Burgess 1902-1904MAPlymouth CoBrockton, North Baptist Church
PhysiciansHenry F. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansGeorge A. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
OthersRaymond Charles 1930MAPlymouth CoBrockton, YMCA, Secretary
PharmacistsW. R. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PharmacistsF. L. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersAnna Herbert 1902-1903MAPlymouth CoBrockton
OthersHenry G. 1906MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Edison Electric Illuminating Co, director
MinistersE. 1835MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
PharmacistsA. M. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansCharles A. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PostmastersLawrence T. 1923MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PharmacistsF. A. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersClinton Ernest 1925MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersJohn Graham 1885-1891MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Unitarian Church
PhysiciansDaniel E. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
JournalistsE. Gerry 1898MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Diamond, editor
MembersE. Coleman MAPlymouth CoBrockton, City Medical Society
JournalistsW. R. 1898MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Brockton MA Times, editor, publisher
TeachersWalter F. 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
MinistersR. E. 1878-1879MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
PhysiciansLucy S. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
LibrariansHarland Abbott 1930-1933MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Public Library
MinistersC. A. 1862MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersJohn S. 1886MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Swedish Baptist Church
PhysiciansEllen R. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansEli Ayer 1873-1905MAPlymouth CoBrockton
AttorneysHerbert Harrison 1885-1906MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersS. F. 1881-1882MAPlymouth CoBrockton, South Street Methodist Church
MinistersA. 1845MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
PhysiciansW. P. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersW. 1863MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersEdward Lord 1863-1866MAPlymouth CoBrockton, First Congregational Church
PhysiciansEzra W. 1917MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersWill Soper 1925MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Waldo Congregational Church
PhysiciansThomas P. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansF. E. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersH. E. 1886-1888MAPlymouth CoBrockton, South Street Methodist Church
MinistersJ. 1858-1859MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersJacob Francis 1910MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersPaul 1835-1859MAPlymouth CoBrockton, First Congregational Church
PhysiciansHerbert B. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersF. A. 1865-1867MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersPhineas 1834MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
EngineersHarold Simpson 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PostmastersNathaniel Henry 1829MAPlymouth CoBrockton
RailroadsW. W. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Brockton Street Railway, President
PharmacistsM. B. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersCarl O. 1901MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Swedish Baptist Church
PharmacistsE. A. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansE. Arthur 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansE. E. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
Board of EducationAbbie O. 1920MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Clerk
MinistersPitt 1893-1895MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Unitarian Church
PhysiciansDaniel W. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansB. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansBenedict 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
JournalistsW. L. 1898MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Brockton MA Times, proprietor
BusinesspeopleWilliam Lewis 1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton
BankersWilliam Lewis 1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Peoples Savings Bank of Brockton, president
MinistersCharles T. 1891-1894MAPlymouth CoBrockton, North Baptist Church
PostmastersAaron B. 1853MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PharmacistsHenry H. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersEllison H. 1894-1895MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Stanley 1909MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Congregational Church
MinistersJohn 1837-1839MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Congregational Church
PhysiciansHenry 1851-1872MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersAnna Williams 1896-1898MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersT. 1863-1864MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
OthersE. B. 1910MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Aguila Amalgamated Mining Co, Secretary
BusinesspeopleWillard E. 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton
School SuperintendentsGeorge L. 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersEdward Howe 1910MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersAlice Whitney 1911MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
MinistersHenry 1875MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
DentistsF. S. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersDudley H. 1908MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Unitarian Church
BankersDaniel W. 1906MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Brockton National Bank, director
OthersDaniel W. 1906MAPlymouth CoBrockton, YMCA, trustee
DentistsH. H. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansF. G. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersWalter Benjamin 1908-1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Congregational Church
RailroadsC. R. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Brockton Street Railway, Treasurer
