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Historical Record Lists; State: TN; County: Davidson Co
RailroadsA. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
AttorneysJoseph Hayes 1885TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsAugustus E. 1867-1869TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersGross 1884TNDavidson CoNashville, West End Methodist Church
ProfessorsGross 1885-1902TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
AttorneysJames R. 1912TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsAlexander 1847-1849TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsJ. H. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsJoshua Henry 1886-1893TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsA. 1856TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsAndrew 1856-1857TNDavidson CoNashville
PostmastersSamuel R. 1853TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesWilliam P. 1806-1813TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
RailroadsW. S. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersJohn S. 1885-1889TNDavidson CoNashville, Second Presbyterian Church
TeachersSamuel Howard 1902-1905TNDavidson CoNashville, Roger Williams University
AttorneysGeorge Harrison 1910TNDavidson CoNashville
PostmastersRobert 1829TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsWilliam 1829-1833TNDavidson CoNashville
AttorneysRichard Merrill 1920TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsJackson 1818-1819TNDavidson CoNashville
TeachersMyra 1892-1893TNDavidson CoNashville, Fisk University
TrusteesAlfred 1820-1830TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MinistersSamuel D. 1861-1862TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
Samuel Davies Baldwin was born in Worthington, Ohio, Nov. 24, 1818. His parents were Presbyterians, and named their son Samuel Davies, in honor of the celebrated and distinguished Virginia minister of that name. They were poor, but highly respectable. Unable to educate their son and subsist a large family in the manner they desired, young Samuel, at an early age, left home in pursuit of employment, that he might relieve his parents, and procure the means of an education. He devoted himself to hard labor as a mechanic, and on the steamers of the Western waters. Having made some progress in the elementary principles of an education, and procured some means, he entered Woodward College, in Cincinnati, where he graduated with high honor.
MinistersJ. D. 1866TNDavidson CoNashville, Tulip Street Methodist Church
MinistersJames D. 1867-1868TNDavidson CoNashville, Elm Street Methodist Church
MinistersJames D. 1883-1886TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
MinistersJoseph 1861TNDavidson CoNashville, First Presbyterian Church
AttorneysAlexander 1822TNDavidson CoNashville
AttorneysWashington 1827TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesWashington 1834-1839TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesWashington 1845TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesJohn M. 1831-1851TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesJohn M. 1867TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MayorsJohn Meredith 1833-1834TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsJohn Meredith 1869-1869TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsJere 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersEdward 1900-1913TNDavidson CoNashville, Church of the Advent
BusinesspeopleKendal Francis 1888TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersG. L. 1883TNDavidson CoNashville, Foster Street Methodist Church
RailroadsW. A. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesJohn E. 1808-1820TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesJohn 1823TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
ProfessorsEdward Webster 1887-1889TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
ProfessorsHarry Yandell 1899TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
TeachersWilliam Marvin 1891-1893TNDavidson CoNashville
BusinesspeopleWilliam Alexander 1907TNDavidson CoNashville
PhysiciansGeorge Gilbert 1876TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesWilliam T. 1852TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TeachersJohn Shepard 1896-1908TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesSamuel P. 1806-1820TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
ScientistsGeorge S. 1869TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesWillie 1809-1815TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MinistersWinstead Paine 1888-1889TNDavidson CoNashville, Presbyterian Church
ProfessorsAndre Beziat de 1919TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
RailroadsGustaf 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsGeorge T. 1826-1828TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MayorsBenjamin J. 1809-1811TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersE. 1875TNDavidson CoNashville, Church of the Advent
RailroadsR. C. 1856TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersEdwin Theodore 1874-1891TNDavidson CoNashville, Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansCharles S. 1919TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsBarney 1925TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
AttorneysAaron Wenable 1817TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsJames Stephens 1908-1909TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersR. K. 1870-1873TNDavidson CoNashville, Tulip Street Methodist Church
MinistersR. K. 1879-1882TNDavidson CoNashville, Elm Street Methodist Church
TrusteesWilliam L. 1824-1830TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
ProfessorsWilliam LeKoy 1876-1882TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
MayorsWilliam Matt 1865-1867TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsClinton Ethelbert 1911-1915TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
PhysiciansClinton Ethelbert 1926TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsJ. R. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersLewis C. 1845TNDavidson CoNashville, College Hill Methodist Church
MinistersLewis C. 1849TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
ProfessorsWorcester Allen 1911TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
PhysiciansWorcester Allen 1919TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersGriffin William 1904-1906TNDavidson CoNashville, Moore Memorial Presbyterian Church
MinistersJoseph Allen 1844-1847TNDavidson CoNashville, Baptist Church
MinistersRobert Franklin 1865-1868TNDavidson CoNashville, First Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansLucius E. 1919TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsMichael 1856TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsAustin Hannahs 1871-1872TNDavidson CoNashville, Fisk University
MinistersWilliam 1859TNDavidson CoNashville, Edgefield Methodist Church
MinistersLansing 1900-1909TNDavidson CoNashville, Baptist Church
ProfessorsCharles Sidney 1926TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
AttorneysJoseph Wellington 1890TNDavidson CoNashville
