Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: SC; County: Charleston Co
Other Naval ServiceWalter 1818-1819SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersEli 1831-1832SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MinistersHugh 1698-1699SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
Other Naval ServiceJames D. 1909-1910SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersJasper 1835-1838SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Andrews Episcopal Church
PhysiciansC. P. 1919SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceAlbert A. 1822SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
TeachersDiarca Howe 1830-1832SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceJacob S. 1821SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
Other Naval ServiceWilliam 1927SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
Other Naval ServiceEdwin A. 1918SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersJohn 1753-1756SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
MinistersDavid Gibson 1895SCCharleston CoCharleston, First Presbyterian Church
ScientistsJohn 1869SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysThomas Wright 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
PhysiciansArchibald E. 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
PhysiciansArchibald McEachern 1919SCCharleston CoCharleston
TeachersEdna Marie 1915SCCharleston CoCharleston
MusiciansEdna Marie 1915SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersThomas Perry 1894-1896SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Michaels Episcopal Church
Other Naval ServiceWilliam J. 1863-1864SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
AttorneysSanford William 1858SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysJoseph W. 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersThomas 1684-1685SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MinistersH. 1843SCCharleston CoCharleston, Bethel Methodist Church
MinistersNathan 1724-1738SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MinistersL. F. 1886SCCharleston CoCharleston, Spring Street Methodist Church
Other Naval ServiceM. P. 1863SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
MinistersSamuel Cary 1906SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
AttorneysThomas 1761SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersAllen Everett 1895SCCharleston CoCharleston, Grace Episcopal Church
TeachersManning 1814-1834SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersAndrew 1761-1763SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MayorsThomas, Jr 1812-1813SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysRichard 1773SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceRobert M. 1904SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersRobert 1746-1747SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
OthersWilliam Archibald 1880SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceGeorge H. 1862-1863SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
AttorneysClement Stevens 1888SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersD. Asa 1893-1895SCCharleston CoCharleston, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Other Naval ServiceEdward O. 1822-1823SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersArtemas 1821-1823SCCharleston CoCharleston, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames 1712SCCharleston CoCharleston, French Huguenot Church
MinistersWilliam E. 1856SCCharleston CoCharleston, Spring Street Methodist Church
AttorneysChristopher Columbus 1862SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersNathaniel 1818-1839SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Michaels Episcopal Church
MayorsBenjamin 1808-1808SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersGilbert Robbins 1871SCCharleston CoCharleston, Second Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansFrank Standish 1859-1861SCCharleston CoCharleston
BusinesspeopleC. R. I. 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceW. N. 1864SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
MinistersEdward Clarence Llewellyn 1876-1889SCCharleston CoCharleston, Unitarian Church
Other Naval ServiceBenjamin C. 1915SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MayorsGeorge D. 1887-1891SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJohn 1770-1774SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Michaels Episcopal Church
BusinesspeopleFrank 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersThomas Peterson 1880-1887SCCharleston CoCharleston, Westminster Presbyterian Church
MinistersThomas Peterson 1886-1892SCCharleston CoCharleston, Ebenezer Presbyterian Church
MayorsWilliam Wallace 1868-1868SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersGardner Smith 1908-1909SCCharleston CoCharleston, Circular Congregational Church
Other Naval ServiceWilliam, Jr 1819SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersDavid Lyman 1852-1854SCCharleston CoCharleston, Second Presbyterian Church
RailroadsJohn 1856SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceHugh G. 1819SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
Other Naval ServiceHugh G. 1820SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
RailroadsJ. B. 1856SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJohn Barnwell 1852-1858SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
