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Historical Record Lists; State: SC; County: Greenville Co
GraduatesJohn Quincy 1879SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
BusinesspeopleMilton O. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersRobert B. 1863-1865SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
LibrariansEdith Hervey 1927-1929SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
GraduatesJoseph Turner Barnette 1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersEdward Bryan 1910-1913SCGreenville CoGreenville, St Andrews Episcopal Church
MinistersEdward Bryan 1910-1913SCGreenville CoGreenville, St James Episcopal Church
AttorneysMartin Frederick 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersFrederick 1861-1862SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
GraduatesGeorge Theodore 1891-1893SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
LibrariansNelle 1923-1927SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
MinistersZephaniah W. 1842SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MayorsF. F. 1852SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysFountain Fox 1901SCGreenville CoGreenville
BusinesspeopleFountain Fox 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
RailroadsH. C. 1902SCGreenville CoGreenville, Blue Ridge Railway
MinistersW. S. 1865SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
AttorneysEdgeworth M. 1896SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysEdgeworth M. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesEdward Earle 1898SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
AttorneysProctor Aldrich 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
ProfessorsJames Petigru 1855-1859SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJames Brunson 1894SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesClinton C. 1896SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
TeachersJessie Belle 1919SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysJoseph Raleigh 1920SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesRiley Horatio 1888SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersJ. B. 1885-1886SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersW. T. 1845SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MayorsWilliam A. 1849SCGreenville CoGreenville
LibrariansGrace Fontaine Anderson 1923-1924SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
GraduatesAmos 1898SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsW. C. 1875-1877SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsJohn T. 1846SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesManning Austin 1889-1892SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsA. B. 1853-1854SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesFord Todd 1902SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsThomas M. 1850SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsThomas M. 1864SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesAlbert Marion 1887SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersO. A. 1870SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersOsgood A. 1853SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
GraduatesEdwin Charles 1873SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
LibrariansHelen Virginia 1925-1927SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
AttorneysAlvin H. 1884SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysAlvin H. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesWilliam Thomas 1898SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJosian Hartwell 1890SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesAlfred Elijah 1886SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesCasper Nimrod 1866-1870SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersJohn Yates 1888-1889SCGreenville CoGreenville, Christ Episcopal Church
MayorsBenajah 1843SCGreenville CoGreenville
PhysiciansThomas T. 1918SCGreenville CoGreenville
ProfessorsPeter Cuttiner 1846-1867SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsC. J. 1860-1861SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsG. E. 1865SCGreenville CoGreenville
LibrariansLizzie Mae 1929-1930SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
GraduatesClarence Pauley 1873SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesClarence Pawley 1869-1873SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
ProfessorsCharles Sumner 1896-1898SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
PhysiciansCharles Hardy 1918SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesJames King 1874SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesHenry Grady 1886SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJesse Luther 1893SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesAlonzo 1894SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
ProfessorsOrlin Ottman 1908SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesEldred John 1876SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesCharles Lewis 1904SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesLemuel Elmer Mcmillan 1904SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesBaxter Spurgeon 1893SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJames Bruton 1884SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesGeorge William 1876SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsBenjamin 1863SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsW. W. 1891-1893SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesPeter Hair 1898SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
LibrariansVerna Myrtle 1922-1926SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
MayorsT. C. 1870-1871SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersSamuel M. 1848SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MayorsH. P. 1872-1873SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersR. L. 1867SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
GraduatesThomas Williams 1865-1868SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJ. 1855SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJ. Boardman 1855SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsHanny Clyde 1917-1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesPerry 1867SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesPinckney 1872SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersS. J. 1859-1860SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersDavid 1840SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersByron 1889SCGreenville CoGreenville, Christ Episcopal Church
OthersJohn Mallory 1926SCGreenville CoGreenville, YMCA
MinistersJ. W. 1866SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
GraduatesWilliam Eliphaz Gary 1890SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsO. B. 1845SCGreenville CoGreenville
LibrariansHenry Mencer Lincoin 1925-1929SCGreenville CoGreenville, Phillis Wheatley Branch Library
MayorsC. C. 1901-1903SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesCharles Alfred 1895SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsW. B. 1868SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsW. R. 1869-1870SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesArthur B. 1896SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersF. Milton 1855-1856SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersW. D. 1875SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