AttorneysJoseph Wellington Jr. 1928TNDavidson CoNashville
TeachersAnna Margaret 1880-1883TNDavidson CoNashville, Fisk University
TeachersAndrew Jackson 1854-1857TNDavidson CoNashville
AttorneysAndrew Jackson 1867TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersThomas Beveridge 1884TNDavidson CoNashville, Presbyterian Church
TrusteesGeorge W. 1830-1848TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesMichael 1815-1830TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MinistersWilliam Ward 1867-1870TNDavidson CoNashville, Presbyterian Church
MayorsStephen, Jr. 1817-1817TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersElisha 1856-1857TNDavidson CoNashville, Edgefield Methodist Church
MinistersElisha 1860TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
TrusteesWilliam 1827-1829TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MayorsRobert Bell 1854-1856TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesJobn 1823-1825TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TeachersEdmund 1840-1842TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsN. C. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsF. M. 1898TNDavidson CoNashville, Fisk University
ProfessorsFrederick Augustus 1872TNDavidson CoNashville, Fisk University
PostmastersAnn B. 1886TNDavidson CoNashville
PostmastersBenjamin F. 1885TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesLeonard P. 1824TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
PostmastersLeonard P. 1845TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsRichard Boone 1860-1862TNDavidson CoNashville
PostmastersHampton J. 1894TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersSamuel H. 1894TNDavidson CoNashville, Second Presbyterian Church
TrusteesJohn 1809-1820TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
AttorneysStephen Walker 1910TNDavidson CoNashville
AttorneysThomas 1807TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesThomas 1815-1824TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
ProfessorsGeorge Lindenberg 1919TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
TrusteesSterling 1852TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
BusinesspeopleBenjamin Franklin 1888TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsJoseph 1806-1809TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesJoseph 1806-1818TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MayorsThomas B. 1842-1843TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsJames 1820-1821TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsJohn F. 1893TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsWilliam F. 1856TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesWilliam F. 1867TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
ProfessorsWilliam M. Late 1895-1896TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
MinistersJames Chalmers 1901-1907TNDavidson CoNashville, Second Presbyterian Church
AttorneysWilliam Ruffin 1853-1857TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesHenry 1821-1828TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesDavid 1832-1849TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
BusinesspeopleHugh Z. 1888TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesThomas B. 1806-1824TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MinistersJoseph 1850-1851TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
ProfessorsNathaniel 1826-1831TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
ProfessorsNathaniel 1838-1850TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MayorsThomas 1819-1820TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsThomas L., Sr. 1938-1951TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsRobert Sydney 1925TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
PostmastersJohn H. 1888TNDavidson CoNashville
PostmastersRobert B. 1811TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsRobert Brownlee 1822-1824TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersJ. T. 1886TNDavidson CoNashville, Foster Street Methodist Church
TeachersHarriet M. 1882-1884TNDavidson CoNashville, Fisk University
PhysiciansJabez P. 1869-1894TNDavidson CoNashville
PhysiciansWalter Marshall 1877-1904TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsJohn 1898TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
RailroadsW. L. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsWilliam L. 1858-1860TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsWilliam L. 1868-1893TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersWilliam Kent 1884-1885TNDavidson CoNashville, Baptist Church
ProfessorsJohn Williams 1912-1913TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
GraduatesWilliam Albert 1907-1908TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
ProfessorsWarren McAllister 1919TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
TrusteesGeorgo M. 1810-1816TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesAbram L. 1873TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MinistersRobert 1875TNDavidson CoNashville, Christ Episcopal Church
RailroadsCharles A. 1880-1885TNDavidson CoNashville
OthersErnest Kirk 1908TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesJohn 1806-1810TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesWilliani 1806-1816TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MinistersWilliam G. 1857TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
ProfessorsBichard 1883-1886TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
MayorsRichard Houston 1897-1900TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsWilliam L. 1898TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
MinistersErastus B. 1860TNDavidson CoNashville, Edgefield Methodist Church
ProfessorsGustavus 1919TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
MinistersThomas 1911TNDavidson CoNashville, St Peters Episcopal Church
TrusteesE. H. 1867TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
RailroadsW. E. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersJohn Todd 1833-1860TNDavidson CoNashville, First Presbyterian Church
GraduatesSamuel Miller 1836TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
ProfessorsCarl August 1893-1895TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
TeachersKatharine Reed 1898TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersJesse J. 1857TNDavidson CoNashville, Spruce Street Methodist Church
MinistersJohn A. 1856-1857TNDavidson CoNashville, Edgefield Methodist Church
John Alexander Ellis was born near Murfreesboro, Tenn., April 27, 1830. He was the thirteenth of the fifteen children given his godly parents, all of whom with true Hebrew reverence and joy were hailed as tokens of divine favor. Few more holy and well-ordered homes have blessed the Church and world than the one presided over by Hicks Ellis and Tabitha Gunn. At an early age John entered the employment of his brother, removing with him to Huntsville, Ala, and devoting some years to the mercantile business. In that calling he soon became efficient, and doubtless would have achieved large success but for the call of Providence to another and wider sphere.