MinistersW. T. 1874-1875SCCharleston CoCharleston, Spring Street Methodist Church
AttorneysJohn D. 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
RailroadsW. J. 1902SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceJohn 1822SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
RailroadsDaniel Henry 1889-1893SCCharleston CoCharleston
RailroadsDaniel Henry 1893SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJohn Alexander 1872-1882SCCharleston CoCharleston, Citadel Square Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac 1744-1749SCCharleston CoCharleston, Baptist Church
RailroadsFrank A. 1854SCCharleston CoCharleston
TeachersHenry Lewis 1860-1861SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceOliver Le 1821SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersH. F. 1878-1880SCCharleston CoCharleston, Spring Street Methodist Church
MinistersA. M. 1871SCCharleston CoCharleston, Bethel Methodist Church
MinistersAbel M. 1861SCCharleston CoCharleston, Bethel Methodist Church
MinistersGeorge Virgil 1899-1904SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MayorsGeorge Washington 1868-1868SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersRichard 1753-1759SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
PhysiciansHenry Mazyck 1865-1870SCCharleston CoCharleston
RailroadsP. L. 1866SCCharleston CoCharleston
PhysiciansHervey M. 1890SCCharleston CoCharleston
BusinesspeopleJesse Franklin 1839SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJ. A. 1882SCCharleston CoCharleston, Spring Street Methodist Church
MinistersDaniel 1837SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
MayorsCharles 1805-1806SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysJulius E. 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MayorsMilton 1868-1868SCCharleston CoCharleston
BusinesspeopleWilliam Harvey 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
RailroadsW. F. 1856SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysJohn Ewing 1783SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceCharles H. 1862-1863SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
BusinesspeopleJames Samuel 1901SCCharleston CoCharleston
RailroadsHenry W. 1856SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersWilliam G. 1858SCCharleston CoCharleston, Bethel Methodist Church
MinistersRobert 1759-1761SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
MinistersRobert 1761-1776SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Michaels Episcopal Church
MusiciansGertrude 1915SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersArthur Temple 1911-1914SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Pauls Episcopal Church
RailroadsA. M. 1866SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJohn 1698-1699SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MayorsWilliam Ashmead 1879-1887SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJames 1767-1768SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
MinistersJoseph 1852-1853SCCharleston CoCharleston, Bethel Methodist Church
Other Naval ServiceCharles E. 1821-1823SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersAlbert Marion 1898SCCharleston CoCharleston, Citadel Square Baptist Church
MinistersHooper 1824SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MayorsGeorge I. 1873-1877SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersLucius 1865-1867SCCharleston CoCharleston, Baptist Church
MinistersLucius 1865-1867SCCharleston CoCharleston, Citadel Square Baptist Church
MinistersRufus Putnam 1868-1877SCCharleston CoCharleston, Unitarian Church
MinistersTemple 1878-1881SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MinistersEdwin Charles 1888-1892SCCharleston CoCharleston, Citadel Square Baptist Church
MinistersJohn Lewis 1886SCCharleston CoCharleston, Baptist Church
MinistersFrederick 1770-1774SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Johns Lutheran Church
MayorsJohn, Jr 1806-1808SCCharleston CoCharleston
MayorsDavid 1802-1803SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersWilliam 1859-1862SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
MinistersDavid 1735-1737SCCharleston CoCharleston, French Huguenot Church
Other Naval ServiceJohn H. 1821SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MayorsHenry William 1797-1799SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJ. Walter 1885SCCharleston CoCharleston, Spring Street Methodist Church
MinistersJ. G. 1851SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Andrews Episcopal Church
MayorsJohn 1803-1804SCCharleston CoCharleston
TeachersCaroline 1855SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceGeorge L. 1906SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersJames 1754-1767SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MayorsJohn 1795-1797SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceJohn R. 1914-1915SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
Other Naval ServiceJesse D. 1833SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
AttorneysPatillo 1912SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersSamuel 1748-1749SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
AttorneysHenry Horlbeck 1895SCCharleston CoCharleston
MayorsJohn F. 1891-1895SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysJohn F. 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
TeachersHester B. 1915SCCharleston CoCharleston
