Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: TN; County: Montgomery Co
GraduatesWilliam Theodore 1895-1896TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
GraduatesJames Harvey 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesAlbert Sidney 1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Ethelbert 1903TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Ethelbert 1903-1905TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
GraduatesFrank Lee 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Leslie 1896TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesClarence Levan 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
AttorneysJames Edmund 1843TNMontgomery CoClarksville
MinistersSamuel D. 1849-1850TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
Samuel Davies Baldwin was born in Worthington, Ohio, Nov. 24, 1818. His parents were Presbyterians, and named their son Samuel Davies, in honor of the celebrated and distinguished Virginia minister of that name. They were poor, but highly respectable. Unable to educate their son and subsist a large family in the manner they desired, young Samuel, at an early age, left home in pursuit of employment, that he might relieve his parents, and procure the means of an education. He devoted himself to hard labor as a mechanic, and on the steamers of the Western waters. Having made some progress in the elementary principles of an education, and procured some means, he entered Woodward College, in Cincinnati, where he graduated with high honor.
MinistersJ. D. 1879-1881TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesRobert Lee 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Zenas 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersN. G. 1830TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesEugene Cyrus 1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesGeorge A. 1883TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Hardgrove 1883TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
TeachersMargaret 1905-1906TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesDaniel Johnson 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
RailroadsFrank H. 1871-1874TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Louisville and Nashville Railroad, asst train dispatcher
MinistersBarton 1832-1833TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersRobert K. 1875-1878TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesEdwin Darnall 1904-1906TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
MinistersLewis C. 1848TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersRobert F. 1886TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
PrincipalsFrank Lee 1892-1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, High School
MinistersJ. 1839TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesAlfred Shorter 1891-1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Turner 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesSamuel Craighead 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWalter Lindsay 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam James 1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRobert Lee 1896TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Franklin 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesArchibald Fairly 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRussel 1898TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesSamuel Ezekiel 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesThomas Anderson 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesThomas Anderson 1896-1897TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Monroe 1900TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJames Walter 1895-1897TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
GraduatesJames Walter 1896TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJoseph Cannon 1873TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Pier 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Gilbert 1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MissionariesAlexander 1891-1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesHenry Mortimer 1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
TeachersEbenezer Harrison 1847-1854TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesHenry Joseph 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Eugene 1876TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesEdward J. 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesAlbert Bruce 1897TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersDavid Owen 1868-1871TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesWilliam Y. 1877TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersArchibald Alexander 1861-1866TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam G. 1861-1862TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
OthersJoseph E. 1843-1848TNMontgomery CoClarksville Female Academy, President
MinistersGeorge W. 1846-1847TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesWilliam Wilson 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
OthersA. R. 1852TNMontgomery CoClarksville Female Academy, President
MinistersAlexander R. 1846-1847TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church, & 53
GraduatesFlavius Lyle 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesLloyd Baker 1905TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Dowell 1898TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesEdwin William 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJ. S. 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesSterling Johnson 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesSterling Johnson, Jr 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam Clark Coolidge 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Goodall 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesHenry Gibbs 1875TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn B. 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesC. W. 1896TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
School SuperintendentsJ. W. 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesFred R. 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesEdward Melvin 1884TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJames Edward 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Leighton 1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersWilliam M. 1873TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersRobert 1834TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesSherwood L. 1882TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam Thomas 1876TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesLeonidas G. 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
