Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: NY; County: Oneida Co
PhysiciansElgin P. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysGeorge Webster 1863NYOneida CoUtica
PrincipalsEdward 1821NYOneida CoUtica, Utica Academy
MinistersSamuel Clark 1818-1835NYOneida CoUtica, First Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansCharles E. 1907NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansLewis Brownson 1907NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
MinistersHenry 1821-1829NYOneida CoUtica, Trinity Episcopal Church
MinistersOctavius 1909NYOneida CoUtica, Grace Episcopal Church
MinistersJames Newton, Jr 1926NYOneida CoUtica, First Presbyterian Church
LibrariansHilda Dorothy 1916-1919NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansCharles Edwin 1887-1892NYOneida CoUtica, State Hospital
PrincipalsEdward S. 1920NYOneida CoUtica, Free academy
PhysiciansEdwin C. 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersWilliam Edward 1911-1916NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
MinistersRobert Lucky 1880-1896NYOneida CoUtica, First Presbyterian Church
PrincipalsMancer M. 1838-1840NYOneida CoUtica, Utica Academy
ScientistsEgbert 1898NYOneida CoUtica
ScientistsM. M. 1869NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansMoses M. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersHugh 1878NYOneida CoUtica, Episcopal Church
RailroadsJohn 1866NYOneida CoUtica, Utica and Black River Railroad, master of machinery
PhysiciansRaymond L. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
PhysiciansSmith 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersAmos G. 1807-1818NYOneida CoUtica, Trinity Episcopal Church
PhysiciansCharles Hume 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersJohn Chester 1897NYOneida CoUtica, Olivet Presbyterian Church
LibrariansClara Velma 1918NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsCharles E. 1876NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersAbram Sterling 1900-1904NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
PhysiciansClara 1890NYOneida CoUtica
BusinesspeopleCharles Leffingwell 1881-1887NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysEdward Rutledge 1856-1858NYOneida CoUtica
TeachersVena S. 1908-1910NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysIrving Knott 1900NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansFrank P. 1907NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansWilliam Henry 1907NYOneida CoUtica
LibrariansAnna Morgan 1914-1923NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
MinistersGeorge Pitt 1909-1912NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam W. 1899NYOneida CoUtica, Grace Episcopal Church
PhysiciansAustin Westley 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersJ. M. 1876-1878NYOneida CoUtica, Episcopal Church
PrincipalsMartin Green 1903-1904NYOneida CoUtica Free Academy
MinistersHenry Ward 1885-1888NYOneida CoUtica, South Street Methodist Church
MinistersManning Blackstone 1902-1903NYOneida CoUtica, Calvary Episcopal Church
MayorsJames 1878NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansThomas J. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersGeorge Washington 1830-1834NYOneida CoUtica, Dutch Reformed Church
MinistersGeorge Washington 1830-1834NYOneida CoUtica, Presbyterian Church
AttorneysIsaac Prudames 1876-1912NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersPhilip Smead 1920NYOneida CoUtica, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersAllen Carrier 1923-1924NYOneida CoUtica, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlfred Veazie 1903NYOneida CoUtica, Plymouth Congregational Church
JournalistsG. Alder 1890NYOneida CoUtica, American Journal of Insanity, editor
PhysiciansG. Alder 1890NYOneida CoUtica
OthersG. Alder 1890NYOneida CoUtica, State Hospital, Supt
LibrariansRachael Mary 1927-1928NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansWilbur H. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansHarry Lincoln 1907NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
MinistersGeorge Thomas Le 1871-1872NYOneida CoUtica, Bethany Presbyterian Church
TeachersGeorge Edward 1895-1897NYOneida CoUtica Free Academy
MinistersGeorge Benjamin 1898-1900NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
PhysiciansLucien L. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
MinistersJohn J. 1864NYOneida CoUtica, Grace Episcopal Church
PhysiciansHarry Jay 1903-1904NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansFrederick H. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
MinistersAlbert Perry 1885-1891NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert Perry 1885-1891NYOneida CoUtica, Tabernacle Baptist Church
AttorneysWilliam Henry 1872-1894NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansHezekiah D. 1851NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersRalph Watson 1898NYOneida CoUtica, First Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansLeroy J. 1901NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
PhysiciansAlfred Jerome 1907NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
PhysiciansHenry A. 1901NYOneida CoUtica, City Hospital
PhysiciansHenry Edward 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersThomas Jefferson 1871-1904NYOneida CoUtica, Westminster Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansAlbert J. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
PhysiciansWilliam Henry 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
PhysiciansEdward N. 1878-1884NYOneida CoUtica, State Hospital
TeachersEvelyn Mary 1905-1911NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysJ. T. 1912NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsJohn 1879NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysAlexander Clark 1880NYOneida CoUtica
LibrariansWaller Irene 1896-1897NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
LibrariansWaller Irene 1896-1907NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsFrancis M. 1882NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansWilliam A. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
RailroadsCharles H. 1902NYOneida CoUtica, Raquette Lake Railway, Secretary
TeachersIda Jane 1888NYOneida CoUtica
RailroadsJohn 1856NYOneida CoUtica, Black River and Utica Railroad, president
RailroadsJohn 1856NYOneida CoUtica, Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad, director
MayorsJohn 1865NYOneida CoUtica
RailroadsJohn 1866NYOneida CoUtica, Utica and Black River Railroad, director
RailroadsTheodore 1885NYOneida CoUtica, Utica and Black River Railroad, General Freight Agent
MayorsTheodore F. 1872NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansNathan Avery 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
School SuperintendentsJohn A. De 1920NYOneida CoUtica
BusinesspeopleHarman Munroe 1888NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansP. J. 1901NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
MinistersRobert Erskine 1887-1888NYOneida CoUtica, Episcopal Church
