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Ship: USS Vandalia (1876)Wiki

Service: 1872-1889

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Ship: USS Vandalia (1876): Historical Record Lists
Naval Ship ServiceCharles Olden 1878-1881USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHosea J. 1886-1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge W. 1878-1880USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceFrancis Morgan 1875-1876USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAlexander B. 1883-1884USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceCharles 1882-1884USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceThomas Mason 1886-1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge Rawson 1882-1884USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam Leslie 1882-1883USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge J. 1886-1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAlbert G. 1876-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAlfred B. 1879-1881USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJames William 1887-1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJohn R. 1886USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJames Kelsey 1881-1884USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge H. 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJoseph Edgar 1886-1887USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceMillard Henry 1887-1890USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAbraham Ellis 1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJohn W. 1875-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceRichard C. 1879-1880USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceSamuel Willaner Black 1876-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceRobert Morris 1879-1881USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceLucian 1879-1880USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceCharles Eben 1887-1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceEdward R. 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceDavid M. 1876-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJohn 1886-1887USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAlbert S. 1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam A. 1875-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHenry O. 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceMilton 1876USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceF. H. 1886-1887USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam Stetson 1877-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJohn 1886-1888USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHenry Lycurgus 1886-1888USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge Elmore 1878-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAndrew J. 1875USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAndrew T. J. 1875-1876USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceAndrew T. J. 1879-1880USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceBenjamin Peffer 1882-1884USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceOren Earl 1876-1877USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceRichard Phillips 1881-1882USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceSamuel Conrad 1886USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge C. 1876-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJ. Porter 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam Franklin 1877-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJohn 1879-1880USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceEdward A. 1881-1883USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam Alexander 1880-1883USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGreenlief Augustus 1887-1890USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJacob W. 1876-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceLouis E. 1877-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceSumner Cummings 1882-1884USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHamilton 1879-1880USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJ. Bayard 1886USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHawley Olmstead 1886-1888USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHenry B. 1877-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceCharles Custis 1879-1882USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceH. Schuyler 1875-1877USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceRichard 1876-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam Edwin 1886-1887USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam J. 1877-1878USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceEdward T. 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJoseph 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam Henry 1879-1882USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceTen Eyck De Witt 1876-1877USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJames P. 1880USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJames R. 1880-1881USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceRush R. 1883-1885USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceBurns Tracy 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHarrie 1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge Francis Faxon 1879-1881USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceFrank Adams 1876-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceFletcher A. 1881-1883USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceJohn Clark 1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam 1879-1879USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceGeorge F. 1879-1882USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceHorace Mark 1886-1889USS Vandalia (1876)
Naval Ship ServiceEdwin Tully 1875-1876USS Vandalia (1876)

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10Naval Ship ServiceUSS Florida (BM30)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Franklin (1815)
19Naval Ship ServiceUSS Fulton (1837)
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS Galena
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS Grampus (1821)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Hartford (1858)
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Hull (DD7)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Idaho (BB24)
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS Illinois
36Naval Ship ServiceUSS Independence (1814)
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS Indiana
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7Naval Ship ServiceUSS Kentucky
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS Lancaster
12Naval Ship ServiceUSS Lawrence (1843)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Lebanon
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Lehigh
37Naval Ship ServiceUSS Levant
15Naval Ship ServiceUSS Lexington (1825)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Louisiana (BB19)
23Naval Ship ServiceUSS Macedonian (1836)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Machias
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Manhattan
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS Marietta
27Naval Ship ServiceUSS Marion
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Maryland (ACR8)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Massachusetts (BB2)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Mayflower (1866)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Mayflower (PY1)
14Naval Ship ServiceUSS Michigan
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Minneapolis (C13)
25Naval Ship ServiceUSS Mississippi (1841)
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5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Mohican (1883)
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3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vicksburg (PG11)
17Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vincennes (1826)
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wabash
36Naval Ship ServiceUSS Warren (1827)
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wheeling
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wilmington
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wisconsin (BB9)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Yankee
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Yantic
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