OthersAlexander L. 1858-1859TNMontgomery CoClarksville Female Academy, President
GraduatesWilliam S. 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesLaman S. 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersJ. W. 1842TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersJohn W. 1877-1881TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersEthelbert H. 1841-1842TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesR. A. 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJames King 1878TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersJohn T. 1845-1858TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesJohn Rankin 1886TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Joseph 1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRobert 1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJoseph Bienaime 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Edward 1896TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJames Robert 1882TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersJohn F. 1837TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersRobert S. 1865TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesSamuel Gordon 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJames Newton 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
AttorneysCave 1814TNMontgomery CoClarksville
MinistersWilliam 1904-1908TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Trinity Episcopal Church
GraduatesRichard Marcus 1885TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersAbner Williamson 1840-1843TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesAdolphus 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRobert Hugh 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRobert Milton 1887-1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
GraduatesJohn Douglass 1880TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRobert Ira 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam Scott 1882TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersJonas W. 1872-1879TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
MinistersL. L. 1875TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Episcopal Church
GraduatesCharles Wood 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersThomas 1852TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
Board of EducationT. H. 1920TNMontgomery CoClarksville, President
TeachersLucetta 1920TNMontgomery CoClarksville
PrincipalsBertha 1920TNMontgomery CoClarksville, High School
LibrariansBertha 1923TNMontgomery CoClarksville, High School
GraduatesWilliam Allison 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesNathaniel Bucher 1884-1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesNathaniel Henry 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesSidney Louis 1897TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
TeachersJessie E. 1920TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesAngus 1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesEll Daniel 1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersJ. P. 1870-1872TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesWilliam Joseph 1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn Moffatt 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
PhysiciansJoseph Nicholas 1900TNMontgomery CoClarksville
MinistersA. 1868TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersAlphens 1856-1857TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesJohn C. 1874TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersT. L. 1883-1884TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersWellborn 1866-1867TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesThomas Verner, Jr 1876TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesThomas Vernon 1870TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersJames William 1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
AttorneysArthur Hendrick 1871-1876TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesJohn Monroe 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJames F. Norwood 1893TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam Alonzo 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersHenry B. 1831TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesCharles 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
PrincipalsFrederick Jackson 1882-1883TNMontgomery CoClarksville, High School
GraduatesWallace Thornwell 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersConsider 1834-1837TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesGeorge William 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesW. K. 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJames Godfrey 1886TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersWilliam R. 1885-1886TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
AttorneysWilliam Alfred 1865TNMontgomery CoClarksville
MinistersRoger Hanson 1912-1914TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Trinity Episcopal Church
GraduatesHenry 1886TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
TeachersMadeline A. M. 1890-1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville
MinistersW. W. 1835TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersJ. R. 1868-1869TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church, & 74
OthersJ. R. 1876-1880TNMontgomery CoClarksville Female Academy, President
AttorneysGeorge Gilmer 1853TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesWilliam Robert 1898TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesHenry Butler 1885-1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
GraduatesHenry Butler 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
AttorneysJames Minor 1845TNMontgomery CoClarksville
MinistersMilton 1843TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesEmmet A. 1898TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersThomas W. 1837TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church, & 54-55
GraduatesCharles B. 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Edward 1901-1903TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