MinistersSamuel Minor 1858-1866NYOneida CoUtica, Westminster Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansC. Grey 1907NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansFred B. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
PhysiciansFrederick 1901NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
ScientistsHarrie Leroy 1910-1911NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsEphraim 1869NYOneida CoUtica
LibrariansEllen Florence 1910NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansJ. K. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansRoss McC 1907NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansCharles E. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, House of the Good Shepherd
MinistersWesley Dempster 1877-1880NYOneida CoUtica, South Street Methodist Church
TeachersMabel Louise 1898-1899NYOneida CoUtica
RailroadsSilas D. 1866NYOneida CoUtica, Utica and Black River Railroad, director
TeachersJohn William 1919NYOneida CoUtica Free Academy
PhysiciansFranklin Higby 1907NYOneida CoUtica
LibrariansHenrietta 1895-1897NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansAlonzo 1890NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersDaniel Abraham 1831-1832NYOneida CoUtica, Congregational Church
PhysiciansEdward Payson 1907NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysEnos 1860-1862NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersJames Winslow 1896-1911NYOneida CoUtica, St Andrews Episcopal Church
MinistersJoseph Morison 1858NYOneida CoUtica, Grace Episcopal Church
OthersMary J. 1901NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital, Matron of Home
PhysiciansThomas Wood 1926NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansWallace 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersC. J. 1886NYOneida CoUtica, Grace Episcopal Church
LibrariansEdith M. 1924NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
TeachersGeorgia Marie 1895-1896NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansTimothy Theodore 1907NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysDwight Heman 1897NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersWilliam Barnard 1882-1904NYOneida CoUtica, St Georges Episcopal Church
MinistersEdward Huntington 1897NYOneida CoUtica, Calvary Episcopal Church
TeachersWilliam Kenneth 1902NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsMiles C. 1871NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysRoscoe 1850-1859NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsRoscoe 1858NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersElbert Henry 1895-1898NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
ScientistsMathias 1898NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansMathias 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersTheron 1867-1870NYOneida CoUtica, South Street Methodist Church
MinistersDaniel Griffin 1842-1890NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
LibrariansEuphemia Kipp 1896-1897NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
MinistersSamuel Hanson 1857-1877NYOneida CoUtica, Trinity Episcopal Church
PhysiciansCharles S. 1907NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansH. S. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansBaker W. 1901NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
PhysiciansFrank Dwight 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
LibrariansHelen Elisabeth 1922-1924NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansCharles Williamson 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
TeachersElizabeth Alice 1908NYOneida CoUtica, High School
LibrariansLouisa Salome 1893-1895NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansHarriet P. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, St Elizabeths Hospital
MinistersCharles Chauncey 1882-1887NYOneida CoUtica, Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansMorris J. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
PhysiciansArthur Thomas 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
MinistersEbenezer S. 1867-1868NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
AttorneysHenry Augustus 1879-1886NYOneida CoUtica
BusinesspeopleHenry Augustus 1886NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansJohn 1890NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysLewis Howe 1855-1856NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersArthur James 1901-1914NYOneida CoUtica, Olivet Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansLouis W. 1907NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansFaust Stansfield 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
AttorneysHiram 1826-1871NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansGeorge 1890NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsJohn C. 1839NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersCharles 1903-1906NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
MinistersHugh Sheridan 1848-1858NYOneida CoUtica, Westminster Presbyterian Church
BusinesspeopleJanet Shore 1928NYOneida CoUtica
LibrariansJanet Shore 1929-1930NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansJames Watson Williams 1926NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansA. P. 1901NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
LibrariansAlice Cynthia 1921-1925NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
MinistersCharles Madison 1904NYOneida CoUtica, Bethany Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansCarlos Van Julius 1896-1904NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsCharles A. 1883NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsCharles H. 1853NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysCharles Hutchins 1839NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersBenjamin 1829-1835NYOneida CoUtica, Trinity Episcopal Church
LibrariansGrace Alice 1923-1924NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansFred J. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
Board of EducationFred James 1910-1920NYOneida CoUtica
MayorsFred James 1922-1924NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansE. M. 1901NYOneida CoUtica, St Lukes Hospital
PhysiciansRoy Bicknell 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
MinistersMoses Earl 1889-1898NYOneida CoUtica, Plymouth Congregational Church
AttorneysRussell Goodier 1911-1917NYOneida CoUtica
AttorneysWatson Thomas 1875-1886NYOneida CoUtica
PrincipalsAlexander 1823NYOneida CoUtica, Utica Academy
PhysiciansDaniel C. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, St Elizabeths Hospital
LibrariansAlice Rhea 1910-1913NYOneida CoUtica, Public Library
PhysiciansIrving S. 1907NYOneida CoUtica, Faxton Hospital
MinistersDaniel 1838-1841NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
PhysiciansF. F. 1907NYOneida CoUtica
BusinesspeopleGeorge Peabody 1888NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansJames Arthur 1865-1867NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansGustavus P. 1907NYOneida CoUtica
MinistersNoah Reed 1872-1878NYOneida CoUtica, Baptist Church
PhysiciansDavid 1890NYOneida CoUtica
PhysiciansWilliam G. 1890NYOneida CoUtica
TeachersMary Darling 1899-1900NYOneida CoUtica, Mrs Piatts School

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