PharmacistsW. B. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansGeorge E. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersEdgar Bowen 1903-1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Congregational Church
PostmastersHenry 1861MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersKatherine Moses 1930MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
PhysiciansE. C. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
JournalistsAlbert H. 1898MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Brockton MA Enterprise, publisher
ScientistsMyron Leslie 1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PostmastersGeorge H. 1876MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersAura Lever 1896-1902MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Baptist Church
PrincipalsMerle S. 1920MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
PostmastersEdward 1915-1923MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansH. F. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PhysiciansHenry Edward 1896MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersMarie Anthony 1907-1908MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PharmacistsC. H. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PharmacistsE. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersAlfred Everett 1881-1885MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Unitarian Church
MinistersGustav Arvid 1912MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Swedish Baptist Church
PhysiciansFred W. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersMary Ethel 1907MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
PhysiciansSamuel J. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersTheophilus B. 1853-1854MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersA. S. 1881-1882MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
PhysiciansClement Howard 1893-1898MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersF. W. 1883MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
PhysiciansHarrie Delmar 1893-1898MAPlymouth CoBrockton
LibrariansDorothy Louise 1925-1933MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
MinistersLemuel 1844MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersW. T. 1875MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam 1884MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersVaola John 1888-1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Porter Congregational Church
MinistersCharles T. 1887-1888MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
OthersM. E. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Waters Electric Time Switch Co, President
MinistersJ. E. 1881-1882MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersWilbur Warren 1893-1895MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Baptist Church
TeachersWilliam Solomon 1917MAPlymouth CoBrockton
EngineersEdward Belcher 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton
EngineersRoy Loring 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton
RailroadsAllen Edgar 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Bay State Street Railway, Electric Car Conductor
PostmastersArthur A. 1933MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PharmacistsC. R. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersSamuel 1882-1891MAPlymouth CoBrockton, St Pauls Episcopal Church
PostmastersJoseph M. 1883MAPlymouth CoBrockton, & 97
MinistersA. G. 1885MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Swedish Baptist Church
TeachersAlice Cary 1910MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
TeachersMabel Ruth 1902MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
MinistersHorace Flavel 1918MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Congregational Church
MinistersLyman G. 1884-1886MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersTheodore Myers 1872-1874MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
OthersF. B. 1910MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Edison Electric Illuminating Co of Brockton, President
MinistersJ. 1868-1869MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersAlan Bedford 1897MAPlymouth CoBrockton, First Congregational Church
MinistersG. W. 1892-1895MAPlymouth CoBrockton, South Street Methodist Church
MinistersJ. B. 1850MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersB. W. 1888MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
MinistersEdward I. 1873MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
ArchitectsWillard Franklin 1915MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersJ. H. 1870-1871MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
PrincipalsCharles A. 1924MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersJohn Edward 1892-1896MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
PostmastersAugustus T. 1873-1874MAPlymouth CoBrockton
OthersW. F. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Waters Electric Time Switch Co, Treasurer, Manager
PharmacistsWilliam 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersDwight A. 1876-1878MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
PostmastersWilliam H. 1896MAPlymouth CoBrockton
TeachersHelen Barstow 1908MAPlymouth CoBrockton, High School
MinistersA. Horace 1897MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Central Methodist Church
BankersGeorge E. 1906MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Brockton National Bank, president
BusinesspeopleGeorge Eldon 1914MAPlymouth CoBrockton
BankersPreston B. 1906MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Home National Bank of Brockton, president
PhysiciansWallace C. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
MinistersRoyal J. 1889-1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersHiram Loammi 1878-1883MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Congregational Church
MinistersD. 1836MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
MinistersJohn D. 1850-1851MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Pearl Street Methodist Church
PhysiciansN. C. 1892MAPlymouth CoBrockton
PostmastersAbel W. 1855MAPlymouth CoBrockton
RailroadsG. H. 1890MAPlymouth CoBrockton, East Side Street Railway, VP
LibrariansSarah Bassett 1921-1924MAPlymouth CoBrockton, Public Library
MinistersA. W. 1883-1885MAPlymouth CoBrockton, South Street Methodist Church
OthersPaul James 1930MAPlymouth CoBrockton, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co, Traffic Mgr
PhysiciansJohn Gnstave 1908-1910MAPlymouth CoBrockton

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