GraduatesCharles Edward 1903TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesTheron Hall 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
TeachersElsie Mai 1906TNMontgomery CoClarksville
MinistersAdam S. 1845TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
GraduatesRobert Quitman 1892TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
PhysiciansEdward Clark 1848-1873TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesJohnston 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
Board of EducationC. D. 1920TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Secretary
RailroadsM. 1902TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Tennessee and Cumberland River Railroad, VP
MinistersWilliam D. F. 1859-1860TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersFinch P. 1829-1830TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersAlexander Washington 1888TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Trinity Episcopal Church
GraduatesHenry Brown 1898TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRichard James 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
MinistersWilliam A. 1840TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesJohn Bunyan 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Stillman 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesCharles Stillman 1894-1896TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern Theological Seminary
School SuperintendentsAaron J. 1920TNMontgomery CoClarksville
GraduatesJames M. 1878TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesNathaniel 1885TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesGeorge Howe 1887TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWalter Lee 1889TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesJohn D. 1894TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesGeorge 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesRobert E. 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesSamuel Mills 1891TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam Collins 1895TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesGeorge Eagleton 1878TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University
GraduatesWilliam 1890TNMontgomery CoClarksville, Southwestern University

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Most Recent Entries
2Board of EducationTN, Bedford Co, Shelbyville
1School SuperintendentsTN, Bedford Co, Shelbyville
2Board of EducationTN, Benton Co, Camden
1School SuperintendentsTN, Benton Co, Camden
1PrincipalsTN, Benton Co, Camden, High School
1PrincipalsTN, Bledsoe Co, Pikeville
2Board of EducationTN, Blount Co, Maryville
1School SuperintendentsTN, Blount Co, Maryville
2OthersTN, Blount Co, Maryville, Maryville College
2Board of EducationTN, Bradley Co, Cleveland
1School SuperintendentsTN, Campbell Co, Jellico
1School SuperintendentsTN, Campbell Co, LaFollette
1School SuperintendentsTN, Carroll Co, Huntingdon
1School SuperintendentsTN, Carroll Co, McKenzie
2Board of EducationTN, Carter Co, Elizabethton
1School SuperintendentsTN, Carter Co, Elizabethton
1PrincipalsTN, Carter Co, Elizabethton, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Cocke Co, Newport
1School SuperintendentsTN, Cocke Co, Newport
1PrincipalsTN, Cocke Co, Newport, High School
1PrincipalsTN, Coffee Co, Beechgrove, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Coffee Co, Tullahoma
3School SuperintendentsTN, Coffee Co, Tullahoma
1PrincipalsTN, Coffee Co, Tullahoma, High School
1School SuperintendentsTN, Crockett Co, Bells
2PrincipalsTN, Cumberland Co, Grassy Cove, Grassy Cove Academy
2Board of EducationTN, Davidson Co, Nashville
3PrincipalsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville
2School SuperintendentsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville
51TeachersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville
1TeachersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Caldwell School
1OthersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Conservatory of Music
1OthersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Draughons Practical Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Falls Business College
1TeachersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Glenn School
1PrincipalsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Goodmans Business College
1OthersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Jennings Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Jennings Business College
4PrincipalsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Montgomery Bell Academy
2OthersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Roger Williams University
1PrincipalsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Tennessee School for the Blind
1PrincipalsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, University School
7OthersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Vanderbilt University
5OthersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Walden University
2Board of EducationTN, Dickson Co, Dickson
2Board of EducationTN, Dyer Co, Dyersburg
2School SuperintendentsTN, Dyer Co, Dyersburg
1PrincipalsTN, Dyer Co, Dyersburg, High School
1School SuperintendentsTN, Dyer Co, Newbern
3OthersTN, Franklin Co, Sewanee, University of the South
1Board of EducationTN, Gibson Co, Humboldt
1School SuperintendentsTN, Gibson Co, Humboldt
2School SuperintendentsTN, Gibson Co, Milan
2Board of EducationTN, Gibson Co, Rutherford
1School SuperintendentsTN, Gibson Co, Rutherford
1PrincipalsTN, Gibson Co, Rutherford, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Gibson Co, Trenton
1School SuperintendentsTN, Gibson Co, Trenton
2TeachersTN, Gibson Co, Trenton
1PrincipalsTN, Gibson Co, Trenton, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Giles Co, Pulaski
2School SuperintendentsTN, Giles Co, Pulaski
6TeachersTN, Giles Co, Pulaski
1PrincipalsTN, Giles Co, Pulaski, High School
2OthersTN, Giles Co, Pulaski, Martin College
2PrincipalsTN, Giles Co, Pulaski, Massey School
1PrincipalsTN, Greene Co, Chuckey, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Greene Co, Greeneville
1TeachersTN, Greene Co, Greeneville
1PrincipalsTN, Greene Co, Greeneville, High School
1PrincipalsTN, Grundy Co, Tracy City, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Hamblen Co, Morristown
2School SuperintendentsTN, Hamblen Co, Morristown
1PrincipalsTN, Hamblen Co, Morristown, High School
2School SuperintendentsTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga
10TeachersTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga
1PrincipalsTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga, High School
1OthersTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga, Mountain City Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga, Mountain City Business College
3OthersTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga, University of Chattanooga
1School SuperintendentsTN, Hamilton Co, East Chattanooga
1PrincipalsTN, Hawkins Co, Church Hill, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Hawkins Co, Rogersville
2TeachersTN, Hawkins Co, Rogersville
1PrincipalsTN, Hawkins Co, Rogersville, High School
3TeachersTN, Haywood Co, Brownsville
1School SuperintendentsTN, Henderson Co, Lexington
2Board of EducationTN, Henry Co, Paris
1School SuperintendentsTN, Henry Co, Paris
1PrincipalsTN, Henry Co, Paris, High School
1School SuperintendentsTN, Houston Co, Erin
2Board of EducationTN, Jefferson Co, Jefferson City
1PrincipalsTN, Jefferson Co, Jefferson City, High School
1TeachersTN, Knox Co, Fountain City
2Board of EducationTN, Knox Co, Knoxville
2School SuperintendentsTN, Knox Co, Knoxville
5TeachersTN, Knox Co, Knoxville
1OthersTN, Knox Co, Knoxville, Business College
1OthersTN, Knox Co, Knoxville, Draughons Practical Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Knox Co, Knoxville, High School
2LibrariansTN, Knox Co, Knoxville, Rule Jr High School
6OthersTN, Knox Co, Knoxville, University Of Tennessee
1School SuperintendentsTN, Knox Co, Lonsdale
1School SuperintendentsTN, Lake Co, Tiptonville
1OthersTN, Lake Co, Tiptonville, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Lauderdale Co, Ripley
4TeachersTN, Lauderdale Co, Ripley
1PrincipalsTN, Lauderdale Co, Ripley, High School
1LibrariansTN, Lauderdale Co, Ripley, Public Library
1PrincipalsTN, Lewis Co, Hohenwald, High School
1School SuperintendentsTN, Lincoln Co, Fayetteville
3TeachersTN, Lincoln Co, Fayetteville, High School
1School SuperintendentsTN, Loudon Co, Lenoir City
1TeachersTN, Loudon Co, Lenoir City
1PrincipalsTN, Loudon Co, Lenoir City, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Madison Co, Jackson
2School SuperintendentsTN, Madison Co, Jackson
8TeachersTN, Madison Co, Jackson
1OthersTN, Madison Co, Jackson, Draughons Practical Business College
1LibrariansTN, Madison Co, Jackson, Public Library
2Board of EducationTN, Marion Co, South Pittsburg
1PrincipalsTN, Marion Co, South Pittsburg, High School
1Board of EducationTN, Marion Co, Whitwell
1School SuperintendentsTN, Marion Co, Whitwell
1TeachersTN, Marion Co, Whitwell
1School SuperintendentsTN, Marshall Co, Lewisburg
2Board of EducationTN, Maury Co, Columbia
2School SuperintendentsTN, Maury Co, Columbia
5TeachersTN, Maury Co, Columbia
1PrincipalsTN, Maury Co, Columbia, High School
1LibrariansTN, Maury Co, Columbia, Public Library
2School SuperintendentsTN, Maury Co, Jonesboro
3TeachersTN, Maury Co, Mt Pleasant
1PrincipalsTN, Maury Co, Mt Pleasant, High School
2Board of EducationTN, McMinn Co, Athens
1School SuperintendentsTN, McMinn Co, Athens
4TeachersTN, McMinn Co, Athens
1PrincipalsTN, McMinn Co, Athens, High School
1LibrariansTN, McMinn Co, Athens, Public Library
1PrincipalsTN, McNairy Co, Adamsville, High School
1School SuperintendentsTN, Monroe Co, Madisonville
1TeachersTN, Monroe Co, Madisonville
2Board of EducationTN, Montgomery Co, Clarksville
2School SuperintendentsTN, Montgomery Co, Clarksville
6TeachersTN, Montgomery Co, Clarksville
1LibrariansTN, Montgomery Co, Clarksville, High School
3PrincipalsTN, Montgomery Co, Clarksville, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Obion Co, Union City
2School SuperintendentsTN, Obion Co, Union City
1PrincipalsTN, Obion Co, Union City, High School
1LibrariansTN, Obion Co, Union City, Public Library
1School SuperintendentsTN, Overton Co, Livingston
1TeachersTN, Overton Co, Livingston
1PrincipalsTN, Overton Co, Livingston, High School
1School SuperintendentsTN, Putnam Co, Cookeville
1School SuperintendentsTN, Rhea Co, Dayton
1PrincipalsTN, Rhea Co, Dayton, High School
1TeachersTN, Rhea Co, Spring City
1PrincipalsTN, Rhea Co, Spring City, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Roane Co, Harriman
1School SuperintendentsTN, Roane Co, Harriman
1TeachersTN, Roane Co, Harriman
1LibrariansTN, Roane Co, Harriman, Public Library
2Board of EducationTN, Roane Co, Rockwood
1School SuperintendentsTN, Roane Co, Rockwood
2Board of EducationTN, Rutherford Co, Murfreesboro
1PrincipalsTN, Rutherford Co, Murfreesboro, High School
1OthersTN, Sevier Co, Sevierville, Murphy College
2Board of EducationTN, Shelby Co, Memphis
3School SuperintendentsTN, Shelby Co, Memphis
7TeachersTN, Shelby Co, Memphis
1PrincipalsTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Central High School
1OthersTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Draughons Practical Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Higbee School
1TeachersTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Higbee School
1PrincipalsTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Hills Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Leddins Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Nelsons Business College
1School SuperintendentsTN, Smith Co, Carthage
1PrincipalsTN, Smith Co, Carthage, High School
2Board of EducationTN, Sullivan Co, Bristol
1OthersTN, Sullivan Co, Bristol, Business College
1PrincipalsTN, Sullivan Co, Bristol, High School
2OthersTN, Sullivan Co, Bristol, King College
2School SuperintendentsTN, Sumner Co, Gallatin
1School SuperintendentsTN, Tipton Co, Covington
1School SuperintendentsTN, Unicoi Co, Erwin
2School SuperintendentsTN, Warren Co, McMinnville
2Board of EducationTN, Washington Co, Johnson City
3School SuperintendentsTN, Washington Co, Johnson City
2TeachersTN, Washington Co, Johnson City
1PrincipalsTN, Washington Co, Johnson City, High School
1LibrariansTN, Washington Co, Johnson City, Public Library
1School SuperintendentsTN, Weakley Co, Martin
1School SuperintendentsTN, White Co, Sparta
2Board of EducationTN, Williamson Co, Franklin
2TeachersTN, Williamson Co, Franklin
1PrincipalsTN, Williamson Co, Franklin, High School
2PrincipalsTN, Williamson Co, Franklin, Tennessee Female College
3OthersTN, Wilson Co, Lebanon, Cumberland University

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24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
20 Apr 2021added 'Foodie', 'Clothier', 'Police/Firemen', 'Hospitality' types
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