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Historical Record Lists; State: TX; County: McLennan Co
EldersRobert J. 1863-1874TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames H. 1854TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
RailroadsF. B. 1892-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Texas Central Railway
MinistersRobert 1859TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
AttorneysRobert Lee 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
LibrariansGladys 1920-1921TXMcLennan CoWaco, Public Library
GraduatesMary 1909TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesMary 1911TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersMary 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
GraduatesSamuel Joseph 1886TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
MinistersWilliam Henry 1861-1865TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baptist Church
PresidentsReddin 1885-1886TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsReddin 1886-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
DeaconsT. J. 1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
GraduatesEdward 1900-1903TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsDecatur Boynton 1894-1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsKenneth Hazen 1892-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersRosa Lena 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
PresidentsGeorge Washington 1861-1863TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
BusinesspeopleJohn Hiram 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
RailroadsW. C. 1902TXMcLennan CoWaco, Texas Central Railroad
GraduatesJohn Wesley 1920TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJames Austin 1876TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
MinistersHiram 1885TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
MinistersHorace 1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
AttorneysAlbert 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
EldersH. G. 1867-1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
GraduatesWilliam Daniel 1899TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PresidentsSamuel Palmer 1902-1931TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersMyrtle Cyrena 1917-1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, High School
TeachersRoy D. 1925TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
DeaconsW. H. 1871TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
ProfessorsWilburn Jefferson 1861-1862TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesWilliam Herschel 1886TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
AttorneysAlva 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
StudentsThomas Ford 1894-1896TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersMiriam 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersNellie Faulkner 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
BusinesspeopleRichard A. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
PresidentsRufus Columbus 1851-1861TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PresidentsRufus Columbus 1886-1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersCharles Otto 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, High School
ProfessorsWilliam Jephtha 1913-1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesAlexander Colton 1871TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
MinistersJohn 1866TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
BusinesspeopleWilliam Allen 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
TeachersPauline 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Sul Ross School
ProfessorsDavid Wendel Jr 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
EldersE. H. 1867TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
EldersA. A. 1873-1880TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
PresidentsJ. O. 1862TXMcLennan CoWaco Female College
TeachersThaddeus Hugh 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor Academy
MinistersJ. M. 1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
AttorneysJ. Walter 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
AttorneysRichard 1850TXMcLennan CoWaco
GraduatesEdward Lyon 1899TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
AttorneysThomas Terry 1898TXMcLennan CoWaco
PresidentsW. G. 1872-1873TXMcLennan CoWaco Female College
GraduatesWalter Thomas 1906TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJoshua Flood 1868TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PresidentsOscar Henry 1899-1902TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesCharles Henry 1881TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsPowell Hill 1889TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PresidentsWilliam Carey 1864-1885TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
AttorneysOliver Harlan 1897TXMcLennan CoWaco
TeachersEmma S. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
BusinesspeopleCrate 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
BusinesspeopleBenjamin Franklin 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
TeachersAnnie Lenora 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
RailroadsJames Mitchell Jr 1917TXMcLennan CoWaco, Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway
EldersW. A. 1880TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
ProfessorsWaverly Bayard 1902-1907TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersZou Steele 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
MinistersJoel T. 1861TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
AttorneysDavid Franklin 1892TXMcLennan CoWaco
RailroadsFrederick Henry 1881-1891TXMcLennan CoWaco, Houston and Texas Central Railroad
GraduatesArthur Beriah 1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
MinistersA. S. 1883-1885TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
MinistersC. H. 1876-1883TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
GraduatesCharles Edwin Willoughby 1878TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
EldersW. C. 1877TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
TeachersWillie Belle 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
GraduatesJames Franklin 1877TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PhysiciansDoyle Lee 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
GraduatesCharles Aubrey 1900TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
AttorneysWilliam Jr. 1888TXMcLennan CoWaco
TeachersJoseph Montgomery 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesEverett Hanks 1916TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
EldersCharles 1855-1855TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
BusinesspeopleJohn B. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
MinistersOrcenith A. 1857TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
BusinesspeopleRoger Q. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
MinistersM. D. 1872TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
AttorneysWilliam H. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
StudentsWilliam Henry 1886-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersEdwin Hardy 1896-1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, High School
DeaconsL. B. 1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
GraduatesSimeon Maxwell 1885TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesTheron Judson 1918TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersDavid Strother 1899-1900TXMcLennan CoWaco, High School