MusiciansHester B. 1915SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysW. Huger 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersWilliam H. 1856-1857SCCharleston CoCharleston, Bethel Methodist Church
MinistersPatrick Hinds 1852-1853SCCharleston CoCharleston, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Wallace 1888SCCharleston CoCharleston, Citadel Square Baptist Church
Other Naval ServiceCharles E. 1910-1911SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersJohn Keir Geddie 1902-1915SCCharleston CoCharleston, Second Presbyterian Church
Other Naval ServiceVirginius 1862-1864SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
MinistersJohn George 1755-1761SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Johns Lutheran Church
AttorneysFrank Ravenel 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
BusinesspeopleRobert Fearrington 1919SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersRichard 1787-1825SCCharleston CoCharleston, Baptist Church
MinistersC. E. 1814-1852SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
RailroadsC. S. 1902SCCharleston CoCharleston
RailroadsChristophers 1893SCCharleston CoCharleston
MayorsJohn 1827-1829SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysPhilip Henry 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MayorsPeter Charles 1865-1868SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersAlexander 1719-1741SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Philips Episcopal Church
MayorsJohn 1817-1818SCCharleston CoCharleston
ScientistsL. K. 1869SCCharleston CoCharleston
ScientistsLewis R. 1898SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceGeorge W. 1863-1864SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
MinistersMatthew William 1898-1902SCCharleston CoCharleston, Baptist Church
MinistersMatthew William 1899-1902SCCharleston CoCharleston, Baptist Church
JournalistsBenjamin 1826-1845SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersSamuel 1819-1858SCCharleston CoCharleston, Unitarian Church
TeachersNellie 1887SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersGeorge Jonas 1913SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Johns Lutheran Church
MinistersEdward 1897-1900SCCharleston CoCharleston, Grace Episcopal Church
Other Naval ServiceWilliam L. 1829-1830SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
RailroadsHenry 1856SCCharleston CoCharleston
MayorsJohn P. 1911-1915SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysJohn P. 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersHenry Martyn 1888-1898SCCharleston CoCharleston, Circular Congregational Church
MinistersHenry Martyn 1888-1898SCCharleston CoCharleston, Presbyterian Church
Other Naval ServiceJames O. 1864SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
MinistersJohn 1745SCCharleston CoCharleston, Scotch Presbyterian Church
MinistersClifton Merritt 1901SCCharleston CoCharleston, Unitarian Church
EngineersBenjamin Dwight 1883-1890SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceHalford R. 1916SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersJames Wilmer 1900-1902SCCharleston CoCharleston, Grace Episcopal Church
MinistersRobert Emmet 1912-1915SCCharleston CoCharleston, Grace Episcopal Church
AttorneysJohn 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
AttorneysWilliam Heyward 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MayorsJohn Faucheraud 1786-1788SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersFrancis 1734-1753SCCharleston CoCharleston, French Huguenot Church
MinistersWilliam 1719-1751SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Andrews Episcopal Church
MinistersJohn Severin 1767-1770SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Johns Lutheran Church
RailroadsD. W. 1866SCCharleston CoCharleston
RailroadsGeorge W. 1865-1867SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersLuther Calvin 1852-1853SCCharleston CoCharleston, Congregational Church
MayorsJames, Jr 1821-1822SCCharleston CoCharleston
Other Naval ServiceWilliam P. 1862-1864SCCharleston CoCharleston, CSS Naval Station
BusinesspeopleJ. Ross 1921SCCharleston CoCharleston
MinistersJ. Stuart 1838-1851SCCharleston CoCharleston, St Andrews Episcopal Church
Other Naval ServiceLevi M. 1821-1822SCCharleston CoCharleston, Naval Station
MinistersR. L. 1876SCCharleston CoCharleston, Spring Street Methodist Church

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1TeachersSC, Anderson Co, Belton
1TeachersSC, Anderson Co, Pendleton
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2SheriffsSC, Charleston Co
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13LibrariansSC, Greenville Co, Greenville, Public Library
4TeachersSC, Greenwood Co, Greenwood, Lander College
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1JudgesSC, Lancaster Co
1EngineersSC, Laurens Co
1BusinesspeopleSC, Laurens Co, Laurens
1ScientistsSC, Lexington Co, Lexington
1TeachersSC, Marion Co, Marion
9TeachersSC, Pickens Co, Clemson University
1TeachersSC, Pickens Co, Easley
1TeachersSC, Pickens Co, Norris
1AttorneysSC, Richland Co, Columbia
1BusinesspeopleSC, Richland Co, Columbia
7LibrariansSC, Richland Co, Columbia, University Of SC
14ProfessorsSC, Richland Co, Columbia, University Of SC
1OthersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, YMCA
1TeachersSC, Richland Co, Wateree
1TeachersSC, Spartanburg Co, Woodruff
1TeachersSC, Sumter Co, Sumter
11LibrariansSC, York Co, Rock Hill, Winthrop University
1AttorneysSC, York Co, York

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