Converted at the age of fourteen, he joined the Methodist Church at Huntsville, Ala., under the ministry of Rev. Adam S. Riggs. His espousal of Christ was wholehearted, and his devotion ardent and unremitting. Soon the voice of God was heard calling him to the work of the ministry. Not long before his translation he said: 'The thought of any other work has never for one moment troubled me since I decided that this was my life mission.' And few of the Lord's prophets ever had less desire for worldly applause or the honors of life than did this modest, self-denying, consecrated young man.

In May, 1849, he was given license to exhort, and in October of the same year he was granted authority to preach and recommended for admission into the traveling connection. His ministry was exceptionally fruitful, and he soon became generally and favorably known for evangelistic zeal and distinguished pastoral efficiency. From circuit work he was transferred to the Nashville City Mission, and to his wise planning and successful evangelism our Methodism there is indebted for several of her strongest churches. His last appointment in the Tennessee Conference was Franklin Station.

During the late war he entered military service as chaplain of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment, and kept heroic step with his brave comrades until their banner was forever furled. One who shared with him the vicissitudes of many campaigns thus writes: 'During his service with the Twentieth Tennessee he bound to him with 'hooks of steel' every man in his command. He braved the thickest storms of shot and shell in his efforts to succor the wounded or console the dying with a courage arid devotion that was truly heroic. Tireless in his vigils at the bedside of the sick and on the march, how many times have I seen him dismount and put a lame, sick, or tired infantryman into his saddle!'

In 1863, while serving as an army chaplain in Mississippi, he was married to Mrs. S. H. Hamilton, near Brandon, Miss. Two children were born to them: Rev. H. M. Ellis, of the Mississippi Conference, and Mrs. S. J. Harrison, of Nashville, Tenn. In 1885 he transferred to the Mississippi Conference, and here spent the rest of his life. Gentleness and strength, tenderness and manliness, considerateness and positiveness were in him singularly blended. He had the heart of a woman and the will of a martyr. For the sorrowing he had a brother's tear; for the suffering, a soothing hand; for the fallen, the largest charity; for the wayward, the largest patience; but for the enemies of his Lord he had a strong arm and a mighty blade of 'heavenly temper keen.' Much of his later ministry was in demand for the presiding eldership. It would have grieved him beyond measure to be suspected of selfish or unworthy motives in advising the appointment of any brother or the tilling of any station. The one who had his perfect confidence, and who is most bereaved in his death, says: 'He told me that never but one time during a ministry of nearly forty-five years did he try to influence his field of labor, and then because of his first wife's illness, which he knew to be fatal, he asked for a work near the home of her son, where she could be properly cared for.' He was a man of clean lips and chaste speech. The now desolate widow, who for the past nine years has been nearest to him in hourly companionship, bears this delightful testimony: 'I can never recall one unkind word or harsh criticism of any one from his lips.'

As a preacher Brother Ellis was eminently spiritual, distinctly scriptural, positively practical, and always helpful. His style was expository, his language pure and critically correct, and his manner earnest and reverent. While lacking the graces of an elocutionist, he had the charm of unaffected earnestness and sanctified sympathy. One who sat under his ministry for a year or more -- a member of his congregation, and for whose discriminating judgment I have the highest appreciation, thus speaks of him: 'Reviewing the pulpit utterances that have helped me spiritually, I discover a large indebtedness to Brother Ellis.' In November, 1884, his wife having died several years before, he was married to Miss M. E. Ellis, of Amite City, La., daughter of the late Judge Ellis. This was a happy union of hearts and hands for the glory of God. After an illness of about two weeks the faithful pastor, tender husband, and loving father sweetly fell on sleep February 16, 1893, in the parsonage at Moss Point, Miss. His son and daughter reached there before he passed away. They heard him say with clear voice and unclouded faith, 'There is rest,' and saw the weary wheels of life stand still. He is buried at Amite City, La.

MinistersJohn A. 1862TNDavidson CoNashville, Tulip Street Methodist Church
MayorsJoseph Thorpe 1814-1817TNDavidson CoNashville
GraduatesGeorge 1833TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
PostmastersBowling 1867TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersAlexander R. 1854-1855TNDavidson CoNashville, McKendree Methodist Church
PostmastersJohn P. 1826TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsJohn Patton 1821-1822TNDavidson CoNashville
MayorsJohn Patton 1834-1835TNDavidson CoNashville
PhysiciansDuncan 1919TNDavidson CoNashville
ProfessorsDuncan 1919TNDavidson CoNashville, Vanderbilt University
AttorneysAndrew 1835TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesAndrew 1851-1864TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesEdwin H. 1839TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
AttorneysEdwin Hickman 1831TNDavidson CoNashville
GraduatesFielding Nathaniel 1838TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesJohn O. 1825-1826TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
TrusteesNatban 1823-1825TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
MayorsRobert 1915-1917TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsR. J. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
RailroadsE. A. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
MinistersF. G. 1835TNDavidson CoNashville, College Hill Methodist Church
TrusteesMoses 1800-1818TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville
RailroadsC. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville
TrusteesFrancis B. 1823-1880TNDavidson CoNashville, University of Nashville

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