TeachersCharles Arthur 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor Academy
StudentsWilliam Beverly 1882-1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
DeaconsJ. B. 1880-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersF. J. 1895TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baptist Church
GraduatesHenry Crete 1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
DeaconsW. H. 1876-1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
EldersW. H. 1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
TeachersMartha Rosalie 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilby T. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PresidentsHenry Lee 1846-1851TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
DeaconsR. F. 1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
ProfessorsKate 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersKatherine 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersFrancis Gevrier 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
EldersT. K. 1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
EldersW. F. 1868-1874TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
EldersW. F. 1874-1878TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
GraduatesOlive 1903TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersOlive May 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Sul Ross School
ProfessorsArthur Jackson 1915TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
RailroadsCharles 1891-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Texas Central Railway
RailroadsCharles 1902TXMcLennan CoWaco, Texas Central Railroad
GraduatesWilliam Alexander 1896TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersJefferson Whitfield 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
AttorneysNathaniel 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
GraduatesPinckney 1860TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsVirgil Byron 1881-1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilliam Asbury 1893-1901TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
DeaconsJ. K. 1871-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
ProfessorsJoseph Elmer 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesSamuel Augustus 1880TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesTheodore 1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersWilliam Carter 1897-1899TXMcLennan CoWaco, High School
GraduatesAdoniram Judson 1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsHoyt Stilson 1921-1923TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJames R. 1876TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersVara Edmondson 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
DeaconsT. B. 1874TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
StudentsWilliam Earnest 1891-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersEmma Jane 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
TeachersAlta Ella 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor Academy
ProfessorsJesse Breland 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PhysiciansSullivan Ross 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
EldersWalter 1875-1889TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
TeachersMargaret Lucretia 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersBlanche 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Sanger Ave School
TeachersMinnie 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Sanger Ave School
PhysiciansBenjamin Witt 1909TXMcLennan CoWaco
DeaconsS. A. 1871-1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
EldersSamuel A. 1882-1891TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
GraduatesEustace Eugene 1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsHarry Tom 1893-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
DeaconsJ. C. J. 1873-1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
EldersJ. C. J. 1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
BusinesspeopleJohn C. F. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
GraduatesJohn Charles Fremont 1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersSallie 1916TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
MinistersWilliam McK. 1865TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
PresidentsWilliam McKendree 1857TXMcLennan CoWaco Female College
School SuperintendentsJohn Compere 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
MinistersJohn Nathaniel 1906TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baptist Church
PresidentsJohn M. 2006-2008TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
AttorneysHenry Clay 1901TXMcLennan CoWaco
MinistersSamuel C. 1858TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
GraduatesGeorge Augustus 1877TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWilliam Henry Jr 1878-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilliam Henry Jr 1888-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
EngineersCecil Arthur 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
BusinesspeopleJames Allen 1901TXMcLennan CoWaco
PhysiciansCarl 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
TeachersElla Stubblefield 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
ProfessorsJohn Hill 1892-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
MinistersJames 1882-1883TXMcLennan CoWaco, Methodist Church
StudentsWilliam Jasper 1891-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
BusinesspeopleWarren Albert 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
GraduatesJoseph C. 1881TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
RailroadsH. N. 1902TXMcLennan CoWaco, Texas Central Railroad
ProfessorsLillie Louise 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
AttorneysFrancis Marion Jr 1901TXMcLennan CoWaco
AttorneysJohn 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
ProfessorsWilder Richard 1867-1868TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
PresidentsAbner Vernon 1961-1981TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersJohn Vallandingham 1888TXMcLennan CoWaco
LibrariansPauline M. 1913-1920TXMcLennan CoWaco, Public Library
StudentsLouis Basset 1897-1899TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsCarrie Lee 1893-1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
EldersJohn 1855-1859TXMcLennan CoWaco, First Presbyterian Church
TeachersAndrew Cleveland 1908-1909TXMcLennan CoWaco
AttorneysArthur William 1918TXMcLennan CoWaco
DeaconsJ. W., Jr. 1881-1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
EldersJ. W., Jr. 1884-1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
EldersJ. W., Sr. 1875TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
DeaconsL. H. 1877-1881TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
EldersL. H. 1881-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
TeachersLily Amanda 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor Academy
RailroadsW. F. 1902TXMcLennan CoWaco, Texas Central Railroad
EldersJ. A. 1874-1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
DeaconsGeorge 1878TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
MinistersS. J. 1892-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
TeachersSara Rose Kendall 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco

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