BusinesspeopleRobert Efland 1912-1917SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersCharles O. 1851SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
BusinesspeopleT. Oregon 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesThomas Parks 1867SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MayorsR. D. 1866-1867SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsRoger 1851SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersJames Hudson 1917-1918SCGreenville CoGreenville, First Baptist Church
MayorsG. H. 1903SCGreenville CoGreenville
BusinesspeopleGabriel Heyward 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
TeachersMargaret 1925-1928SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersCharles 1880-1881SCGreenville CoGreenville, First Baptist Church
GraduatesCharles 1881-1897SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
BusinesspeopleThomas M. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysJohn B. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysJ. Robert 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
TeachersMary Eugenia 1903-1904SCGreenville CoGreenville
PrincipalsOscar Baker 1893-1903SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesVictor Irvine 1889SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
AttorneysOscar Kern 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersOscar Monroe 1918SCGreenville CoGreenville, Presbyterian Church
MayorsA. 1862SCGreenville CoGreenville
RailroadsAlexander 1866SCGreenville CoGreenville, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
MinistersThomas Maxwell 1892-1902SCGreenville CoGreenville, First Presbyterian Church
BusinesspeopleRaven I. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
TeachersMrs. John Wesley 1917SCGreenville CoGreenville, High School
MinistersA. B. 1857SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
EngineersWilliam Ancrum 1920-1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysJohn Jackson 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersE. J. 1871-1872SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
ProfessorsJames S. 1842-1855SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersFrancis Asbury 1857-1858SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry M. 1843-1844SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersJohn A. 1852SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MayorsJames P. 1871-1872SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysB. Arthur 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesHartwell Robert 1883SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersRobert H. 1878-1885SCGreenville CoGreenville, Presbyterian Church
AttorneysStephen 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
PhysiciansFrank Edwin 1902-1903SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesJesse Lee 1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersH. C. 1849SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
GraduatesRobert Goodlett 1885SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
RailroadsB. F. 1866SCGreenville CoGreenville, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
GraduatesJoshua Wiley 1896SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
AttorneysWilliam Hayne 1861SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersCharles C., Jr 1844SCGreenville CoGreenville, Christ Episcopal Church
MusiciansCharles E. 1915SCGreenville CoGreenville
AttorneysWilliam Pierce 1856SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersC. H., Sr 1873SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
AttorneysGeorge Moore 1908-1911SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesAllison Perry 1879SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersGeorge Washington 1912SCGreenville CoGreenville, First Baptist Church
ProfessorsJames L. 1840-1844SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
ProfessorsJames L. 1873-1877SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
TeachersLalla 1919SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesLewis Malone 1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
BusinesspeopleJefferson F. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
LibrariansKatharine Howard 1921-1933SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
LibrariansGrace 1928-1929SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
TeachersDorothy 1921-1924SCGreenville CoGreenville, High School
GraduatesLewis Murphree 1892SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersJohn McAden 1886-1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, First Presbyterian Church
MayorsWilliam T. 1847SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsE. F. S. 1889-1891SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersJames Perry, Sr. 1935-1943SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
GraduatesLee Leslie 1894SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersWilliam Bee 1905-1909SCGreenville CoGreenville, St Andrews Episcopal Church
GraduatesRobert Wilson 1871SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesDavid 1866SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesWilliam Henry 1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJames Franklin 1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
AttorneysWilliam George 1896-1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesThomas Edward 1866SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
MinistersThomas Wiley 1902SCGreenville CoGreenville, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersR. D. 1883-1884SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersA. Coke 1876-1879SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
ProfessorsDaniel Townsend 1869-1881SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
PhysiciansHugh Percival 1922SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersWhitefoord 1854SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliamson 1840SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
BusinesspeopleEllison Adger 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
BusinesspeopleHolmes Buck 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
MinistersA. G. 1847SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersA. J. 1868SCGreenville CoGreenville, Methodist Church
GraduatesCharles Averette 1898SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
PhysiciansTheodore Croft 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsSamuel 1873-1874SCGreenville CoGreenville
LibrariansFanny Taylor 1931-1933SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
GraduatesWilliam Taylor 1888SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
LibrariansCharlotte 1923-1931SCGreenville CoGreenville, Public Library
BusinesspeopleWilliam J. 1921SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsH. L. 1855-1857SCGreenville CoGreenville
MayorsS. A. 1879-1885SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesCrawford Howell 1869SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesAdolphus Putman 1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
PhysiciansGeorge Thomas Jr 1926SCGreenville CoGreenville
GraduatesRichard Tilman 1893SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
GraduatesJesse Virgil 1891SCGreenville CoGreenville, Furman University
AttorneysRichard F. 1912SCGreenville CoGreenville

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